So it’s come down to this… Six games left on the schedule, four points out of the Calder Cup Playoffs, and all three at home this weekend are must-win games. With so much talent in the locker room this year, it never should have came to this; but it has.

Tonight’s game is against the Rangers’ farm team, the Connecticut Whale. There may be no “Brass Bonanza” waiting for them to score, but they’ll do it all the same. That is unless the Monarchs’ D and goaltender, likely Martin Jones, have anything to say about it.

The first time these two teams played, the Whale was harpooned in a 9-2 blowout. It set the place on fire, along with setting a franchise record. Since then though, the Whale has edged the Monarchs by one or two goals in every meeting. Now is definitely the time to rediscover whatever magic they had in that series opening ass whooping.

Saturday night’s game is against the Hershey Bears, the team with what we want; the 8th seed in the conference. The last time they met, it was a 6-4 victory. It started off rough with the Bears taking an early two goal lead, but the Monarchs answered.

Excuse me sir, may I have another?

And the weekend trifecta is rounded out with a battle against the Worcester Sharks on Sunday. For those not keeping track, that’d be the team whose ass we kicked in the last two meetings, 3-1 at home and 4-3 (in OT) away.

So what now? I guess cross our fingers and hope that the team digs deep and does what needs doing. An end-of-season winning streak propelled them into the playoffs last season. I’d love to see lightning strike twice, wouldn’t you?

In the immortal words of Tallahassee in Zombieland — a fantastic flick — it’s “Time to nut up or shut up.”

Go Monarchs (and Kings)!

…and congrats to Tyler Toffoli for being named AHL Rookie of the Year. Even while he’s up in LA, he’s still making waves down here. Atta boy!