Hawks @ Kings – Round 3 Game 4 – TCOB

1 down.

1 to go.

That has to be the mentality. We don’t have to win three games, we have to win one game.

And so we will.

With Duncan Keith suspended for tonight’s game thanks to his skills as a lumberjack, the Blackhawks’ defense and perhaps their team as whole, is bereft of its best player. While this far from makes the Hawks a pushover, it further tips odds that were already in the Kings favor thanks to our dominance at home.

Now though the Kings kept the Hawks speedy offense thoroughly in check on Tuesday, more is needed tonight. Anze Kopitar had a very strong game but failed to register a shot on goal. He still has much room to improve. Dustin Brown paired with Jarret Stoll is a forechecking tandem that should continue to scare the shit out of the Keith-less Hawks D. Williams and Carter, let them continue to be under the spell of whatever lord of hellfire possesses them.

Guess what?

Doughty scores.

To the man, the Kings improved from games one and two to the last. To the man, I want to see them all improve again tonight. The Hawks will be making a big push. Losing Keith hurts, but do not neglect the extra juice that can give players who know they need to make up for his massive loss. They do not want to go back to Chicago tied up.

Fuck what they want.

This is our game.

It will be our series.

Our Kings, these defending Cup Champ Kings, who art on home ice,
Hallowed be thy game.
Thy Kingdom can come when thy wills be done,
In this game, as it was in the last.
Give us this day all the goals Quick needs, and forgive us for not playing well sooner,
As we pretend to forgive Duncan Keith for being a retaliatory asshole.
And lead us past this fourth game and past this third round. Past these smarmy fuck Hawks.
And deliver us a win.

United Center sounded like Hollywood “Quiet On Set!”

Let’s show the Hawks what it sounds like when we call “Action!”

Fuck the “Chicago Way”.

So go nuts tonight.





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7 replies

  1. You’re right, the Hawks won’t be a pushover, but it’s real hard to replace 25+ minutes on the blue line. The Kings continue to improve and will be a threat in Chicago. 4 hours away and I’m already so pumped!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. You’re win 1 game is the right philosophy. When the Flyers were down to the Bruins in 2010 playoffs 0-3, when asked about ‘winning the war’ (4 games) JVR told a reporter (between games 6 and 7) They didn’t set out to win the war that “Richie told us to win the battles, to win every shift. That’s what he did, so that’s what we did’

    That’s the best way to look at it. Those individual shifts turn into periods, which turn into games.
    Stay out ofthe box, stay focused, and every player pulls on that rope, all of them. They did it in game 3 and without Keith, they will again.
    Pound the snot out of them, hit them hard and often. Make them pay for every time they attempt to get a pucki.
    I too, think Doughty will score, he was all over the place Tues. And Carter and Williams will come thru again, they’ll do what leaders do.
    Go Kings
    3-0 Quick gets his 4th so

  3. Someone else needs to start scoring,. Every goal by Voynov will cost us a million more a year. lol Nice shot ,Slava!

  4. Game three was a Pleasure..
    Slava..again!!! He is just adorable..cannot wait til he finally agrees to an interview..I spoke with him..He understands..just a bit shy..should be better as he matures…
    One thing I must stress..FORECHECK!!!
    come on broken bodies.. find the will..shut them down..No more Kane or Hossa..Let’s Do It!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. Fucking kopitar

  6. I have to ask again, where the heck is “this” Penner during the regular season? It’s baffling.

  7. Bickell… shit
    The Kings have no answer for him.


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