Columbus @ Kings – Can Of Whoop Ass, Opened

Matt Greene, folks. Matt motherfucking Greene.

The guy who, two years ago, many complained about for the exact same reasons they now complain about Robyn Regehr, has overwhelmed the fandom with brutality and a toughness only Rob Scuderi can match, making them all but forget about his poor foot speed and average passing.

I don’t believe its been confirmed that he is playing tonight, but it looks that way as the Kings activated Greene off of IR, where he has spend the entire season save for game one.

The Kings just got a whole lot meaner.

I don’t expect Greene to be at 100%, but he will be a hugely welcome addition to the lineup and having him get these last 2 weeks of games in before the playoffs begin is crucial.

If it wasn’t a “blackout” night, I may have worn my Jack Johnson purple and gold jersey, just to be a prick. Personally I have no special affection towards Columbus, but I can’t say the same for the Kings. Someone in social media decided for everyone that we are friends with Columbus (for giving us Jack Carter, I suppose? I don’t really know), and the Mayor, Royal Half, Bailey and Kings twitter continuously refer to them as ‘Lumbus, an inside joke that is as much in a closet as it is outwardly amusing. You may recall Bailey “trading” himself to Columbus earliest this month as part of the world’s lamest twitter April Fools joke.

The joke will be on ‘Lumbus, as tonight we can shatter one of the remaining bulbs in the Blue Jackets playoff hopes.

Speaking of the playoffs, this home ice shit is really going to come down to the wire. We are tied with San Jose but maintain 4th place as we have one more win than they do. Somewhere else there are people less interesting than myself who you can tell you what the statistical probabilities are of the Kings making the playoffs and getting home ice if they win this game or lose or lose in OT or whatever. I’ll simplify it for you, if the Kings win games, they’ll make the playoffs. If they win more games than the Sharks and Wild, they’ll get home ice.

The only statistic I’m concerned with is the probability that my melted game 6 ice “water gift” I’m picking up tonight is actually full of filthy Chinese bath water. What are the odds? Better than Columbus making the playoffs.



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11 replies

  1. When Greene does make the line up I know Scribe will be happy that Ellerby will be watching from the press box.

  2. This might be more appropriate for the Dead Wings but Ohio is close enough.

    Kick out the Jams Muthafuckaaaa…on those Blue Jackets!!!

  3. Lets hope for lots crease in the couch fucking moments Jaja. Seriously though, to the individual who wrote that; that was one of the funniest things I’ve read. I still get a crack out of it :)

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the Greene/Regehr comparison. Regehr is just a little older, but I personally think he should be re-signed this off-season. Once he really learns our system like the back of his hand he will thrive in it.

    • Totally agree. I think once Regehr feels totally comfortable with the system he’s gonna be crushing guys on a more regular basis. He seems a little tentative sometimes like he’s thinking a little too much.

  5. Will the “Holy Water” we are getting tonight have Scuderi DNA?

  6. Nice pre-game Surly!! Good to see. I was fully tuned into watching CBJ beat the quacks last night, while simultaneously watching the flames beat Detroit. It was thrilling. My love for the kings overshadows my hatred of the wings and their “fans”, but not by too much. I’ve been cheering for CBJ to take Detroit’s spot at number 8. What an embarrassment for the wings if that happens. But tonight they get no love. We’ve got home ice to claim. Shards play kinky tonight, so hopefully they lose in regulation.


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