Jon Bernier Traded to Toronto for a Forward, a Disease & a Pick

Just like that, the world of Jonathan Bernier as a King ended with a whimper today as Kings fans woke up to the news that the Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired the burgeoning French Canadian goaltender-of-the-Kings-future-no-more. I was wearing a Darth Vader shirt today, but I’ll be switching to my #45 shirt in memorian.

So who did we get?

Matt Frattin, a 25 year-old right wing I now need to research. Matt Barry likes him alright, which I suppose counts for something coming from the guy who probably owns a game worn Nathan Dempsey Kings jersey. The twitter-verse tells us Frattin is a strong two-way winger with 2nd line scoring upside. His 15 goals and 28 points over an exactly 82 game career (spread over three seasons), supports that.

Frattin is on his second contract which carries a $925k cap hit and expires at the end up the upcoming 2013-14 season and will leave him an RFA.

The real question is, is he just your average mouth breather, or is he dead inside?


Ben Scrivens (I need to drink some O.J. just reading that name), a 26 year-old goaltender who has appeared in 32 NHL games over the last two seasons, going 11-14 with a .910 save percentage. All early things I’ve read are that this guy was born to be a back-up goalie. Looking at his statistics, the number that jumps out at me is that last year in the AHL playoffs he posted a .935 save percentage in 17 games. Scrivens is signed to a deal that ends at the end of this season and leaves him a UFA. His cap hit is $612k.

The pick is a 2nd rounder in a year TBD by Toronto (2014 or 2015).

Darren Dreger also says the Kings got $500k as part of the deal, because apparently that still happens.

So what do I think of the deal? Mostly I am happy for Bernier. Not only does he get a legitimate chance to be a starter come September, but he gets to do it for a Canadian team who is finally on the rise. Had he been traded to Toronto three years ago, my heart would have broken for the guy.

I need to beef up and watch some video of Frattin and Scrivens before I decide how I like this for us. Even then, I won’t be able to form an opinion worth listening to until I get to see them both in training camp (and don’t trust any Kings fan who tells you otherwise). Did we get an asset as good as Bernier? No, it certainly doesn’t seem that way. My guess is that Bernier will have a better career than Frattin or Scrivens. If you go by the adage “whoever gets the best player wins the deal” then Toronto looks like they come out on top here, but I’m excited to see Frattin play. I will make an early assumption that Frattin takes Dwight Kings’ spot on the third line alongside Stoll and Lewis unless he can beat out Toffoli for the 2nd line opening or the Kings make another trade. I suppose Scrivens is our backup now unless Martin Jones comes into camp guns a blazin’.

The 2nd round pick isn’t a high one and hopefully Toronto chooses to give us the pick this year, will be low if Bernier helps take the Leafs to the next level, but we all know what Lombardi can do with a second round pick (Voynov, Simmonds, Toffoli). I’m actually more excited in the long run about the pick than I am the players.

Assuming that Scrivens is our backup, the real beauty of the deal lies in working the cap. We get two roster players for a combined $1.5 million, which most people seemed to assume would only cover the backup goalie void Bernier left, just adding to the room to sign Scuderi or another dman.

Also… From what I can tell, the 500k part of the deal is that the Leafs are retaining a portion of Frattin and Scrivens salaries, further helping the Kings out of their cap crunch. Every few hundred thousand is magnified the closer up to the cap we get and since both contracts expire at the end of the year, the Leafs won’t really feel the 500k.

Hey, let’s watch some videos together.

Don’t know how to embed this one.

No idea if this is the same Frattin, but hey, it came up on google.

That’s all for now. Bobby will opine about the lost goalie later.

What say you? Happy, sad, relieved the bandaid finally got yanked off?

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  1. The second round pick is for 2014 or 2015, TOR’s choice. So we miss this years supposedly deep draft, but if TOR chokes the next two years we could get a better pick.

    Most of the TOR fans on Reddit are having bitch fits about this deal. Seems like a meh deal for the Kings that more importantly fixes a fucked cap situation than anything and has strong potential upside for Toronto. People like to point out that Frattin is a potential 20-25 goal scorer w/ strong second line potential, but the guy is already 25 and hasn’t really shown that yet. Really we’ll just have to wait on see though.

    • Rev, as for the potential 20-25 goal scorer bit, one thing I read somewhere is that Frattin was playing with the likes of Nazem Kadri, and played with Lupol as well.
      That’s not the same thing as playing with Stoll and Lewis, both of whom I like very much (just to state that), but not sure about the 20 goal potential playing with them.
      Oh the other hand, if he managed to move up to a second line thing with Richards and Carter (though I suppose Toffoli may be headed there), then we’ll see if he does have the offensive upside.

    • Thanks for the clarification on the pick.

    • Toronto fans are just pissed about THE safe. They need to get over it OP lied

  2. Overall, I think this COULD be a very smart deal. We could have lost JB for just the second round pick but we end up with a decent winger (who, it appears is at least better than Dwight King, although I realize that’s not saying too much) and has the balls to take on Marcus Foligno (see King not doing that) for a teammate.
    Scrivens is a guy who likes gay parades and will likely open up channels to the gay community (hmmm, a star-like channel?). So the Staples Center bathrooms immediately get more interesting! Who knows about this piece, though? Maybe the Kings style fits this guy and will help him love GAA/save %. Then we get the pick to boot. (Good point Surley. Lombardi is pretty good in 2nd round). This could be a decent trade just in what we get on the ice, but we get much more in cap space to make more moves. I would bet we are not done. I have learned to respect Lombardi more and more and if they have been working on this for “months”, they must know a lot we don’t know. Kings improve from this overall, I think, given we took a lost piece and gained some benefit. Can’t wait to see the King’s gay parade float! GO KINGS.

    • What are you 12? Scrivens supports an organization on behalf of his ex-GM’s dead son, how is that worth mentioning? Because it give you an excuse to act like a homophobic child?

  3. Happy for GQ..
    Sad for us..even though knew
    this day was coming.
    Know Quicker feelng the same.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. We need more French canadiens ):<

  5. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! FRATTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSS BITCHES!!!!!!

    “Frattin’s going to kick the rest of your western conference asses, bitches.” -A

    And a 2nd? Maybe now we can package our two seconds (if TOR lets us have it this year) for a 1st. Or we have two 2nds. And a cheap backup? Not that a cheap backup should have been hard to get anyway, but you always worry about Dean messing it up and spending 5 million on one until you see it.

    This is honestly the best value we could have gotten. Usually when trading these goalies, you get stuck settling for picks, or a prospect that most of the time doesn’t turn out. To get a guy who yes is still a prospect, and young, and cheap, but who also has already proved himself to be an impact player in the NHL, at least at times, and who fits that EXACT skill set you need where he upgrades your speed and skill but also brings the grit, that’s a home run.

    Would Read have been better? Is he the better player? They’re so similar, it’s hard to say, but I know which one I wanted more for the long term, and that was Frattin. I think he could turn into our second best goal scorer after Carter. I think he could be Dustin Brown with more skill and less size. I think he could be Logan Couture with more speed and straight line play and less creativity. This is a very high end prospect who was the Leafs best forward at times this year.

    Injuries are a concern, not sure what they were this year but he missed some time. Lombardi also said he needs to learn to be a pro, which could mean he’s not in NHL shape, which could explain the inconsistency at times. But the talent is there.

    • From what I read, they (can’t remember who the ‘they’ is) seemed to indicate that he’s never shown signs of being a high end talent that will light up the scoresheet, but from watching a hi-light or two, he clearly has better hands and offensive instincts than most all of the bottom six. That and – thankfully – some speed.
      That was really missing big time this last playoffs. Now I imagine one or two of that bottom six group won’t make the team or will do what Brad Richardson did this year, which was spend a lot of time not playing.

      All that to say, that the Logan Couture comparison is probably a nice very unrealistic dream. I remember Couture’s first playoffs as a rookie and you could see straight away that he had a goal scorer’s hands and instincts. If that were the case, no way would the Leafs have let him go.

      • Couture’s first season/postseason in the NHL, he was not what is he today. He was scoring at about a 20 goal pace, and he showed “good” hands and very good hockey sense and instincts, but didn’t quite have that explosiveness and high end skill that you see more of today now that he’s gotten more in NHL shape and grown up and gotten more adult muscle and all that.

        When I mentioned Frattin in comparison to Couture, it wasn’t so much a dream, or idiocy, as me having bad information, which is that I thought Frattin was 21 years old, not 25.

        If Frattin really was 21 years old, then that comparison of him, in his first NHL season, to the 20-goal version of Couture in his first NHL season, where he wasn’t yet fully developed into an explosive scorer but where you could see the instincts and the shot and skill at times, would actually be fair.

        Because you do see those rare instincts with Frattin. He’s one of those players who the puck follows, and he’s got that medium-size and the balance like Couture does, and steady hands with a good release like Couture does without being flashy like Datsyuk or Kane, which is also a bit the case with Couture, although after further review I’d say Frattin’s hands are not quite as good as I thought, so not even to the Couture level (obviously), although the 20-goal version of Couture, in his first season, was what I was comparing him too, and that’s closer. But I may have overestimated Frattin’s hands all the same because they look a bit loose to me after further review. However, he does make some very nice plays, so maybe the “looseness” is misleading. Maybe he does that on purpose because he can when there’s space, and then tightens up the control when defensemen are close.

        But overall, there are definitely a lot of similarities between Frattin last year and Couture’s first year. Where I was wrong is that Frattin is 25, not 21.

        • Hey..thanks for the comparisons and time spent with your responce. I for one only have a few guys I watch closely that aren’t members of our Kings.
          Always up for improving how I see and know this game.
          GO KINGS GO!!!

          • Hey,

            No problem, thanks for the thanks! It’s the 1% like you who appreciate my posts that make all the flak from the 99% worthwhile! Haha. Just kidding. It’s probably more like 98%/2%. Don’t know why I exaggerate things, just my personality I guess. But yeah that’s just my take on Frattin. I’ve sort of been going back and forth on whether he’s a 2nd line guy or a 3rd line guy. All last season I thought of him as a 21 year old prospect who was playing great and a sure thing to develop into at least a 2nd line guy. Now that I know he’s 25, and I’ve actually gone back and watched games, it’s harder to tell. But he definitely has unique qualities that you see in some top scorers that are rare. It’s just a question of does he have quite enough to break that barrier of being a consistent top 6 forward, and can he put everything he has together consistently.

            But if you look at some of the plays he made last year, it might actually surprise people because he got very little ice time, and missed like half the season, and yet he created as many of these highlight goals from nothing for himself or his teammates as about anyone in the league. I mean some of the goals he created, they were reminiscent of goals we’ve seen from someone like Jordan Eberle. The difference is Eberle is so slick, and everyone can see he has more slick skill than maybe anyone in the NHL besides Kane, Datsyuk, and maybe Phil Kessel (in terms of that type of player. Obviously Malkin, Ovechkin, Crosby, Stamkos all have their own thing and are better overall). So that’s why it might surprise you from Frattin, because he doesn’t go around dangling the puck in that slick way all the time, and doesn’t necessarily look anything special 90% of the time when the game is going on, but then when he gets the puck and sees an opportunity, he’ll like turn it on and make some great plays.

            And he did that more than almost anyone in the NHL last year. I mean some of these goals are borderline highlight reel, because he’s not super slick so I don’t know if you’d categorize them that way, but if you do count them all, then he created more highlight reel goals than almost anyone last year. And he got no ice time and missed half the year.

            So how do you explain that? How do you weight that with the fact he doesn’t necessarily look like a super slick, skilled top 6 forward? It’s hard and that’s why I go back and forth. I definitely wish he was bigger and faster, of course. But check out these goals, he’s definitely got something special at times. Question is how much, how much of the time, how often, whether he can do it in the half court too or if he’s just one of those guys that scores more nice goals than other players but those are the only goals he ever scores period, like Ales Hemsky, so the overall total ends up being low. He definitely doesn’t have the Hemsky issues of being soft and super undersized and a pillow shot though so it would have to be something else, or the same thing but for different reasons, which I doubt.

            Here are the goals.

   The way he muscles past Leopold to get to the net here is not something you see normally when the dman is in position like that. Then again it’s Leopold and he is notorious for fucking up in that exact type of way so maybe you don’t get Frattin too much credit. But the way Frattin gets by him, and crosses overall, while maintaining his center and his edges perfectly, and keeping his body directly over his skates and getting the best angle possible from that scenario for when he shoots, is not a typical skill. That’s something you actually see from Crosby that is part of why Crosby is so good.

   The way Frattin gets the loose puck on his stick for only a split second and then chips this great pass to Lupul on the backhand shows those underrated hands, even though they don’t look flashy, that was a great play done very quickly with a rolling puck and he made it look like he was in his sleep, and it also showed great vision, and then that pass opened up Frattin on the backdoor for an open net after Lupul passed it back to score.

   This video shows Frattin scoring in almost the exact same way as the first video, that same move darting and muscling past the defenseman, using good hands and smarts to push that puck out of the defenseman’s reach and then slide past him with his speed. And Kings fans will be happy to know this was again from the left wing. So I wouldn’t call these quite highlight reel like an Eberle goal, but it’s the same idea in that he’s beating defenders one on one down the wing and scoring out of nothing. He’s just doing it in different ways that aren’t quite as flashy, but it’s still rare to see goals scored like that one on one down the wing out of nothing no matter how they do it.

   Here’s another example of that same type of move using the same skills, except this time because he’s on his right wing, it doesn’t give him the angle to go all the way around the dman and score himself, so he can only get far enough by the defenseman to free up his stick from the outside and hit the great cross ice pass to Lupul for the open net. But again this was all made from nothing, one on one on the wing, scoring a goal. That’s already three times for a guy who missed half the season and barely got any ice time. That’s a lot. Jeff Carter, for example, he scores a lot from the wing just shooting from far out with his great shot, but I don’t think he was able to sort of stickhandle or skate by defenseman one on one three times this year and score or create a goal. Probably not Brown or Williams either. It really is rare you see that, so for Frattin to show that as a repeatable skill, especially in the low ice time he got and low number of games, it’s definitely unique.

   Here Frattin shows what I’ve seen a lot from him which is really good coordination when he bats a puck out of the air into the net, actually against the Kings. He showed decent speed to get open backdoor and good anticipation, and Grabovski made a fantastic pass to him and he batted it home with perfect contact.

   Here’s another just ridiculous play. Matt Frattin is skating up the ice, showing good speed but nothing special, then he tries to pull a Sidney Crosby and like chip the puck in the air past the defenseman so he can go and get it. The trouble is, he chips it way too hard so that it’s going to go all the way to the goaltender instead, except then, you thought he was at full speed and had no chance to get to it because it’s going all the way to the goaltender, except he wasn’t at full speed, he takes to another gear and blasts by the dmen, goes and rescues the puck right before the goaltender can reach out and get it, then circles out to the right on his backend going back up ice, backhand passes the puck to the center where Joe Coulborne is, and because the goalie is out of position from reaching out for the puck, Colborne has such an open net that even though he completely flubs the shot along the ice, it still goes in from like 5 feet out along the ice. Just a ridiculous play and again showing that while Frattin, at just 6’0 and not a huge frame and no super slick hands or anything, seems to have this really under the radar, high end athleticism, this underrated burst of speed when he needs it, and leg strength, balance, plus his hockey sense and his shot, just all these little underrated things that create these ridiculous plays.

   And here’s the Frattin move again!!! It’s getting ridiculous researching his goals! This time he muscles Victor Hedman! And since it’s the right wing, that means it’s the assist, similar to the one for Lupul. Get around the dman, muscle into him, push the puck a foot behind him, get that angle and that stick free, and he just pushes it across the crease for an easy tap-in by Joey Crabb. So you keep seeing him able to pull these same moves off the rush, on both wings, using his speed and strength, that you barely ever see other players do. There’s something unique there in Frattin.

   first half of this video shows some college footage, and you can see he does have a special shot. He’s scoring from everywhere, wristing it top shelf from far away and all angles. End of the video replays some of his NHL goals.

   Here’s another college goal that’s nice just because he scores while getting tripped from behind, although these types of goals don’t really show you anything besides maybe the shot and the body coordination to able to keep shooting when you’re getting tripped like that.

   Here Beauchemin goes to hit Frattin, and Frattin smashes him instead. Beauchemin bounces right off him. So again with these things it’s more hints that with Frattin there is more than meets the eye, maybe he’s stronger than he looks. How much of this is just the angle and Beauchemin maybe bailing out on the hit at last moment, versus Frattin being stronger, it’s always hard to say, but Frattin has a lot of these various types of highlights where he seems to show these unique qualities, ones that you don’t normally see or look for, that may make Frattin a great player without necessarily having all the usual traits you normally see with a great player, because he does it with his own unique strengths.

            So as you can see, he’s sort of a strange, unique player, with unusual abilities to muscle himself to the net from the outside on both wings, a rare ability to keep great balance on his strengths perhaps due to his leg strength, just seems to have a unique level of athleticism, plus his hockey sense, and a great shot. The question is whether he’s ever going to be big enough, fast enough, and skilled enough to be a true top six winger. Is all this underrated stuff and unique stuff enough? If he was 21 years old, then I’d say definitely yes, because you know it’s all only going to get better, and he’s probably going to add that extra speed and strength to compliment what he already excels at. But since he’s 25, it’s harder to say, but I was impressed with what he did in very limited ice time last year, and I’m impressed by how many really nice goals and assists he’s created out of thin air, basically, in so few games, with such limited ice time. And if he can maintain that great shot he’s shown when he plays for the Kings, that’s an element we needed, too, so he just brings so many things we needed in terms of the speed, the shot, the ability to make things happen out of thin air on the wings. The question is just is he fast ENOUGH to singlehandedly change the makeup of the team in the way that Patrick Kane does for the Blackhawks, for example. Obviously he’s not Patrick Kane and it would never be to that extent, but is he really fast enough to add that element even to the extent that Grabner does for the Islanders, just for a random example.

            It really is a hard question to answer. I sort of see him as like, if great players were toys, or action figures, and the factory made a mistake and created one that was only 90% of the size it was supposed to be, that’s what Frattin is. He’s like 90% of a great player. If you could add 10% to his height, to his reach, to his speed, to his strength, to his hands, he would be a surefire top 6 forward, and maybe a potential all-star. As he is, well first he should try to add that 10%, because working out like crazy and power skating and practicing can improve all those things besides height. But even if he doesn’t improve at all, I still think he can a very helpful player for the Kings, and a unique one who could really be an asset in big moments because he’s someone who could just manufacture a goal for you at any time out of nowhere with his shot or the way he gets to the net with the puck coming down the wing.

          • The longest article of the year is a comment. Ha ha.

    • TU for Info.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Wait Frattin is 25? I thought he was only 21.


    • HAHA, the funniest thing about this post is that I would have thought for sure you would have found a way to write at least 6 paragraphs about his age.

  7. I don’t know. I understand the cap situation that the kings are in. To clarify frattin and scrivens cap hit 1.5 mil and toronto eats .5 mil of it so combined their cap hit is 1 mil? If this is true and it enables them to keep scuderi then I’m happy with it as long as frattin is in the bottum 6. Gives us better speed and hands then let’s say king for instance. We still need a 2nd line lw. That’s why I was hoping for read from philly. I keep seeing this toffoli-richards-carter 2nd line thing. Who is the lw in that combination? Also scuderi can be resigned at a 4 mil cap hit now? Is that enough? He could probly test the waters and get more. He has two rings so I’m worried he moves close to home. He doesn’t seem like a la guy. If he leaves and mitchell gets bought out is there anyone out there with a similar defensive impact? Too many questions?

  8. Scrivens was all but wiped out in the industrialized world with the introduction of vitamin supplements.

  9. Waking up Sunday morning to this news just broke my heart. As much as I love JQ, my gut always told me JB was the better goalie. It’s too bad he didn’t really have the shot at stepping away from JQ’s shaddow but this certainly is his chance to do just that seeing as how JQ is our man for the longhaul. This is just how it feels having two #1 goalies-Toronto fans who are knocking Bernie need to seriously stop being ignornant of West Coast hockey…some of the comments I’ve been reading make it very clear they dont and/or have not watched much of our boys out West.

    Frattin, Frattin oh Frattin…dear Hockey Gods, please oh please DO NOT let the wonder and seduction of LA and its available party scene distract Frattin…the read up on his history @ Sioux, I wont lie, it made me nervous. I hope to God he doesnt screw us in the end.

    On a lighter note-I have hope that wit training camp coming up, both Scrivens and Frattin will have their eyes opened to the LA Kings system; with the awesome coaching staff we have, I do think (and hope) that they will end up developing their game for the better and I won’t end up feeling as sad for this trade.

    Good luck JB, I’ll still root for you and your sucess in Toronto, or where ever you go, unless you’re playing against LA, then you suck. :)


  1. Leafs negociam Frattin, Scrivens e escolha de segunda rodada por Jonathan Bernier | Maple Leafs Brasil

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