John, Jarret, Justin, Jacob and That Dick, Tim Leiweke

John Stevens is allegedly getting a lot of interest from the Vancouver Canucks and the New York Rangers. John is not a New York kind of guy. That is a huge stage and a mild-mannered defensive minded coach goes with that idiot Glen Sather and New York like a farm boy from Viking, Alberta goes with Los Ang…um…shit.

The Canucks suck. Alain Vigneault was a great coach. They don’t deserve Stevens. They deserve more first round playoff eliminations and the Sedins.

Jarret Stoll v. Justin Williams. If Dean Lombardi is looking to trade a reasonable contract like Timmy Love claims, shouldn’t it be Jarret? Almost the same cap hit, same duration, similar value. With a depth chart of Kopitar, Richards and Carter at center and Carter fitting like a glove in his natural center position, wouldn’t you rather have them down the middle than try to squeeze a kid who may not be ready in the top 6 wing position? Faceoffs…yes I know, but are we really concerned about faceoffs with those three down the middle? Chemistry with Carter and Richards. Come on, they are great players, they don’t need each other on the line to be great.

Tim Leiweke is a dick.

He is not a dick for expressing an opinion.

He is a dick for doing it the way he did. Notice the question had nothing to do with L.A. or the Kings. The question was about the Maple Leafs and their fans. Yet, the first thing he says is how that kind of fandom didn’t exist in L.A. and that didn’t awaken until the Finals. That is just a malicious dig and against whom? The L.A. Kings fan base and the city.

What did we ever do to this guy? Except watch him get progressively fatter throughout the years?

Fuck you, Tim.

I would love to personally introduce him to my fandom so he can have some perspective while drinking his food out of a straw for a month. What a moron for ruining his legacy here by opening his overfed mouth.

A few random bullets:

  • Is it me or does Jonathan Toews look VERY Amish with that playoff beard? Remember that an Amish with his fist up a horse’s ass is a mechanic.
  • I dig the idea of a Vey-Person-Toffoli line as our third. Nuts, I know, but it’s sexy.
  • Jon Rosen reports that the Kings and Voynov may be close. I still think (or want to believe) a $3.8M cap hit is reasonable…I wonder though if it will be closer to $4.3-4.5. Oh and the KHL…pfft.
  • Did you know that there hasn’t been a split in the first two games of the Cup Final since 2004? I learned that today via Dan Rosen’s Twitter account.
  • Game two starts at 5pm. Fuck both teams and I’m still watching every second.
  • Oh and I had nothing about Jacob. I just put him in the title because it worked with the J theme.


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  1. 20 seconds into that video and I already want to plant my feet in Leiweke’s mouth… if he has half a clue he’d know about Toronto’s history rather than risking the wrath of us Kings fans and a Welshman dropkicking him in the jaw.

  2. That’s because Toronto has nothing else to be excited about besides their losing hockey team. LA is a city of champions and our fan base has higher expectations. Regardless of these comments Leiweke can suck a big fat Maple Leaf fan.

  3. Timmy had it easy here. I mean he gets allegedly an unlimited budget to give to Lombardi to use to improve the Kings right?
    Kings win a cup, and all of a sudden Timmy is some hot shit, well in his eyes anyway.
    Lockout ok, I think we as fans were pretty understanding about this being a no win situation for us, yet we still get excited about being able to defend the championship.
    Ticket prices increased. Ok I understand its not uncommon. I think the timing of it was! You decided to increase season seats during the Terry Murray meltdown?
    Fans are fans and they will comeback regardless of the product on the ice right?
    Yes, the increase wasn’t huge, however now people had to decide if they could afford both season seats and parking now, since that increase was enough to force people to pony up or pay 20.00 or whatever it is to park in and around Staples.
    Lockout over, PR blitz, Kings giving 1 million to community. Timmy asked a question by a reporter about taking that 1 million they planned on giving to some charity, and passing that onto the fans. Something like lower concessions, parking, beer whatever else. Timmy snaps at reporter telling him ” I think our fans would rather have a winning team.” Actually Timmy, that million you allegedly were dishing out to whatever charity would have been better used and appreciated by the people who filled Staples every night the Kings played, not to mention LA Live and the other businesses around Staples that benefited by the Kings winning the Stanley Cup.
    Alas you were right, the fans came back, even stronger than ever, and ticket prices increased yet again?
    Ok now people are now pondering if it might just be better to buy 1/2 season seats because the cost again, along with the cost of parking and the shitty Sky Crapper Farmer John things you have to pay 6.25 for or whatever before you head over to the condiment trough. I guess after you spend 30.00 for those 3 beers you drink so you don’t really care about that Farmer John thing they sell and whatever it is composed of proves you right.
    Cha Ching!
    Timmy I have some news for you! Toronto are psychotic rabid, informed hockey fans! Hell they are almost as smart as Kings fans, but you are about to step into the Buds Nest!
    Timmy MLSE is not AEG they have a mission statement maybe you should read it, learn it, live it!

    1. Earn the trust and respect of our fans through humility, integrity and confidence in our mission.
    Timmy you are a snake, you have no humility, only a “I’m better than you.” attitude.
    2. Cultivate a creative, innovative, and optimistic approach to everything we do.
    Timmy I find it hard to believe you are creative, you hire people for that right, because you don’t have that
    DNA programmed into your mental makeup.
    3, Think and act like a fan. Share their passion, entertain them, and always go above and beyond.
    Timmy I know you would watch games in those entrances, but when was the last time you actually sat in
    the 300 seats where the real fans sit? Do you even interact with that loyal fan base?
    4. Care for each other. Create an environment where our people thrive.
    Boy I would love to be a fly on the wall when that big egotistical brain tries to tackle that one! I think
    staying at a Holiday Inn Express ain’t going to give you any answers!
    5. Be proud, celebrate out successes, and always have fun.

    Good luck and good riddance Timmy! Maybe you can get one of my Great White relatives a job at Burke’s Dog House up there in Toronto!

    PS: Tortts/Stevens/Tippett/Ruff are all names still out there, along with Guy Boucher.

    That other guy who speaks French, but not enough IKEA got the Rangers gig, and honestly all he brings to the Rangers is an ability to give answers in French and English.

  4. I could care less what Tim says now. He says what he thinks people want to hear. He did that here.

    I remember his response when they had that press conference after the Kings won, and McDonald’s became their main sponsor. A fan asked about giveaways and other little goodies for loyal season seat holders. He said something like, “We’ve talked to season seat holders, and they don’t care about that stuff. They just want to win.” —-This was me after that comment……”Well…..yes, yes we do, but free shit is still very much appreciated for. Also, I don’t remember a call from you Tim.”

    He’s bitter for being “let go”/fired, so he’s jumping on the east coast “Kings fans are bandwagoners” bandwagon.

  5. The Pearson-Vey-Toffoli line would be epic. I watched a bunch of Monarchs games this season and all three kids are GOOD. They have chemistry together, and could be a force to reckon with.

  6. I’ve been a Kings fan since I was a kid (late 80’s), I am born and raised in Southern California, and sadly what Tim said is true. Toronto is more of a hockey town than LA: fact. But, the LA Kings Diehards shouldn’t be punished because all 5 mill+ SoCal residents weren’t feverishly supporting the Kings. California has stuff to do: movie stars, beaches, Disneyland, Lakers, Dodgers, beautiful people… And so on. Toronto has… Snow? Tim, you might have been correct, but your delivery was horrible, especially being a “member” of the Kings organization. Next time, I’d suggest altering your response, maybe uplifting us “oh so few” Kings fans instead of belittling us.

    Personnel Decisions:
    – Resign Voynoz 5yr $20 mill
    – Resign Scuds (if Mitchell is done)
    – Resign Clifford, Lewis, Muzzin, Nolan
    – Sign Iggy to 2yr $6 mill to play on 2nd line
    – Trade Bernier & Fraser for a veteran backup goalie & picks

  7. That’s it! I’m flying to Toronto and confronting that DOUCHE next season!!!!

  8. What a jerk. lie wicke. No class.

    Steve M. Brooks,CIC,CPIA B&B Premier Insurance Solutions,Inc. 818-223-8383 fax 818-223-8181 @stevebrooksins Sent from my iPad

  9. What a fucking cunt fuck you Tim. Throws us under the bus just to suck up to the media in Toronto who doesn’t need any sucking up to about how great their history and franchise are. Everybody knows that already. He acts so shocked that he just learned about this. Yeah they have a great fan base. It’s Toronto for Christ sake. “They are hockey” again no need to wrap your lips around their cocks and tickle the balls while trashing us in the process.
    I’m gonna laugh when the media in that town gets sick of his slick bullshit, the over confidence and that arrogant smirk. What a cockslap

  10. Bobby… It’s either me…. or it’s you. Probably it’s me. What exactly is this? Is it me or does Jonathan Toews look VERY Amish with that playoff beard? (great so far) and then> Remember that an Amish with his fist up a horse’s ass is a mechanic. Huh?
    Oh well, I got a good smile out of it anyway.

  11. “I dig the idea of a Vey-Person-Toffoli line as our third. Nuts, I know, but it’s sexy”

    I do Not like that idea at all. Person is a person, and Pearson is the guy the Kings drafted (just having fun calling typos to the attention of a writer). Anyway, as I was saying, I don’t like the idea. If Pearson is on the team next year it’s because of DL’s lack of attention to developing forwards and particularly LW’s for this org.

    Just my opinion: while the one game he played was a miniscule sample, that guy needs to stay in Manch. Detroit (and New Jersey) get that stuff and let their players develop to become ready for the NHL. That’s why both of those GM’s are so good – or at least one reason they are.

    Plus, Manchester needs to develop a winning culture too, and if every decent player ends up coming to the big club because of lacks on the Kings it doesn’t help them. I can’t remember the last time the Monarchs made it out of the first round.
    Grand Rapids (Detroit) I believe won the AHL level cup (Calder)?

  12. I agree with you, Drew. This is a line with proven chemistry and talented offensive players. I think they should let these guys loose at camp and see what they can do against the next level.

  13. Oh yeah, I forgot which blog I’m on!
    The Ducks suck cock.

  14. Tim Lewinski is a whore. What a classless ambitious bum. He can go suck off Bettman in Toronto where there will be no Stanley Cup. His real name is Santa Monica Leiweke. What a bum…

  15. I’m a little disappointed we’re even discussing this. Who gives a shit about that guy-he’s a business man, nothing else. Moving on…


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