How quickly we become spoiled. From four consecutive 3-0 leads in playoff series, to being down 2-0 and oh hockey gods, why hast thou forsaken us?

I know! I know!

It’s because Ellerby sucks! And, and and, Muzzin’s too inexperienced! And that fucking prick Jonathan Quick let in two suck ass game winners! Stupid Kopitar won’t shoot the puck. Regehr is slow and I miss my 2nd round picks. Stupid penalties. Stupid road games. Stupid hockey.

I won’t deny the truth these statements hold on the surface, but the hockey gods haven’t forsaken us, we have forsaken them. See, the hockey gods are just like us, they are hockey fans, just with a little more say in what goes down on the ice. So when you do the things they like, they help you do more of those things because it tickles them in their little godly panties. When you don’t do those things, they ignore you, because they aren’t here to answer your prayers, they are hear to soak up your love and feast on your cheers.

So what do the hockey gods love to see?

Breakouts and forecheck.

Breakouts and forecheck.

The more I think about the first two games, these are the only two things that really matter if we are going to attempt to simplify things in any sort of meaningful way. These are team-wide things, and a team-wide dedication to them will make up for the lack of any individual talent in achieving them or particular slumps certain millionaires are going through.

We have seen both good breakouts and good forechecks at times from the Kings in games one and two, but thinking back to those first dominant 40 minutes from last night, we never really had both going for us at one time for very long. The breakouts were damn good for those 40, but for most of it, the forecheck left the hockey gods feeling a little jipped. Oh sure, we had some great scoring chances, but the hockey gods are not all male and unfortunately, the female ones need some foreplay. Forechecking is foreplay.

I want to wring my hands at Kopitar and Carter too. These dudes needs to score. I wish Ellerby and Muzzin didn’t get frazzled and fuck up as often as they do (which isn’t as often as most bemoan). I really wish Scuderi looked anything like the player we had the previous few seasons, I wish King did a thing, Clifford kicked the crap out of everyone, Brown stopped going over the line and goddamn would I like Doughty to just take over the game, end to end rush that shit and put Brian Elliott in his place.

But I’m done wishing. I wish none of those things. I only care tomorrow for things I can control.

Like what jersey I wear. The volume of my voice.

Individual heroics will come when the team finds the fluidity of cohesion. When every single guy on a line, regardless of skill level, is digging out pucks and banging bodies like they were a low paid grunt just trying not to get sent back to the minors, the goals will come. When back’s don’t get turned on defense and pucks aren’t thrown in panic, but caressed to teammates you trust will be there, because they will.

These things home ice will bring.

Breakouts and forecheck.