I never saw the game winning goal. I watched every second that preceded it, saw Voynov pinch, the two on one that ensued, the pass and then…

It may have been a minute, perhaps more, the handshakes were about to start and I looked to my left to see my 5-year-old daughter weeping. Not just a few tears. A storm of emotion, so much so she told her mother and I that she was going to throw up. We both took her into the bathroom where she did just that. Not once. Not twice. Several times, while she continued to cry.

I held her and assured her it was going to be okay. I reminded her that we won the Stanley Cup last season, that big shiny trophy that she was so excited about only a year ago. She remembered. It took a while but she started to calm down. I gazed at her soaked eyes and gave her several kisses on the cheek. She held me as I held her.

I turned off the TV and realized something was missing…


I never felt a moment of it. The only thing that mattered was our little girl and seeing her so upset over her L.A. Kings’ loss that she became physically ill.

Like her mother, she is sweet and kind. Like her father, she has a fiery intensity and competitiveness that pushes limits.

I didn’t tell my wife this at the time but I was very proud. Our daughter carries within her what each of you have and what I hope you bring to your own children – a love for this team that borders on insane and we would not have it any other way.

The Los Angeles Kings followed a Stanley Cup Championship with a Western Conference Final playoff series.

We will hear about our players’ injuries.

One or more may not be on the roster by the start of next season.

There may be new faces.

Kids will get their chances.

Between now and then, be proud of your Kings as I am proud of them.

Championships are won and lost.

Your fandom is forever.