Stealing Other’s Cap Work

I wrote about 3/4 of an article about the cap, then I realized Quisp already wrote that article a few days ago, so I deleted that article and decided to just link you to his.

Effectively, this is what Quisp came up with before the Voynov signing:


Dustin Brown ($3.18MM) / Anze Kopitar ($6.8MM) / Justin Williams ($3.65MM)

Tyler Toffoli ($870K) / Mike Richards ($5.75MM) / Jeff Carter ($5.27MM)

Dwight King ($750K) / Jarret Stoll ($3.25MM / Trevor Lewis ($1MM)

Kyle Clifford ($900K) / Colin Fraser ($825K) / Jordan Nolan ($700K)

Tanner Pearson ($925K) / Linden Vey ($900K)


Robyn Regehr ($3MM) / Drew Doughty ($7MM)

Slava Voynov ($3.9MM) / Rob Scuderi ($3.4MM)

Jake Muzzin ($850K) / Matt Greene ($2.95MM)

Alec Martinez ($750K)


Jonathan Quick ($5.8MM)

Jonathan Bernier ($1.75MM)


Willie Mitchell







Now that we know Voynov’s number is $4.17MM, which is 180K more than Quisp projected (hey, nice one Quisp), the only thing that changes from what he wrote is that you have to replace one of Pearson or Vey in Quisp’s lineup with a cheaper player making closer to league minimum and/or you do as he suggests and you trade Bernier and sign a cheap veteran backup goalie for around or under $1 million.

Here is a list of unrestricted free agent goalies. The three names that jump out at me are Dan Ellis, Brian Boucher and Ray Emery. None of them are great, none of them will cost too much, all are capable of spot duty for Quick under a defensively robust Sutter team. It’s time to do the right thing and let Bernier move on, unless for some strange reason he’s decided he wants nothing more in life than to be Quick’s backup.

I think my real point here is that Timmy is still a fool for ever saying the Kings need to trade Justin Williams.

EDIT: I should add that I think Quisps’ number for Trevor Lewis is low. I think Lewis would want closer to two and will get somewhere around $1.4MM.

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  1. I’m a fool!? You’re the one looking for a “veteran goalie” for under a million bucks. And it appears you’re serious about that. And again, I never said they NEED to trade Justin Williams.

    • I thought you loved Emery?

      “I love Ray Emery”

      “Good fucking goalie”.

      I believe those were the quotes.


      • I like Emery a whole lot. i just don’t think you can get him for under a million. Or even a million for that matter. Also, the Kings are going to know by July 1st what to do with Mitchell.

        • I agree on Emery. Won the William M. Jennings this year, not going to be taking a paycut! He’ll probably get closer to 2-3M/yr. Seriously, 17-1, .922Sv%, 1.94GAA, only 30, and has always had talent, just needed to stop snorting away his career.

          • He very well may from a team that needs a starter. But if he is going for a starting job he is already out of the discussion for us and it’s not even a matter of can we afford him. Goalies who want to start won’t be signing here in the first place.

            If Emery wants to back up and play for another winner, then he won’t be getting $2-$3 mill.

            We aren’t getting Emery. I’m fairly sure of that. Was just throwing the name out there as one of the better UFA goalies available that MIGHT be affordable.

  2. Well, Justin Williams has seemed eminently tradeable several times during his Kings tenure — though he was some kind of God in this year’s playoffs, and was pretty awesome last year, too.

    It will be interesting to see what Dean does in the next month. Fun GM chess coming right up.

    • It should be a fun off season. I know most people are still reeling from the Regehr signing but Lombardi has earned my implicit trust. I could guess at what exactly he will do, but why? He will probably trade Bernier and Bernier could go for any number of things. A great prospect. Some drafts picks. A bottom six player and picks. Another backup goalie and picks/a prospect.

    • What I don’t get about the current Williams trade talk is: What do we do for a top line RW? If we move Williams, and Toffoli becomes the top RW, then who plays LW with Williams & Carter. We would be creating a problem, without ever solving another one! Just buyout Mitchell, and resign Scuds.

  3. What’s andreoffs cap hit? Replace Dwight King with it… I may of may not be in on the “trade stoll, move Richards to 3rd line center” party… Also, kopitar better damn play like 6.8 mil … 6.8mil players don’t have 30 game+ goal scoring droughts

    • i think bringing up andreoff is an interesting thought…

      • Andreoff is going to be a damn good player. Feisty, fast and fearless. He has a legitimate shot at making the team, but even without considering the scoring troubles we’ve had, he’s got Vey and Pearson to pass on the depth chart. I think he is a mid-season call up or makes the roster the following year, unless we don’t retain Nolan or Clifford this year.

  4. Buy Mitchell out if no healthy progress, utilize Pearson, trade Bernier.
    Lewis will definitely want little more than 1 mil, Sutter loves his work ethic will put in good word.

    Any word on if Richards is 100% from concussion?

  5. Don’t we have a couple of goalies in Manchester that are just aboiut NHL ready?
    Or is the thought they want them to stay there so they get a chance to play?
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Gonna be a big gamble to go with Martin Jones who by all accounts struggled last year.

      • So he needs more seasoning..geez we went from a glut of goalies to a potential problem.
        Traded Zakoff..what about Berbue? Is he close?
        Any good?
        Hate to spend our small amount of cap dollars on a backup goalie when we imoortant players to sign.
        GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. I say, LA packages Bernier with our 2nd round pick and Alec Martinez, or ideally Ellerby, for Couturier and Philly’s 1st which then is used for Anthony Mantha. Sean Couturier, is who I’ve wanted from Philly all along. We can put him at LW, a 6’3″ left-handed shot, scored 41 & 36 goals in the QMJHL his last two years respectively. The only reason he hasn’t been more productive offensively in the NHL is Philly has put him in a 3rd-line checking role where he has been one of the top defensive forwards in the league. Anthony Mantha is 6’4″, a left-handed shot, and scored 50 goals in the QMJHL last year. Then in two years when Stoll’s contract is up, move Couturier to the third line center/PK role, and if his offensive game has come around its a good problem to have, then put Mantha on the second line with Richards and Carter.

  7. Trade Kopitar and Martinez’s rights to Rangers for Derick Brassard and 1st round pick.
    Re-sign: Fraser, Richardson, Clifford, Muzzin- 2 years each and Scuderi and Lewis 3 years each..
    Sign Brassard long-term- 6 years ($3.5 MM) per season.
    Sign Ray Emery as back-up for- 2 years at ($1.25MM) per season


    1st Line: Dustin Brown ($3.18MM) / Derick Brassard ($3.2MM) / Justin Williams ($3.65MM)

    2nd Line: Tyler Toffoli ($870K) / Mike Richards ($5.75MM) / Jeff Carter ($5.27MM)

    3rd Line: Dustin Penner ($1.50MM) / Jarret Stoll ($3.25MM / Trevor Lewis ($1.25MM)

    4th Line: Kyle Clifford ($882,500K) / Colin Fraser ($825K) / Brad Richardson ($882,500K)

    Tanner Pearson ($925K) / Linden Vey ($900K)


    Robyn Regehr ($3MM) / Drew Doughty ($7MM)

    Slava Voynov ($3.9MM) / Rob Scuderi ($2.5MM)

    Jake Muzzin ($850K) / Matt Greene ($2.95MM)

    Willie Mitchell ($3.5MM)


    Jonathan Quick ($5.8MM)

    Ray Emery ($1.25MM)


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