If Doughty is Fine, 3 Game Suspension. If Doughty is Hurt, Brandon Dubinsky Gets Life…

Brandon Dubinsky is an insect. He’s one of those players that has long earned a broken face.

Back in February, he threw a cheap shot elbow on Rob Scuderi.

That resulted in…

This game, he sucker punched Drew Doughty and Drew, per the Mayor John Hoven, saw the doctor after the game. No video yet. Will post when we have it.

Will I be able to sleep tonight? Maybe. Perhaps if I can persuade myself to dream about Brandon Dubinsky drinking out of a straw for 6 consecutive weeks.

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  1. How bad was it Bobby? I couldn’t see it that well

  2. There was a lot of sucker punching pussy shit going on tonight. Refs weren’t paying attention.

    • As much as I agree with you guys about Dubinsky’s character I also agree with Clifford’s assessment of Drew’s involvement in the “play”: Dumb. Dubinsky was reacting to being grabbed from behind and probably didn’t intend to cause injury. I doubt he’ll be suspended. That being said, karma’s a bitch….
      Also worth noting, the BJ’s are playing desperate hockey right now. The first relevant hockey they’ve played for years. Good for them. Good for Jack Johnson. He’s a leader. Tommy Lasorda is senile. Glad we won!

      • To be honest I didn’t notice the play live at the game as being quite as dramatic as those did on TV. I was speaking in general about all the post whistle nonsense that CBJ was frequently trying to start. At no point during the game did I think anyone should be suspended, just that they were pansy douches.

      • Btw, Drew’s gonna be fine. Sixth sense.

        • ANd yes he’s a douche. But I disagree that the BJ’s, under the tutelage of captain Jack are pansy’s. Look at how far they’ve come under him. Plus they got the better of the Nash trade. I’m first and foremost a hockey fan, then a Nordiques fan (sic), then a Kings fan, then an underdog fan.
          It’s good to see these guys turning what was a joke into a real thing. Same goes with the Islanders; and though the Matt Moulson trade was ultimately good for us, I see parallels with Jack Johnson. I’m happy to see them both doing well. :)
          That being said Go Nord…. Oops Go KINGS GO!

          • Also may I say that the BJ’s should graduate now to the Bee Gees. Which is still gay (no offense intended to my homosexual brothers and sisters- artistic license), but at least they can groove and have a good sense of themselves now ;)
            Yes, I’m a musician.

          • Matt Moulson wasn’t a trade, he was signed by the Islanders as an UFA, because we had no roster spot for him.

      • I think Clifford was referring to Dubinsky not Drew.

        • No he wasn’t. Proof: and I’m paraphrasing, he Drew’s not the ‘toughest guy’ and shouldn’t of been involved in that scene… Exact quote on the world wide web…

      • He’s senile, but that was classic him turning from JJ and walking away. Hilarious.
        Dubinsky is a cheap shot artist.

  3. I was afraid of something like this happening. Boll was running around the entire game. If not for Kopi picking his head up on one play, he would’ve gotten wrecked. THAT shit should’ve been answered to. I know we were up 1-0 and there’s a time and a place for it, but I think Clifford or Nolan should’ve answered the bell there.

    And I don’t know what the fuck was wrong with Foligno all game long. He was playing like someone stepped on his tampon string.

    • Pretty sure Nolan was trying to get Boll to go. Can’t imagine Boll would decline, but it seems a severe case of vaginitis has come over CBJ lately.

      • Well if it has then one could say the same thing about any newbie pretender.
        Look I’m all about what this site is about: loving our beloved Kings. But at the same time, let’s be magnanimous about the scrappiness that made us champions. It came through some drama that may ’cause a Vancouver or Phoenix fan to shudder. Just sayin’..
        We became champs through methodical, relentless play and not being distracted by such trivialities. That’s how we win! No drama, full of substance.

  4. Dave, I’ll only disagree with Lasorda being senile. I thought he played it so cool. Tommy’s always been of the sort to say “fuck the other guy”. He had plenty to say to Brown, but nothing for our opponent. I like it. Everyone not an LA King, is the enemy!!

  5. Going to be impartial about what went on at the end of the game.
    Watching the game, and then the replay of the scrum after the game, it appeared that it was between Foligno and Regehr.
    Doughty then grabbed Dubinsky from behind, and Dubinsky reacted. Was it right no, however I watched Dubinsky beat the crap out of Richards a few seasons ago when the Rangers and the Flyers were involved in a good game. I mean beat the crap out of Richards.
    What I was hoping was that Quick would have taken his blocker and smashed Wizzer in his face. Anyone ever take a blocker to the face? I’ve handed out many in my day and it doesn’t tickle!
    Regarding Boll, Doughty had been chirping at him the whole game, but Boll actually used some self control. The old Boll would have been brawling with the entire Kings team before this season.
    Clifford and Nolan both had words with Boll, however Nolan is the better of the 2 when it comes to taking Boll on. Nolan and Boll if you could see are about the same height and size and both just throw and try to make contact when they do throw the overhand rights and lefts.
    Clifford has been very disciplined this season, which might be why he didn’t dance with Boll.
    Foligno plays a very physical game, always has, so I wasn’t surprised at the hitting that went on, and the end of the game antics between Regehr.
    The 4th line was their best line last night, and if Sutter would stop allowing Penner to prevent Toffoli to play, maybe that 2nd line and the Power Play might be even more lethal.
    I don’t know what it will take other than Penner getting injured to get his ass off the ice, because he is a fucking waste.
    This whole experience come playoff time is a bullshit excuse Sutter is using. Penner is lazy, lazy, lazy, and doesn’t give the Kings anything offensively. Carter and Richards have to make their own space, and all Penner does is slow them down.
    Toffoli would at least be out there on the Power Play, something I didn’t see much of Penner the past few games, so why bother keeping him on the bench like he was Kevin Westgarth?
    His experience? Fuck that! Doughty in the span of a week has blown by Penner in goals for the season.
    Keep Richardson, sit King and Penner in favor of Fraser and Toffoli.
    Sutter played Loktionov last season during the playoffs, and he didn’t have much experience, so time to give Toffoli a shot, the worst that can happen is what he scores a few goals, or makes a few really sweet passes?
    One last thing fucking Columbus has 3 or 4 1st round picks this upcoming draft. Seth Jones, Drouin, McKinnon, Barkov, Valeri Nichushkin unlike that idiot who no longer is in charge of Edmonton, Davidson knows his hockey and Columbus is going to be scary in the next 5 years provided they don’t do something stupid and blow the team up.

    • Penner also seems to get gassed after ten strides. CBJ were on breakout in one case last night and Penner was playing catch up. After hitting the neutral zone, Penner had to bend over with his stick resting on his knees to catch his breath (with the play still going on). I hope his ups his game for the playoffs. He can be effective. But right now, he is a disaster waiting to happen. Greener is a fucking stud. SIXTEEN minutes TOI.

  6. I was wondering why he was turtling like that. Dubinsky didn’t need to punch him even if Drew had him from behind unless he was grabbing his ass or something.

  7. Doughty deserved what he got.


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