Sharks @ Kings – Round 2 Game 2 – The More Things Change

It seems the only storyline heading into this game is Raffi Torres’ hit on Jarret Stoll, his imminent NHL hearing, and the latter’s injury and exclusion from the lineup.

So let’s talk about something else.

As we discussed before, and saw on Tuesday, San Jose is a much different team than St. Louis. They passed with zippy gusto and buzzed around the Kings’ zone like so many gnats that need swatting. There was no Hitchcockian clogging of the neutral zone, in fact there was open ice aplenty for the Kings to make use of, but probably still shell shocked, the Kings didn’t take much advantage of it.

And yet, despite the differences in player personnel and strategic schemes, what we saw was more of the same from the Kings. Withstand a storm or twelve, let Jonathan Quick tie down the valuables and hold onto the dog and then cash in on a few chances and ride the storm to the other side.

But now the Kings have more changes coming, with what will most likely be Brad Richardson subbing in for the dizzy Jarret Stoll (let’s hope he’s not dizzy and is just having trouble turning his head from side to side… Akin to an over-exuberant night spent buried between the legs of whatever blond celebrity floozy he’s currently cavorting with). At the time of this writing, no one knows what Sutter will do with the lines. For all we know Stoll shows up during warm-ups and plays, but that doesn’t seem likely. If it were me running the show I would just slot Richardson in between Penner and Lewis in Stoll’s spot and leave well enough alone. Wholesale changes don’t need to come, despite losing the special attributes Jarret provides.

Helene Elliott wrote an article I didn’t read that was titled something to the effect of Stoll’s injury and its potential to change the outcome of the series. I’ll simply say if we can get by without Willie Mitchell and Matt Greene, I have every confidence we can quickly overcome the loss of Stoll. In no way is that a denigration of Stoll and his contributions, but rather is a testament to my faith in Sutter and the team at large. Also, Brad Richardson is a slick hockey player and playoff type of guy. I’m bummed about missing Stoll and equally excited to see Richardson get some ice time.

Anywho, that’s enough words. How about some prayers!

Hail Kopi, full of talent,
Your fans are with thee.
Blessed are thou amongst Slovenians,
and blessed is the fruit of thy Slovenienness,
Holy Kopi, first of our centers,
Play for us screamers,
Now, and take us nearer to the hour of our Second Cup.

Our Kings, these reigning Stanley Cup Champions Kings, who art in the second round of the mother fucking playoffs,
Hallowed be thy game tonight.
Thy Kingdom come if thy wills will be done,
On our ice, because hey, we’re pretty good there.
Give us this day our goals, however many are needed,
So that we may forgive ourselves for not acting on the urge to spend 60 minutes cross checking and spearing every player in teal.
And in the meantime give these dicks from San Jose a sound slapping.
That we may be led past the second round,
Past these ugly ass Sharks,

Let’s shatter glass and pierce our neighbor’s eardrums. Beat our chests and celebrate crisp passes, crushing blows and dance under flashing red lights.

Let’s go watch some damn Kings playoff hockey.

And go fucking nuts.






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  1. Richardson can fill that spot, no slight on Stoll, but this team is built to overcome adversity.
    Believe. Win.
    I hope Brown crushes Couture with a legal hit so people can see how it’s really done.

  2. That’s more like it! I do wish we had an expendable player, one that sitting out a few games wouldn’t matter to the team chemistry. One that could put a serious hurt on the Sharks third line center…you know, even shit up a little. I’m guessing that Rafifuckface Torres has played his last game of the season, and that’s really the putz I’d like to see lose some more teeth or have a concussion. We will teach these jerks a lesson tonight! GKG

  3. Almost wish Torres comes back Saturday so we can punish him on SJ ice… Sharks fans up here in NorCal have declared their hate for him since the trade – such a nuisance, but hey, that’s the SJ Sharks. Love to see him hip checked on open ice…

  4. Penner Richardson Lewis. Didn’t Richardson and Lewis almost singlehandedly derail the sharks in 2011 when Kopitar was missing and we didn’t have Carter or Richards yet?

  5. I like Richardson. He hustles his ass off every single shift and plays with a lot of heart and soul. Not to say that Stolly doesn’t.

    Stolly is a face off wizard and that shit makes a huge difference in the playoffs. Not to say that Richardson can’t and won’t be good at faceoffs but he’s not nearly as good as Stolly. If he can elevate that level of his game he should be a pretty effective center.

    Who knows how long Stoll’s gonna be out. I’d like to see more finish from Richardson also.

    At least Raffi “the cocksucker” Torres will be out.

    • From the boards:

      corvette024 59 minutes ago
      Anyone have an update on Torres?
      1 reply

      vict 31 minutes ago
      …still a POS

    • Yes, Richardson is more than capable of filling in for Stoll. I like his motor and tenacity as well. Maybe a little short on face-offs but will handle the overall job just fine. He’ll have all that energy and adrenaline stored up, ready to unleash on these guppies.

      Torres, it was nice knowing you, punk!

  6. I have to throw this out there even though it’s off topic. Our old friend Boyle is centering the third line and Richards is centering the fourth line for the Rangers. Hahaha! How much did they pay that fool (Richards)?

  7. Dude, fuck NBC! Every fuckin time we have to wait for the east coast game to end!! Bullshit

    • I stand corrected. They just said they’ll switch to the kings game and the OT will be on NHL network… They must’ve heard me bitching! So F me

      • They’re fucking with my emotions! Showed 45 seconds of the kings game, then went to commercial, then back to NYR/BOS OT. I’m superfly, nitro, TNT!

        • I can’t beleive that they would cut away from the Kings game in the LA viewing area. Up here in Canada I was actually pleasantly surprised that they cut away from the world hockey championships on TSN2 to show the start of the Kings game until the Boston/NY game ended, then the game switched back to the main network, so I didn’t miss a minute. But you guys should feel lucky that you get to watch the games at a reasonable hour…games start at 11:00/11:30pm out here where I am, so these 2:00am finishes are starting to wear me out, and we are only half way through the second round!!

          Go Kings Go!!!

  8. That’s why they call us the Champs!

    Huge game by Toffoli! Didn’t score but he was everywhere. Nice game, son.

  9. Crickets?? Jesus, when did all of you lose your nuts? Really, no comments after that amazing ending? Much like the Kings general malaise and inability to find the drive that propelled them last season, this site’s “fans/supporters” are equally as ambivalent. It’s sad. Where’s Modocop? Where’s the regulars?

  10. Ok you two…what happened?…Kings score the equalizer and as I was jumping up and down I look over to my right and you Surly is holding /hugging Scribe back and keeping him away from someone. Was it one of them chum eating bitches and his remora?

  11. I was going to ask what RQ@315 already did. I noticed it was the same douche-y Sharks fan who walked back and forth multiple times on the concourse outside 315 after being heckled. I could tell he was an agitator…


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