This Bud’s For Us? Holloway Is Close to Signing…

John (Mayor) tells us that Bud Holloway may be close to signing with the L.A. Kings.

Remember him?

While the question of whether or not he will have success here is debatable (he has had success everywhere he has played so far), the bigger question now is where he “fits?”

The L.A. Kings are not signing him to send him to Manchester. In fact, I would not be surprised if the contract forbids it.

Dean Lombardi may sign him just to trade him (as a nice fuck you for leaving to Europe) but I doubt that too…Holloway is a right wing / left wing and we could use one with an offensive acumen.

So, a 25 year old wing with a nice scoring touch and offensive upside and who is competent defensively is close to being ours again. He is also a clutch player, if I recall correctly, scoring some big game winning goals. His skating ability…meh.

Brad Richardson is gone but that was the case before this Holloway news, right?

We have King and Clifford as the bottom 6 left wings. If he plays right, then we have Lewis, Nolan and Toffoli in the way. That is one too many for the active roster.

We have Dustin Penner likely not being resigned. If he is, then we suddenly have a log jam of left wings.

What do you think?

Update: he is a career +69 and in Europe lit it up with 120 points in 110 games, leading all in his super elite cool yay for us league. In his career (AHL included) he is a big time playoff point producer. More than a point per game. Lots of goals.

I also recalled something about him. He has a hard and accurate shot, goes to the net and the dirty areas. At 25, he is not a kid but his skill set may actually fit nicely.

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  1. I think he replaces Penner with ease. Hollo/Carter/Toffoli = one of the top producing lines next season. Richards goes to 3rd line (like he did in Philly, he & Stoll are interchangeable).

    • he replaces regular season Penncakes with ease. Very few players replace playoffs Penner.

    • Stoll and Richards are not interchangeable, not even close. And that failed experiment in Philly only wasted a year of Richards career, a mistake by Lavvy. If you didn’t watch what Richards did in the playoffs, and that without him, the Kings would have been playing golf after the first round, that (according to NBC during the WCF) “no player in the playoffs with more playoff points since 2010 than Mike Richards (57). This money player, a guy who has shown to be a clutch player and scorer, this is a guy you think is the same as stoll???? Take up checkers or a sport you can better understand.

      • Oh the failed experiment where he had the highest goal total of his career. And by interchangeable I meant center to wing, not replaceable. Learn to read dipshit.

    • Richards does not belong on the 3rd line. That is too much talent wasted. We’re already short on talent in the top 6…cough Brown, cough, cough…I’d like the lines to be this:

      Holloway – Kopi – Williams
      Carter – Richards – Toffoli

      Brown gets traded.

  2. ” His skating ability…meh.” Screw that stuff Bobby. We already added Regehr for two more years and two 2nd’s out the exit door. This team needs to get….. forget it. I’m getting tired of writing the same post over and over. I don’t need to tell you of all people to watch the Hawks. They beat people to loose pucks. When you beat people to loose pucks it’s harder to establish a forecheck.

    I wish I hadn’t written this but I’ll click the post button anyhow. I feel like I’m starting to recycle the same ideas over and over. That reason being that the team has like 88% of it’s stuff in place (more or less depending on who the dmen are that stay) and the other like 12% is still not having enough speed and a more substantial bottom six.
    Maybe he ends up being part of that bottom six though and it works.

  3. And as for me banging on about the bottom six, I don’t know who else there was thinking it, but I sure as hell was: Game One: Winning Goal – Andrew Shaw Game Two: Tying Goal – Chris Kelly – Winning Goal – Daniel Paille (with an amazing shot). I’m really sorry but I just can’t imagine that sort of a shot in a big game coming from one of our bottom six as currently constructed. It wasn’t an aberration either. I’ve seen several Boston games being back east, and those lower line players on Boston have underrated skill levels.

    Moral of the story…. all three of those very important goals listed above came from bottom six players. Those three goals in two games are more I believe than our bottom six (with the exception of Lewis) had in eighteen post season games. King – two (one empty net). Can’t think of any others. Did Cliffy get one?

    • Drew, if the top forwards produced, the bottom lines would generally follow. We went to the conference finals for goodness sake. The Chicago series was actually a pretty close series. We didn’t lose because the bottom six wasn’t fast enough or scored enough. We lost because our best players were not our best players. Add 3-4 goals from Kopi and 3-4 from Brown and you have us in the Cup Finals right now because the SJ series would not have gone to 7 and we probably beat Chicago.

      • Bobby….. I ‘semi’ agree with you. But the point I’m making is… Boston’s in the finals.
        They got zero goals last night from their top lines. If no one from the bottom chips in then they’re down 2-0 in the series. But both Kelly and Paille ‘chipped in’. Some sort of chipping in actually.
        What I said here is undeniable.
        And one more point…. during the reg season (48 gms in this case) the bottom six were still entirely bereft of a scoring touch. I’m not just mentioning it. Sutter alluded to it in the press.
        So you can’t always count on the top six. You know how often in the history of the playoffs it’s the unsung guys who end up with the high profile.

        Last year in Gms one and two Carter and Kopi scored the huge goals (as did Doughty). But that’s the exception, not the rule. Last year we won 10 games on the road in the playoffs, this year we won one.
        Anyway, much of my point is measured by A) what I see from the other teams and B) not just what I see, but what I know you and Jacob see…. which is too many wingers who simply don’t have much speed or instinct around the net.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this forever. If this is true, this is really good news IMO.

  5. Give the kid a shot. He’s got scoring skills. My only concern is that he’s played I’m Europe the past few seasons and they play on a wider rink. The games a little more wide open.

    Can he perform in a similar way on an NHL rink with the best players in the world?

  6. Don’t know much about his skating, but…..if he was able to cover the larger ice surfaces in the SEL, I assume he’ll get around well enough here….

  7. Bud was awesome in Manchester and kicked a lot of ass in Europe, so hopefully they get him on board. He has a bomb of a one-timer that you see all over his highlight videos for the Euro team he was playing on. I can remember one game down in Manchester where he took a slapper from the dot and the goalie for the opposing team — a Syracuse Crunch goalie, I think — flinched; he literally moved his head out of the way.

    The puck went in and it was glorious.


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