Kings @ Blackhawks – Round 3 Game 2 – Better, Please

Hey you.

Yeah you, hockey gods.

Look, I know it’s not your fault that some Kings skaters didn’t really feel like skating yesterday. You’re only hockey gods, not like, effort gods; Christian Scientists have those dudes on lockdown. So I’m not asking for you to make Kopitar dangle or Brown skate harder or Carter find some open room or Doughty play like less of a shit that’s been dipped.

I would like to ask for a bounce or two. If you have it in your hearts to give the puck a little blow flat when it’s rolling on Carter’s stick, make a pass settle on the ice a touch more quickly or even just ease it under Patrick Sharp’s skate so he steps on it instead of shoots it, I know all the other Kings fans and myself would be mighty grateful.

You’ve done so much for us, as you have for the Hawks in the past. But come on, Chicago got that Ditka SNL sketch, and that should really be enough to tide them over for another decade or three. Meanwhile, Justin Beiber showed up at a Kings game, so I think you’ve got a little making up to do on our part. Not trying to tell you how to do your job, we reserve that for coaches, but I’m just sayin’, come on.

Come on.

Come on Kings.

You can beat these guys. These smarmy, entitled, punk fools.

So let’s do it, yeah? For me, for the fans, for the hockey gods that have treated us all so well.

Let’s kill these jerks.

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  1. Sutter from this afternoon’s media scrum Richards is fine and the incident is a non issue. Didn’t answer question about lineup changes saying the team didn’t practice, only watched videos
    Both Stoll and Penner said the team is well aware of the opportunity they need to capitalize on tonight.
    Sutter zinger of the day:
    To end presser, Sutter said he’s wearing his Hockey Night in Canada tie (colors are HNIC colors). TSN guy says, ‘the game is on TSN.’
    Sutter says, ‘that’s why I wore my Hockey Night in Canada tie. I’m old school.” One for Sutter!

    The fact they played maybe their worst game in 2 years and still lost 2-1 with the Hawks (from some post game fan and media comments) played their most complete game in quite some time, is a good thing for the Kings. I think the fact they watched how badly they played and were made to see the mistakes, esp trying to match the Hawks speed, they’ll keep it simple, play smarter and more aggressive on the forecheck. Hopefully the projected line that Rosen put on in the Insider is correct, Richardson, TT and Clifford on the 4th line would be a good line.
    Go Kings…kick the hawks in the nuts with your skates and fire away at Crawfords’ head.

  2. Bieber was an offering the gods refused. My playoff beard celibacy seems to be ineffective as well. We need some major juju like Chicago had at the banner game – fuckin Dick Butkus in the stands…or Tony Soprano at game 5 in Jersey… Where art thou, Will Ferrel?

  3. After rewatching the game this am..besides previous comments…guys wake up..Regher do Not pinch quite so much cause you Are a step or two slower then you once were..
    I noticed that for the first time in the playoffs we have
    Open Ice…we need to remember how to use it to our Advantage!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. Richie is out and the NHL didn’t even have a hearing with Bolland. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!! Shanahan was an amazing player but a terrible fucking person and a terrible fucking Director of Player Safety!

  5. Richie is out thanks to Bolland. Meanwhile Bolland didn’t even get a fucking call from the league; Shanahan was an amazing player, but is a terrible fucking person, and a terrible fucking director of player safety. Also, NBC doesn’t even fucking talk about this being why he’s out they just say he’s out. FUCK BOLLAND, FUCK SHANNY, AND FUCK NBC!

  6. Just to quantify what we’ve all noticed –
    Kopitar and Brown combined through 14 games:
    2012: 13 goals, 18 assists, 31 pts, 97 shots
    2013: 5 goals, 6 assists, 11 pts, 52 shots
    That’s a glaring difference! It’s no wonder we’ve been out played and are now looking at being out within 3-4 games.

  7. Well, I knew this was going to br a tough series, but I’m in a state shock on how their handing us our ass! Don’t quite know what to think.

  8. I miss the old school… When you get your ass kicked, you “send a message” for the next game. Sticks up, gloves in face, borderline dirty hits, fights, etc. I mean at least em we aren’t going to roll over.

  9. Losing Richards really hurt, and even if he does come back, he’s not going to be 100%. Really sucks that Bolland got away with that.
    From the NHL – Mike Richards has 55 points in the playoffs since 2010, good enough for 1st I the NHL in scoring. IMPACT Player.
    There are too many injured players on this team and it’s getting worse every game. They never game up, which is what you want to see. Annoys the hell out of me that TT sat all this time while Dwight King played. Kid’s got a bright future next to Kopi at RW. Total stud I nthe making.
    A friend of mine sent me this in an email, is from game 1 via TSN
    Mike Richards calling out Hossa after a play behind the net. After the whistle he goes over and shoves Hossa, who says ‘what are you doing? to which Richards replies “You’re fucking diving everywhere, it’s fucking embarrassing.
    I know from what his teammate s and opponents say , he a great chirper, annoying as hell.
    Richards –

    Quick such a competitor, he’ll play his ass of Tuesday and the better half of the Jekyl and Hyde team will show up . I just hope they don’t lose anymore bodies to injures and the skating wounded push thru. Both Boston and thje Pens came from behind 0-2 twice in a series and won a cuP, the Kings can too, I hope.

    • No Quit…that’s the reason I started rooting for the Kings many years ago. Sure, I was introduced to the hockey world in the late eighties but didn’t really start watching hockey closely until the mid nineties, post Gretzky, win times were rough. What caught my attention? The amazing tenacity and the unwillingness to quit by most members of the team.

      Being an ex player and coach, one of the things that pisses me off the most, is when kids/adults mope around with their heads hung low because things didn’t go their way individually or team wise. When I was still in the competitive world I would show VHF clips to our kids of the Kings playing their hearts out despite being soundly beaten on the score board. To this day, I make my friends kids watch hockey games to show them the proper “compete level” no matter the circumstances.

      It was and always will be the reason I’m a Kings fan! They never quit and neither shall I quit in my belief in this team. It’s going to be tough, but we can still take these guys. A few good plays and a few bounces and we’ll be right back in it.

      • Thaks for That! I am subconsciously depressed today..
        I feel like I failed somewhat as a fan last night..not because i was mad at them but because I just could not watch after the fourth goal.. llike I said I was getting physically sick to my stomach.. So either call me weak or the ultimate fan ..
        I really wish we could be privy to what is going on healthwise with the players altough I understand why we cannot.. that is frustrating to me.. do not want to call anyone out that really is doing the best they can..and I believe that they all are.
        GO KINGS GO!!!


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