As I Sit Here Naked, Thinking About Matt Greene…

Like the rumble of 570 horses beneath the hood.

A smooth Aberlour, 16 year, neat.

A right cross that lands flush on the jaw.

And a woman who keeps her motor clean.

I love Matt Greene.

Surly called for boots projecting on asses. What we got was a terrific game and exactly what I needed after a 14 hour work day.

First, the opponents. Actually, fuck the opponents, let’s talk about our boys.

Jeff Carter remains the everything on each end of the ice. He and Anze Kopitar are the two most complete players I have seen in an L.A. Kings jersey since forever, except Kopi has done it for 3 seasons now.

Drew Doughty is worth every nickel, dime, dollar, loonie and toonie of his contract.

The fourth line is starting to click and although I still want more out of Nolan, his gumption down low on Kyle Clifford’s goal made Kyle’s goal happen and those three dictated the pace of the play each time they were on the ice.

Stoll was ornery tonight. He did everything but score a goal and that “kick save” in the last-minute of the third was gold…what’s more, it wasn’t an accident. He saw the puck to his skate. Put on the pads Jarret.

Rob Scuderi. How many shots did he block? 4? 5? More? Stat people, hop to it.

Jonathan Quick. Not to jinx it (Surly just cringed) but he sure looks like he is hitting his stride at the right time.

We are still in 4th.

Scribe’s 3 L.A. Kings stars:

3. Kyle Clifford

2. Rob Scuderi

1. Jonathan Quick.

I don’t want to stroll into the playoffs. I want to put fear into any team that faces us. “The Kings are coming.”


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5 replies

  1. Amen!

  2. I agree with you on Nolan. He’s on my favorites but I feel he isn’t playing up to his potential… Same thing with DK…

  3. I’m getting excited with all the positives that are happening on the eve of the playoffs. Doughty and Quick are looking like we all expect them to look…elite. The defense is now rounded into form. Back to three solid pairings anchored by a vet, stay at home, tough, smart D, and a young, fast, mobile, offensive D. The top two lines are clicking and providing consistent offense. The 3rd and 4th lines are providing shut down play and aggression. We may actually be better than we were last year going into the playoffs. It seems like the crap we saw to start the season is long gone. Can’t wait to get it going.

  4. The initial game of the season, I thought Matt Greene was a pylon. He got caught flat-footed more than once, so maybe he was hurt before the game. I am ridiculously happy he is back, and I love the fact that RR in the lineup is allowing the other defensemen to be put in their proper places. Drew Doughty has been Drew Doughty again, thanks to RR’s presence. He no longer has to hang back and clean up the kids messes. Not that they were making an overwhelmingly large amount of messes, but he had to be there just in case, Now he is freed up to be himself again and his goals since RR has joined the team proves my point. RR is not a savior, Just someone who allows everyone else to be put in their proper position. And we all saw the benefit of that last year with the forwards with Jeff Carter.


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