Lost in the kerfuffle of the playoffs, I have forgotten to post a bit of news that my brothers and sisters in section 315 already knew.

I’ve long said that section 315 is the best section in Staples Center, and not just because I’m there. Ok fine, because I’m there. We’re loud, we’re fun, and we tend to get bunches of opposing fans to heckle, that and cajole since we are on the side of the ice where we get to see Quick make his brilliant saves for two out of three periods. Well, you may think your section is the best, but you are wrong. Now I have proof.

Madeline, the familiar face who greets all who enter 315, was honored at the end of the season as having been voted the best usher in Staples Center. It was announced before a game where she was brought onto the ice and recognized.

Madeline rules.

There are several of my fellow season ticket holders who rarely bother to sit in their seats, instead choosing to hang out with Madeline during the game. Whenever I show up to Staples and Madeline isn’t there, I’m bummed. Everyone with season seats gets to know their usher and the good ones get to know you. Madeline is one of the things that makes being a Kings season ticket holder a special experience.

For her award, Madeline was given a jersey with her name on it that she wanted everyone in the section to sign.


In my year end survey the Kings sent out to season ticket holders, when asked “How can we make your season ticket experience better?” I wrote, “give Madeline a raise.”

A free jersey ain’t bad.