Hawks @ Kings Round 3 Game 3 – Home Sweet Home Ice

You’re probably worried. I get it. The Kings did not play particularly well in Chicago. There are major questions about our top line and Mike Richards is out of the lineup once again. Hell, even Jonathan Quick got pulled!

Ain’t that some shit.

Unfortunately for smirking Hawks fans everywhere and even more sadly for you Kings fans that have mentally thrown in the towel, this series is exactly as far from over. Did you expect the Blackhawks to go down in 4 or 5 games? You did know that the idea was always to win our three home games and steal just one on the road, right?

It would have been awesome and oh so comforting if that steal had been in the first two, but it didn’t work out that and that doesn’t matter. How we lost doesn’t matter.

What matters is taking care of business at home.

This team has given you precisely zero reason to doubt the outcome of tonight’s game. I’m sure it will be tough, probably pretty scary, but that extra gear the team was missing on the road is lurking at Staples.

Crawford has not been sufficiently tested. Tonight that changes.

Carter hasn’t found room to shoot. Tonight that changes.

Doughty has not matched Keith’s play. Tonight that changes.

Jonathan Quick had one off game. If you have been paying attention to Jonathan Quick’s career, having a shitty game means his energy and focus will be redoubled tonight. Prepare to see some frustrated and pissed off Chicago shooters.

Hell, I even think Kopitar will play well tonight.


Because I prayed for it, motherfuckers.

Our Kings, these defending Cup Champ Kings, who art on home ice,
Hallowed be thy game.
Thy Kingdom can come when thy wills be done,
In this game, as it has been in so many others.
Give us this day all the goals Quick needs, and forgive us for dropping two on the road,
As we pretend to forgive Dave Bolland for being a reckless asshole.
And lead past this third game and past this third round. Past these smarmy fuck Hawks.
And deliver us a win.

United Center sounded like Hollywood “Quiet On Set!”

Let’s show the Hawks what it sounds like when we call “Action!”

Fuck the “Chicago Way”.

So go nuts tonight.





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  1. Toffoli in. Martinez in. King out! Dwight King is like a John Druce one good showing in last seasons playoffs and now gone! King has been dead weight, and if he is only in the lineup because he is a big body, then put Jordan Nolan in or Tanner Pearson but for gods sake sit King.
    2 pretty bad games against Chicago! You can’t score if you don’t shoot the fucking puck. Where is the sustained offensive zone pressure? Where has the fore check gone?
    I normally would include Penner as being another scratch, but at least he is showing some effort.
    For gods sake Penner if you are in charge of the pre-game music play Warren Zevon’ Hockey Song “HIT SOMEBODY”.
    Right wing lock like Detroit did, except the Kings are a much bigger team so punish the forwards of Chicago and make them blow snot bubbles.

  2. It ain’t over until it’s over …………. that being said, these next two games will tell us how hurt and banged up we truly are. There should be no team in hockey especially the 3 remaining teams capable of beating us at home, plain and simple. A lack of effort tonite or Thursday will spell doom for us in the 2013 playoffs that’s for sure. But we are a tough team that has won 6 straight playoff series and know what it takes to get the job done. Hopefully we’ll hold serve the next 2 and make it a best of 3 series.

    On a side note: I moved to Illinois last August to be closer to my granddaughter when my son moved here with my daughter-in law. It had to be the 1st year here, that we find ourselves surrounded by Hawk fans, especially her family and my new girlfriends family. It will be a long time to live this one down if we get swept or basically lose this series. Gawd help us !

  3. As I said before: “The Kings have won 14 straight home games and 22 of last 23 postseason games when we score more than 1 goal.” Also, as I have said many times before (for every sport imaginable): “Fuck Chicago!” Tonight we start the second half of our 2nd Cup Run. Go Kings Go!!!!!!!!

  4. We got these pansies right where we want them, we lured them into a false sense of security and now …….we pounce.


  5. Amen compa Surly
    I believe Sutter scratched Marty :( I think he will be gone next season

  6. With ya Surly..Bobby as well… you both said Crawfish not been tested. Tonight!
    Have faith in Our Boys Yes!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Brilliant move by Sutter putting Stoll on the top line! Great move, coach!

    • Carts is back in form as well..
      Gap control those stretch passes..keep fotechecking..get those hawks out from in front of Quicker
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. Fuck the ducks. Oh wait the sharks wait the blue no fuck the hawks

  9. Carter is the true star on this team!

  10. Ya, baby! Victory!

  11. Hey Keith you cheap pussy, enjoy the press box for a few.

  12. “because I prayed for it motherfuckers”
    Fucking brilliant. Short, sweet, and oh so effective!!!


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