“Accident?” “Accident?!” Duncan Keith Must Be Suspended For Intentional High Stick To Carter’s Face

Not an accident.

Let’s not forget this jackass has history.

Shit, wrong video…

He got 4 games for that, right? Or was it less?

Either way, the intentional stick to Carter’s face should get him 2 games…should…likely will only get him a fine.

There is a part of me that doesn’t want to see him suspended because I want the fucker on the ice when we beat them. I don’t want the Hawks to have any excuses…but I’m weird that way.

Nothing contained in this post is intended to express or imply that Daniel Sedin did not and does not deserve to be elbowed in the head repeatedly for being (a) a Vancouver Canuck (b) one of the ugliest human beings I have ever seen and (c) for there being two of them. All such rights are reserved.

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  1. TSN is reporting that Keith has a disciplinary hearing later today with the NHL. Just because you say sorry, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a suspension. Sit his ass down for at least 1 game!

  2. but but… keith said he was sorry!

  3. I love how Blackhawks fans are trying to justify this, because Carter was trying to get his stick over Keith and accidentally hit his glove its ok! Seriously, never trust a man with two first names and no last name!

    • I’m going to assume that Carter tried to bat the glove away on purpose. That doesn’t change anything. What Carter did is the chippy bullshit that everyone gets away with in the playoffs. It doesn’t excuse a hack to the face.

  4. Suspend him and here’s why.

    1. He should already know…the idiot that retaliates in that way is more likely than not the one who will get the penalty. (IMHO)
    2. He INTENDED to in some form or fashion, hit, slash, tap, whatever you want to call it…even as a “hey moron-that was a B**** move”. ***Sure, he may have wanted to get back at Carts somewhere other than his face but….he didnt. Regardless… the intention to retaliate was there…regardless of where he ended up getting our boy.

    ***On a side note.. can I just say… In my attempt at being a lady – I had to re-think and re-write this stupid sentence five times so that it didn’t sound wrong…the likes of…”wanted to poke carts with his stick…” as an example; just doesnt sound right. :)

  5. I believe one game is about right. There’s no question Keith took a swipe at Carter in retaliation, but I don’t believe his intentions were to harm Jeff by hitting him in the face.

    For me malicious intent is not an issue, but extreme carelessness is in play. One game.

    As Scribe mentions above, I’d rather kick the shit out of them with Keith in the line-up.

    We had so many guys step up last night, it was great to see. Excellent game, men!

    If only we could get one individual to play to his abilities, we’d be in good shape. You know who you are, son. Stop blaming bad luck and start making it happen. Break down that mental block, young man. Your team needs you.

    • Upon hearing Carter damaged three teeth and received 22 stitches has changed my mind…2 games for that chump, Keith.

  6. League is doing everything to discredit itself with the incinsistancy and wishy washiness of it’s actions on it’s reviews this seson.
    will it get it right this time?
    This could be a Poll :-)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. One game it is. Can we choose what game? Suspend that punk when Chicago has home ice!


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