No matter the outcome of tonight’s games, one thing is certain about tomorrow. Playoff Beard season officially begins. As I’m sure most you who don’t have lame jobs that require you to look like a searsucked Dolphin’s asshole, you will have the same dilemma I do. Shave what you got and start a new playoff beard, or keep the one you’ve got going. Sounds like a poll question.

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  1. I had to redo the poll, sorry to those whose votes I had to trash.

    • I have to shave my face for my job, however I plan to let my pubes go wild for the playoffs. That’s right ladies!

  2. Does bringing it down to a “1” count? :)

  3. Kings in 6. We win at home and give a couple to these guys ’cause we need to keep in rhythm with the western conference games that will all go 7 except for Chicago and Minny.
    Also you guys have been lagging; whatever, you have jobs and wives and shit, but you’ve been lagging. I didn’t start this website you did and I’m hooked. It’s playoff time so let’s get it together!!!
    KIngs sweep Montreal in the SCF. Revenge is sweet!

    • .Hmm who do you think will take the Van-SJ & Ducks-Wings? I say Sharks and Ducks in 5.
      haha me too dude I check everyday to see if they post something new but nada… and no more podcasts either

  4. I’m just glad Brown will be back. Our lines were wacked when he was absent.


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