The hockey gods are not like your average Judeo-Christian god. They do not work in mysterious ways, they play their cards right in your face, often imbued with a Gambit-like charge.

Tonight the hockey gods balanced the books.

First off, Quick misplaying the puck behind the net and giving away the game winning overtime goal, that was epic. I mean, the fucking worst thing I’ve ever seen, but in the eyes of the hockey gods, epic. Quick has not given up a poor puck playing goal all season, so he was due. Quick also had not played a game as spectacular as tonight all season; he was RIDICULOUS. That was at once his best game and worst of the season. I was reminded by several people of Parise’s goal in game five of the finals last year and I was calmed.

Do not forget, we had no business whatsoever getting to overtime without his performance, the sole bright spot amongst a cloud of St. Louis Blues relentless forecheck. Irony struck once more as the Blues were the beneficiary of nearly every penalty call, and finally, once the Kings gained a sustained power play in OT, the hockey gods chortled, as only they knew, the St. Louis were still the beneficiary.

How pissed are you?

I’m pretty fucking upset. I sat at an Irish Pub with my hands clasped above my head, stunned in ocular stasis for about 3 minutes before I dared move a muscle, lest they all lash out and destroy persons or objects that dare exist in the space near my immediate vicinity.

However, I ask myself, how would the Kings winning this game have changed my thoughts tomorrow?

They wouldn’t.

While yes, being up 1-0 is better than down 0-1, regardless of who caught the break and scored the OT goal, tomorrow would have been the same: the Kings need to be better.

Our forecheck was unsustained. The second man in, late and ineffective. The zone entry, sloppy and indecisive. Breakouts? Many of you are worried about Regehr, I am worried about Scuderi. But truly, this Kings team still possesses every element necessary to take game 2, to take this series. While the Kings can play MUCH better, that was the best the Blues have to offer.

I do hope that Sutter puts the lines back as they should be, Kopi with Brown and Carter with Richards. Previously I had hope in the lines he put forth tonight, but despite what the EA hockey fan in me naively wants to believe, Brown and Richards do not belong together.

On the bright side, Ellerby-Muzzin was not an utter disaster, as they may well have been. Perhaps Greene plays Thursday, perhaps he doesn’t.

If you are down about the series, recognize that your anger over one night does not transcend the next. Playoff hockey is upon us and it is magnificent. We won’t win every Cup 16-4. I am happy to win this one 16-10. This is a new year, a new series, a new Cup. Thursday is a new game and it shall be ours.

P.S. I’m not ready to talk about Prime Ticket’s split screen horse-shit during the overtime. I may be more upset about that than the loss.

Go Kings.