Got home last night and something weird happened. I crashed. Maybe it was the post traumatic shock of seeing our L.A. Kings score three times in the shootout and Quick making a save. Perhaps it was remnants of bottled up rage at the loss to Dallas. In my younger days, when I crashed and woke up the next day, it was alcohol induced and, the following morning, I searched for meaning in the fact that I was wearing my cowboy boots but no pants, had on a red cape and accompanied in the immediate vicinity a couple of scantily clad chicks about whom I had no memory (true story by the way…Vegas…)

Regardless, we took 2 points from the Avs and gave them 1 when we should have crushed them 8-0 after that first period. I consider Thursday’s victory compromised.

Tomorrow, we play the assholes from Anaheim.

The wife tells me when I get home from a long day of work, “so, did you hear they are giving away thunder sticks at the Pond for tomorrow’s game?” My laughter was accompanied with questions that I sought to answer through Google.

Search number 1

Search number 2

Search number 3

While those proved only mildly helpful, I decided that “play it by ear” is the better approach to Saturday.

By the way, 8pm? Really? Lame.

This isn’t a post game of the victory against Colorado or a pregame of the one against the imps tomorrow.

This is mild pontification on an early Friday evening.

Won’t you pontificate with me?