Kings @ Hawks – Round 3 Game 5 – Enjoy

I was fucking livid after game four.

I had an awful night’s sleep. Tossed and turned, nightmares, woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t calm down for about an hour. Was pretty damn bummed out throughout yesterday too.

At some point in the day I started to think about watching the game today. I thought about where I would watch it – is the bar luckier than the couch? I thought about how I would watch it – on the edge of my seat or in a fetal position? That probably wouldn’t go over well in the bar… Then again, depends on the bar. Will I feel any better if we win? Will I put a hole through the dog’s torso if we lose?

Then I realized, fuck that and fuck me for thinking it.

The Kings are playing in the Conference Finals. I’m gonna enjoy this game.

Do they have a pretty large chasm to climb out of to make it to the Cup Finals? Damn right they do.

Can they do it? Damn right they can.

Will they do it?

I believe they will unless they don’t.

And I will enjoy watching it.

Did winning the Cup suddenly make all other hockey achievements meaningless? I may sound like I am talking as if I think the Kings are going to lose this game, but nothing could be further from the truth. Jonathan Quick has yet to steal a game in this series, which we all know he can. Kopitar, Brown and Doughty, while they have done nothing the past four games (or really the past fourteen), but their track record is longer than that and their track record tells me they will do something. Jake Muzzin, perhaps our biggest problem for two rounds, is starting to hit hard, shoot the puck and make quicker, smarter decisions with the puck. Slava Voynov is tits even if Toffoli is tops. Jeff Carter has more chipped teeth in the series than goals and that won’t abide.

There is no panic in this team, so why should I panic?

I’m going to enjoy this game.

Fuck the Hawks.

Let’s pray for today, that it will lead us to tomorrow.

Our Kings, who still defend the Stanley Cup, who art in that hell hole Chicago,
Hallowed be thy game five.
Thy Kingdom come as thy wills do be done,
On the road, because once against St. Louis wasn’t enough.
Give us this day goals and goals and saves and saves,
And forgive us for playing against elimination, as we pound into submission those who have trespassed against us.
And lead us past this game. Past these ugly, smug Hawks.

I’ll see you at game six.


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21 replies

  1. All I want is one more win, one more day to say “Our team is the defending champion.”

    All I want is one win tonight in Chicago. I’ll take the rest as they come.

    All I want is for the Kings to play their game, stick to the plan, and not get distracted by the crowd, the refs, or the intensity of the situation.

    All I want is for Corey Crawford to make one more mistake than Jonathan Quick does.

    All I want is for Darryl Sutter to make a bitter beer face serious enough to let the guys know he means business, but not so much that his face gets stuck that way.

    All I want is for the ride to not be over yet. Is that too much to ask?


  2. We are not done yet. We win this one game and this is a whole new series where Game 6 is at home and Game 7 anything can happen. Tonight is the focus, play hard and go kings go.



  5. if the kings win tonight i will stop drinking. serioulys.

  6. Dear Anze and Brown,

    Wake the fuck up!

  7. Dude surly you need to go get some el pollo loco its that simple.

  8. Amen.

    And yes, have you been forgetting your chicken and runs?

  9. Dear Kings,

    I asked for another Cup win for my birthday, yes winning game 3 was a nice present. However, I WANT THE FUCKING CUP AGAIN. Now quit dicking around and play some fucking hockey! Seriously, it would be real nice if the team could show up on the road for a change; somebody explain to be how we completely flipped from last year in this respect. Most importantly: GKG!!!!!!!

  10. You apparently don’t know the Hawks. They are the most down to earth players and are NEVER smug. Ever. So don’t write that they are.

  11. I felt the same way after game four. Haven’t pais attention to any hockey news or anything for a whole day. But I’m thinking the same thing. Enjoy this conference finals game. I still believe.

  12. Fuck! So much for Quick stealing a game.

  13. Did that just happen?

  14. Was anyone else on the fringe of suicide when they couldn’t get Quick out of the net? hopefully nobody jumped the gun


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