Well, unfortunately no one is giving me didley squat.

Dean Lombardi, however, just gave Slava Voynov $25 million to retain his services over the next six years.

You know what this means? Well, probably something important related to cap space, but truly, the gravitas of this lies in the fact that I may now finally use the 50% off Team LA coupon I was given two months ago to purchase a jersey with #26 on the back.

I don’t need to tell you that we like this signing. Of course we like it. The cap hit, $4.17, is entirely fair considering Slava would be worth closer to $6 if he were on the open market today. He is a 23 year old defenseman now under contract until he is close to 30. The threat of an offer sheet is gone. The cap picture, now with about half an NHL minimum salary under $57 million committed to 15 players, is clearer and most importantly, we love Slava Voynov, the two-way, intelligent defensemen who can do a bit of everything and has perhaps the team’s best one timer and deadliest shot from the point. English may be his second language, but the playoffs are his first. Dude has 7 goals and 16 points in 36 career playoffs games over the last two seasons. Those are insane numbers for a young defensemen.

I have to go meet a sprinkler technician, so more on the cap implications later today.