Kings @ Blues Round 1 Game 2 – Fashionably Late

So we are down a game. Big whoop.

The Kings did not play well as a team in game one. Little hasty with the passing, little slow with the forecheck, lotta hesitation on the shooting. They know how to fix this and tonight they will.

We have seen the best the Blues have to offer. They were marvelous throughout game one and for all their shots and incessant pressure, it took a massive fuck-up by Quick for them to put the game away. They came out with a full head of steam, but racers and sixteen year olds will tell you it’s never a good idea to shoot your wad early. Unless you’re Mike Tyson, but the Blues aren’t Mike Tyson, even if Tarasenko looks like he’s tasted human flesh.

Things I want to see in game two: Scuderi making smart outlet passes, Ellerby closing gaps, Muzzin knowing when to pinch, Doughty wristing the puck, Carter with Richards, Brown with Kopi, though it doesn’t seem like those two will happen, but oh, while we are talking about Kopi, it can only be good if gets over his shootthefuckingpuckaphobia. This series, this playoffs, this team, ride heavily on Kopitar’s ability to be the best player on the ice. Selke worthy defense isn’t enough.

I also want to see the Kings get a little nasty. Much of their success starts with dominating the physical game. I want to see Ken Hitchcock’s neck fat waddle furiously “W-w-where was the call on that hit wref?!”

“Sorry Ken, that was clean. Well, clean if you don’t count Barrett Jackman’s blood on the ice.”

I’m switching my shirt and jersey tonight.

We muse,

Kopitaire, Kopitaire. Wherefore art thou Kopitaire?
Deny thy nature, shoot thy puck!
Or, if thou wilt not, pass to Cartaire.
And he’ll bury that shit.

We pray,

Our Kings, who art in St. Louis,
Hallowed be thy game.
Thy kingdom come, thy wills be done,
On their ice, as it shall be on ours.
Give us this day our daily goals, and forgive no Blues their transgressions,
As we pound into submission those who trespass against us.
And lead us past the first round,
Past these evil Blues fucks.


Go fucking nuts.



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  1. let’s add Cliffy to do some Serious Body checking ..and a fight if warrented.. Richardson to keep his on ice yapping to get under the Blues skin and rattle them ..Pens to surpirse us with a bang um up and hard play I really asking too much?,,,,Lewie to speed down ice and actually hit the net with his may even go in.. Kinger to find the play he had in last years playoffs…Nolan to keep his game forward as he seems to be back on track.. Our Captain to Score tonight..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Surly, it’s great to have you back full-time. These posts add fuel to the fire inside all of us. You mentioned that the line traditional combos probably won’t happen tonight… Does anyone have inside intel why Sutter continues with this approach? Especially with the ineffectiveness witnessed in game 1.
    I’m just praying for our boys to have their shit ramped up tonight. Go Quick, Go teams, Go KINGS!!

  3. I don’t want to see Ellerby do anything except sit in a press box, but since the Hockey Gods have decided we have a penance to pay, we must continue to not only offer up Willie, but Greenie as well. Also, if Kopi doesn’t start shooting the puck soon, I am going to start advocating for a trade for Ovi, not to play for us mind you but to teach Kopi to fucking shoot. Again, Quick never would have had the opportunity to misplay that puck had Kopi shot instead of passed, yes I know its counterfactual thinking and I don’t care. Anyway nice to see Surly has become the Penner of writers. Fuck the regular season time to step it up in the playoffs!

  4. Just a little comment with a big meaning….WIN IT!

  5. From today’s practice lines back to normal, thank God

    Jim Fox ‏@JimFox19 26m #LAKings just drills in morning skate 23-11-14/74-10-77/25-28-22/13-24-71

    Kings will bring it tonight…4 lines strong , more aggressive on the forecheck and put a lot more prssure on Elliott

    • Well how do you like that, common sense prevails. Well… Except for Dwight King playing on the second line.

      • I don’t like King up there either and a bit surprised since Penner played pretty good on Tues, esp in 3rd and OT. But that coiuld change…
        Just glad MR and JC are back together.

    • 74 instead of 13 playing with Richards and Carts?? Is Sutter drunk? They’ll be swapped within a few shifts.

    • Thank goodness, indeed. I love the way Sutter coaches and agree with his style/philosophy 98% of the time, but the line changes before the playoffs baffled me. I believe we were in the top 10 in scoring by seasons end. Why change?

      I would argue the Kings didn’t play a bad game, but rather the Blues played an outstanding game. They took the initiative and put us on our heels most of the game until overtime. They out King’d us with unbelievable pressure and physicality. I say this only because when your team is under such pressure, you need the players to react much quicker without thought and this is where I got a little upset with Sutter. One of the first steps you take is putting players together that have familiarities with each other-like say, line-mates who played 39 games together with more than adequate success. I know the D was part of the struggles but it only helps to have lines that understand and feed off each other. I fell much better going forward with our standard line combos.

      I am so happy to see Quick rounding into superstar mode once again. We are going to need him at his finest.

      I have a feeling Nolan and Clifford are going to come out a’blazn. It’s gonna be fun to watch. Game 2 is ours!

  6. Bring the pain boys. Its go time.

  7. “shootthefuckingpuckaphobia”. Pfizer makes a pill for that

  8. I love this team and I have faith for the most part… but with Ellerby in the lineup, we are fucked!

  9. Is anyone getting the game, or is it the Montreal vs Ottawa game?!!?!?

  10. Mother whoring TV/Dish/NHL…encroashing on the KING respect! We are the Defending
    Stanley Cup Champs
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Hahaha! Those dirty bastards. At least we have our team back! That’s what I’m talking about. Go Kings!

  11. You gotta make that save, come on Quick! FUCK

  12. Fucken Quick…I know he can shoot the puck at the other goalie, but those are the saves that they need, late in the game. I guess the road magic from last year is gone. How costly is losing home ice on the last week of the season? Lets hope they can score at home or the Kings will be done, no matter how good Quick is.

  13. Fucken Quick…I know he can’t shoot the puck at the other goalie, but those are the saves that they need, late in the game. I guess the road magic from last year is gone. How costly is losing home ice on the last week of the season? Lets hope they can score at home or the Kings will be done, no matter how good Quick is.

  14. You didn’t get any of your wishes – oh, well. We’ve only lost 4 times at home. Only 3 times since the home opener. Series tied 2-2 after 4 games. Fun stuff

    • Pretty much. No more wishing for things. Utter decimation at home, not of this one goal game shit.

      • Strange how I feel following this game. I am surprisingly confident we will win both at home and come back to STL with the momentum necessary to take the series. Penner must be benched though (not an effort to scapegoat). GKG

  15. Look wee played much better but CANNOT relent one fucking second with these guys. The Kings have to WILL their way in every nano-second of the game. The hockey-gods will be on our side if we play like the first period in this game. The second period was solid defensively but we have to keep being aggressive throughout and choke the air out of these fuckers. That way we’ll create our own luck. Fate is an unfaithful bitch. She’s cheating on us right now: let’s show her she has no choice but to come back to the Champs.

  16. On a side note, though Ellerby and Muzzin have played better this game they still commit defensive zone gaffes that scare the shit out of me. Can’t wait for Green to come back but should we re-introduce Martinez instead of Muzz? Maybe I’m trippin’ a bit…

  17. Also though I know we can recover, I really miss Willie. Damn. He would really instantly tilt the balance in our favor. Oh well, one can only wish…


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