Are you enjoying the Stanley Cup Final? Bruins. Blackhawks. Is it fun? It hurts here. I get into it, then remember what could and should have been with our boys and walk away from the TV. I intend to try and enjoy game 5 though because the winner takes the series.

What does Dean Lombardi want?

Does Dean want a top 6 forward? Yes, to replace Penner but we have good competition for that spot from within.

Does Dean want a bottom 6 forward? No.

Does Dean want more defense? Just Scuderi if he can re-sign him

What does Dean want? Goaltending. He is going to lose Bernier and will need Bernier.

Whether it is Jonathan Bernier with other player(s) as a package or the return for Bernier that is then repackaged, I think Dean’s highest priority is solidifying the number 2 spot for 2013-2014.

The Willie Mitchell saga of uncertainty is making me sick. Losing Scuderi and Mitchell would put a huge hole in our D and Dean won’t allow that to happen. Rob Scuderi is getting re-signed. Willie Mitchell is either going to LTIR or getting traded when he is healthy again. The only way that doesn’t happen is if Lombardi feels confident that Mitchell is healthy now…which is risky and I struggle with him taking that risk without being reasonably confident of that as a fact.

Alain Vigneault

Alain Vigneault wants to be called AV. I learned that this morning, listening to the press conference on the radio. My opinion on his hiring and what impact it will have on the Rangers is simple. I don’t have one. So long as Glen Sather is the GM, Rangers will be Rangers. This guy has never left the 80′s Oilers school of hockey.

I hate that Lindy Ruff will coach the Dallas Stars. They will be better.

Lindy Ruff named Stars coach


LA Kings outdoor game

We’ll all be drunk, Kate. Surly and I may cause a rush to the field.



Kings bloggers

That question can only be accurately answered after The Royal Half shows his face.