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  1. This was a lot less aggravating than the game.

  2. Very Cool!

  3. What the hell? I didn’t know they played hockey in Oz.

  4. Funny, while you were watching that NCNBCS featured a 2+ hour conditioning clinic for one defenseman combined with a remedial schooling session for an over the hill defenseman.

  5. Seriously? U watched this instead of the kings/wings game?

    • I was at work and didn’t get home till 11p and knowing the final score, didn’t bother to watch the replay of the game. Somehow I ended up watching this. It wasn’t an either/or choice.

  6. Looking at the standings we’re playing either St. Louis or Vancouver in the first round. Both of those teams have an axe to grind with us, though personally I’d rather face off against St. Louis to start, as we really seem to have their number.

  7. Given the fact that Sutter juggled players on all 4 lines for SJ , which doesn’t bode well for a W, you might want to watch that game again. Because we all saw how instead of jst replacing Brown on the 1st line, vs the Wings, he over swapped and never corrected, even when it was failing badly by the end of 1. I hope somehow, the practice lines from today 13/11/77, 25/28/14, 74/10/22, 73/15/71, 23/24 extra …are changed again before the game because that just sucks

  8. Given how badly the ‘let’s switch many players around instead of just replacing Brown’ experiment failed vs the Wings (and Sutter never corrected, even when it was apparent by the end of 1 it wasn’t working) and Sutter juggled even more players for the SJ game:
    Lines at practice appear to be 13/11/77, ,25/28/14, 74/10/22 73/15/71, 23/24 extra, you might watch to find another alternative.
    Don’t like Carter and Kopi on the same line for a whole game, too easy for SJ to shut down the Kings that way. Esp when he’s got Stoll centering the 2nd line…and Richards playing with King.
    Thankfully it’s only for 1 game. By Game 1, Brown back where he belongs and Carter wit h Richards , where he belongs.
    Sucks that Greene is hurt again, day to day is at least better the IR. Kings need him in the PO’s, in the ice as well, good and very vocal leader.

    • I agree…it’s only one game but shit, it looks filthy….I don’t understand Sutter’s line combos..especially Richards centering the 3rd line. How about this?


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