Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll – Read All About It?

With the Stanley Cup Final soon at an end and a long few months to training camp, pre-season and then back at it for our second Stanley Cup in three seasons, I want to know if you maniacs only want to talk puck on this site between now and then?

Surly and I (mostly me) have interests other than hockey.


Yes but that shit should be kept to a minimum.


Even less.

I am talking about beer, boobs, men, women, sex, drugs and rock and roll and other random shit that I find interesting and may want to share or get your input on. If you’ve been here long enough, you know my style and that doesn’t change by topic.

This isn’t instead of puck. It’s in addition to puck.

Fuck it, here’s a poll.

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6 replies

  1. Sigh. I’m really bummed berni is gone…:(

  2. Personally I welcome the religion and politics normally, but that is because people are fucking idiots when it comes to both. Therefore it is amusing, and no I do not mean “your opinion is different than mine so your are a moron.” I mean people refuse to listen to reason or acknowledge that others can have a differing opinion and still make sensible arguments. If we can all be adults sure fuck it! But I highly doubt we can, and I would hate to see such a great site undone by religion, seriously that shit fucks EVERYTHING UP! Let’s just make it illegal like Cuba, I mean talk about a country that has figured it out! If there is a way to do both the hockey and everything else and keep them separate, PERFECT! I would love to hear what Mrconcisemice thinks about the great flying spaghetti monster in the sky, since his hockey opinions are always so interesting.

  3. Mrconcisemice needs his own blog… not because his opinions aren’t riveting in the least but they are so mother sutting long!

  4. Lets talk about boobs whenever possible this off season. The different sizes and shapes, the applications for them and how they make our world a better place. Photos to back up analysis would be beneficial. I would appreciate this.


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