Love Me Now, Regehr Me Later & Fun With Hawk Fans

I suppose Robyn Regehr’s two-year, $6 million extensions deserves some words. So there ya go, 12 words AND a hyphen. This only matters for next season and by policy, we don’t discuss next year until this year is done. First impression; like it.


In anticipation of the Conference Finals, Miss Eyes took it upon herself to start harassing Hawk fans on twitter. She ended up engaging in a more thorough discussion for the Hawks blog “The Decadent Moose“. Somewhere along the way some inappropriate emails ended up in my inbox and the following little piece was born.

I will only post a part here, give the Hawks boys some traffic love.

Dave Waite

A few things:
Wow, poor Kaner getting no love. The thing about Pattycakes is that he comes up big in the biggest games…and on his trips to Madison, Wisconsin. Will be interesting to see if the Kings can blanket him without a defensive presence like Datsyuk or Zetterberg on their bench. If the Kings can’t, expect Kaner to score at will, just like he will with Kings’ puckbunnies at Hyde.
Dad smack? Awesome.
But can Quickie’s back keep holding up? I heard earlier in the year that he couldn’t even sit on plane flights…he had to lie on the floor just to get comfortable.
Speaking of Disney actors, I skate with Ross Lynch from R5 and Austin & Ally fame. He’s currently looking for a girlfriend after a big tour so let me know if you are looking for a dating hookup. You too Kelsey.
I love to name-drop.
What’s the over/under on how many penalties Greene the Queen gets in this series? He puts the cave in caveman.

Surly Jacob

No defensive presence like Datsyuk or Zetterberg? I had no idea Blackhawk fans suffered from East Coast myopia. Anze Kopitar is every bit the defensive player that either of Detroit’s golfers are. Not to mention Mike Richards and the highly underrated defensive game of Jeff Carter, who can also match Kane stride for stride. But what “Pattycakes” needs to worry about most is Matt Greene. While Kane has enough speed to blow past Greene, there is a Chicago powerplay on the horizon where Kane decides to get a little too cute in front of the net and at that point, he can only hope his infantile spine can withstand the shock it will receive when Greene The Destroyer treats the ice like an opposing wrestler and Kane like the chair he smacks it with.</

We hope to keep this smack talking jive running throughout the series, so look for more to go up on the Decadent Moose throughout the week, preferably with lots of hedging and excuse-making from Dave and Will.

There was going to be a series preview, but guess what, there isn't. Listen to the podcast for Bobby's, Timmy's and my take.

Finally, I have some information to share on a Kings sponsored blood drive put together by the Tannerhead Nation (the picture of the handsome dude on the right bar of the site). I'll pass along details soon, but start loading up on chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. Some decent, high cholesterol-having Ditka lovers – good stuff. Glad to be back in the presence of a respectable fan base…


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