Blues Takes Game One In OT – Deep Breaths All Around

The hockey gods are not like your average Judeo-Christian god. They do not work in mysterious ways, they play their cards right in your face, often imbued with a Gambit-like charge.

Tonight the hockey gods balanced the books.

First off, Quick misplaying the puck behind the net and giving away the game winning overtime goal, that was epic. I mean, the fucking worst thing I’ve ever seen, but in the eyes of the hockey gods, epic. Quick has not given up a poor puck playing goal all season, so he was due. Quick also had not played a game as spectacular as tonight all season; he was RIDICULOUS. That was at once his best game and worst of the season. I was reminded by several people of Parise’s goal in game five of the finals last year and I was calmed.

Do not forget, we had no business whatsoever getting to overtime without his performance, the sole bright spot amongst a cloud of St. Louis Blues relentless forecheck. Irony struck once more as the Blues were the beneficiary of nearly every penalty call, and finally, once the Kings gained a sustained power play in OT, the hockey gods chortled, as only they knew, the St. Louis were still the beneficiary.

How pissed are you?

I’m pretty fucking upset. I sat at an Irish Pub with my hands clasped above my head, stunned in ocular stasis for about 3 minutes before I dared move a muscle, lest they all lash out and destroy persons or objects that dare exist in the space near my immediate vicinity.

However, I ask myself, how would the Kings winning this game have changed my thoughts tomorrow?

They wouldn’t.

While yes, being up 1-0 is better than down 0-1, regardless of who caught the break and scored the OT goal, tomorrow would have been the same: the Kings need to be better.

Our forecheck was unsustained. The second man in, late and ineffective. The zone entry, sloppy and indecisive. Breakouts? Many of you are worried about Regehr, I am worried about Scuderi. But truly, this Kings team still possesses every element necessary to take game 2, to take this series. While the Kings can play MUCH better, that was the best the Blues have to offer.

I do hope that Sutter puts the lines back as they should be, Kopi with Brown and Carter with Richards. Previously I had hope in the lines he put forth tonight, but despite what the EA hockey fan in me naively wants to believe, Brown and Richards do not belong together.

On the bright side, Ellerby-Muzzin was not an utter disaster, as they may well have been. Perhaps Greene plays Thursday, perhaps he doesn’t.

If you are down about the series, recognize that your anger over one night does not transcend the next. Playoff hockey is upon us and it is magnificent. We won’t win every Cup 16-4. I am happy to win this one 16-10. This is a new year, a new series, a new Cup. Thursday is a new game and it shall be ours.

P.S. I’m not ready to talk about Prime Ticket’s split screen horse-shit during the overtime. I may be more upset about that than the loss.

Go Kings.

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  1. The silver lining is this….it’s game 1. If that was game 7 or even game 3 or 4, it would have sucked some much worse. He got his flub out of the way

  2. There is no panic, just disappointment. This team right now isn’t playing as well as the team last season. Quick stood on his head tonight, not much more you can ask from him. Its the other players who need to figure out how to pin St. Louis in and shell Elliott.

    It was offense tonight that was absent, except for a few minutes in total., There was no established fore check, the defense was ok, but they had no fore check, no sustained pressure on St. Louis. This has been the biggest problem this season.

    The Kings beat the Kings! St. Louis couldn’t defeat the Kings. Goal on a power play and on a penalty kill (short-handed) or “Quick handed”

    Prime Ticket, Fox Sports, AEG, the Los Angeles Kings I blame for tonight’s bullshit during OT. Hello? What the fuck were they thinking, seriously? It was the 1st quarter of the Clippers game, not like it was sudden death overtime, and yet they still decided that hockey was a 2nd class citizen once again.

    Split screen, switch back to Clipper game, split screen with Clipper commentary, split screen with Bob and Jim?

    Seriously FUBAR is all I can say about the genius behind the decision to split the 2 games, thinking the Clippers 1st quarter was so important!

  3. It seemed like every time Scuderi had the puck he was doing a no-look pass behind the back to a St. Louis player. Agree with you about the split screen garbage. Almost as upset about that as I am as when I hear Patrick O’neal say “Good stuff” at the end of every interview.

  4. A shame for Quick for sure, he was simply awesome! I also thought Stoll and Penner really stepped up their intensity and play down liw in the offensive zone. would have been nice if they were rewarded with a goal. now we need the rest if the top 6 to get rolling. Sutter please put Kopi and Brown back together and Carter and Richards with Williams or Penner also on top 2 lines. I’m confident we come back with vengeance on Thursday and bring the series back to Staples tied up 1-1. Go Kings!

  5. Scuds was pretty brutal at times, as was Ellerby. I do think Ellerby made up for being pretty physical.

    Hopefully the Blues shot their load in this game and they come out flat in game 2; and hopefully the kings come out pissed and they play the way we all know how they can play.

    Shake that shit play off Quick, you were awesome tonight.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Scuderi was horrible tonight too, was not expecting that from him, he made poor decisions and was not strong on the puck all night, Ellerby played better than Scuderi tonight, and who would have thought that even possible. That Split screen was unbelievable poor decision and an embarrassment for all hockey and the fans, hello hockey fans hate all other sports for the most part, especially basketball!

    • You can’t say with a straight face that Ellerby played better than Scuderi tonight. Scuderi was bad, but the complete fuck fest that was Ellerby… I have not witnessed that level of awful since the days of Denis Tsygurov.

  7. Yes have to put the lines back and put Penner up with Richards and Carter. Would have been good to win this game for psychological effect wherein the Blues despite playing their asses off, still couldn’t beat us and with the gods on our side, we tie it up with 30 sec to go. That would really have fucked with their heads but alas it was not meant to be. At least Quick will be pissed next game and should have a good one.

    This was bad but not as bad as 2yrs ago Dan Boyle I think it was scored into his own net in the playoffs.

  8. Imagine my discontent listening to the game on the radio at work and hearing an eruption of noise figuring we had scored off the dub minor, just to hear the horn a second after… My eye is still twitching… We shall pick up game 2 where we left off with our OT effort. GKG

  9. The worst part of the split screen fail was the basketball game was also live on TNT and yet FSW/PrimeTicket refused to acknowledge this to it’s viewers. They didn’t even give the Kings OT game enough respect to keep from flipping back and forth between whistles { if you could tell which whistle was being blown because they had the audio for each team}. Just a total fucking disaster, and social media let them know it was.

  10. Right On Surly..
    Took me til now to read your blog..needed to regroup my anger..frustration..etc.
    You covered my resume thoughts on game.
    Line combos stucked..need Brownie/Kopi
    Quick..on his head til he wasn’t… said zillion times he is bad behind net..heard from friend Evans said on radio that Ranford practices this with him daily..better keep practicing.
    We were outplayed…til OT..along comes forecheck.. along comes Kings…
    Quick will beat himself will be shown..Leaders will talk.. we will bounce back with a W.
    GO KINGS GO!!!
    which now means We Want The Cup!!!

    • it was me Hockeyjockey.. this damn POS phone just went through an update.. and acting ass backwards once more.. 19 more days til it is history.. counting the days!!!!!

  11. Surly, you are wise beyond your years! Quick stood on his fucking head and it’s a shame that the Kings can’t start shooting the puck on the power play instead of looking for the perfect goal. The puck should’ve never left the Blues zone on the power play in overtime, it was 5 on 4 people! One guy on each board, a guy in the middle and two people in front of the net (one each side of the crease)! Shoot the puck Doughty and Richards and slam the fucking rebound in Kopi, game fucking over!!!!
    The split screen? So I can watch the Zippers? Fuck them!!!! and Fox Sports/Prime Ticket
    The Kings are the defending champions, the Clippers are happy to be in the playoffs!
    Pick a game and watch it, the whole fucking thing!
    Anyone who thinks the end of the first quarter of a Clippers game is as important as an overtime period of a game we’ve been watching for three hours is a fucking MORON!

  12. This might be stupid to say, but I’d have rather the team lost in regulation. For them to get dominated that badly, have Quick go beast mode to keep them in it, tying the game with 30 seconds left, having a chance to win a game they never should’ve been in, and only to have it all come crashing down on a mishandle by the guy that got you to OT…. That has got to be brutal on the emotions of the players.

    Ellerby is a horrible player. We need Greene back there asap or this series could get ugly. Ellerby and Muzzin together is an abomination. I don’t know if it was so much STL dominating LA as it was STL dominating Ellerby and Muzzin. Every time those two jack monkeys were on the ice, STL has glorious scoring opportunities.

    I know some might say this is crazy, but quite honestly, I hope DL doesn’t extend Scuderi. For a guy whose suppose to be a veteran and a calming, make the safe play, defenseman, the guy makes Ellerby level decisions at times.

    STL set the physical tone early with some vicious hitting and LA didn’t respond. Clifford, Nolan, Brown? Nuthin happenin.

    STL’s 4th line of Cracknell, Porter and Reaves just owned us. Our 4th line sucked this game.

    Hopefully the team can bounce back and not let this loss get them down. It was a tough way to lose, but I’d like to think there is enough mental fortitude and pride for them to come back with a vengeance on Thursday.

    • Scuderi isn’t play up to par lately but who takes his spot? Martinez-Voynov pairing?

      • There isn’t anyone who can take his spot currently. I just hope Greene can come back and replace Ellerby, and in doing so also take some minutes off of Scuderi.

  13. Helen Kellerby wasn’t an utter disaster? He had more turnovers than a Thai whorehouse.

    Funny that we both agree on things. I’m not worried if that’s the best they have to offer. Quick was fucking brilliant.

    • Helen Kellerby… Lol.

      By no means did he make a positive impact but I was SO worried about that bottom pairing that anything better than 2 goals against per period seems like a blessing.

      But yeah, the best the Blues got is only slightly more than close to the Kings lamest can handle. If we get our act together on the forecheck, we will be just fine.

  14. Take the FUCKING body! The kings are big. You gotta play big. They will! Quick was awesome. Fuck that last play. Its a 7 game series…fucking regehr…Everyone should be looking at that fucking guy and think,”holy fucking shit!” He missed like 3 or 4 minutes after that. That was extremly scary. I don’t want to see that kind of blood on the ice. He is a warrior.

  15. I thought the anoymous comment at 11:58 summed it up pretty well.

    • I am much more upset with Kopi than anyone. Had he shot the puck on that rush, something he seems to have forgotten how to do, instead of making that terrible pass the puck never would have retreated into our own zone. Still, now we just win in 5.

      • Agreed, Kopitars play of late has been a head scratcher. It seems he gets a free pass all the time when he sucks balls, but yet if its Doughty everyone jumps down his throat.

        Also it seems everyone is bashing Ellerby right now, and rightfully so as him and Scuderi played like idiots, but no one seems to notice that the first goal was because of a boneheaded play by Muzzin (which was one of many). If Muzzin doesn’t throw the puck at the bench when the forwards were making a line change, the too many men penalty never occurs. Dump the fucking puck in Muzzin and stop panicking out there.


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