Just like that, the world of Jonathan Bernier as a King ended with a whimper today as Kings fans woke up to the news that the Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired the burgeoning French Canadian goaltender-of-the-Kings-future-no-more. I was wearing a Darth Vader shirt today, but I’ll be switching to my #45 shirt in memorian.

So who did we get?

Matt Frattin, a 25 year-old right wing I now need to research. Matt Barry likes him alright, which I suppose counts for something coming from the guy who probably owns a game worn Nathan Dempsey Kings jersey. The twitter-verse tells us Frattin is a strong two-way winger with 2nd line scoring upside. His 15 goals and 28 points over an exactly 82 game career (spread over three seasons), supports that.

Frattin is on his second contract which carries a $925k cap hit and expires at the end up the upcoming 2013-14 season and will leave him an RFA.

The real question is, is he just your average mouth breather, or is he dead inside?


Ben Scrivens (I need to drink some O.J. just reading that name), a 26 year-old goaltender who has appeared in 32 NHL games over the last two seasons, going 11-14 with a .910 save percentage. All early things I’ve read are that this guy was born to be a back-up goalie. Looking at his statistics, the number that jumps out at me is that last year in the AHL playoffs he posted a .935 save percentage in 17 games. Scrivens is signed to a deal that ends at the end of this season and leaves him a UFA. His cap hit is $612k.

The pick is a 2nd rounder in a year TBD by Toronto (2014 or 2015).

Darren Dreger also says the Kings got $500k as part of the deal, because apparently that still happens.

So what do I think of the deal? Mostly I am happy for Bernier. Not only does he get a legitimate chance to be a starter come September, but he gets to do it for a Canadian team who is finally on the rise. Had he been traded to Toronto three years ago, my heart would have broken for the guy.

I need to beef up and watch some video of Frattin and Scrivens before I decide how I like this for us. Even then, I won’t be able to form an opinion worth listening to until I get to see them both in training camp (and don’t trust any Kings fan who tells you otherwise). Did we get an asset as good as Bernier? No, it certainly doesn’t seem that way. My guess is that Bernier will have a better career than Frattin or Scrivens. If you go by the adage “whoever gets the best player wins the deal” then Toronto looks like they come out on top here, but I’m excited to see Frattin play. I will make an early assumption that Frattin takes Dwight Kings’ spot on the third line alongside Stoll and Lewis unless he can beat out Toffoli for the 2nd line opening or the Kings make another trade. I suppose Scrivens is our backup now unless Martin Jones comes into camp guns a blazin’.

The 2nd round pick isn’t a high one and hopefully Toronto chooses to give us the pick this year, will be low if Bernier helps take the Leafs to the next level, but we all know what Lombardi can do with a second round pick (Voynov, Simmonds, Toffoli). I’m actually more excited in the long run about the pick than I am the players.

Assuming that Scrivens is our backup, the real beauty of the deal lies in working the cap. We get two roster players for a combined $1.5 million, which most people seemed to assume would only cover the backup goalie void Bernier left, just adding to the room to sign Scuderi or another dman.

Also… From what I can tell, the 500k part of the deal is that the Leafs are retaining a portion of Frattin and Scrivens salaries, further helping the Kings out of their cap crunch. Every few hundred thousand is magnified the closer up to the cap we get and since both contracts expire at the end of the year, the Leafs won’t really feel the 500k.

Hey, let’s watch some videos together.

Don’t know how to embed this one. http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=245525

No idea if this is the same Frattin, but hey, it came up on google.

That’s all for now. Bobby will opine about the lost goalie later.

What say you? Happy, sad, relieved the bandaid finally got yanked off?