Kings @ Sharks – Round 2 Game 6 – Up, Up and Away from San Jose

Game 6.

In San Jose.

Up 3-2.

Sounds like a good final score. “It’s a 3-2 league” says Sutter. Until it’s a 4-2 series.

The Sharks thought they had control of this series, having won two triumphant one goal victories on home ice, lost one game to an otherworldly Jonathan Quick performance and another to some jive hummer of a referee call or two. They thought they controlled the puck, the zones, the play. For a moment they did.

Their moment has passed.

From the 3rd period of game 4 through all three of game 5, the Kings have found their stride. Was it a line change? Penner with Carter-Richards; Brown to the third line. Perhaps. Was it an injection of testosterone? Matt Greene shrugs. Was it Anze Kopitar’s sudden memorial influx of all those times when he single-handedly controlled a forecheck like Alexander swathing over Persia? Joe Thornton, who had a really good period once (says his underwear) thinks so, but he’s too busy listening to TJ Galliardi and Logan Couture playing the Kevin Bieksa to their San Jose.

It’s a lot of things, but all that matters is it happened, and it’s here to stay.

The Kings have advanced thus far for three reasons: Sutter, Carter and most of all, Quick. A 0.5 could be attributed to Voynov, but up until the previous four periods the Kings had won 6 games purely because they know how to win and are built for the playoffs, otherwise known as the opposite of Bruce Boudreau’s Ducks. The Kings had not played to their potential as a team, and still they had given the Sharks all they could handle.

Now that has changed and ladies and gentlemen, Your Los Angeles Kings have gelled once more.

The Sharks will push, we shall shove. They will scratch, we will declaw. They dare press, we pull truth. Encroach and be hurt. Shoot and be stoned. Pinch and feel open wounds salted. Struggle and drown.

Home ice be damned, we are knocking out the Sharks this night.

That’s a sentiment worthy of a prayer.

Our Kings, yeah, the defending Cup Champs, those Kings, who art in San Jose for the last time this season (thank the hockey gods),
Hallowed be thy game tonight.
Thy Kingdom shall come as thy wills do get done,
On their ice, because teaching humility is kind of our thing.
Give us this night as many goals as Jonathan Quick needs, cause he makes the rules ’round here,
And forgive no Sharks their trespasses across that blue line, and just maybe we’ll forgive them for Logan Couture’s face.
And lead us past these smug schmuck Sharks, and deliver us to the Conference Finals.


Don’t just go fucking nuts.

Be a fucking nut.

And let’s win this damn game!




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18 replies

  1. Sometimes you feel like a nut. YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. is Sunday.
    Let’s Go Boys!!!
    You are the Defending Champs…show us your Game 5 Team and Play and You will Succeed.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. “Joe Thornton, who had a really good period once (says his underwear)”


    We will WRECK HAVOC at the aquarium tonight. GO KINGS GO!!

  4. This game is ours to win. The Kings are ready to show they are the better team.

  5. Tonight’s the night boys! Offense is going to kill it! Let’ go fishing boys! GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Well, looks like the wife gets a rage fuck instead of a victory fuck. Fucking terrible game.

  7. Pathetic effort. This team cannot win a fucking face off, Muzzin can’t shoot the puck without hitting a defenders legs. Lame lame lame !!!!!!!!
    Win on the fucking road !!

  8. We were a no show inthe Third..bummed!
    WWTC :(

  9. Well, tonight’s game sucked. I still have faith in the boys. My faith shall not be shaken. Go Kings go. Will get them in Game seven.

  10. Did Sutter seriously fucking scratch Toffoli after a win?

    What the fuck fuck fuckdffydfyfdhgfd is wrong with this shithead? Its like the Kings cant win a game or go on any type of roll without him changing the lineup for no reason.

  11. Don’t like Clifford on the 1st line, I get that Sutter loves him but that’s not a good fit, he’s not a top 6 player (Neither is/was King who spent WAY too much time on Richrds line, no finish)
    Why not put TT on the 1st line? He’s a natural RW and a shooter, put him with Kopi. But his post game presser Sutter liked the 3rd line so it seems he won’t change that line.
    I don’t get how this team is so Jekyll and Hyde, home and away. They beat themselves tonight, they lost rather than SJ won. Faceoffs?? pathetic. Esp on the PP…too much time lost when you lose those.
    And what a ratty tradeoff, that piece of scum Torres for Stoll
    I really miss Stoll out there.
    Would rather have Richards on the Point on the PP, he’s better there and will drive to the net on followups, Muzzin doesn’t and it hurt them tonight.
    Hopefully the same team we saw in game 5 will return again afte4r drinking the magic potion in the locker room that transforms them back into the beast.
    Go Kings…

  12. Nolan, King and Fraser haven’t done shit this playoff series, 6 games and no real fights!
    What the fuck?

  13. The offensive lines should be Brown, Kopitar and Williams, Toffoli, Richards and Carter, Penner, Lewis and Richardson, Clifford, Fraser and King!

    • Toffoli isn’t a LW and also is a shooter., like Carter so that’s not a good fit. Penner brings the size and muscle for balance on that line. TT will end up on the 1st line anyway, a top skilled RW shooter for Kopi. But if Sutter can either give him a baptism by fire on the 1st line in game 7 or play it safe and p;ut him on the 3rd line. But not the 2nd, not a good fit.

  14. I think Sutter should scratch Jeff Carter and Drew Doughty for game 7 too. They’ve played too well for us, simply put, and it’s messing with the karma of our team. I think they should move Colin Fraser to defense, give him the #1 dman spot replacing Doughty, and that should balance out everything, and get us the game 7 win by making us a less talented team.

    What? That doesn’t make sense to you reading this? Don’t you get it??? It’s Sutter logic! It’s not supposed to make sense!

    • Hell, I mean, does having three stomachs make sense and chewing your own vomit and digesting multiple times? Does that make sense? No! But it works on the farm!

      See? Sutter knows what he’s talking about! He comes from a farm! It’s the same with Colin Fraser. That’s where he learned to play hockey too, on the farm. That’s where he learned to skate, right in the farm mud, and now before every NHL game, he glues some of that mud to his skates to always remind himself where he came from, to keep his ego in check.


      I know what you’re thinking. Glue? Gluing mud? How do you glue mud? Well of course you’d ask that. YOU’RE NOT FROM THE FARM! YOU NEVER GOT TO LEARN TO THOSE IMPORTANT LIFE SKILLS, AND THAT’S WHY YOU’RE NOT IN THE NHL LIKE SUTTER AND FRASER! LOSER!

      You’re such a loser, I bet you even use a toilet. Conformist. I bet you don’t even realize, it wasn’t for rebels like Daryl Sutter doing their business outside, on the farm land, right into the mud, then the crops wouldn’t have any soil to eat, and none of us would have even food to eat, and we’d all starve, and then there wouldn’t be any hockey teams, and only then with no teams in existence in their way would the Sharks finally win a Stanley Cup!

      Do you really want to live in that world people? Do you really? That’s what I thought. So maybe everyone should just shut the fuck up and leave Sutter be to keep pooping in the mud so that Colin Fraser can glue it to his skates (that’s the farm secret to it, by the way. The glue only sticks to the mud if there’s a high enough stool quotient in it. But you city slicking planet starving losers wouldn’t know anything about that) and run our powerplay from the back end while Drew Doughty and Tyler Toffoli sit out game 7 so that Doughty can also teach Toffoli the position of defense so that Toffoli can eventually switch to the back end and take Matt Greene’s roll. And before you even say it, I don’t want to fucking hear about how changing Toffoli into a defensive defenseman would be a waste of his skill set. None of you live on a farm and none of you poop in the mud through your three stomachs and three assholes (cows have three assholes right?), so shut the fuck up, you don’t know what you’re talking about. IN SUTTER WE TRUST

  15. I must admit, I’m having a touch of anxiety thinking about tomorrow. I have a feeling my production level at work will be close to zero. I think I’ll work half day and start drinking early…No, I can’t do that, then I get too emotional. If I watch sober, I’m hit with panic attacks. Fuck! Smoke, anyone? Is this really what I’m thinking about right now?

    Anyhow, Happy Memorial day to all


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