Satisfaction. “I can’t get no…” When your hockey team is the defending Stanley Cup Champion, victories like this bring the screams and smiles but it’s not enough anymore. Watching Dustin Brown lift The Cup last season, forever etched in my mind, was a trip to the moon. Once you’ve been to the moon, only the moon will do.

Did I go nuts?

I wasn’t there.

I watched the first period on TV.

I listed to the second period standing outside a local high school waiting for the daddy-daughter dance to start. Tuned into I-Heart radio, headphones in my ears, coincidentally another dad right next to me also tuned into the game, we jumped, yelled, lost our minds at each Justin Williams goal and then refocused.

I thought about Surly and my other friend I sent in my stead to sit next to him. I hoped they were raising the roof. I knew they were…

Dance over, I ran (literally ran) off the stage, to the parking lot, car, tuned back into the game and raced home.

I walked in and Jonathan Quick made the save on Pavelski…yes, THAT save. I nearly fell to my knees.

What did you do in that exact moment? Do you remember?

Justin Williams is a big game player.

Dustin Penner is at his best during the big games.

Jonathan Quick is a marvel, nothing short of the franchise. If he can make a career out of what we have seen from him the past two seasons, he will be far beyond the greatest goaltender to wear a Kings sweater. But what may be many years from now isn’t today. What is…the L.A. Kings are going to the Western Conference Finals and we’ll face either the Detroit Red Wings or the Chicago Blackhawks.

I am excited…but nothing less than another Cup for L.A. will do.