A 3-1 deficit is an opportunity. One bestowed upon those who have struggled but shall not fail. Ordinary men quit. Warriors do not. Are the Kings a team of ordinary men?


All that occurred tonight and before is irrelevant. Winners play in the moment and there is nothing but the moment that matters. Am I to believe that the defending Stanley Cup Champions cannot win three consecutive games to earn the right to play for another Cup?


Do not tell me about our soldiers who have stumbled and what they have not done for all that matters is what they do. Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Drew Doughty are not measured by their last game. They are measured by their next one. Does anything matter more than the next victory?


If you were at our home tonight, inside our arena and you did not scream and push our boys to play their very best, never forget how that felt for you shall not feel it again. Do Die Hard L.A. Kings fans ever say die?


Home records, road records, slumps, streaks and odds, these are words generated by soulless transients who fill pages and sell space. Hockey transcends their meaningless diatribe. We support our players with a savage fervor. We dismiss all else. Do any one of us who have earned our fandom heed their ignorance?


For that which is earnest needs no reminders to “believe.”


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  1. It’s the one game at a time mentality that will get us through the series. Normally I’m a huge proponent of using statistics to predict individual occurrences throughout a sporting event, but hockey is my one exception to that. No matter what happens “normally”, your big game players will step up in do or die situations. Justin Williams has shown that time and time again in the big games where we needed him, despite himself not having a fantastic season overall. Stats are just a small window looking into the big picture of the great sport of hockey, so no matter what anyone says: Don’t worry, we have a great chance of winning this series. The reigning champions always have the opportunity to win a series, even while down 3-1. Look at how we’ve performed not only last year in the playoffs, but this year as well. The Kings are a streaky team, and it’s about time we flipped this streak around into full-out winning mode!

    Go Kings Go!

  2. This whole series is bullshit, honestly. It’s the Blackhawks without Jonathan Toews against the Kings without Anze Kopitar. What’s the point? I think both these teams would lose to half the teams in the NHL right now if they had to face healthy teams. And the only reason we’re losing to Chicago is they’re healthier than us. Kopitar and Toews being injured is a wash, but we also have Brown, Williams some, Mitchell, and possibly others injured. With them it’s mostly just Toews.

    The whole playoffs is bullshit now because of the injuries. You can tell Crosby is injured for Pittsburgh too. So Boston is going to win the Cup now just because they’re the only healthy team left. Krejci and Bergeron are outplaying Crosby because they’re healthier, not better.

    • Kane’s a ghost too. You could make this same argument about the Kings last year with how healthy we were compared to everyone else. That’s the playoffs. Do we want hockey to be a 16 game season like football? Didn’t think so.

    • Fuck off with that injury bullshit excuse. We are losing because we are getting outplayed, they were missing Keith last game and still beat us. This series is showing us that the Kings need more skill and speed and less bangers and grinders. can the Kings still win this series? hell yeah, will they? not bloody likely against a team that hasn’t lost three in a row yet this season. In saying that I will be still be watching and cheering loud bit I won’t be putting money on it.

      • It’s not an excuse, just a reality. I agree is Lombardi had done his job at the deadline and tried to make the team better no matter how good he thought they already were, we’d have more depth to deal with these injuries in the first place. But the fact remains we’re not the same team with Kopitar injured.

        And when Kopitar was injured and actually out of the games against San Jose two years ago, all I heard from Kings fans was that we lost because we didn’t have Kopitar, and “if only we had Kopitar against them.” It wasn’t an excuse, just the truth. But now that he’s playing injured, it’s supposed to be different just because he’s playing?

        I get it, but it’s varying degrees of the same thing. We’re not the same team with Kopitar playing on one knee where he can’t accelerate. Just watch him try to catch up to pucks, it’s so obvious his lower body is messed up in some way.

        But I agree. Lombardi did a shit job at the deadline. The league is always evolving. What worked last year may not be enough this year, especially when you’re already without Willie Mitchell. And now Lombardi’s made everything worse because he wasted the money we needed to upgrade the team on Robyn fucking Regehr. What is he smoking? There are a lot of players on the market that could fit our style amazingly well, and he signs fucking Regehr? It’s pathetic.

        Just look at this list:

        Patrick Elias, David Clarkson, Jaromir Jagr, Jarome Iginla, Bryan Bickell, Viktor Stalberg, Nathan Horton, and I know I’m forgetting some guys too, could all be nice additions. As for defense, someone like Andrew Ference probably would have been cheaper than Regehr, and he’s probably all way better and way closer to what Willie Mitchell gave us. Just so annoying that Dean wasted big money on Regehr when we need that cap space so badly to upgrade the team and there are better players available up front and on defense.

  3. A-fucking-men

  4. Agreed there’s no quiting.. Never underestimate the heart of a champion!.. Kings in 7!

  5. Let us love hockey for what it is. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  6. I’m a die-hard fan.

    We’re dead.

  7. I’ve been really quiet on this blog for the las 18 months and maybe that’s what needs to change. This whole playoffs has been a challenge but with challenge comes a song, an overture to the potential of greatness. A Wagnerian Opus (yes, in case you didn’t guess I’m a musician), a true heroic tale.
    A tale of 22. The ones on the ice. Here’s to the battlefield tested and un-tested that are still thrusted upon this valiant Defence. Us fans can only prose, postulate, and pray. But, by the will and dilligence of Williams, Voynov, Carter, Doughty, Penner, Stoll, and obviously Quick we live. We must pray for the return of Richards and for the return to form of Brown and Kopitar that have not played badly but should have been feasting this playoffs but haven’t which is why we have been going frustrated! We need Brown and Kopi!!!
    Repeat: We need Brown and Kopi!!!
    Again: We need Brown and Kopi!!!
    Again: We need Brown and Kopi!!!
    One more time! We need Brown and Kopi!!!
    Amen to our beloved warriors
    and a gracious WTF!!!!!!! to them getting back to form.

  8. I’m all for the positive, “did the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor?” rant, but the reality is that this team is not playing like a SC champion team. I’m not even talking about scoring because the Kings can and have won games 1-0 or 2-1, I’m talking about the “little” things that make these victories possible: breakouts of the defensive zone, neutral zone passing, offensive zone entry, sustained fore check and cycling, first to the puck, and crisp passing. Very little of this is happening with the Kings in this series. I’m not even worried about the shots on goal. These little things are what got them .. no, us … the Cup last year and these are the things that are not being done in this series on a consistent basis. Sure, a 10 minute period in last night’s game or the 1st period in game 3, but not consistent enough to overcome the speed and skill of the Hawks.

  9. Dave.says and DAG both are on the money. We are still a very good team but not doing what it takes to beat a team that finished first in the West. I completely agree that more of Kopi and Dustin (and Doughty getting back into position) would have gotten us a 2-2 even series right now…. but it wasn’t meant to be. So let’s just hope the boys can nut up and put in a solid performance on Saturday night. We are SO DUE to win a road game dammit! Let’s bring this back home and give ourselves a CHANCE! GO KINGS GO!!

  10. Game by game stats



    The Kings production is really centered around 3 players. Williams, Voynov, Carts with the occasional goal from 73 and 25. 11, 23, 8, 6, 28, 74 (empty netters don’t count), 15 etc are not on the score sheet.

    Avg Shots per Game



    Cup Winning Shots on Goal

    Is there D so superior that they have the ability to shut our players down? It’s simple math right? Gotta get that fucking puck to the net.

    I would bet that a lot of those shots on goal are due to turnovers.

    Unless 11, 23, 8 and others start chipping in…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

  11. That was Nice Bobby.
    Staples sounded way too quiet last night from the TV.
    I am in the core of Die Hards…so I cannot and willnot be negative. will keep my thoughts to myself..and
    Plug my ears to inner voices and those outside that will try to goat me in the next 24 hours.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  12. I feel like most of your didn’t read the article, it’s not about what we have been doing for the last few games. It’s about what we can do. If you honestly think there is 0% chance of us coming back and winning the next 3 straight, then fuck you! Because you clearly aren’t a Kings fan, I am not talking blind allegiance, I am saying you haven’t followed this team. We have the talent and grit. Sure some guys are hurt, but EVERYONE has injuries, it’s part of the game. Our Kings are SUPPOSED TO BE THE UNDERDOGS! That is when they thrive! We can still win the Cup, odds are just against us. GOOD!!!!!!!

  13. Can we still win? Of course we can. But we have a big problem, our top two centers are missing in action, one figuratively and one literally. Our third line center is playing with the affects of an concussion and isn’t playing horrible, but could be a lot better. We’re missing our top line left wing and we have a rookie(though he’s played admirably) skating in our top six.

    We are going to have a hard time competing against the likes of Bickell (playing his ass off, bitch), Toews, Hossa, Sharp, Kane and that slow, worthless guy named Handzus. When healthy, we’d have a hard time beating this group. It’s good to be a fan and believe in our team, but it’s also ok to admit when someone is just better than you. We darn near have to play a perfect game to win, they can play above average and win.

    We still have a shot to move on, but if Kopitar and Brown can’t find a way to participate in the offensive zone we’re as good as toast. Quick can’t pitch a shutout every game, can he? Maybe he can!

  14. I have and will always love the Los Angeles Kings. They are the current Stanley Cup Champs. They have the heart of a champion. They will win the next game by a shoutout and will force game six.

    Kings 2-0

  15. An observation from a non troll (Hopefully unbiased) Hawks fan. This series for the better part of four games saw Hawks defensemen with the exception of Seabrook hit their outlets. Our forwards have done a great job of cycling back to give our dmen options to get the puck out of our zone. For the first four games of this series I’ve seen the offense of the LA Kings literally exist in one form with a few subjugated plan B options just try and dump the puck behind Crawford and send their monster forwards in to crush anything that moves. Sometimes it’s worked, but otherwise it has not officially. The only real offensive help I’ve seen from LA’s D men has been Voynov and his sick shot. Simply because if they pinch too much they get smoked by the speed and crisp passing of the Hawks in transition. The neutral zone for the better four games has been owned by the Hawks. They just have too much speed for the monsters LA has skating out there. Two differently built teams but thus far the Hawks have had the better of the exchanges as we all see the series to this point.

    Quick is an amazing goalie, but he is still human. The Hawks have gotten to him with speed and traffic (Thank the Lord Bickell finally decided to play hockey and it took a long dang time for that to happen finally in these playoffs.) The Kings are NOT done, look what the Hawks did against Detroit when most in my city were clamoring for Q’s head and the coaching staff. It’s possible but you guys are going to need the big guns to step up and skate like the wind in the next three games. It’s not likely, but it’s still possible. Keep the faith.

  16. There’s no DOUBT that we can win three straight against ANY team. We have seen what this team is made if and that’s what we love about em. This forum has a lot of valid points, and we ARE up against a better team. We’re not down 3-1 accidentally (does anyone remember the Game 2 embarrassment??). Last night we had a horrible line change and a knuckler get past our man. BAM! Two goals! And how many shots did we have in that critical 3rd period?? TWO?? WTF??? That was ridiculous. SOG sometimes DO matter! If Kopi & Brownie were contributing more offensively it would probably be a different series but the thing is, they’re playing their asses off in other areas and if pigs can fly… the bottom line is that these bastards are faster and more potent than us BUT they CAN(!) be beat. It’s just gonna take a HERCULEAN effort, that’s all. We need to clean clocks like Penner did on that weasel Seabrook ALL night! Niedermeyer – DEAD! Bickel – DEAD! We take Game 5 and I LOVE our chances!!!!!

  17. Also I see a lot of Kings fans, and Matt Barry, saying bad things about Dwight King and how he won’t be back next year. What the fuck? We need this guy!

    I agree we need to upgrade and get someone like Nathan Horton or who I’m hoping most for Patrick Elias to be a true second line winger for Carter and Richards, but that doesn’t mean Dwight King should be traded! That’s crazy talk. Remember when we added Mike Richards, and everyone didn’t even think twice about losing Simmonds, Smyth, and Ponikarovsky? I agree we need an upgrade on the second line with more skill, but we still need those effective big bodies that can skate like Dwight King all throughout our lineup, too. Our whole system is based around guys like that. Dwight King is cheap, and will continue to be cheap next year after his down season this year, which makes him a bargain because he’s actually still a really solid power forward that can skate and plays responsibility, and at worst he will be one of the best third line wingers in the NHL for us next year, and a big, power forward one too, which is rare.

    So we better keep Dwight King. He’s better defensively and more mobile than Penner, too. I agree Penner has been a better fit on the second line in the postseason because he’s a little more skilled and King isn’t on top of his game, but when King is himself like last year, he’s actually much better than Penner and more consistent and a better two way player. He’s also going to be cheaper.

    SO PLEASE KEEP DWIGHT KING NEXT YEAR FOR THE 3RD LINE! REMEMBER OUR SEASON LAST YEAR TURNED AROUND WHEN WE BROUGHT UP KING AND NOLAN! WE NEED THEIR SIZE AND SKATING IN OUR LINEUP, PERIOD! DON’T FORGET HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE, ESPECIALLY KING WHO’S HAD THE BIGGER IMPACT OF THE TWO. Although I do still have hopes for Nolan. He’s got talent, maybe more, it’s just that King uses his talent better and has better hockey sense I guess and does the little things and plays defense and is thicker on the cycle.

    So yes, by all means, Dean, add a top 6 forward in the offseason, if you even still can after wasting so much money on Robyn fucking damnit Regehr. But don’t discard Dwight King. This is a power forward, who can skate, and play 200 feet of the ice, who played an effective top 6 role for us in winning the Cup, and still has the potential to return to that. So people want to throw away a top 6 power forward who can skate and play defense who is only going to cost like a 1 million dollars next year? That’s just crazy. If you get rid of him, he will be the next Matt Moulson type guy, except it’s going to look a lot more like Bryan Bickell style wise. But the lesson is the same. Dean better hang on to this guy as effective forwards in that mold are very hard to find.

    • In case you haven’t noticed we still have a game tonight! I know you only come out when we lose, and seem almost to revel in it; but the post-season can fucking wait, and it will have to! GKG!!!!!!!


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