L.A. Kings hockey wins faceoffs.

L.A. Kings hockey aggressively forechecks in all three zones.

L.A. Kings hockey punishes opposing forwards who keep the puck on their sticks.

L.A. Kings hockey hits, hits, hits again and, for good measure, hits some more.

L.A. Kings hockey goes to the net, in a simple north to south game and wills pucks into it.

L.A. Kings hockey is intimidating, edgy, gritty, a little dirty and unbeatable in a playoff series.

Tonight was a lot more L.A. Kings hockey than games 1 and 2 and, my Hockey God, was it beautiful to watch.

There is much room for improvement but, from the drop of the puck to the final horn, I could breathe. The L.A. Kings system under Darryl Sutter is oxygen in my lungs, blood through my veins, and a firm scowl on my brow for any fuck in an opposing jersey, especially these bandwagoning Blackhawks fans.

“Hey Blackhawks fans!” YOU SUCK!

“Hey bandwagoning Blackhawks fans!” YOU SUCK!

“Hey neither born nor raised in Illinois Blackhawks fans!” YOU SUCK

“Hey former Red Wings fans, turned Penguins fans, turned Blackhawks fans!” YOU SUCK!

“Hey responsible for Barack Obama being president Blackhawks fans!” YOU…

I digress.

Duncan Keith…burn the NHL rulebook and any discipline supplement that accompanies it if this bastard is skating in game 4. He intentionally swings a stick at Jeff Carter’s face, Carter’s beautiful face, in retaliation, and maliciously so and injures Carter in the process. If that is not suspension worthy but a check that makes contact with the head, even unintentionally, is, then everyone throw your hands up in the air, give the NHL Department of Player Safety a dual bird sign and let’s all acknowledge that rule applications are arbitrary, capricious and have the exact value of dick.

To the game…

Kopitar on the third line. Keep him there. He was moving his feet and resembled some of the better parts of our beloved Kopitar.

Penner-Carter-Toffoli. Loved it. Titty something or other (can’t remember what Jacob calls Toffoli) is quick with the puck – quick decisions, quick passes, quick release. The kid has skill and style and having two snipers on the line with a big, mean, playoff Penner gave the Hawks fits…which is good and must continue.

Drew Doughty. Thank you for joining us in the Western Conference Finals.

Jake Muzzin. Sans a couple of hiccups, solid game. If Muzz can regain his confidence, play efficient and intelligent D and get his O game going, the Kings will add a dimension to their game, especially from the point on the powerplay.

Slava Voynov. I try not to think about his contract in the offseason. His broken stick game winner just confirms the kid has a magical touch.

Matt Greene. He hit everything and made some deft defensive plays, including breaking up passes with his stick, that made him a star in this game for me.

Jonathan Quick. That blocker save. Dude.

Titty Top Shelf…I think that’s it. Toffoli’s nickname Don’t ask me, ask Surly.

2-0 is 2-1. It must become 2-2.

We then win a road game and another here…but for now, just Thursday, that is it, the focus, the only thing that matters. Forget this game. Win the next.

Great crowd tonight. Be even better Thursday.

Go Mother Sutting Kings!