I love Darryl Sutter. His line changes coupled with Matt Greene’s return brought balance.

The O D man with D D man pairing helped our D gel.

Putting Clifford on the top line maintained a power forward presence while captain Dustin Brown dropping down subtly told Brownie, “start playing your hard-hitting north to south game” and boy, did he ever, along with the rest of the team who interpreted each fish on the opposing team’s sweater as a bullseye.

Penner on the Carter and Richards line. Post season Cr, Rn, Pt…what do you mean, you don’t get it? Think numbers, configurations and properties.

A fourth line that has speed, skill and Colin Fraser. Not too shabby.

Tyler Toffoli turns me on. He is dangerous with the puck and not the Jake Muzzin, oh my God, phew, dangerous but the smooth skating, slick passing, sexy scoring type.

Speaking of sexy, Jonathan Quick…Surly and I are not worthy…I have written many unpublished folk songs about him, the most recent one titled, “Save, Save, Save” which is an adaptation of a certain song by the Byrds.

But most important in what was game five, Matt Greene. Thank the Hockey Gods for his ill-tempered, man crushing nature that clears Quick’s crease and restores order. The ability to pair he and Scuderi (two defensive defensemen of different design) on the PK shuts up and down opposing forwards. He is more than a presence. He’s a force that allows the forwards the freedom to be forwards, to attack and know if they forecheck with the F2 and F3, there is Greener behind them to batten down the blue line and the blue line will hold (a Bob Dylan inspired verse that makes perfect sense while partaking of particular herbs).



Now comes resolve.

The face mangling, teeth spitting, neck snapping type that sends San Jose players and fans to their resting place, where they shall have no peace and their blood stained tampons will forever remind them of what, for them, never was and shall never be.

The will to win and finish this on Sunday and not just because I cannot make it to game 7 due to circumstances so beyond my control that my only option of getting out of it is to set myself on fire and have Surly kidnap me from the hospital bed and carry me to my seat at Staples Center…I’m considering it.