Kings @ Hawks – Round 3 Game 1 – Conference Finals!

Man, I’m having to write a lot of these things.

That’s pretty cool.

Two years ago I would have been over the moon to just be in the Conference Finals. I wouldn’t have expected to even win a game. Just making it that far would have been joy enough.

I’m not that same fan. That fan is still floating around, somewhere in my gallbladder most likely, and he is flabbergasted. Two years in a row we make it to the Western Conference Finals. “Holy hell!” He tells me, “Isn’t this just like Christmas?”

“No, you innocent fool'” I say. “We’re Jewish, remember? And Christmas is for red and green things. I want the silver thing.”


“Isn’t that what Jonathan Toews’ beard is made of?”

That fan keeps me in check and makes sure that I am going to enjoy every sweet second of hockey left to play. But the guy that watched the Kings win a Cup sees only an obstacle. He sees swarms of Blackhawks jersey and imagines all the yummy bruises the Kings can give the players wearing those jerseys. He wonders what their red blood will look like staining their red jerseys.

This is going to be a fun series.

Brown vs Toews

Carter vs. Kane

Doughty and Keith

Jonathan Quick

The other guys’ name doesn’t belong in the same sentence.

Will this be a series of superstars or will the tale of role players unfold?

I have no analysis to start, only an eagerness to see what happens. But I did just get the distinct feeling that King and Lewis are going to have a monster series.

You know what to do. Pray with me.

Our Kings, Holy Hockey Puck, Hockey gods. Check out these Kings, who art in the Conference Finals once more,
And how hallowed is thy game.
Thy Kingdom rises up, with will it will come,
On Chicago’s ice, as it has been on ours.
Give us this day our daily goals, and forgive us our previous road woes,
As we forgive the Hawks for the hurt they force us to inflict upon them.
And lead our defense strong, our shots swift, and deliver us a win.

2pm on a Saturday is a bogus time for a game.

But it’s the perfect time for a win.

It’s always time for Kings playoff hockey.

Now go, grab a beer, a while you’re at it, go nuts.



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  1. Lets bring it Kings, pound them often and early so that there’s nothing left of the Hawks by the end of this series except a Kings win. Go Kings!

  2. Got to play some old fashion smash mouth to take the hawks. Hit em boys hit em!

  3. I’m relatively calm today! Time to sip my first beer. Hey, you know what I need? Some of those bad-ass videos that a fellow fan posted here last year. Has he done any new ones for this years run to the cup? If not, why? Those videos pumped me up something fierce. I need to find some of the old ones.

  4. Cheers All!
    We are With you Boys!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. AMEN!!!! I am eager to see some Greene barreling into Kane and Sharp like a derailing steam engine! This is going to be one bad ass series. GO KINGS GO!

  6. Unfortunately, went as expected. 3 goal game we’d lose.

    Hope Richards is ok.

    • Sad that no one showed up to play. Lewis was probably the best player on the ice. None of the big guys showed up.

      Again we are being outplayed, like we have this whole playoffs. If they continue to play poorly, it will catch up with them.

      Piss poor D can’t get the puck out of our zone cleanly on a regular basis, our top 6 looking like Richards did on the Bolland hit all game. Still have Muzzin out there for who the fuck knows why.

      AMart and TT in the lineup, Muzzin and whoever the fuck you want out, out. And as I said above, may need someone else for jelly brain Richards, he didn’t look good coming off the ice.

  7. Maybe quick can score too and they can get rid of the rest of the team…

  8. Attention LA Kings Players:
    Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals was at 2 pm PST today!!!
    Thanks for shitting away game one!!!
    Once again Quickie stood on his head and kept us in the fucking game!
    Kopi, Brownie, Carts and Richie don’t pickup your checks you didn’t earn them!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fuck, fuck and fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The two goals allowed where because you got out-worked, out-classed and even out-hit!

    • Doughty’s back to his old shit tricks… Good to see Stoll back in, though – before the second half we we owned the faceoff circle… Brown had a good game too, some takeaways and the scoring chance before he got tripped up. Looks like we need to work on our short passes, lost count of how many were intercepted. Fuck, I was feeling good for half of that game…

  9. We could have won this game. I feel the kings possessed the puck more. The bounces weren’t going our way… Last years run really spolied us.

    We will win this series !!

  10. Shots- LA-22 Chicago-36
    Hits- LA-44 Chicago-38
    Takeaways- LA-6 Chicago-18

    Outworked, outworked, outworked!!!!!!!

  11. Sit Muzzin and put in Martinez!

  12. Could have used Toffoli today. Could have used Toffoli bad.

    Don’t know what the fuck Sutter keeps smoking. Quick bailed his stupid decisions out against San Jose, and now this. When we he learn? He even gets Stoll back, so we have plenty of centers, and he still fucking plays Fraser. Stupid!

  13. Surely, would love to hear your technical breakdown of the game. Hawks stretch passes were killing us as I feared and their speed and passing is deadly. Also we can’t just dump the puck on them, they get it right back out. This is exactly the way I thought this series would go. We need major adjustments to the attack. 3rd period was better getting it off the wall to forward coming into the slot

    • Did my best to watch game while working..
      penalties.. really.. when will knock that shit off???
      We finally get a PP and it gets olayed like a 5 on 5..and exactly what Kingfish said..this bs of one or two passes out of our D then skate over blue line, dump behind the net..for their D to retrieve and start right back down the ice..maybe we had to do vs. the heavy Blues and Sharks..but not about skating it in and Shooting the Mother Sutter Puck!
      They have scouted us..seen what we have done for 13 games.. better change it up..geez.
      And tomorrow our Hollywood Boys will get their pre game naps…I do Love them, but We need to at least show up and play to our ability.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Haha yeah shit typo. And actually I meant for scribe to do a post mortem. It’s because your name is always on my mind and in my heart


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