Kings Beat Stars 4-2 in Regulation (not a typo)…

Incompetent. That is what the refs and linesmen were tonight. A high stick that was actually called by the linesman (unless he lifted his arm to smell his pit) and which should have resulted in a whistle the moment the Stars touched the puck. A phantom interference call on Trevor Lewis where Lewis stopped and the Stars’ player (whose name isn’t important enough to remember) skated into Leht-four-en. That is a goal against and a goal for that were fucked up. For that, every zebra tonight earns an F for Fuckhead.

Spectacular. That is what Dustin Brown was tonight. That was playoff Brown and, with him, came glimpses of playoff Penner. O’Captain, my Captain.

Resilient. Drew Doughty. In the beginning, the puck didn’t like him. He was coughing it up. In the third, Drew came alive. If it’s true that Dubinsky’s sucker punch caused Drew to lose teeth, there are a lot of women crying throughout North America. That smile…but that smile! I am just glad Doughty is okay.

Matt Greene, Jake Muzzin, Robyn Regehr, all solid. Rob Scuderi struggled. Gave up the puck a few times and, although he did block a shots, he seemed behind the pace most of the night. The entire game was probably too shinny for his taste.

All Mike Richards and Jeff Carter do is find each other on the ice. The chemistry is fun to watch.

When the L.A. Kings look at the game tape, I hope they look at their breakouts. Puck management in the defensive zone needed work. In the offensive zone, it was outstanding for most of the game. This game could have been 4-0 by the end of the first.

Lastly, Jonathan Quick. You look at 3 goals against and wonder if he struggled but no. He was solid. Made big and timely saves and, as the cliché goes, he gave the Kings a chance to win. Is this goalie back?

4th place in the conference we stay. Fucking Oilers, they had one job tonight and blew it. ‘Lumbus did well though. Thanks boys. Fuck you Dubinsky.

Scribe’s Three L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Jeff Carter

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Captain Dustin Brown.


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20 replies

  1. All True in your Unique way of telling it..
    Love Your View point :)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    P.S. I think I can start wearing my
    We Want The Cup T Shirt again. Yay!

  2. The weird games are always against Dallas. Their coach, whose name I don’t know, looks like a smarmy realtor who doesn’t want to disclose a lot about the house you want to buy. Carter is just so smooth out there. He makes it look easy and he can poke check the puck away better most D-men.

  3. As for the three goals on Quick… 1st one bounces off Doughty’s stick right to an open Star after Quick had committed to the initial shot. Fluke goal, not Quick’s fault. 2nd goal, courtesy of refs. Never should’ve counted. The only one he actually had a chance on was the redirect behind him that made its way into the empty net. He gave up one legit goal tonight.

  4. Well, the linesman had his hand up to blow the play down but Quick played the puck (not CONTROLLED IT mind you) and THAT apparently negated the whistle being blown.

    But this is Hazenfratz and Leggo, you know right? The same ones that cause the ONLY riot at Staples Center when Terry Murray pulled all of his players off the ice?

    Idiots. The both of them.

    • I knew there was something familiar…and not in a good way when I looked at those two Refs…yes I remember their horrendous officiating :(
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. It was Hasenfratz and Larue, that game during the Jason Allison era when they called several phantom penalties on the Kings and it was like 10-2 Kings-Avs in penalties. The worst refereed Kings home game I ever saw.

    The Kings did not control that puck so the high stick goal last night should not have counted.

  6. I am NOT one to blame the ref’s, as over the course of the season it usually evens out. But tonight was particularly brutal. Jonathan Quick seems a ton better than earlier in the season, But for my tastes he is leaving way too many wide open nets and swimming a little too much. That being said I have full confidence in his ability to lead us to the second straight Stanley Cup championship. For that matter I have full confidence and Jonathan Bernier to do the same.
    As far as the breakouts, I agree with you. During the playoff run the Kings put on an absolute clinic on how to break out of your own zone. That needs to be cleaned up.
    And to the guy for whom I own an explanation to about Quick costing eight points, two points I can specifically think of are the last minute goals in Detroit and Edmonton. The rest I will have to figure out a way to go back and check games that I no longer have on tape

    • I am NOT saying that we would have won those games, but that is one point in each game due to soft goals allowed. Assuredly you can think of two games in which Quick let in two or three soft goals, and I am sure I can find another, but it is my job to find all of them and rest assured I will. It will be conjecture as to whether or not you agree, but it is my opinion that the soft goals are the reason the points were lost. And again I am NOT saying Jonathan Bernier would have won those games, I am just saying Jonathan Quick’s soft goals allowed cost those games. He is playing a ton better than earlier in the season, but he is swimming and leaving too many wide open nets as a result for my tastes.

      • I do recall those games, especially the Detroit one, as I am pretty sure I made up a couple new cuss words that day. I agree that Quick obviously was not his regular self early in the season. Glad to hear you say that Bernier may not have won them either. That was my biggest point, was the counterfactual thinking. In terms of a “his one mistake in a vacuum cost us the game” I agree. However, the games are not played in a vacuum, his previous 59 minutes still count. Truly, thought the most important thing is with Greenie back and Regher sliding into Willie’s minutes Quick is looking good, not quite Vezina Smythe good, but he is certainly on track. GKG!!!

        • Yeah, You know what, you’re right the games are not played in a vacuum. But since I opened my mouth, I will find the other six points.
          This voice dictation software makes me feel like I have a speech impediment, is giving me a freakin complex. But apparently I am too lazy to type.

  7. Good to see our boys beat the Stars and the refs. This video was great; brought tears to my eyes. I think Quickie is starting to get hot at the right time boys!


    • I was stuck watching the game with Dallas announcers. Thanks Gamecenter for having it blackedout and making me stream it online so that I could get that QUALITY announcing! They actually were bitching about the officiating in the third, complaining that calls were not going their way! I will say I want them to win in regulation Tuesday, but after that fuck Dallas.

  8. Another solid game from the boys. I can’t really can’t think of any reason(s) why we can’t repeat. I love this group. Effort stack upon effort night after night.

    I do have a suggestion; Kopitar SHOOT the puck. Shoot the damn puck, son. We’re going to need your goal scoring moving forward. Think offense, son. I want you to say,” I will shoot and score” one thousand times before you go to bed every night.

    • I was saying same last night. Shoot Kopi shoot!!
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • I hope he doesn’t get to be as bad as Adam Oates as far as shooting goes. But still, I love that old commercial about him to patrolling the slot for loose rebounds, Then they cut away to him in a bar walking up to random chicks who have obviously just broken up with their boyfriends, telling them he’s a great listener.

  9. That game was INTENSE(!)…yeah the refs were GARBAGE but sometimes that’s hockey and it sucks…and yessir! #32 looks like he’s peakin at the right time ;-) St. Louis has the much easier remaining schedule but we got the momentum baby…AND THE SJ SCUM WON’T TAKE IT AWAY LIKE THEY DID LAST YEAR…LET’S FINISH STRONG AND NAIL DOWN THAT 4TH SPOT!!!!!!!


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