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Lost in the kerfuffle of the playoffs, I have forgotten to post a bit of news that my brothers and sisters in section 315 already knew.

I’ve long said that section 315 is the best section in Staples Center, and not just because I’m there. Ok fine, because I’m there. We’re loud, we’re fun, and we tend to get bunches of opposing fans to heckle, that and cajole since we are on the side of the ice where we get to see Quick make his brilliant saves for two out of three periods. Well, you may think your section is the best, but you are wrong. Now I have proof.

Madeline, the familiar face who greets all who enter 315, was honored at the end of the season as having been voted the best usher in Staples Center. It was announced before a game where she was brought onto the ice and recognized.

Madeline rules.

There are several of my fellow season ticket holders who rarely bother to sit in their seats, instead choosing to hang out with Madeline during the game. Whenever I show up to Staples and Madeline isn’t there, I’m bummed. Everyone with season seats gets to know their usher and the good ones get to know you. Madeline is one of the things that makes being a Kings season ticket holder a special experience.

For her award, Madeline was given a jersey with her name on it that she wanted everyone in the section to sign.


In my year end survey the Kings sent out to season ticket holders, when asked “How can we make your season ticket experience better?” I wrote, “give Madeline a raise.”

A free jersey ain’t bad.

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  1. That is awesome!! Although I live in Iowa, I maintain my season seat in 315. In fact, I started as a season ticket holder without knowing a thing about hockey and only attending 5 Kings games. My ticket rep told me that buying a season seat would be something I never regretted. On the last game of the regular season my first year, I walked up to you and thanked you for making my first season a memorable one. You are one of the reasons that becoming a season ticket holder, a lover of hockey and a Kings fan is something I have never regretted. Although I’ve been gone a couple seasons and don’t remember Madeline, it is wonderful to see how the Kings family recognizes people who make the game and experience more enjoyable. Fantastic way to recognize someone who really makes a difference. Stories like these are what make me proud to be part of the Kings family. Oh, and for the record, 315 is hands down the best section ever.

    • I totally remember you saying that. Thanks for the kinds words and hopefully you can use those seats again before long! Awesome that you’ve kept them. I will never give mine up, even if I’m on the other side of the planet for years on. These tickets are going with me to the grave.

  2. Wow that’s great to have the same usher game after game. 305-306 has a different usher every game. There has also been games this year where there has been no one. I wonder if its just a coincidence that we are across from 300 level Guest Services

  3. This is really, really cool. Big ups to you all!

  4. Love Madeline, she is the best usher, we seat in section 314 and have had the same seats fro the last 8 years. Way to go Madeline….

  5. We are blessed to have so many fine ushers at Staples. Great job Madeline, we have Christie in 305 and she’s a gem as well!

  6. Thanks for the love u. I’m crying. Love my kings family!

  7. I agree Madalene deserves a raise for her hard work and dedication,not only at work but as my big sister she is awesome all the way around,a sister,aunt,mother,daughter,and empolyee.Staples Center is lucky to have her # shout out to section 315!

  8. Two thumbs up Cuz…very proud of u…keep up the good work. With your people skills ..that smile is a token all by itself …….

  9. Maddy is the best! She is so welcoming and caring. I am so happy for her :) You rock girl, luv ya! – Zubi


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