I’ve been in a funk all day after our boys were eliminated from the Western Conference Final. So I took some construction tools, wrecked and rebuilt the place.


It’s similar to what you’ve seen but with some new features.

First, the layout and colors are different than before. Lighter, brighter, easier on the eyes. If you view the site from the HOME page, we have some featured posts on the left side from different categories of topics we have written about over the past months. Easy access if you want to look back at our humor pieces, podcasts, etc. Our most recent posts are right there in the middle with the most recent post at the top and shaded in gray. On the right is stuff you’ve seen before.

If you have any issues with commenting, be patient. I have reworked the commenting section a bit to make it more reader and user friendly. If your comment goes to moderation, don’t panic. Those who have commented before should be fine but just in case it happens, it will get approved and it should not happen again.

So there you have it.

I am still getting over the loss…I may have to find something else to hammer.