Rejoice. Reset. Remain.

Well how do you like that?

The Kings are going to the second round!

This isn’t a post game. We aren’t going to analyze the 60 minutes of hockey played, how Drew Doughty scored the most Drew Doughty goal ever, vaguely reminiscent of his first NHL goal against the Colorado Avalanche. We don’t need to remunerate Dustin Penner’s buzzer beater or how the Kings, once again, came out victorious despite playing a vast majority of the game hemmed in their own zone.

No. Fuck all that.

For all intents and misguided purposes, we swept the St. Louis Blues for the second year in a row. How much do Blues fans hate us right now? Tomorrow I’ll wade through the minefield of twitter to find out. For now, just smiles.

So we drink and we cheer and we grin big, stupid, happy grins. And then come Sunday we scowl. Game 7 of Anaheim-Detroit determines our fate. If the Ducks win, then the series we have all anxiously been awaiting for 20 years is wrought. If the Red Wings win, a rematch with San Jose is upon us, with whom we owe a debt of smackitude.

Who do you want?

All night people asked me this question, and I truly don’t have an answer. I think I want the Ducks, but I just can’t bring myself to root for them to win any game. San Jose is playing great, and the Ducks are a team ripe for game hunting/murder. I find them flawed in a way their record wouldm’t suggest. All I know is that whoever we play, we essentially have home ice and I am going to a whole mess of road games. I guess I also want Anaheim because I’m less likely to be tackled by a group of angsty, rapey homophobes near Disneyland than I am in the severely hostile Bay Area.

Either team, I firmly believe we can defeat. In eliminating the Blues, we have sent packing the Western Conference’s other best defensive team. Yes, other teams pose a far greater offensive threat, but that is only in the way of talent, not in the relentless forecheck the Blues brought. Regehr is finding his rhythm with the team. Scuderi is settling down. Jake Muzzin tonight finally realizied in his bones that he can play solid NHL playoff hockey. The defense is set in front of a Jonathan Quick that seems to think he wasn’t quite good enough last year.

So rejoice tonight and fuck it, rejoice tomorrow!

On Sunday we reset, and brace for the storm to come on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then we fight to remain. The second round is only as good as it looks from the rear view mirror of the third.

I love being the fan of a kick ass team.

I love being a Los Angeles Kings fan.




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  1. Fucking Los Angeles Kings!!!!!!
    It feels so good

  2. As a NorCal transplant, tomorrow (hangover and all) I’ll be researching bullshit pantywaist, no-leaning-in-your-seat HP Pavillion (2nd? – no 3rd) section prices for games 3 and 4 (charged to credit card). Last 3 games at HP (hepatitus pavillion) I’ve been moved (to box seats) sat with security, and owned an entire section – feet up (cup patch-on-jacket and all)… Oh, god, swimming with sharks and loving it. Can’t wait to turn “beat LA” into “FUCK THE BAY”… C’MON WINGS!

  3. Nothing better then waking up and going to my Favorite Blog! People who get it..get what drives me..makes me smile…not that my texters didn’t blow up the phone last night, but I Love hearing people say exactly what I saw..Reinforcement of my viewing and analysing the games.
    I was Nervous last night..did I enjoy the game..yes and no…Love my King Hockey..but with each game more important then the last…
    I have to say realistically we were outplayed this series. I cannot remember Ever seeing such a hard fought series/game…Kings are #1 in tenasity..That is a Fact!
    Yes, as Surly(got it right tody :) said, our D has settled down and found themselves.
    Since most of the game was played in our end, I had time to really focus on the D men. They must be communicating better as they were in position the entire game. The one Blue goal was a great play setup, we would like that in our playbook if we don’t already have it..will have to rewatch to see if I recognize it. Doughty..that’s our boy…that’s why he deserves the big contract. Slava..I LOVE him! Regher..I said before, I remembered him from playing against, and in a good way, meaning I remembered a Good player…I shake my head, yes he is. Marty..that is our Marty of old..of last year..all healed up..taking his Great shot from the point. Scuds..solid. Muzzie..yep..he manned up..awesome hit in the third. Total confidence booster.
    Lastly Penner.. oh so glorious to see the guy I remember from tge sucks..the guy I said..wouldn’t he be great as a King? Why and What does it take to make this Penner emerge? Evans used the word last night, confidence… has he been lacking? If so I suggest hiring a team shrink…whatever…I smile just thinking about his hussle/ Body banging/ and That Shot last night..Wow!
    ( excuse any miss-spells/typos.. phone)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. We raised the Blues hopes then dashed them quite expectantly, well done boys! As for who we play next, doesn’t matter. Obviously I would never cheer for the Ducks to win a games, especially of the playoff variety, so go Wings. However, no matter who we draw I have complete confidence in Quick & Co. to kick their ass and win the next 4. 4 down 12 to go! GKG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alright, I just have to throw it out there, but is it me or was that far and away Kopitar’s worst game of the season? At least he’s got a couple days to get it together and rest up now. We can and will plow through the rest of these teams. GKG!

  6. The BEST and WORST part about this playoff run so far is that Carter, Kopi and Brown haven’t brought their best game yet. With Quick in net our D is killing it but can you guys imagine what our whole game will look like once our O finally shows up to play. If lazy ass Penner can pull that s*** out imagine how Carter and Kopi will destroy our next opponent. The anticipation is killer and I can’t wait for the new series to begin, whoever it might be (preferably not the Ducks because I will just f***ing collapse from an aneurism anytime they make any good play). Anxiously waiting to obliterate the next series… GKG!!!


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