Celebrate Tonight. Forget It Tomorrow. Win Four on Friday.

I gripped Drew Doughty game-used stick like a vise. I grabbed it at the end of the third because I needed something I would not break or throw across the room if we lost this game in overtime. The moment I grabbed it I knew we were going to win. There is something magical about Drew’s stick…even when it’s not his.

“Wait a minute, Drew isn’t a lefty,” I thought to myself a few minute ago. “This is Jack Johnson’s stick.”

And there you have it. Jack Johnson who led the L.A. Kings in overtime goals by a defenseman brought that good fortune to the Russian gem that replaced him.

Somehow, it worked out. And that is exactly what this series has been for the L.A. Kings as they lead the Blues 3-2 and head into Friday’s game 6.

I can’t offer much in terms of analysis. My mind is focused on Friday and nothing else. It’s less than an hour after our victory and I’ve already forgotten about this game. I just want 4…because 4 is what matters and anything less is an incomplete grade and a premature exuberance.

Game 6.

Friday night.

It’s all that matters.

The rest is irrelevant.


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  1. You sound just like one of the Players Surley…
    We all sleep sound tonight… tomorrow the excitement/anxiousness/anticipation begins anew.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. …and not to get too ahead of ourselves but after watching Kings win in OT and then flipping over to the “other” game and seeing that “other team” win…it hit me. “Holy Shit! The planets seemed to be aligning!…getting out of this round alive could lead to a Kings~Fucks playoff series.

    • Which would be amazing to say the least.
      All 3 Cali teams movingon would be great for the sport in CA

      Anyone hitting up the pick up tomorrow night at the Pasadena rink?

  3. This series is the most intense hockey playoff round I’ve ever suffered through. Not good for my heart or my blood pressure. Another amazing game. Doughty is a fuckin’ beast….another great game from him, Slava, Scuds (nice block at the end of the 1st with his arm) and RR had strong game. And the top line forwards came to play and that is the difference. You look on the score sheet and it’s full of Richards, Carter, Kopi…we have that, they don’t. We have 3 number 1 centers on 2 lines and the Blues have 2 number 2 centers on 2 lines. They don’t have a game breaking elite forward. And that was one of the reason the Kings beat them last year, their D was fine, they needed to sign or trade for a top line forward, preferably a center. They didn’t need 2 more (and 1 overpaid) D men. They’re a great team but that has been missing, that elite finisher.
    Cool Stat from the Kings win article on Puck Daddy about our boy Slava:

    How big have Voynov’s contributions been? Including playoffs, the Kings are undefeated in the last 10 games he’s scored a goal.

    Deano better sign him b4 the KHL does.

    • Voynov wouldn’t go to the KHL… He had the chance to go last year and he didn’t. The cub is staying put

  4. I’m just dropping in to post the obligatory, JAKE MUZZIN FUCKING SUCKS, comment. If he is truly a team player, he’ll march straight into Sutter’s office and ask to be benched.

  5. Look, I know Muzzin has looked horrible at times ….. geez pretty much most of the time. But people relax. He is getting valuable and I mean valuable high pressure, big time playoff game time experience . We just got to hope and pray he’s learning from his mistakes.

    We got to close St. Lou out Friday, and make them hate us all the more, because I have a feeling we will be seeing this team in the next few years in similar circumstances !

    • Playoff time is not the time or place to get invaluable fucking experience! We need to make clean passes off neutral zone which Muzzin can’t do. Hell the whole team needs to work on that. Everytime Muzzin gets the puck I cringe at the thought of an inevitable turnover. He tries to be the hero by taking shots from the blue line with his eyes closed I bet! He needs to get the puck in front of the net to our snipers. He fucking scares the shit out of me. I guess if Sutter believes he has some thing up his sleeve GREAT but he needs to score some game winners to justify his presence on the ice. At least make some clean passes. Shit get an assist! Last season King and Nolan were a prime example of how rookies need perform to rightfully earn their time on the playoff ice. Muzzin was hot during regular season for what a week?! Sorry guys not enough..

      • Muzzin led the team with a +16 this year, and yes he did most of his damage on a 11 Pts in 13 game stretch. But who would you rather play out there? AHLerby? Seriously, Muzzy has the talent and is our best option. If our weakest player right now is also the guy who led the team in +/- and was tied for 20th in the league, well I like our chances to repeat!

        • You can bring up Muffin’s stats all you want, but the bottom line is he’s been the worst player in the series. He’s made some blatant, and I mean blatant turnovers that have nothing to do with being a rookie and everything to do with being an idiot.

          That sequence on Steen’s goal the last game was a prime example of Muzzin’s play in the series. Stupid pass across the middle that gets picked off and then he loses Steen behind the net, falling flat on his ass allowing Steen to walk to the front and score. That whole play was just laughable.

          But hey, his +16 during the regular season can make you overlook that.

          • You are completely ignoring my biggest point, which I admittedly buried more than I intended. WHO ELSE?!? Who would you replace him with? He is our best option until Greene comes back.

          • All I originally said was he is getting valuable big time pressure playoff exp. If he learns from this then in the FUTURE we’ll have a solid player who knows what to do and when. Again the word is Valuable big time pressure playoff exp. These are his first 5 playoff games of his career. We have to be patient and cringe as much as we have too. If he is doing this 3 years from now and cost us a series then he would be worthy of being whooped verbally and what ever else comes to mind !

  6. To borrow from Bob McKenzie- Mike Richards is a money player and has been since Juniors.

    Career 70 points in 88 playoff games
    From CBC – Mike Richards now has 50 points in his last 59 playoff games.
    2nd leading scorer in the NHL playoffs over the last 3 years.

    He’s been on the ice for 7 of the Kings 10 goals.

    And I think that his becoming a human pile driver in game 3 made that Slava goal. Without that, maybe the Kings don’t win 1-0 and go down 0-3.

  7. I’m not gonna lie, it was weird seeing Voynov put in a finesse goal. His shots never had a soft touch in Manchester; I affectionately named his seeing-eye-puck slappers from the points, “Slava-bombs” for a reason.

    Either way, a great and exciting finish to the game. Hope to watch the boys finish out the series Friday night and move on to round 2.

  8. Holy smokes what a series. I haven’t felt this kind of anxiety regarding the Kings since… well, never. These punks are giving us all we can handle and I love it. That is what competition is all about. I actually have a great deal of respect for those fucks, though I wish they would just go away and let us moved onward so we can destroy those fowl down south.

    I have a suggestion on how to counter their dominate fourth line–speed. I would suggest a Clifford-Richardson-Lewis combo. They can’t dominate if they can’t catch the puck. Just a thought.

    Doughty’s play is getting stronger and stronger! It’s just scary how good this kid can potentially be. He’s still a baby(age) and has some maturing still to do, but wow, this young man is a pleasure to watch. I’m talking about his all around game, his understanding of what’s transpiring around him, the speed, the angles, the positioning, the physicality, the ability to make the correct decision, whether it be when to pinch or how to defend an outnumbered attack. He’s the best I’ve ever seen on a consistent basis knowing when to leave his feet sliding along the ice to break up a play. It may not be fundamentally correct to some, but he makes the play every time. It should be rewarding for everyone to watch him develop over the next decade.

    In my heart. I never thought anyone could replace Visnovsky, but Voynov is doing a pretty good job of equaling my level of affection. It’s not about the goals, it’s how he plays defense as an offensive defenseman. His positioning is world class and the tenacity and determination in which he does it is awesome to watch. The kid is tough as teflon. He is one of my favorite Kings’.

    Great win, boys.

    • Speed! not a bad idea. And Slava ia a gem beyond gems. Also his positioning is flawless. Smart kid that anticipates the play well and covers his angles. Much like Drew, but Drew is a tad better at the defensive game (read: physicality). Muzz will come along. Still hoping for Greener to be back soon!

    • I concur with your analogy of Slava to Visnovsky. Right on the dot. Its actually exactly what I had said last night after his OT goal. He’s smart, skilled, and humble. He’s had two game winning goals in this series. Enough said.
      Also I agree with you on Doughty. He’s fast and aggresive without being too dangerous (except for that stupid 2 min minor in game 3). Gotta give Penner some love though. His game has improved. Penner has been showing some good puck handling in the neutral zone and great checks along the boards in game 4. The champions have finally shown up to battle! GKG!!!

    • Nice Post.. Love your assessment!
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. nobodys hitting the blues last year we hit every one that came our way dustin brown was a fuckin bulldozer, we need to wear them down with clean hard hits. and block more shots.


  10. no bodys hitting the blues last year we hit everyone that came our way.dustin brown was a fucking bulldozer(seems like hes scared to hit since his suspention) we need to make good clean hits to wear them down,and more blocked shots! GO KINGS!!!!!!

  11. Let’s talk about Kopi’s pass to Carts for the 2nd goal (niiiice!)…#11 continues to flat out contribute with or without the puck…and even though Muzz got torched on their first goal and I felt like strangling him AND he’s made rookie mistakes…I like the kid, but I sure wish Greenie was healthy…and how bout #32 – the ANCHOR…I’m not hearin anything about Bernier these days and that’s a DAMN good thing…definitely a solid backup this year but our #1 for years to come is the guy with the fat (well deserved!) contract…I will be there on Friday night, let’s END THIS!! and meet the stinkin quacks in an EPIC battle!!!!! ;-)

  12. I just found this picture of your typical Blues fan.

  13. “It’s always tough going into a road rink in the playoffs,” Pietrangelo said. “Look at the atmosphere that we have [in St. Louis]. It’s not quite the same in L.A. Their fans are a little bit quieter…”

    Haha, ah…let’s see how quiet we are when you’re sulking in the handshake line tonight.

    • Thats even funnier when you look at their attendance firures in the playoffs:
      GM1: 92.0%
      GM2: 97.6%
      GM5: 95.4%

      Can’t even sellout a playoff game against the team that knocked you out last year. Yeah LA is a different atmosphere, we care about and support our team.

      • Players in a hole say shit like because their egos are bruised by facing elimination. Consider his saying that a sign that in the back of his head he is already planning his “why we lost the series” responses.


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