Kings @ Sharks – Round 2 Game 4 – Return of the Rampage

Tonight we put the stranglehold on the series.

The Sharks, for all the hoopla about how fantastic they are one home ice, just barely edged out a Kings team that was playing two highly untested rookies and was missing two of the biggest players in their bottom six.

San Jose has had it easy.

Tonight things get tough.

It looks Ike Kyle Clifford is back guys and dolls. Unless something changes, all signs point to a return of the Sharks worst nightmare. Cliffy has scored in droves against San Jose and while Dustin Brown may be taking it a little easy in the bulldozing department since being suspended, Clifford shares no such reluctance to make Sharks hurt bad. If Kyle does play tonight, ostensibly on the fourth line with Fraser and Richardson, it will be a huge boost to the Kings as Sutter will be free to once again roll all of his lines without too much concern for anyone getting overmatched.

It will be interesting to see how the extra day between games affects both teams. Though game to game momentum is kind of horseshit, I would venture to say having the extra day to practice, rest and perhaps tinker with the game plan against a San Jose team that has frustrated the Kings at times, gives the edge to our boys. Time for Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar to fully realize the increased impact they need to make. Time for Muzzin to take a few deep breaths and realize he belongs here and once he fully believes that, the hesitation and mental lapses will disappear. Time for Dwight King to man up and do a thing. Time for Carter to sleep off the hangover… Or drink more, I still don’t know which helps him more.

It’s time to start another winning streak.

It’s time for another new prayer.

Hockey gods, grant our Captain the serenity to take a hit to make a play; courage to hit everything on route to the net; and wisdom to be the difference.

Hail Kopi, full of talent,
Your fans are with thee.
Blessed are thou amongst Slovenians,
and blessed is the fruit of thy Slovenienness,
Holy Kopi, first of our centers,
Play for us screamers,
Now, and take us nearer to the hour of our Second Cup.

Our Kings, these reigning Stanley Cup Champions Kings, who art in the second round of the mother fucking playoffs,
Hallowed be thy game tonight.
Thy Kingdom come if thy wills will be done,
On their ice, because we want to close this bitch out on Thursday
Give us this day our goals, however many are needed,
So that we may forgive ourselves for only scoring one last game.
And in the meantime give these dicks from San Jose a sound slapping.
That we may be led past the second round,
Past these ugly ass Sharks,

Let’s shatter glass and pierce our neighbor’s eardrums. Beat our chests and celebrate crisp passes, crushing blows and dance under flashing red lights.

Let’s watch some damn Kings playoff hockey.

And go fucking nuts.






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  1. Amen. I love the prayers.

  2. You were raised in a Catholic household.

  3. We need to play loose and hit everything scum teal. Cliffy is back and that alone can be HUGE. Burns needs to be de-cleated! All the pressure is on the guppy scum – they lose and it’s OVER. We just need to be ON IT and quit giving up so many damn shots(!)…The neighborhood will be hearin it tonight!! GKG!!!!!!

  4. I’ll be in Section 227 Row 8 Seats 13 and 14 with one of the enemy. I want to see us rout the bastards. I want them threatening to stab me with anger like they do when they get crushed. GO KINGS GO.

    • Could be. At this point its the least of evils for 6th defensemen. Greene, who’s is the best of the bunch, but played so very little this season and rusty and still not 100% – Martinez, who has been all over the map, stellar at times and poor at others, taking too many stick penalties this series, or Ellerby who has probably been the steadiest of all, but doesn’t bring much to the table and under the wrong circumstance can get exposes badly.

      My pick is to go back to Martinez. I worry about just throwing Greene in there and the benefits of Martinez playing a great game outweigh the risks that he might not and the blandness Ellerby adds.

  5. To say that we played like a minor league team would be an insult to the Monarchs. I saw absolutely no positives in that period…other than the fact that we are only down by 1 goal. No offence generated at all. No passes are connecting. We are getting beat to every puck. Face-offs were terrible. Quick is holding us in this one, but that can’t last forever. 15-3 shots?? That can’t happen, we need to turn this around. A good solid hit by Clifford might just do it…something…we need to WAKE UP!!!

    • Your right that period was fucking pathetic, HELLO KOPITAR THE PLAYOFFS HAVE STARTED. We can’t keep relying on Quick, cause you can see the Sharks are getting to him and he is looking frustrated out there.

  6. This is a disaster. This is why I was so worried after last game. The whole top line is injured. We can’t beat the Sharks, really we can’t beat anyone, with a whole injured top line. We got lucky to get by St Louis, and maybe they werent all injured until after that series. But now they’re all injured and it’s just impossible to generate anything.


    Takes a stupid penalty in 2nd period, Sharks go up 2-0. Then Fraser gets put out there again, is caught flat footed in the neutral zone and Pavelski dances by him for a 2 on 1 where Quick has to bail him out.

    And now he’s still out there! Kings desperately need goals, only 1 period left, and Colin Fraser is getting ice time. What the fuck is going on?

    Daryl Sutter is getting outcoached like Ive never seen in the NHL. Literally never. He did a great job rolling lines on a super team last year and managing morale, basically. Leadership wise he did a good job, and strategically he didn’t have to do much besides “be more aggressive.”

    Now the team isn’t as good, and it’s going to take more than that. Mclellan has made so many subtle adjustments even since game one of the series, like all the reverses in the defensive zone to defeat the Kings forecheck, the neutral zone adjustments to keep the Kings from getting to the red line, adjustments on the penalty kill (you’ll notice the Kings havent scored a PP goal since game 2).

    Sutter has done nothing. Changed nothing. Im sure he’s just yelling at the bench telling them to wake up and play better. But it’s not that easy. The players are doing as much as they can but they’re like chickens with their heads cut off in Sutter’s system against Mclellan’s, since Mclellan’s has been fined tuned to defeat what the Kings normally do. That’s why Sutter needs to change some things and adjust back, but we’re finally seeing what you guys (Surly and Scribe) were so worried about when we hired Sutter: he’s not a creative coach, he’s not a smart coach. They didn’t need him to be last year, but now that it comes time to actually make adjustments with their backs against the wall, he’s as bad as you guys said he would be. An embarrassment. Never seen a coach get dominated like this. From faceoffs to 5 on 5 tactics to special teams to using your lineup properly (see Colin Fraser), it’s just embarrassing.

    • Didn’t realize Sutter laced up the old skates and took the face-off draws, seriously though no responsibility for the players?

  7. Yes…I’ve seen pieces of shit in my lawn that play better hockey than the Kings did for most of this game…

    And I don’t like to put too much stock into the refs…but fuck me if that super early whistle didn’t directly effect the outcome of this game. 2-2 tie and should be going to overtime. Shameful.

    • The refs have leveled the series. I mean Sutter hasn’t helped but the winning margin in both games 3 and 4, one in overtime where the Kings had no chance to at least come back from the bullshit call, were due to ref mistakes. The league is a joke. And for the Sharks, too. If the puck hit Carter in game 2, that means three games of four so far have been referee impact. It’s a joke.

      Who would actually be winning this series? How would this series actually have turned out? Maybe without the call in game 2 against them and without the calls in the last games for them, the Sharks would be up 3-1 anyway. Or we would be up 3-1, or have swept the series. We’ll never know now because the officiating is such a joke, and let’s be honest it’s definitely benefitted San Jose much more, 2 games to 1 for us, plus the one we got, the 5 on 3 was only to tie. They got a 5 on 3 to win it in overtime. Way worse, plus the disallowed goal today.

      Still, I mean there’s no excusing that the officiating has been a joke and has impacted the series. Whoever wins the Cup now, they’re not really winning it, because the whole tournament has been sabotaged by officiating. But, even before ever seeing the officiating problems take place, I was worried this would come back 2-2. You could just see the Kings were getting dominated.

      It’s like the Red Wings vs Ducks series. I picked the Ducks to win that at the beginning of the series. Then the Ducks were up 3-2 in the series. Looking good on my prediction, right? No, I changed it, even with the Red Wings losing. With the way Nyqvist emerged, and with them healthy, I realized they were now the better team, not like the regular season. Even down a game in the series facing elimination, I just had the feeling they would win, because referees be damned, the best team still usually wins.

      Whatever the officiating, the Kings had a 2-0 lead in the series. Pretty safe bet for them, right? Even if they’re not playing their best, that’s just too hard to overcome, right? Wrong. Unless it’s a 3-0 lead in the series, the best team seems to win. So even if the best team gets game 1 stolen by the other goaltender, and they blow game 2 with some help from the refs or bad luck, eventually water will level, and their dominance is going to see them win.

      So that’s where I’m at, conflicted. On one hand the refs have clearly cost the Kings here, but on the other, the whole time I’ve been praying for them to steal the series, anyway. With a 2-0 start, I just hoped they could get lucky and steal it out before the water leveled. That’s the key. I wasn’t ever feeling like we were better, or deserved to win the series. I felt like we were lucky to get that 2-0 lead, and hoping we could just squeak it out.

      But usually that’s not how it works. Usually you have to be the better team to win a 7 game series, even if you start with a 2-0 advantage. And right now the Sharks are so much better its not even funny.

      And how is this happening? The problem with this Sharks team has always been depth. Well Havlat and Torres are both out. Scott Gomez has been great but without Torres and Havlat, I mean when they didnt have Havlat in the regular season, they lost a lot. They weren’t a championship calibre team. With him and Torres, maybe. I mean Chicago and Pittsburgh are better than everyone in theory but you know what I mean. Without those guys however, their depth should be suffering. That should be our edge. But with Sutter’s awful coaching, they are just decimating us.

      And didn’t I say DON’T PLAY FRASER ANYMORE before this game. And who takes the penalty that the Sharks scored their game winning goal from? Fraser. Why am I making better decisions from my computer than the head coach of the team is? It’s great. Now we’re fucked.

  8. And the scoring has dried up. Sutter has to do something about the scoring. Didnt the Kings have a line in the AHL that scored a shitton? Well bring that whole line up. How is that so complicated? Fraser is a wasted roster spot anyway. Bring up Vey, reunite the line, and give them 10-15 minutes a game. Now you have another whole line to give you some offense.

    • So first you blame Sutter by saying he has awful coaching, and your suggestion is to insert two additional AHLers into a very important game 5? Okay bro sounds like a really smart plan
      Thorton Burns Logan will carve them up !
      The playoffs are a completely different animal, just look at how poorly Muzzin is playing. This isn’t the regular season where you have more breathing room to tinker with the roster

  9. Sutter has a ridiculous 22-8 playoff record as the kings head coach…he isn’t the problem. Tremendous 3rd period by the boys. So close…greene will get better. Frazier needs to sit. Why is nolan in the doghouse? I fucking HATE any referee, offical, or umpire. I know they usually do good and its a tough job that requires you to make split second decisions…however, they fucking suck.

    • I’d say Nolan is in the doghouse because he has been pretty ineffective and isn’t playing to his size, and ironically enough, taking had penalties…

  10. I agree with you whole heartedly on that. But fuck, throw his big ass out there and tell him to fucking bring it. Clifford-richadrson-nolan on the 4th line…

    • I’m gonna reply to my own posy cause I’m still worked up on this game. Martinez is a left handed shot right? I like muzzin but amart is a good fit with greene. They have chemistry…

  11. I blame Sutter because there’s a reason we’re not scoring any goals, and I was complaining about it after game 3, if not before then, back when we still had a chance to take a 3-1 series lead, but Sutter did nothing about it.

    It’s very simple, and when everyone else reads this and sees it put this clearly, you will all agree too.

    Here it is:

    Having Colin Fraser on the 4th line renders it pretty much incapable of scoring, since it’s hard to score anyway in the NHL playoffs when you have three offensively capable players on a line. It’s basically impossible when you only have two guys on a line with offensive ability.

    So the 4th line just isn’t going to be an “offensive line” when Fraser is on it, or one you would expect to score. That’s one line down.

    Then we have our top line. All three players are injured, and they just don’t have the legs right now to score goals, especially against a big fast team.

    That’s two lines down that we can go into every game pretty much knowing they’re not going to score.

    That’s it. That’s how simple it is. We’re going into every game with only two of four lines capable of producing any offense, and even of those two, one is just two players, Richards and Carter, doing almost everything, not getting much help from their wingers, and the other has Trevor Lewis on it, who is basically Colin Fraser with a lot more speed. But he’s still not a skilled guy.

    How is all this Sutter’s fault? Because me, a dumb hockey fan, saw all this and pointed it out after game 3, that we were going to lose again if we left the lines the same and tried to win with only two lines capable of scoring, and Sutter did nothing.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how different the game would look, and how much better our offense would look, with a lineup like this:

    Nolan – Kopitar – Toffoli
    Williams – Richards – Carter
    Penner – Richardson – Brown
    King – Lewis – Clifford

    Kopitar would actually have two healthy players to work with, and the big body he’s desperately lacking right now on his line to help him on the cycle since Williams and Brown aren’t cutting it right now.

    Richards and Carter could produce even more with another skilled two-way guy in Williams.

    Brown would get easier minutes and help improve the third line.

    King Lewis and Clifford is a lot like the Simmonds – Richardson – Clifford line that dominated San Jose in 2011. It’s got a speedy center and two big physical wingers that can skate and cycle. I’m not saying these are all-stars, but it’s yet another line with size, cycle ability, and some skill on it that you can roll and that has a chance of scoring and creating zone time.

    With this lineup, and these lines, you go from two lines capable of scoring, and even those two with weaknesses like I described, to four lines all capable of scoring, plus giving the Richards/Carter line a better left wing.

    Why hasn’t Sutter tried any of this? He’s just sat by and let the Kings get outplayed four games in a row, making zero adjustments. What did he just think we’d keep stealing games even though we got outplayed?

    And what the fuck was he thinking taking Martinez out after game 2? We were up 2-0 in the series. We’d lost every game without Martinez in the lineup up to that point in the playoffs, won every game with him. Yes he makes mistakes and he’s soft but with a team like San Jose that hems you in the zone so much, same as with St Louis, his ability to just get the puck and skate it out of trouble all by himself with his fantastic skating meant everything. And you just don’t change a winning lineup like that. We were up 2-0 in the series, what if he’d played game 3? Maybe we keep winning. Nolan, too, while not as good as last year, is still Jordan Nolan and we need him.

    In what universe is Colin Fraser a better player than Jordan Nolan? How could any coach with eyes ever play Fraser over Nolan under any circumstances? That decision alone is enough to question what Daryl Sutter is smoking.

    Those are the biggest issues that need adjusting, the forward group, but the defense could use work too. Why not try Muzzin with Doughty? If it works you’ve solved a big problem (the problem being how Muzzin has been playing without Doughty), and you can slot Regehr further down the lineup, which is where he belongs anyway.

    It just boggles my mind that Sutter has let San Jose come all the way back to even the series without adjusting the lines or defense pairs at all. Todd Mclellan can barely go a game without doing it.

    • Relax dude. Don’t jump. It will be fine. Just win the home games. I like your 4th line but found your nolan on the 1st line perplexing…

      • Muzzin with dreeeeeeeeeew! Come on bro. Doughty with scuderi is money.

        • Doughty with Scuderi and moving Regehr with Voynov so there’s more size to go against Burns is something I also suggested. That still leaves Muzzin all alone struggling, which is why I suggested Muzzin with Doughty, because if that works, it pushes Regehr and Scuderi farther down the lineup where they belong. You could still put Regehr with Voynov, and then you get Scuderi on your third pairing which is a major improvement for the third pairing.

          The point is, we’ve all brought up a lot of great ideas, a lot of different ideas, and Sutter has tried none of them. That’s what Im getting it. It’s not about me or just my ideas. All of us have brought up great ideas to turn this thing around, and Sutter hasn’t tried any of them, and he keeps playing Colin Fraser which could cost us the series I say once again.

      • I had Penner on the first line on my other post. I explained in that one that these guys are all interchangeable. Penner, King, Williams, Nolan, Toffoli, Clifford should all be moving up and down the lineup according to who is going, and what combinations work.

        As for Nolan, he’s big and fast and has good hands. The first line is getting shut down right now because Brown and Williams in their diminished states aren’t holding up on the cycle. They’re getting knocked off the puck too easily. That’s why I think someone like Nolan would work with Kopitar, because Nolan will help Kopitar cycle, and that’s the goal right now, more puck possession and more zone time.

        So thats why I put Nolan there. But Im tied to any of those lines. It’s the overall lineup that matters, having your 12 most talented forwards in the lineup every night, no weak links with no speed and no hands like Fraser, and no keeping three injured players together. Separate, further down the lineup, Williams and Brown can still be pretty good players, and having two healthy linemates with each of them can help boost them. But all three together, on the top line, receiving the toughest matchups that the top line entails? It’s not working. All three are injured, all three don’t have their legs and are getting knocked off the puck really easy (well, except Kopitar, but relatively speaking), so they’re having an impossible time gaining the offensive zone and sustaining zone time.

        Basically, those are three of your best forwards, but right now, it’s not working with them together. So are you just going to go the whole series wasting three of your best forwards? It’s not working. They’re generating nothing. The Kings have basically played the first four games of the series without Brown, Kopi, and Williams. It’s a giant waste. If they’re useless together, find other spots for them where they can be of use, and in doing so get your best players back.

        I mean this whole series would turn if Brown, Kopi, and Williams all showed up at even 75%. So put Williams with Carter and Richards, see if that can’t get him going. Put some bigger, healthier bodies with Kopitar, see if that doesn’t help Kopitar’s cycle game. Put Brown on the third line (while still giving him powerplay time and 18+ minutes per game overall) with some healthier bodies with similar skill sets, see if that doesn’t get Brown going.

        And when you do all this, you might not just get Brown, Kopi, and Williams going, but you might make everyone else better, too. You might make Carter and Richards even better with Williams to work off of. You might make Nolan/Penner/King/Clifford/Toffoli, whoever it is, better by getting to work with Kopitar or Brown.

        See what I’m getting at? I think Im onto something here, but maybe not.

  12. Also any chance they can give Mitchell’s knee a pain injection and have him try to play? We may need him to win this series.

  13. Brown-kopi-williams
    Red dog-richarson-nolan
    Can toffoli play RW?


    Good night. Its late.

  14. Oh god, oh god, recognize we’ll take Thursday’s game outside of “the spank tank” and all will be well… There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home………….

  15. Listen, it’s US, versus the Sharks, the refs, apparently against anything above San Francisco (Sharts territory)… What else is new? Think of what we did last season. Think of what your cognizant state was in the 2010-11 season – did you think we’d escape the first round to take the cup? – No. Underdogs have shit blown into their face, and yes, we are still the underdog. We will take game 5, we will be re-energized, we will see the conference final. I have my game 6 ticket, and that will be it. Faith, my brothers, will always mar rhetoric. We are the mother fucking Kings – Stanley Cup champs and moreover contenders. We all know San Jose is a lesser team with a weinie fanbase. Believe as you did last year and you will feel more so rewarded summiting the next plateau.

    • Unfortunately we are not underdogs, just playing like underdogs. We seeded higher than these jerks and overall have the better team when we play properly.

  16. Sutters fucking with the lines too much. Getting too cute. Here’s what they should be:

    Brown – kopi – williams
    Penner! – richards – carter
    King – lewis – nolan
    Clifford – fraser – richardson

    Doughty – regeher
    Voynov – scuds
    Martinez – ellerby

    Lack of finishing on the 3rd but we need tenacity and forecheck from that line. Martinez over muzzin, well, because muzzins making bad choices right now, ellerbys playing decently. Toffoli doesn’t bring what we need on that 3rd line, although that was one hell of a read for his goal. With these lines, we have the best chance of beating sj. Oh, and greene is not 100% so he shouldn’t play at all.

  17. Unless they start getting more production from Brown the season will end with a thud. Brown was a real spark last year not only scoring goals, but creating turnovers with big hits. This year he really has been invisible for large chunks of the game (both at home and away).

  18. Not sure if you guys heard the practice report from yesterday but the lines were looking like this:


    How do you all like them apples!? Put some fire in their ass for tonights game. This series lies in our hands tonight.


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