Incompetent. That is what the refs and linesmen were tonight. A high stick that was actually called by the linesman (unless he lifted his arm to smell his pit) and which should have resulted in a whistle the moment the Stars touched the puck. A phantom interference call on Trevor Lewis where Lewis stopped and the Stars’ player (whose name isn’t important enough to remember) skated into Leht-four-en. That is a goal against and a goal for that were fucked up. For that, every zebra tonight earns an F for Fuckhead.

Spectacular. That is what Dustin Brown was tonight. That was playoff Brown and, with him, came glimpses of playoff Penner. O’Captain, my Captain.

Resilient. Drew Doughty. In the beginning, the puck didn’t like him. He was coughing it up. In the third, Drew came alive. If it’s true that Dubinsky’s sucker punch caused Drew to lose teeth, there are a lot of women crying throughout North America. That smile…but that smile! I am just glad Doughty is okay.

Matt Greene, Jake Muzzin, Robyn Regehr, all solid. Rob Scuderi struggled. Gave up the puck a few times and, although he did block a shots, he seemed behind the pace most of the night. The entire game was probably too shinny for his taste.

All Mike Richards and Jeff Carter do is find each other on the ice. The chemistry is fun to watch.

When the L.A. Kings look at the game tape, I hope they look at their breakouts. Puck management in the defensive zone needed work. In the offensive zone, it was outstanding for most of the game. This game could have been 4-0 by the end of the first.

Lastly, Jonathan Quick. You look at 3 goals against and wonder if he struggled but no. He was solid. Made big and timely saves and, as the cliché goes, he gave the Kings a chance to win. Is this goalie back?

4th place in the conference we stay. Fucking Oilers, they had one job tonight and blew it. ‘Lumbus did well though. Thanks boys. Fuck you Dubinsky.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Jeff Carter

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Captain Dustin Brown.