Blues @ Kings – Round 1 Game 3 – Not A Must Win, A Will Win

So that whole spiel I gave you a few days back about the quality of my day not being determined by the previous game’s outcome? Yeah, that all went out the window yesterday. Took me until about 8pm to stop feeling like crap about Thursday’s game two loss.

But now? Now I feel FAN-fucking-tastic. I get to see live playoff hockey tonight. Kings playoff hockey, no less!

The energy is already in the air. Can you feel the excitement? In mere hours the lights will dim, the cheers will go up and the Los Angeles Kings will take the ice. I may lose my voice before the first period ends. In fact, I plan on it.

I’ve already said everything I feel about the game tonight, what the Kings need to do to win; everything they have already done + a few goals. It’s not rocket science. It’s not some elusive mistress. It’s breakouts, forecheck, shots on goal. If any oomph was lacking the last two games, let we fans oomph it in there ourselves.

I had a little epiphany last night. It’s a new year. A new playoffs. This is obvious, but there was a part of me holding on, trying to recreate last year on my end. That was naive. So let’s try something a little different.

Our Kings, these defending Stanley Cup Champion Kings, who art in the motherfucking playoffs,
Hallowed be thy game tonight.
Thy Kingdom come if thy wills will be done,
On our ice, because that’s just the way it has to be.
Give us this day our goals, however many are needed,
So that we may forgive ourselves for letting two slip away.
And in the meantime give these dicks from St. Louis a sound slapping.
That we may be led past the first round,
Past these ugly ass Blues,

Let’s shatter glass and pierce our neighbor’s eardrums. Beat our chests and celebrate crisp passes, crushing blows and dance under flashing red lights.

Let’s go watch some damn Kings playoff hockey.

And go fucking nuts.






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12 replies

  1. Yeah! I’m pumped!!! GO KINGS GO!

    Score early and often. Forecheck those scumbags within an inch of their life!

    Pressure!! Pressure!!! I make Greener be in the lineup tonight!!!

  2. I’ll be there too, Section 330. GKG!!! We will prevail.

  3. All good and compelling insights. I know you wouldn’t approve, but man would I like to quote the texts you sent me last night to get me off the ledge. But I respect you too much to do that. Suffice to say you’ve gotten me on board….can’t wait to beat these assswipes.
    GKG! Let s play 60 minutes of smart and brutal hockey!

  4. I’m not feeling too good about this game. Their additions of bouwmeester and leopold seem to have made them a lot better. I do hold out hope that we’ll win 4 out of 5 and advance. It will be very tough though.

    • I know that things aren’t this simple, but I remember thinking it would be nice to add Boumester when he was being shopped… Especially considering the fucked up situation we are in on D.

  5. Ohhhh, and are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!! 3 games in a fucking row the kings take a too many men penalty???!!! Motherfucker. That’s unacceptable. That’s also on the coach.

  6. I’m with you on the comment you made about Regehr. Big time. He’s too slow. The Blues are fast and never stop coming. I thought two 2nd’s was too much before the trade, I thought it during the trade, and I think it after the trade. I mean, I wouldn’t at all see the point of even resigning him as DL alluded that he would do. No way. And for that you can say….. we need more speed and Skill still up front. Guys who can control a puck, pass, stickhandle, and still play with a modicum of grease to their game. And now, you have two less picks with which to get said players.

  7. The Angels started doing this sort of crap…. trading futures (in their case, prospects, in ours, draft picks) for ‘now’. I can see it if you do what the Blues did, for Boumeester and Leopold. I can’t see it for Regehr. Sorry Robin.

  8. Over at I called the game-winning goal. I should have bought a lottery ticket or gone to Vegas. However, I found it more prudent to stay off the road on a Cinco de Mayo weekend. A fricken holiday that is not even celebrated in Mexico. I mean, who the hell celebrates beating the French? Who hasn’t?

    • Me, S&S, Surly Dad, TK and Kelsey can take a row boat and a cap gun off the coast of France and get them to surrender. How that ended up as a national holiday is an embarrassment. I feel my Kessler ( smooth as silk) kicking in. Before I start posting things I regret, I say goodnight to you all! GKG!!!!

  9. You were not alone in your distress…
    Tonight we will all sleep well.
    YAY!!!! Winners!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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