A Video, An Update & A Hockey Game

So a clinched playoff spot, eh? Not bad for a day off.

I meant to write a pregame today. I didn’t. Get over it.

Here’s a video to watch.

Here an update: We should be announcing the winners of the Replica Ring contest later this week. Sorry it’s taken so long. No, I take that back. I’m not sorry, someone’s getting a free ring, I’ll take as long as I want.

Here’s another thing: If a replica ring isn’t enough for your fancy ass, help out a charity and bid on a real one. You’ve got one day left.

Turn on your TV. There’s a hockey game ’bout to start.

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  1. Go kings go!

  2. Think Quick deserves some credit. He’s brought his game back at the absolute best time. I think most of Kings nation was calling for him to sit, be traded, etc., in favor of Bernier. How much better Bernier’s technique and upside is…blah, blah, blah. Nothing against Bernier. He’s a great goalie with a (potentially) bright future. Quick is the first goalie to EVER win a cup as a LA King. Not potentail, but reality. Respect.

  3. Thank God we got the win. Atrocious calls against us. How do 2 refs and 2 linesmen manage to call a game so one sidedly against a team? The goals allowed and disallowed were just brutal.

    • I hope someone told those assholes to eat their fucking carrots because their eyesight is for shit.

      • I particularly like how the linesman called the high stick on the goal against. The ref overruled the guy that saw what happened?? And then Fox said that said asshole ref didn’t consult with Toronto (as per the protocol). Had the headset on, but didn’t ask for review??!!! Seriously. I’m at a loss.
        Not to mention the Lewis non-goal with absolutely no contact. Incredible

  4. Penner played a very good game today.


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