Kings Eliminate Sharks. Enjoy It and Know That Our Best Game Is Ahead…

Satisfaction. “I can’t get no…” When your hockey team is the defending Stanley Cup Champion, victories like this bring the screams and smiles but it’s not enough anymore. Watching Dustin Brown lift The Cup last season, forever etched in my mind, was a trip to the moon. Once you’ve been to the moon, only the moon will do.

Did I go nuts?

I wasn’t there.

I watched the first period on TV.

I listed to the second period standing outside a local high school waiting for the daddy-daughter dance to start. Tuned into I-Heart radio, headphones in my ears, coincidentally another dad right next to me also tuned into the game, we jumped, yelled, lost our minds at each Justin Williams goal and then refocused.

I thought about Surly and my other friend I sent in my stead to sit next to him. I hoped they were raising the roof. I knew they were…

Dance over, I ran (literally ran) off the stage, to the parking lot, car, tuned back into the game and raced home.

I walked in and Jonathan Quick made the save on Pavelski…yes, THAT save. I nearly fell to my knees.

What did you do in that exact moment? Do you remember?

Justin Williams is a big game player.

Dustin Penner is at his best during the big games.

Jonathan Quick is a marvel, nothing short of the franchise. If he can make a career out of what we have seen from him the past two seasons, he will be far beyond the greatest goaltender to wear a Kings sweater. But what may be many years from now isn’t today. What is…the L.A. Kings are going to the Western Conference Finals and we’ll face either the Detroit Red Wings or the Chicago Blackhawks.

I am excited…but nothing less than another Cup for L.A. will do.


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  1. I was arguing earlier in the season with some dummies at another site about how Bernier couldnt hold Quick’s jockstrap despite the fact that he was having a bad stretch. They were ready to declare Bernie the #1. The guy is a fucking Conn Smythe winner I reminded them. We have watched Quick get better every year since he came into the league. Even his first year he was putting up respectable numbers and you could see that he had all of the tools to be very good. A lot of goalies will grow in spurts or have a great year then a shit one but Quick has been consistently getting better and better (save the post surgery this year). He is one of the most reliable goaltenders I have ever seen. The guy is a fucking badass and will go down as one of the greats to play the game. And how fucking sweet is it that 32 will be hanging from the rafters when Im an old man. Home grown!!!! Love that guy

    Now lets pray for Detroit to win.

  2. Cut that whole series way too close for comfort, including game 7. Dont like how Sutter coached the whole series, including keeping Williams with Kopitar all series when he looked injured.

    It appears Williams healed up just in time to make the decision to keep him on the top line the right one for this game, which was enough to win the series, but for the first six games I didn’t like that decision and about 100 others. I really hope Sutter uses Toffoli correctly next series as we may need him.

    • Jesus dude, you are so full of shit. Williams wasn’t injured and then miraculously got healthy. Sutter knows what the fuck he is doing, after all he was our coach last year when WE WON THE FUCKING CUP! Stop fucking pretending like you know one one-millionth of what he does. It is one thing to second guess moves, it is another to pretend that you have a god damn clue what is going on in the locker and trainers room. I swear the way you talk, you would prefer to have Terry Murray back, or have us lose just so you can talk about how “right” you are and how much more you know than Sutter.

      • Right!?!

      • Justin Williams had 2 goals all series. Maybe we don’t even need a game 7 if Sutter gets more out of him before the last game.

        And yes, people do heal over time. Look at TJ Galiardi for god’s sake. Awful for most of the year, then towards the end, he’s got his speed back, got his strength back protecting the puck. Did he just finally get back in shape after his injury two years ago? Was he nursing something else that finally healed? Probably some combination of both.

        And yes, Justin Williams looked better to me in game 7 before he even scored. You could see his jump was back and his ability to protect the puck without getting knocked over was back slightly. Kopitar and Brown also looked injured all series, although Kopitar still was huge for us just taking up that #1 center spot and playing good defense in tough matchups if nothing else, and Brown played better once they got him some healthier linemates and easier competition down the lineup, just like I said.

        But hey, Sutter got one good game and six bad ones from Williams doing the opposite of what I said, as well as four bad ones out of Brown doing the opposite of what I said, and three good ones once he did what I said. The top line’s best games also came after Sutter did what I said (moving one of the big cycle guys, Clifford, Nolan, King, or Penner, up to the top line in place of Brown or Williams). But yeah, I’m so full of shit!

  3. Sutter has a 24-9 playoff record with the kings…

  4. What did I do when Quick make that save? Leap in the air and just marvel at another game saving save! I was in Section 315 way up top with my 7 year old boy and we were going nuts! Way too many fricken sharks fans up there though man. Fricken infestation! And they all seemed to be in little groups of 4 or 5…. LOSERS waving their little sanitary napkin-ish “beat LA” towelettes….. Best Part was seeing my son after the game yelling at every puke colored jesey….”HEY SHARKS FAN……! YOU SUUUCK!!!” GO KINGS GO!!

  5. The team looks good right now. Quick is even better than he was last year and with Greene back in the lineup I’d say out of the five teams remaining we have the best defense. As for our offense, with Stoll out of the lineup I feel we need to do some line shuffling.

    Clifford – Kopi – Williams
    Penner – Richards – Tofolli
    King – Carter – Brown
    Richardson – Fraser – Nolan

    That is the key to victory.

    • You Do NOT take Lewie out!
      Man has speed plus..actually had some decent passes last night..hitying the net..well once in a Full moon he does and the flippin puck goes in :)
      Plus he is great on the PK
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • I agree. Lewis impressed me. I bagged on him earlier in the series, saying Toffoli and maybe even Richardson should be getting more ice time than him (as well as the big cycle guys), because Lewis just loses so much of his potential value due to his sub-NHL level hands. However, he really started to play with jump, especially later in the series. Still think Toffoli should have gotten a ton more ice time, as the dude actually has hands and his speed aint bad either, but Lewis really played well as the series went on. He reminds me of Jeff Carter, just with no hands and no shot. God if he could just learn those two hands haha, he’d be a top line forward.

    • Separating Richards and Carter won’t happen, they are better together than they are apart. They have been the most consistent forward pair thru 2 series, great chemistry. if Carter would just start banking those passes Richards sends him on breakaways with.
      And Stoll is the 3rd line center and should return during (early ) in this series. He has already skated with the team w/o a no contact jersey and the next step is practicing with contact. In the meantime, Lewis is dong fine there. Clifford doesn’t belong on the 1st line, he is not a top 6 player and doesn’t have that finish, he’s better on the bottom 6. Sutter already put Brown back up on the 1st. The lines are fine and neither the Wings or Hawks will present the forecheck ,speed or aggression that the Sharks and Blues did. The goals will come.

  6. living room..saving $$ for FF..1/25 game..I am ik with that..nice TV..HD..
    could n down Entire Game!! wore path on woid floor/ rug…how many miles did I log..should have put on pedometer…
    Pavelski attempt…heart clinch…wad pretty nausous throughout third.. nerves of pudding…
    Longest Third Period I can ever Remember…
    Got It Done!!!!! next. who do we want..I just am not sure…afraid to not want to jinx :)
    GO KNGS GO!!!

    • I was a nervous damn reck, yesterday. I can’t remember the last time I had that much anxiety over a sporting event. Holy smokes I’m glad game seven is done with. Forget the boys, I’m not sure I’m ready for the next series. I need a few days of recovery! :)

      • that was the Worst no spell check..sorry all..any day now for new phone..will be better ..Swear!!!
        recap..was ‘ok’ being at house
        couldn’t ‘sit’ down
        ‘wood’ floors
        ‘was’ pretty nauseous
        where the hell is the delete your comments and
        do over…ahhhh
        GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Hey Hawk Fans!! YOU SUCK!!! Bring it on Toews, Hossa, Kane, Sharp! And Crawford you have NOTHING on Quick. Although I do still have a soft spot for ZUUUUS (handzus). GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. At first I was apprehensive about going through Chicago, but after thinking about it I love the fact that we are going through the best to prove we are the best. Go Kings Go!!! Jonathan Quick and our depth and defense will ultimately be the difference. I am proud of this Kings team, and this championship will prove to be the best yet due to all the shuffling and the use of depth. GO KINGS GO!!!!!!

    • Also, I miss having Doug Weight as an analyst this season. I don’t remember another analyst who was as anamorate and appreciative of watching Kopitar’s game as he was.


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