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I’ve been in a funk all day after our boys were eliminated from the Western Conference Final. So I took some construction tools, wrecked and rebuilt the place.


It’s similar to what you’ve seen but with some new features.

First, the layout and colors are different than before. Lighter, brighter, easier on the eyes. If you view the site from the HOME page, we have some featured posts on the left side from different categories of topics we have written about over the past months. Easy access if you want to look back at our humor pieces, podcasts, etc. Our most recent posts are right there in the middle with the most recent post at the top and shaded in gray. On the right is stuff you’ve seen before.

If you have any issues with commenting, be patient. I have reworked the commenting section a bit to make it more reader and user friendly. If your comment goes to moderation, don’t panic. Those who have commented before should be fine but just in case it happens, it will get approved and it should not happen again.

So there you have it.

I am still getting over the loss…I may have to find something else to hammer.

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  1. I’m in the process of rewatching Game 6 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final. It’s helping…

  2. Wasn’t sure where to put this, Bobby, you asked about Matt Read. This is from last March (2012) a short video of some of his goals. It doesn’t show the other things that make him so good (esp his defensive work in his own zone or his breakout speed) but you’ll see whty the 27 goals in his rookie year were no fluke
    Oh and I forgot to mention, he’s great at shootouts.

    This is from this year, a hatrick vs. the Panthers. He has a real nice move on the 1st goal.


    Homer first brought him to the Flyers in his Jr year I collage, during the Flyers 2010 cup run. He watched them play vs the Canadians and Homer offered him a contract . Read was grateful, but denied that chance because he was elected Captain of his college team for his senior year and had ‘given his word’ to his teammates. He was a leader on that team and you don’t lose that.

  3. Have a good summer boys and girls.

    Really looking forward to this upcoming season.

    I’m sure you guys are gonna get the blog fired up early with all the shit that’s gonna go down.

    LA Kings 2014 Stanley Cup Champs!!!

  4. Clarkson and or Dupuis are the UFA’s the Kings should go after, in lieu of making another trade with the Flyers for our Flyers West roster.
    Personally, I like Clarkson and if you can get him for the same amount as Penner got that is a bonus. Clarkson will stand in front of the net, go into the corners, and drop the mitts if necessary.
    Dupuis on a line with Carter and Richards would be magic, even if he plays on the 1st line, Dupuis is a scorer and can really help add more depth.
    The Kings have Shore ready play in Manchester next season, and unless they come out early Forbort/Mersch/Gravel/Dowd will be a few years away from making it to the NHL.
    Toffoli/Vey/Pearson which should be the “Private Line” “PVT”, but not sure if Oye Vey will get a look along with Pearson next season.
    If Lombardi is going to trade Bernier, then the teams he should really be talking to are New Jersey, New York Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo and possibly Philly East.

    • Read today that the Pens are currently negotiating to reup Malkin and Dupruis but not LeTang (can’t afford LeTang and Malkin, not with Crosby getting 10 and Malkin wanting over 9) Dupruis was high on their list and likes the area, wants to stay. LeTang will be traded either now or by the trade deadline next spring.

      • They can re-up Dupuis which then makes a trade easier for the Kings. I think Dupuis might like Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach better than Pittsburgh. Its a little warmer all year round.
        Bernier will be the most sought after goaltender this off season.
        I don’t care what the reports are out of Pittsburgh regarding Fleury, he’s lost the confidence of that franchise and they can’t afford to have a guy like that in net if they want to be considered a contender well a serious contender.
        I was so happy to see them fail, especially after Shero tried to grab every available UFA he could while dealing away picks and prospects.
        I don’t see Clarkson getting 6 million, maybe 4 tops, but regardless its an upgrade to Penner.
        Stahlberg/Nystrom possible targets and maybe a good 4th line checker like Matt Hendricks who can take some of the fighting responsibilities away from Clifford.
        Stahlberg might be a decent 2nd line guy with Carter and Richards.
        Nystrom is a gritty player, hockey smart and a good defensive forward. He lives here in the off season, and works out with some of the Kings actually.
        I don’t think the Kings are interested in Iginla honestly, he just not a good fit for this team.

        • The Pens aren’t interested in trading Dupruis, that’s why they’re signing him. And Matt Read is not a 4th liner, he’s a top 6 player and would be on the 2nd line . I think DL will get a good return for JB but he’s one of quite a few goalies on the market, not the most sought after. Pens need a goalie, and I think Fleury will be gone but the Pens will go after an established goalie, they want to win now. With Miller, Hiller, Halak, Luongo and Emery available, among others, they’ll have their pick. I still think the rumor that Dl and Homer have already agreed in principle and are waiting for the season to end might be true and JB will be a Flyer. We’ll see.

    • I would love to have Clarkson, but this year has a very weak UFA pool so teams will over pay for Clarkson. I don’t see him getting anything less than $6 mill per. In saying that though you could probably land Iggy for around $3.5 mill per after the horrible playoffs he had. Not sure the Kings need/want another slow top six forward though.


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