The Willie Mitchell I Got Wood And Timmy Love Wants to Trade Justin Williams Article…

First, wood…

He’s Skating! He’s freaking skating!

So Timmy Love (you know, our third from the podcasts) texts me tonight and claims the “Kings are going to trade someone big. They have to, not enough cap space. Prob Justin Williams.”

Okay, so he doesn’t “want” to trade Justin Williams but I consider even the suggestion that JW may be traded for cap space absurd, insulting and tantamount to a desire to trade him. The guy was our second best forward this season and arguably our best in the playoffs.

Yes, I just wrote about this topic of free agency, salary cap et al.

So, let’s talk about this. Is someone from our top 6 getting traded? Would the Kings rather let Scuderi walk before they do that? Is Timmy nuts?

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  1. Damn, I was gonna write about the Mitchell thing but I kept forgetting to.

    Then again, all I really had to say was “Look at the things they can do with special effects these days.”

  2. Here’s what I’m saying which is kind of what the Mayor was talking about, is that trading Bernier does not free up cap space. It actually increases the back up goalie cap hit, because the Kings aren’t going to put me or Ty Conklin back there. Also, in order to create space given the 8 RFA’s and the 2 UFA’s (Penner and Scuderi) there may have to be some tough choices this off season. What the Mayor suggested was a possible trade involving Justin Williams. I like JW. I want him on the roster, but in a salary cap league sometimes on-ice performance takes a back seat to the numbers. The real question is: Will the Kings re-sign JW in 2 years? If not, maybe now is the time to get the most value in a deal while at the same time freeing up some room to shore up the holes left this off season. Its a thought. One i dread but one that may have to be at least considered.

    • I think the Kings should let JW play out his contract even if they don’t sign him in 2 years. His playoff production is hard to replace.

  3. We might not get a chance to sign Scuderi or Voynov.. Scuderi’s family might want to go closer to home.. And Voynov has a huge offer from the KHL

    • Slava is not going to the KHL. He rode buses, paid his dues, just to play in the NHL. He could have bolted 2-3 years ago.

      • Well said Bobby. There is no chance Slava bolts to the KHL…he could have left last year when we sent him back down to Manchester.. but he didn’t. The kid is going to be a King for a long time.

        I would hate to see JW go, but as Timmy said, I doubt the Kings will resign him in 2 years. His value is high right now and we could at least get something valuable in return. I’m willing to bet the return the Kings would receive from trading JW would be higher than they would get in any JB trade.

        Scuds is definately walking. The feeling in my balls tells me he won’t take a hometown discount to stay in LA. I don’t blame him; it’s a business afterall.
        Our Dcore will be lacking some experience next season.. especially if Willie isn’t 100%.

        • The ideal return from a JW trade would be a left winger to play on the 2nd line.

        • You have a feeling in your balls about such things? Is it a tingle or something else? I am a little jealous.

        • I have a feeling (not the same kind of ‘balls feeling’ you have) that Mitchell isn’t coming back. Practice or no practice. His time is up and it’s a terrible shame. Even though our D faitly solid these playoffs he was sorely missed.

  4. Trade willie? Wtf?

  5. Not impressed with the Mitchell video. Show me some stops and starts multiple days in a row, then show me the knees. I’ve had two knee surgeries and I skated within days of the first one. Did that make my knee NHL ready? Hell no. It’s never been the same since the injury. Not to be a naysayer, but let’s just get too excited about a WM return quite yet.

    • It’s just good to see him skating again. I thought the guy was done but it looks like he wants to come back.

      Whatever knee it is, it looks like he’s putting good pressure on both when he’s crossing over. He’s got all summer long to rehab it and try and get it back to 100%. Getting him back to game shape would be huge.

      He did miss the net 2 outta 3 shots though.

    • Skebo, there’s a friend of mine who years ago injured his knee playing football, and his feedback wasn’t all that different from yours.
      Which makes me think that if they lose Scuds, and Willie can’t come back, this team is gonna drift a bit backwards for maybe a year or two.

      I personally don’t see RR as one of the six (w/o Scuds and WM) as the same sort of wicked defense that we had a year ago. Not only that, but I don’t find that RR offers all that much in transition. Scuds does reasonably so, and Willie? Well, what did he not do well? That’s why this would be such a bummer.

      So does that mean that if WM can’t come back and Bernier is traded for a first round pick that DL uses it on Another d-man? I hope not.
      It’s times like this that the draft of Colten Teubert hurt when Karlson and Del Zotto were available. That said, I can’t complain as we got Slava in the 2nd round. Two out of three is more than acceptable when they’re DD and Voynov.

    • Have you ever played in the NHL? :) Seriously, a professional’s muscle memory, strength, endurance, and time / ability / resources to train and recover from injury is very different than the rest of us.

      • Sure hope you are right on this!
        I have missed WM all year…We are blessed to have Slava and Doughts, but we always work best with Journymen paired with our youngsters. RR is ok..but he is no WM.
        Scuds is an awesome D man in his skill and knowledge of game..buthe is slowing down a bit. We need more then just one reliable seasoned guy. Really putti g good thoughts that Mitchell makes it back.
        GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Trading JW would be silly. It would impact the team chemistry which is a something Lombardi understands. In addition, their is the practical piece of his excellent production.

    The Kings will be good for a long time if they keep their core together. The Kings could put a nice Bernier, Regher and King package with the Leafs. The trade would move the Leafs to the next level and provide the Kings with some offense. The Leafs would give us 6’3″ and 211 James van Riemsdyk.

  7. Trading your first line lw who’s cap hit is only 3.5 million doesn’t make any sense.

  8. J-Dub goes nowhere.

  9. The ‘mayor’ saying JW should be traded is not Lombardi. The ‘mayor’ also said in a podcast (All the Kings men end of Feb) that the Kings should buy out Mke Richards contract this summer and bring up Vey to take his place. (which gave me a good laugh) So you need to consider the source here…JW isn’t going anywhere. And where are you going to find a stellar leader and clutch playoff performer for what they’re paying him?

    And letting Penner go, Richardson and Martinez will being in some cash. I want Scuds to stay but it’s possible he wants more than the Kings can afford to give him.

    Good to see Mitchell skating but it doesn’t change much . I believe what Lombardi aluded to last week. And if Mitchell is going on LTIR than he has to show that he’s attempting to rehab, same as Pronger seeing a doctor in Philly every few months, even tho his career was done as soon as that puck hit his eye. It’s part of the process.

    The TSN insiders said (yesterday) on a video podcast that the Kings have contacted 10 teams about Bernier. I dont’ think he’ll wait to the deadline, I’m sure he doesn’t want an offer sheet to prevent a trade. I wonder how far up he’ll trade?

  10. So to Deirdre’s comments about how far up he’ll trade, my personal sincere hope is that he’ll get a first round pick from someone. If Buffalo let’s Miller go (seems to be the case, they have that other guy – forget his name) they might need a replacement. They have two first round picks.
    Anyway, I’d love to see DL get a first round pick and use it to draft a freakin forward who… yes, plays the sort of game that DL is in love with, but actually has reasonable use of his hands in terms of getting a shot off from time to time and the grit and instincts to get to the high scoring areas.

    And btw I’m not referring to a sniper. I think Tyler will fulfill that role just fine. But clearly the bottom six is in desperate need of someone who can play with some speed and grit, but can still contribute the odd goal here and there. And when I say ‘the odd goal here and there’ I’m not referring to Dwight King’s two goals on the year, or Cliffy’s four or whatever it was that he had.
    That was a Huge difference in the whole playoffs imo. And I feel it impacted every one of the three series they played. The first two by being long and difficult, and the third just in general.

    • I disagree. Kopitar and Brown laying an egg in the playoffs and Mitchell’s absence was the difference. The bottom 6 was fine. Same bottom 6 as last season.

      • Except last year during the playoffs, that bottom 6 produced goals, this year they didn’t. That lack of production ,, along with the first line being on a milk carton, was a huge loss.

  11. The only top 6 player trade that makes any sense is trading Kopitar.

    At 6.8 million per season (thru 2015-16) he has the only contract that will make impact for improving the top 6. Trading Justin Williams and his very reasonable 3.65 million contract doesn’t do anything but force you to replace his production with a UFA that will probably command more in salary.

    You can trade Kopitar and Carter at 5.7 until 2020 can manage the top line duties of center for years to come. Trading Richards at 5.6 as a number 2 center could be beneficial too, but do you risk breaking up Richards and Carter again? I say no. Also as a contingency plan, should the Kings loose Brown, Richards is the Captain. Any building team in the East that is looking for a top line center would pay a bounty for Kopitar. HIs style of play is perfect for the eastcoast and everyone knows it. You also have to think about the future and what he may bring. After the 15-16 season, is there any chance he takes a paycut? Not a chance in the world and there is no way he deserves to be paid more but as a UFA he will walk because some team will offer more as they always do.

    If you want to keep Kopitar as I am sure all you Kopitards do. The next best option is trading Stoll and not touching the top 6. For a 3rd line center that pretty much only wins faceoffs and is pretty good on the PK, his 3.25 is not that desirable. Additionally, with trading away Stoll, you also trade away a ton of untimely penalties, and a guy who talks too much on the ice. However the ladies will miss his sexiness.

    If you really want to get crazy……trade Doughty. 7 mil a year? Are you kidding? Suck eggs dude! Ducan Keith at 5.5, Seabrooke at 5.8…….

    Again, trading the reasonable contracts dont make sense. If you are worried about space, trading the contracts that take up the most space with least return are those to get rid of, regardless of your love for the players.

    Looking at the homepage of, there are teams in far worst shape than us and I am not worried.

    • I agree this talk of moving Williams doesn’t make sense. Sure, Toffoli might be able to slide into his spot on the top line, but then who plays LW with Carts and Richie? Talking about trading Kopi is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in awhile! Kopi had led the team in points for 6 straight seasons, ever year other than his rookie season where he was 3rd! And compare his cap hit versus what top line centers are now going to get (e.g. Getzlaf $8.25), he is a steal! Instead maybe we should look to trade Regehr, after we resign Scuds. Bernier, Regehr, 2nd rounder for Griffin Reinhart and the Islanders 1st rounder-take Anthony Mantha (I know, we’d have to give up more, but a boy can dream!)

  12. Based on your emotional comment, you clearly are one of the Kopitards, I am referring to. Just because a player leads your team in points doesn’t mean you cant trade him. And, while he lead the Kings in points he still only ranked 28th in top points production in the league. Yes he leads the Kings, but he is far from elite. If Getzlaf gets 8.25 than Anze in two season will want more or equal and proves the point that Carter and Richards are a steal. In the meantime, Kopitar’s and Doughty’s contract handcuff the team from bringing in the players they need most at left wing and from possibly re-signing Dustin Brown when he commands a raise.. The depth at center is there which leaves him expendable.

    • How bout a potent third line of Donnely, Millen, and Granato?? The “all American line”
      All kidding aside, I’m not a Kopitard; however, the return on a trade would have to bring a top 6. For the first time in ages, we have scoring capibility on our top two lines. When it works, we are fairly leathal. If Kopi was dealt with no replacement, we could see a drop in our already anemic goal production.

      • I agree. I am not saying trade Kopitar for a first round pick just to free up caproom as that would be dumb. The return has to be comparable from an aspect of a player with lots of upside. There are surely teams out there with too much winger depth and not enough centers.

    • Emotional? I am the one who is actually using facts. Yes Carts & Richie are steals at their cap hit, so id Kopi. Who you clearly have a grudge against. I mean I realize he is a vampire, maybe he did your sister or girlfriend in, but get over it! “He only ranked 28th in points,” he also ranked 27th in salary cap hit. I don’t get how you can say “Justin Williams and his very reasonable 3.65 million contract doesn’t do anything but force you to replace his production with a UFA that will probably command more in salary.” And not realize that with Kopi’s reasonable salary we would not only have to replace but improve upon his production, which as you noted only 27 guys in the league did last year (how many at his cap hit?). Trading Kopitar not only hurts us short term, but long term as well. If we got Patrice Bergeron and Dougie Hamilton back, sure that’d be great! But there is no trade in the world that would actually happen that helps the Kings to move Kopi. If you can think of one, please let me know, I would be more than willing to eat crow if I was somehow wrong. But no such trade exists, next you are going to say trade Doughty or Quick because of their salaries; right Mr. Scott Howson?

  13. We have to take a huge step back and look at the longterm picture here. We won the cup in dominating fashion in 2012. 2013 brought a deep playoff run and I’d expect with a similar build and the same core, this team can be a serious cup contender for years to come like the final 4 teams were this year. Kopi had an off year, it was a weird season and that’s fine, it happens with people, but he’s an athlete with the will to compete, he will be back in top form after a proper off season. Likewise with Brownie, he’s going to develop into the character captain that we all know he can be. He has skill, especially when he learns to push himself. The whole team is learning with these deep playoff runs how to push themselves. Why do you thing Richards and Carter were such amazing additions to our team? People who know how to win, know what it takes, plain and simple. That knowledge and style is contagious too, we have to maintain an atmosphere like Detroit. We expect to make the playoffs every year and therefore contend for the cup. Let’s have confidence, our GM got us this far. Lombardi has the skills to make a winning team, we just need to keep up the good work and eventually the wins will come.


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