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I’m not writing a post game. It’s almost 2am in New York and I got shit to do tomorrow before returning home to Los Angeles. However after watching the Kings defeat the Ducks 2-1 at a local Irish Bar where I tried to focus on hockey amidst top 40 music and a drunken Irishman asking me endless questions about hockey (none of which I could understand), I feel compelled to share a distinct thought that plagued me throughout the third period: Jonathan Quick is back.

Oh sure, he let in one of the dumbest goals he’s ever let in, pursuing a puck chase to the blue line that he handedly lost to Ryan Getzlaf. That was the worst goal since… Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. I began to remember that goal, by uh… Someone whose name isn’t important enough for my mildly drunk ass to remember or google, and I remembered what happened after such an embarrassing affair: Jonathan Quick said “No more”.

I saw that tonight. The man’s swagger was in full saunter throughout the third. A spectacular save on Belesky, a deft poke check on… Again someone too unimportant to recall, squeezing the post, tracking the puck, contained but swift movement post to post, I saw eyes of ire burning behind a mask of iron.

Maybe I’m nuts, perhaps these are the fancies of someone who has eaten far too much pizza in the last three days and smelled too many New York smells. But when intuition strikes me, without consideration to previous thought or what I imagine to be a logical conclusion, I trust it and run with it.

Jonathan Quick is ready for the playoffs.

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  1. The goal was Derek Morris.

  2. i saw that too. he was in full vezina smythe mode after making that big glove save on belesky

  3. That was a hell of a save! Quick is back!

  4. He was worried about his wife and Quick-son. Now that Carter (obviously a future goal scorer) has been born and is healthy he’ll put the thoughts of surgery/mother worry aside and take us to the Cup yet again

  5. Great article. You are right quick looked like quick tonight. Fucking awesome.

  6. Now we can all comfortably say: It is better to be Quick than Fasth… Somewhere, in the greater Los Angeles, The Royal Half just smiled.

  7. Noob question…
    If Quick had checked getzlaf instead of playing the puck on the first goal would he have been given a penalty?
    I was hoping he would have checked him

  8. Like I’ve been sayin…”Quick is our #1, and Bernier is our #2″…and I feel good about either of them between the pipes…that glove save by Quickie off that high rebound was VINTAGE!…and I loved Brownie’s hit on that little rat Cogliano ;-) Tuesday night’s game vs the SJ Scum should be a WAR!!

  9. Unfortunately missed the game, damn in-laws! Anyways I’m glad to hear that Quick looked like his old self last night. Once a goalie starts to get his confidence back it usually snowballs from there. Just at the right time might I add.

  10. completely off topic but i just noticed the “quote of the month” section to the right and i think you missed one of the top 10 of all time. (or maybe you didn’t, as i said i just noticed it) Ovechkin last month…….“I just try to do my best,” Ovechkin said.

    “Right now I’m scoring goals and I’m the king of the world. And a couple weeks ago I was almost in the toilet. So maybe you just forget to flush me.”

  11. Note: Matt Green cleared for contact. Getting his first contact practice today, will travel and practice with the team. No matter who ends up where, it looks like we might be rolling into the playoffs with a spare shutdown D and a spare puck-mover. Very good news.

  12. To the guy that challenged me to prove that Jonathan Quick cost the team 8 points: I haven’t forgotten I have been severely busy. Her name I my exwife. Gimme a day or two. gimme your email i’ll send u a helluva picture


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