Surly and Scribe Podcast Show – I’ll Take a Chicago Style Hotdog With a Side of Go Fuck Yourself

Surly, Timmy Love and I talk about beating San Jose, Muzzin v. Martinez, how we match up against the Blackhawks, love for Trevor Lewis, Timmy’s trained cricket throughout the whole fucking show, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower…and we answer reader questions. Forgive the few technical difficulties. We’re raw around here.

Oh and below is Timmy Love…doodling during the podcast. Is that a doodle of Saturn at the top?

Timmy Love Doodles

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  2. Hell yeah. Free Alec Martinez. Scratch Muzzin. Hallelujiah Greene!!!

  3. Gotta love the Regehr re-signing too today. $3mill per, good work Lombardi!

    • I personally like the signing. I feel he fits in quite nicely. 3 mil a year is a perfect sum, as well. Good for everybody.

      Mitchell went out a Champion. You can’t ask for more than that at his (sports) age.

  4. Alec Martinez should definitely be gettin more ice…I like the Muzz – he’s got a hard shot and he hits…but his puck handling is just too wobbly and most of his shots get blocked…other than that Coach Sutter’s decisions are just fine with me…and yeah Chicago has the deeper offense on paper but that dog don’t hunt on paper!!! We’re bigger and we ADAPT…and we got The Quick….time to open up a BIG ol can of whup ass!! at the United Center gentlemen..

  5. Great to see the playoff podcast back. They rock. Well done. Also, no shock that RR got a contract, given Michell is likely done and perhaps insurance because Scuds wants more $$ than the Kings can offer. With the amount of other players to sign, I’m guessing they wanted less than 4 and he wants more . Also good to read (no shock, we all know DL will lock ujp Slava) this from DL today (from the LA Kings Insider article)
    “You’ve got to be careful at times getting too bogged down so the player can focus on playing right now,” Lombardi said in March in regards to Voynov’s contract negotiations. “But it’s safe to say I wouldn’t anticipate going to July 1st on this.”

    Note to Tim regarding his wondering what happened to Mike Richards mid season . That appeared to be whatever injury he suffered Mar 10 when he got the violent blindside hit (Ishould have been a penalty ) at mid ice vs Calgary. Brutal. He skated off with his right arm low and missed practice, and that’s when TT got called up . He wasn’t the same for over 3 weeks and then rebounded toward the end of the year. You keep Carter there and put a proper top 6 LW with him next year and you’ll get full production.
    And his playoff nickname should be Cash, because he’s money in the playoffs, always had been. thru the San Jose series 75 points in 95 playoff games and 55 in his last 68 and that’s only 1 part of what he brings.
    And you better belive that demon in him will come out vs the Hawks. He blamed himself (post game video ;/interview with Elliot Friedman) for losing the Cup. Because he felt he didn’t do enough vs the Hawks. I kinda hope he does go against Toewes (who has been struggling so far, not impressed with his playoffs for the most part) , so he can irritate the shit out of him and frustrate him lke Zetterberg did. He’s got that power, like he got Burrows and Kessler unglued.
    Kings have 599 hits thru the playoffs , Hawks 239. That is why the Kings will win. Hawks forwards, for the most part, are not physica And having Handzus as your 2nd line center isn’t a good match to Kopi or Richards.
    Carter had far too many breakaways that he didn’t cash in on (2 in game 7) and he’ll brea k out
    I’d love to see a huge game from him Sat, put up a hattie, rock the Hawks.

    • Deirdre, I love and agree with almost every player evaluation you’ve had over that last string of months. You are one of the few that see things the way they are and don’t let the rose colored glasses get in the way. I much appreciate that.

      Question for you. What do you think of Ryder? The Canadians say they have no plans for him in their future. I’m thinking he’d be a great fit for our top line at 3.5-4 mil a year. Let Kopitar be the play-maker (because obviously he doesn’t want to be the scorer), while Williams does his thing (mr. everything), and have Ryder be the sniper. In this scenario, Brown would play the left side on Richards line. Looks good on paper to me

      • I lke Ryder and his numbers are decent (31 G, 63 pts career average) decent defensivley and he’s a good size. But the King don’t need another RW, as I feel Toffoli being a natural RW and a shooter will be a the perfect fit for Kopi’s line. Brown will slot at LW and I’d put Williams n Richards lin LW, Willams has miuch better chemistry w/Richards than Brown. I’d put Pearson on the 3rd line LW with Stoll and Lewis. That’s a good top 9.
        And don’t forget that DL has a lot of contracts to reup and may be limited to what he can spend on bringing in a player. It looks like there is a gap between what Scuds wants and what the Kings can afford, so if that is thecase, they might trade him and that’s some money coming back. If that happens,and Penner goes, there is enough to get an LW back for the second line perhaps.
        I keep reading (in various places) that DL has a deal almost done with an ‘unidentified” Eastern Conf team for Bernier and a top 6 LW is part of the return. And there are a few EC teams that need a goalie , so that is posisble.
        I would love for the FLyers to be that team and their LW for the last 2 years. Matt Read , come back as part of the return. He’s my fav. Flyer, positionally sound on both sides of the puck , confident in all 3 zones, very smart player, rarely makes a mistake with tjhe puck , great hands and fast, very fast. one ofthe few flyers this year who played well. The Flyers need a D and a goalie (I’m not a Mason fan and I’m not sold on him as a starter) . Luongo and Miller will be available, so it depends o the asking price. if miller goes, Buffalo will need a goalie, the ISles need one and the Panthers do. The Devils should since Broduer will have to step down eventually.
        So yes, I like Ryder but I can’t see him as a fit here , I’d rather bring TT up and shift Williams down.
        But we’ll see…should be an interesting off season, and there will be some players who are bought out by their teams that might be available as well

        • Thanks for the response. I thought Ryder played both wings, but if the right wing is his strong side, then I agree, we have no use for him. Shoot, I really thought he played the left side. :(

          I’ve only seen Read play a couple times so I’m not too familiar with him, but I’ve read nothing but good things about him. He would be a nice pick-up.

          I’m old school in the fact of not putting youngsters on the top line until their entire game is up to par. It’s one of the things I love about (and others don’t) Sutter. Sure TT is incredibly gifted offensively, but can he maintain all his responsibilities an entire year with the pressure of knowing he has to be the main goal scorer.? It’s a lot too ask of a young man who has only a handful of games. I’d rather he gain experience playing on the 3rd line, and eventually take over for Williams after his contract expires in two years. In my mind all we need is a player like Ryder at a price range of 3-4 million on the left side of Kopitar’s line to have a complete team.

          • You could be right about Ryder, that he plays both sides, I am familiar with him RW. And I understand the rationale of working a player in, but TT is top 6 player and keeping him for 2 more years on the 3rd line doesn’t help him grow. And Sutter isn’t shy about putting young players in the fire, as he did last year with Voynov and this year with Muzzin. But, then again, if they get a top 6 LW thru ttrade, then I guess TT does stay on the 3rd line , a lot to think about.
            Ryder’s age is the other concern, he’s going on 34 next year. If we’re getting a LW, I’d rather him being under 30.

  6. Have you guys ever thought about calling a game on a podcast? It would fucking ROCK to watch the recorded game later and hear your comments as it plays… We all know you’d do better than NBC. Hell, Betty White would do better than NBC.

  7. Chicago might have more top end offense but i think we’re deeper through and through and have way more character. We’ll win this series.

  8. Who is their 2nd line center?

    Unbelievably, it actually is Handzus right now, the way they are slotting him. They have him with Hossa and Sharp. He’s also getting the second most minutes of their centers I believe. So he’s their 2nd line center. Might be the reason they lose, too. If they played Kruger and Bolland more and gave Handzus less than 10 minutes like he deserves, they might have a better chance.

  9. And I think you’re discounting the fan impact. For two teams like SJ and LA that rely on their heavy forechecks, and being aggressive, the adrenaline from the fans has a big impact to my eye. You see each team forecheck much better at home when the fans are cheering for them and the adrenaline is really going, and it gets one team playing their best and most aggressive, no hesitation, and it gets the other team on their heels, hesitating, playing almost scared in part because of the roaring crowd that’s against them.

    • At the same time, having a crowd roaring against you can be highly energizing for a visiting team. The crowd makes some impact, but really, the crowd is usually reacting to the play, not the other way around.

      • I’ve always felt the “home crowd” advantage was hyperbole. The home team gets the advantage on line changes and faceoffs, which directly impact so much more of the game. The matchups you get to control by having the final line change after a dead puck helps a lot in impacting that forecheck (much more than incoherant fans yelling, in my opinion).

  10. Scouting report on Nick Leddy:

    He’s good. Best skating defenseman in the NHL I think. Literally. I mean it’s he or Duncan Keith. But that’s how good at skating he is. Last year, despite his skating, he was a liability because he couldn’t take checks well, and he was still a prospect, undeveloped physically.

    This year he’s put on some muscle, got even better at skating, and he’s a one man defensive zone exit. His skating and powerful stride are out of this world good. You guys will have your eyebrows raised if you’ve never seen him before. He might also be Chicago’s best powerplay quarterback, with an above average shot, except Keith gets all the 1st powerplay time even though Keith actually kind of sucks on the powerplay (great 5 on 5 though).

    But Keith and Seabrook are both #1 calibre defenseman, a great top 2. Hjalmarsson has really returned to form, and some Hawks fans say he’s been their best defenseman this year. He’s a good #3 at the least, physical, skates well again now, just seems to be back at top fitness like he was before. Also makes great decisions. Great two-way defenseman, like a Vlasic with more physicality, more power, slightly better hands (though not a dangler at all), and moderately better offensively (but not an offensive dman). Oduya is probably their softest dman, and if you can catch him he will cough it up. But he’s also a fantastic skater, just short of the Leddy and Keith level. Rozsival is their last guy, and for me he’s their weak link. He’s really taken a step back since last year, and he looks out of place at times next to all the fast skating dmen Chicago has. I’ve never liked Brookbank’s game because he makes so many stupid mistakes and he just sucks, but I actually think Chicago has been better this year with him in the lineup rather than Rozsival, and I never would have said that last year. Brookbank still sucks in a lot of ways, but he’s pretty fast for a dman, good skater, and has decent hands, and I think he just fits much better with Chicago’s fast defensive unit and with the fast Nick Leddy, that the tradeoff of getting a few more dumb mistakes from Brookbank than Roszival but you also get much more speed and transition skill is better for the Blackhawks.

    Overall, the Blackhawks have the best puck moving defense in the NHL, easily, it’s not even close. But they can be soft and vulnerable to the forecheck at times, and that’s where the Kings are as well built to exploit Chicago as any team. But overall, I love Chicago’s defense, big fan of it. Nick Leddy, if he keeps developing, could be a star. The way he takes one stride and he’s moving literally twice as fast as almost everyone else on the ice is amazing. It’s Jeff Carter-esque but on defense. So their defense is great. I think Chicago’s weakness is more Michal Handzus as a second line center, Bolland not in form right now at all, plus Handzus is taking his and Kruger’s ice time, both of whom are better players than him. I also think if Carcillo gets played over Stalberg, we’re dodging a huge bullet because that’s an even bigger loss for them than Torres was to the Sharks. Stalberg is a really good player, huge and fast with a great shot, and Carcillo is worthless. They would essentially be trading a top 6 forward for a 4th line forward. Made that mistake early against Detroit I think and it almost cost them. Hopefully they’ll make it again.

    But that’s Chicago’s weakness. They’re a small team overall, weakness #1, they’re not very physical and don’t always respond well to physical teams, weakness #2, Michal Handzus is their second line center, taking ice time away from much better players who they were the best team in the NHL earlier in year with in Dave Bolland and Marcus Kruger, weakness #3, and Corey Crawford has been a soft goals machine in the past, weakness #4.

    You were also asking what Crawford’s style or his weaknesses are. To my eye, here’s Crawford’s scouting report. He’s closer to Quick’s size than Niemi, except he doesn’t always play aggressive and in good position like Quick. Crawford’s biggest weakness for me is deflections. Because he gets caught deep in his net too much sometimes, he’s reliant completely on his reflexes for any puck that’s not aimed at his chest. He’s always sticking out his glove to make those saves, and if there’s any chance of direction in front of him of the puck, there’s a lot of room for the puck to go in because he doesn’t cut off enough of the net because he’s caught too deep in his crease.

    He’s also awkward at times. Pretty good legs but not elite, sometimes out of position there. Same with glove and blocker, just not elite. I didn’t watch him as much this year so whatever improvements he’s made, I’m probably giving the scouting report on bad Crawford more than on good Crawford, although i’ve seen for a fact that his #1 weakness, his weakness on deflections, is still there to be exploited. If I were the Kings I’d try a lot of deflections. Other than that, from what I’ve seen of him at least in the past, I don’t think he’s an elite goaltender, so the fact he has great numbers I think goes back to the praise for Chicago’s defense and their puck possession as a team. Their defense is very good, and more mobile than any other, so they can cut off angles and keep scoring chances to the outside very well. That’s probably more to do with Crawford’s great numbers than anything.

  11. By the way, Stalberg and Bickell are both UFAs. San Jose has Stalberg’s younger brother, and Im worried they might try to get him. We cant let that happen. I think we should be going for both these guys in the offseason (unless we get someone even better). Both of these guys could be Dwight King but better on our second line. I mean Bickell is the more physical one with better hands, Stalberg is faster, bigger, with a longer reach. But both would be great additions.

    • We have another 8 wins until we think about the offseason; yes I am aware of the Regher signing, resigning your own and the draft are the only exceptions; meanwhile Chicago only has 4 losses. Let the Blackhawks worry about their offseason plan, we are worried about our next 8 wins!


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