Kings vs. Ducks PreGame Open Forum. It’s Always Personal.

L.A. Kings don’t expect any lineup changes. Jonathan Quick is expected to be in goal.

Anaheim Ducks will be without Cam Fowler (still can’t believe they got a D with the word “Fowl” in it) and possibly without Nick Bonino who has suffered a middle body, just below the waist, to the right of the labia majora injury.

Last time we played these clowns, we dominated them but the shootout did us in.

This time, the only shootout I hope to see is Anaheim Ducks fans running for their lives as they make a wrong turn and end up at Normandie and Vermont…not that I want to see any Ducks fans injured, not seriously anyway.

We are sitting in 4th place with 50 points. We are 5 ahead of 8th place Detroit. and 9 behind the fowl. I don’t think we will catch them for the Pacific Division title (they would have to tank) but they can have that so long as we get the one that matters…again. Speaking of tanks, the Sharks are a point behind us and in 5th. Kings vs. Sharks in the first round of the playoffs and we have home ice. Ooh baby.

I would love to see our Kings play a defensively competent game with excellent goaltending from Quickie and an unrelenting forecheck that keeps the Ducks in their zone for 80% of the game. A persuasive victory, 3-1, 4-1, hell maybe even a shutout would be nice because we all know that momentum during the last several games of the season and going into the playoffs is like a round boulder rolling downhill. Last season, we had that momentum at the right time.

My key for tonight is the D. Taking the middle of the ice away from the Ducks and those quick breakout passes is a big part of our game when we play our best. Anaheim floods the neutral zone. Keep their defensemen from getting set by better breakout passes and putting the puck behind them will give us plenty of good looks at Fasth. Anaheim’s defensemen are, in my opinion, overrated but what Bruce Boudreau has done is create a system with more neutral zone pressure and short gaps between their D and the attacking forwards. That same D are on their heels when they actually have to play defense in their zone.

Prediction: big games by Drew Doughty, Dustin Penner and Dustin Brown. Triple D domination.

Look forward to tonight. I have never beaten a person with their thunder stick.

Go Kings!

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15 replies

  1. I’m bringing plenty of t-pins and will be popping every thunder stick I see.

  2. The Kings have signed Nick Shore, and have requested for him to report in LA, not Manchester.

  3. We are 5 points ahead of 8th place Detroit, not 5th place.

    It’s ok, I forgive you.

  4. GO BOYS!!! Get it done..
    Watching game with suck/duck fan.. How much should I bet?
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. How many games in a row will the Kings give up a lead?

  6. Great suck friend taking the L way better then I ever would have..
    So Question..Who knows if Practice Pucks are same weight as game pucks? I say yes…
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. And did I hear the Golden voice of Scribe on the Kings after game Radio show from the Mixing Room asking about Elerby and Nick Shore
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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