Monarchs 2012-2013 Season Post-Mortem

It’s been roughly two months since the Monarchs were eliminated by the Springfield Falcons in round 1 of the 2013 Calder Cup Playoffs. Am I over it? Mostly. The team was up and down all season, and it really didn’t surprise me that they were ousted by a team with one of the best records on the season. I think it was more surprising that they made the playoffs at all. In all honestly, what made their departure sting the most was simply the manner in which it happened and where it happened.

In overtime… An overtime which happened via a tying goal that should have been ruled disallowed. Watch the replay and tell me if you agree.

And it was at home.

So now it’s summer and the guys are all getting a much needed rest, hopefully gearing up for the 2013-2014 season which will kick off in October. The Kings have managed to re-sign forward Brandon Kozun so far. There’s at least one Kings call-up that I’m not expecting to see donning the lion emblem in the fall, and one who I hope spends more time in Manchester.

Who don’t I think will come back? Feisty D-man with a bomb-of-a-shot, Jake Muzzin. In his late season debut up in LA, the guy managed to earn himself a defenseman of the month award. He had key goals and assists in several Kings wins. And in the playoffs, gave some much needed bolstering on the back-end in light of injuries to key Kings like Green, Stoll and Richards.

Who do I hope comes back? Tyler Toffoli. Now I know he made a decent impact when it counted most. I also acknowledge the fact that he has the kind of scoring touch the Kings occasionally need. My main concern is if he goes up, who’s going to fill the void in Manchester? When the Monarchs were on a tear, he was one of the guys lighting the lamp with consistency. He also has great hockey sense and was often able to get assists on goals that would surprise even the most attentive viewer. The kid’s good and leaves behind big shoes to fill.

So I know that it’s generally Surly & Scribe’s job to discuss matters pertaining to the Kings, but I just have to put something out there…

Who do I think should spend more time in Manchester? Jordan Nolan. During the playoffs, I found myself cringing whenever the puck squirted his way. I would constantly say to my wife or friends watching the game with me, “Now watch, he’s going to carry the puck wide, around the boards, behind the net, and then either make a bad pass or lose possession.”

What happened most times? I was like a fucking Nostradamus.

I get that he made a small impact when the team went all the way a season ago and captured the Kings’ first Stanley Cup Championship. I just can’t help but shake the feeling that his opportunity and coach Sutter’s willingness to ignore blatant stupidity is because of who Nolan’s dad is.

But enough Noley bashing. I said my piece.

It’s hard to say what I expect to see out of the Monarchs in the fall. As the summer rolls on and draft picks, signings and training camp take place, the picture may become clearer. I just want to see this young crew play to its potential and remind opponents near and far, there’s a reason they should fear the jungle.

Go Monarchs (and Kings)!

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  1. “Tyler Toffoli…I also acknowledge the fact that he has the kind of scoring touch the Kings occasionally need”


    I suppose that certainly is putting “something out there


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