L.A. Kings Add an “Ov” in Valentin Zykov

First round…nyet!

Second round…we moved up and drafted a Russian. Valentin Zykov. Would you believe me if I told you I saw it coming? No? That’s because I didn’t. I did however see the Kings going after the best LW they found. I am a little surprised we didn’t move up and into the 1st round. This was a damn deep draft and some good players were chosen from 10 to 30.

For everything you want to know about Zykov, Jon Rosen has done the heavy lifting with videos and quotes.

By the kid’s answers to questions, he seems no-nonsense. That is actually pretty common among Russians, especially when learning the language, but his answers do show an elevated maturity. The short and to the point comment about playing defense probably put a smile (at least a smirk) on Dean Lombardi’s face.

On other notes, do the Vancouver Canucks have the slightest damn idea what they’re doing? Seriously, Fuck Ov. You drag Rubber-Toe Luongo through the soap opera and then trade his replacement? I am starting to wonder if Mike Gillis enjoyed whips and little red balls. The man is a masochist.

…and a hearty Fuck Ov to the Nashville Predators. Was Nashville Predators’ GM, David Poile, going bat shit country music crazy watching one franchise after another pass on Seth Jones? Or did he think he was getting punked? Whatever the reason, I wish the NHL would excommunicate both Florida teams from the league. Both franchises need defense like Gillis needs an enema and they draft forwards. Now, after losing Ryan Suter and only hanging on to Shea Weber because of their cap space and Fuck Ov to Philly, the Preds get a franchise defenseman. Consider me annoyed.

“Hey Scribe, talk about the other draft picks…”

Hey, I know as much about them as you do, which is to say I know what I have read. They look like a bunch of projects to me. Some have promise. Others are a long shot.

The two players I wanted, Samuel Morin and Zach Fucale, were snatched up.

Did you watch the draft? Have any opinions to share?

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  1. I watched the draft and didn’t know what I was fucking watching. Its like watching a soap opera, minus the tits.

    Gillis is a shitty GM and they fired the wrong guy in Vancouver. But who cares, right? They are our division rivals next year, so good job Gillis, you hack.

    As far as the picks go, its like wearing a bandana over yojr eyes so you can’t see and swinging at a pinyata. A ton of swings and misses, a few good hits, and then the one or two whacks that destroy it, everyone excited at the result.

    I could give a shit less, don’t kjow these fucks and don’t care until they prove enough to be promoted to Manchester.

  2. Well, first off, I was a little pissed to see Neiderraiter get dealt for Clutterbuck. I wanted him, and I cannot possibly be convinced that Clutterbuck addresses more of a team need for them than Muzzin/Martinez would have. Oh, well, I got over it.

    I was also a little pissed that Schnieder fetched a top 10 pick. Though I do agree he is a more proven commodity than Bernier, would a Bernier package with one of Muzzin or Martinez not level it out? I’d much rather have had a top 15 pick in this draft, than the package we got from Toronto. I particularly, was looking to NYI and the 15th overall to select Ryan Pulock, who actually ended up going at that very slot. So the assets I wanted were out there getting grabbed, but not by the Kings.

    I knew we had no shot at Barkov. Or Nichushkin. Or Rychel. I held out hope for Pulock until he went, and then Emile Poirier until he went. It was now the second and the ONLY guy left on my list was Valentin Zykov.

    Right as the EDM pick came up, and I was losing hope in us moving up to add a significant player, I said to my brother, “fuckin Dean is out at the pool for this one”. As that shit was coming out of my mouth, “we have a trade to announce.”

    Overall, I really liked our draft. I’m very excited to see how Zykov follows up his 40 goal rookie year in the Q. Jonny Huberdeau put up just 15 goals in his rookie season in the Q. Jake Voracek never hit 40. The ceiling is very high for this kid.

    • Good comment. Nicely done.

      • I love Deano but he napped on this one. Agreed. We should have received a first-rounder for a proven goalie that was, btw, a first rounder. Win a Cup and people get lazy. Tighten it up beotch!!!!
        Also I think we’ll be fine, and I I don’t think Lombardi did anything bad; he just didn’t do anything that good. Well be fine. Close to a deal with Scuds, which is crucial. And we’ll probably end up with Briere as additional scoring punch.

    • Also, did a very quick check of the mock drafts this a.m.
      He was slotted at No. 14 to CBJ, No. 15 to NYI and No. 25 to Habs in the three that I found.
      In addition, yesterday found an interview with him after the draft (not by the Kings). When asked if he was disappointed to not go in the 1st rd he said yes (gather he’d expected it) but was very happy to be selected by the Kings.

      I don’t know loads about him, but I have hopes. Personally have a better feel about him than I did last year about Tanner Pearson. Then again, this is a deeper draft.
      We’ll see. At least he fits the profile of a typical Kings forward and……. he plays LW.

    • You’re assuming Lombardi even wanted a top ten pick for Bernier. Besides the fact that I don’t necessarily agree that 9th overall is a much better package than Frattin, Scrivens and a 2nd, Dean needed to get a backup goalie and add competition to the bottom six and strength and speed to the wings. I’m happier with what we got for Bernier than getting a 9-15 pick. We addressed team needs and was able to do it masterfully in regards to cap space. No way we could have filled those two roster spots with $1 mill in cap space on the open market or in other trades.

      I also trust Futa and Yannetti to find a player just as good as any 1st rounder with Toronto’s 2nd rounder we got.

      • I think you underestimate how insanely good this draft is supposed to be. Think 2003 deep. However, I highly doubt the compensation package for Bernier got there (as I can’t see trading the chance to get the next Brown, Carter, Parise, Getzlaf, Burns, Kesler, Richards, or Perry for a backup goalie a 2nd in a weaker draft, and 25 year old prospect with experience) is not the best one Dean could have gotten. Schneider had 30 starts this year (in a 48 game season, proving he can be a #1) and real quality playoff experience.

        • I know how deep the draft is supposed to be this year. I also know that Jeff Tambellini was drafted in 2003.

          While whoever we could have drafted at #9 may very well end up being a better asset than any of the three we got for Bernier, my point is that a #9 pick doesn’t help the Kings the way that what we got for Bernier should and will. The Kings need to continue being a highly competitive team this coming season, and in order to do that we need to have a strong D, and with the cap situation as it is the only two ways to do that are to trade away a good player or do what Dean did and fill holes cheaply without that meaning unproven rookies all over the lineup.

          Ask yourself this, would you rather have that top 10 pick, or the cap space to resign Scuderi or replace him adequately through UFA? Because that is what we are talking about when we compare our return for Bernier to Vancouver’s for Schneider.

          As for the direct value comparison, Schneider has playoff experience on top of more NHL games than Bernier. You are all fooling yourselves if you think Bernier right now is worth as much as Schneider. In the future Bernier will likely prove to be the better goalie, but Schneider is ahead of Bernier in every department as it stands right now. Schneider is also signed, making his value more than Bernier’s.

          • I strongly argue that a top 15 pick in this draft is worth much more than the “financial flexibility” you talk about because we would have merely taken a hit on a worse backup goalie but would have recieved a player that would have instantly become our #1 prospect by a long shot! However, This is not only counterfactual thinking this is an argument in the absurd as we both (as well as all other sane people) agree there was no way that Bernier was netting us near as much as Schneider for reason we both mentioned. However, how fucking terrible is Gillis? I do thank him for fucking over MacTavish, but it was Tambellini we had a problem with. Seriously, First, Second, and a young player ; but instead just takes a pick two spots lower than just the first?!?!?! Imagine if he had taken that 1st, 2nd, young player and gotten Tampa in the mix, to trade up on both those picks? Vancouver could have walked out of Jersey with Seth Jones, Hunter Shinkaruk, and Zachary Fucale. The best blueline prospect since Doughty, the best 18-year-old goalie prospect in decades, and a forward some thought would go top-10. I guess 33% is a good shooting percetange! Thank you Vancouver for keeping Gillis, now we know they won’t win a Cup for at least adecade!

          • As you Surly, I’m very impressed with the way DL has handle the entire scenario. There is no way in hell I thought we could improve our bottom six, get a solid back-up, a 2nd round pick and still be able to possibly sign Scuderi. I get the draft was deep but our team is pretty solid as is, and to get a player like Zykov with a second round (Berier) pick is pretty good. Our team shall return next year almost fully intact because of Deans leadership. Hopefully Scuderi and Mitchell return, making only Penner and Richardson the casualties of the declining salary cap. I’m pleased, so far.

    • If we get a first rounder, its all we get and we have to spend more money on another LW who might not be all that good and sign a backup netminder which – and you can dream on capgeek all you want – we weren’t getting for south of 1 Mil if we wanted anyone competent back there. Jones ain’t ready. Right now there is a slim chance of signing Scuds. If we do that trade for only a first, we have zero chance.

  3. Yes I watched the draft, and yes I have an opinion. I go back to the interview with Don Maloney GM of the Phoenix Coyotes, to paraphrase, he said the Kings showed us no respect anywhere on the ice any situation due to their speed, everyone thinks of them as a big bruising team, but it was there speed that showed us zero respect. I hope that aspect has been addressed in this draft as we do have a lot of big bodies but we were lacking in speed this year.

  4. And I’m just curious, what’s your guys stance on the Martinez vs Muzzin debate? Assuming of course, Ellerby sticks around.

      • I agree, and it’s not even really close for me, yet I feel I’m in the minority amongst Kings fans.

        • You’re not. Martinez > Muzzin. I feel like he handles the puck better – plus he’s got great speed!

    • Really guys? Martinez and not even close?

      I mean it’s hard right now to say who is better, but in terms of potential, isn’t it obvious? Before the playoffs, where Muzzin was faced with extremely difficult teams to face in his first ever playoffs, he was the new emerging star on our team. The guy came in as a rookie and scored at, what, a 15 goal pace? For a dman? That is so rare. And he’s got size, too, he’s just weak.

      Size, can skate, great shot, 15 goals, hands, this is a future top-four offensive dman who can score at any time. You develop this kid right and even if you don’t want to keep him, you will be able to trade him for a 1st round pick or a top-six forward. Martinez, he’s a great skater but that’s the extent of his game. He’s Andrew Ference with better wheels but way worse at defense and being strong. He is a depth dman, probably always will be. Muzzin can develop into a real player.

      • I agree that Muzzin has more potential too. However, I think you and others are putting too much stock into his numbers from last year. Take out a 2 week binge where he scored 11 points in 13 games & +11 and his numbers are a very pedestrian 5 points & +5 in 32 games. Alec is also a pretty good defensive defenseman, and above average as a third pairing guy.

        • It’s not just his stats. You’re right they came all at once, but they counted just the same. Maybe that’s when his confidence was up? Maybe that’s when he actually got PP time? Maybe he tweaked an injury after that or he would have kept putting up offense like that! Can you imagine that??? Then we’d REALLY be high on him! And it sort of makes sense too that something happened, whether injury or his body wore down over the season or confidence, all things that can be corrected in the future as he develops, because his declining play carried into the postseason.

          I’m just saying, if we were trading for Jake Muzzin, that would be different. Evaluating other teams prospects, that you have to pay to acquire, is different. But when you as a team are talking about your own prospects or young players, and whether to keep them or not, if you see ANY potential in them, ANY way for them to become a top player, you HAVE to keep them. In this sense you have to be taking the most positive outlook. Remember we got in trouble for this exact same thing before with Matt Moulson, who would look so perfect in our top six it’s not even funny, and same for Teddy Purcell, and then to a lesser extent Brian Boyle.

          Those are mistakes that absolutely cannot be forgotten. Dean looked at those prospects negatively, maybe frustrated that they weren’t developing as quick as he’d hoped, and decided to let them go. Then they turned into valuable players.

          That’s why you HAVE to look at Muzzin’s potential here. You don’t make excuses why maybe he won’t repeat or build off his success, you look for reasons why he will, and how you can help him to achieve that.

          That’s how I’m looking at this, although I also see potential for him from a neutral point of view. But what I’m seeing is a lot of good tools that have a CHANCE to make him a valuable defenseman and asset. Size, skating, hands, shot, no awful hockey sense or anything at least on offense that cripples him, had some success on the powerplay. These are not inconsequential.

          So you have to keep him until you’re absolutely sure he’s worthless. Colten Teubert and Jonathan Blum have also been waived… I’d pick up them too if either would sign a two-way deal. They both still have potential and their teams released them too early I think. Oh and Kris Russell. That dude is a better version of Alec Martinez, right away. That’s a one way deal, perfect cheap depth defenseman, undersized but just fantastic skating and edges and balance and poise that allow him to survive the forecheck against bigger players anyway. I would definitely sign him to add more speed to our defense, could definitely help fill the Scuderi hole and be an upgrade over Martinez.

    • And as expected, Ellerby does not get an offer and will not be back in a Kings uni.

  5. Daniel Briere is comeing to the Kings. Just sayin’…

    • Briere can fuck off! seriously though, where is the cap space to sign him? Also no doubt he wants to stay out east for family reasons. There are ALOT of better things I’d rather spend my money on than that guy.

      • Trade Robyn Regehr or Jarret Stoll and we can sign anyone we want. So we should do that. And by anyone we want I don’t mean a washed up Scuderi. Go get a top forward, and live with the D we’ve got. Should be fine with Mitchell coming back and Derek Forbort. Any downgrade will be more than made up for with the improved offense.

        • Forbort has never even been in camp with the Kings before, I think it’s a little early to pen him in for 20+ minutes a game, especially when you are doing the same for Mitchell’s knee. I advise you to buy NHL Center Ice and watch the Flyers since all offense and no defense is what you seem to want from LA.

          • I wish people wouldn’t look to poke holes in every good idea based on what-ifs instead of just looking at the whole idea itself so we can have a discussion about that, and not pick apart one little unimportant detail of the idea when there are so many other options, which I’ll get to in a second.

            First on Forbort, Forbort was a 15th overall pick in the 1st round, he’s had some time to season, he’s got great size at 6’5. I’m not saying he’s ready to be an all-star, but as a premier organization that should be able to make the playoffs no matter who we play in that role because we’re so deep everywhere, we should be able to have our own Nick Leddy on the roster growing on the job if we want to, or rather if we have to. And assuming our scouting staff did its job and didnt strike out on yet another 1st round defenseman, I’m actually hoping by the time the playoffs roll around and after getting some experience, Forbot can actually help our team, and be an upgrade over Scuderi, and not just tag along because we don’t have the cap space for someone expense. But you’re right there’s no way of knowing if he’s capable of that yet (although the problem with that as well is that the Kings probably wont let him help the team even if he is ready just because they’re sometimes overly conservative about playing prospects, ever since Jonathan Bernier, and they don’t realize every situation is different, plus this team is trying to win the Cup again right now).

            But most important, screw Forbort. If you read my comments lower on the page, I explain that the idea does not hang on Derek Forbort. Jonathan Blum and Kris Russell, two very capable #5 type dmen with some skill, both got waived yesterday. They should both be available very cheap, and could fill the hole on our D adequately at a fraction of the cost Rob Scuderi did.

            There are also plenty of UFA dmen who could fill the hole much cheaper than Scuderi.

            There are also KHL dmen who are very underrated, a resource very underused by NHL teams. You see it constantly, every time a GM actually has the creativity and out of the box thinking to sign someone from over there, they tend to be impact players, at worst inconsistent ones like the guy the Flames signed last year and Ville Leino, but at best guys like Mark Giordano, just a fantastic dman, signed from the KHL, and the Oilers just signed the KHL’s best defenseman for only 1.5 million per year I believe. And the KHL is no bush league. If he’s truly the best defenseman from that league last year, like many are saying, he will be a fantastic signing for the Oilers.

            So the best one is gone from last year, but how about second best? Really anyone in the top 20 would probably be at least as good as Scuderi, if not better, and a lot cheaper. There are also hidden gems in the AHL teams look over, possibly even on the Kings own AHL team the Monarchs.

            So there are an infinite amount of options for replacing Scuderi cheaply and effectively, and then using that cap space to sign a forward.

            And if Willie Mitchell won’t be healthy after all, which you mentioned like my idea wouldn’t work if that happened, then he would go on LTIR and we’d have cap space to sign another dman. But that’s a tricky situation, you sacrifice moves or potential moves either way you assume in the summer. If you assume he will be injured, you have to keep an extra defenseman, and if he turns out to be healthy after all in training camp, you basically wasted all that cap space on an extra defenseman you don’t even need, sacrificing the top forward you could have signed in UFA.

            If you assume he’s healthy, trade Regehr and/or don’t re-sign Scuderi, and then add a forward, but then he turns out injured, now you don’t have Regehr, Scuderi, or Mitchell, and that’s bad too. So what do you do? It’s a lose-lose scenario if you guess wrong either way.

            Well, what you do is you make the best decision you can right now. Mitchell is skating regularly, the doctors have given good news, and he appears on track to play. The odds are much better he’ll play than he won’t. So that’s why you have to work off the assumption he will play. All you can do is go with the higher probability option.

            And again, this is what everyone is missing. Defense is the strength of our organization in terms of prospects. We Forbort, Deslauriers. Beyond that, replacing depth dmen through UFA or trades, like we might have to if we traded Robyn Regehr but Mitchell re-injured himself, is much easier than replacing top forwards, like we’d sacrifice by assuming Mitchell will be injured and keeping Regehr. And that’s why the idea makes sense most of all. Top forwards are more important, and harder to get, and harder to replace or find later if you don’t get them now, than Robyn Regehr type depth defenseman. And that is why holding on to Regehr at the sacrifice of not getting a top forward is the wrong play, especially considering we need a forward more organizationally than we need a D.

            You’re also forgetting that the plan also works by trading Stoll and keeping all our D, which might be the safer play for people who worry a lot and play things very conservatively since our unknown, Mitchell, is on D, not forward, and trading Stoll wouldn’t affect that as much as trading Regehr should things with Mitchell go bad. So that would work too without affecting out defense at all. And as I’ve been over we have tons of ways to replace Stoll both internally and out.

            So hopefully that clears up the confusion about my idea that it would destroy the defense or that Mitchell’s unknown health makes it unwise or anything else. All of these things are untrue. The idea is good. If no top forwards want to come to LA, then that’s another thing, and worth talking about, although I doubt NONE would. But continuing to pick on little details of the idea like “what if this happens?” when there are so many alternatives to each of those details is hindering any further discussion about the actual idea itself. It’s like I list Jeff Carter moving to center, or Bud Holloway coming back and playing center, or Trevor Lewis moving to center like worked against San Jose, or Linden Vey playing 3C because the Kings have already hinted he’s NHL ready, or a cheap 3rd line center in UFA, it’s like I mention all these 10 different scenarios of how we could replace Jarret Stoll as 3rd line center, and then people keep saying back to me, “But what if Jeff Carter doesn’t move to center?”

            That’s just sort of one example of what’s been happening in many ways, with both the Regehr trade idea and the Stoll trade idea, and I have to go back and repeat what I’ve already said instead of being able to really discuss this. It’s like, what if Lewis doesn’t want to move to center? Well then I listed ten other options as well that would work! So unless we go 0/10, I think we’ll be alright! And more broadly than that, it’s like no one has ever heard of a team replacing a depth defenseman (Regehr) or a 3rd line center (Stoll) before.

            I know Kings fans like Stoll and maybe even Regehr just because he’s a King, I don’t know, but this isn’t Wayne Gretzky we’re talking about. Both these guys are extremely replaceable, and for much less money than they’re getting paid, which is kind of the point. If you can sign a top, impact winger in free agency, and the only cost is losing someone who is extremely replaceable and for lesser money, that’s what you call a sweetheart deal. So I’m surprised to be hearing so much doubt about it.

  6. I know you can. You are an intelligent man. However, some of us don’t want the English language to degenerate into a text message world. Anyway, what do you think about my Don Maloney/ team speed remark? And why are you awake? Are you drinking too?

    • most non alcoholics would not understand why you would be awake if you were drinking. An alcoholic drinks, falls asleep for a little bit, wake the hell up, makes horrible post on LA Kings websites, and then goes back to sleep, only to wake up again and repeat the process. That you were awake at 1 something a.m……. Cheers! Scribe!

      • Busted!!!!

        • Be the match, Scribe. Be the match.

        • if you are an alcoholic, you demean the alcoholic, the real one, who drink first, last and at every point in between. ive spilled more than you have ever drunk. AND it isnt funny.
          matty g.

          this draft shit is rather interesring. it seems alot of conjecture though(fun guessisng who’ll be beter in a yr or two). But conjecture it is.

    • Mik, I don’t know what Bobby’s gonna say, but I know what I’m gonna say. I’m fed up (!) with talking about the Kings team speed. Sometimes I read an opposition quote saying that they’re a fast team. Personally I don’t see it that way at all. I think they could do very well to up the speed quotient on the team.
      Now, probably Richardson will be out, RR in…. slows the team down even more.
      Chicago won the cup. They’re super fast. Detroit almost beat em. They’re a fast team too (less so than Chi obviously). I think that Chi’s speed was one of the biggest differences in the final too. That and Kane.

      • and when you see the difference between Trevor’s speed and the others…..

      • As Bobby said above “We were lacking in Mitchell. Kopitar and Brown and a healthy Richards in the playoffs We would have beat Chicago with a healthy team.” Also, we are a puck possesion team, that is our identity and that is how we won the Cup. When you try and build to face a single opponent you end up trading Cody Hodgson for Zach Kassian.

        • Yeah, I’ll agree with you two that a healthy team would have crushed the ‘Hawks. I’m just hoping we got a little speedier in this draft. I really like the Justin Auger pick. Have you seen his highlight reel? Great shot, good passer, and can cycle.

          • Sorry dude. I’m not that naive. A healthy team would have Crushed the Hawks. No, that most certainly is not the case. Every time the Kings had a one goal lead, the Hawks got the tying goal and then followed it up with a go ahead goal or the game winner.
            If that wasn’t enough, they did the exact same thing to Boston with a minute and a half left in Gm 6 on the road. Oh, nevermind that they also went 24 games without a reg loss.

            I adore the Kings. They are a hell of a team. But to say we would have crushed them. Please.
            Also, it was exceptional that last year they got thru the entire playoffs with hardly any injuries.
            That was rare. Every team seems to have something or other by the time they get to round 3.

            But you’re entitled to your opinion.

          • Agreed, Drew, saying we would have crushed the Hawks with a heathy team is a bit over zealous. Chicago handed us our ass in the regular season(when we were healthy) and beat us pretty convincingly during the playoffs. They were good hard fought games but as I said before, we had to play a darn near perfect game to win, they could play good, and be successful. A healthy Mitchell would have made things interesting, though. I’m arguing with myself right now, if Mitchell alone would have tipped the scales in our favor….I think he might have. Ya, on our team he’s that influential.

            Regarding size vs speed is interesting. If you look at this years final 4 you had two teams with speed and skill (Chi-Pitt) and two teams with size and skill. (LA-Bos). Though I was surprised how much speed Boston could generate.Last year “big” won, this year “speed” won, but “big” had just as good a chance to win again. It’s preference. Our problem with speed is, Lewis-Richardson-Stoll-Brown-maybe Clifford(not a bad skater) have less than ideal offensive prowess. I think what you’re talking about is finding players like Carter who have both speed and skill. That would help our team tremendously.

          • Kingnation (and Bobby who I usually agree with like 99% of the time). What I was trying to say (and Kingnation ‘sort of got it’ …. but not exactly) is that it’s a question of a tweeking. I’m NOT saying to change the personality of the team for God’s sake. That’s not it.
            Dean stays very very strict in his drafting of forwards (usually…. Toffoli is a bit outside the frame). One thing I read very often wrt our draft picks is that they have to improve their skating.

            I used to play pickup games years ago when living in LA. There was an old man who organized the games. Some really good players and I respected this man. He said to me ‘it’s all about skating’. You’ve gotta be able to skate. I can’t think of too many teams that have won the cup in a long time where the skating wasn’t up to par. Last year, especially w Willie, we were on the right side of the scale. But I wouldn’t say by a huge margin. And Quick is the equalizer to that.
            So I’m just saying that it’s something that the scouts need to pay attention to. Cause I agree w Kingnation’s comments that Stoll, Richardson, Clifford, Lewis have less than ideal offensive prowess. Brown is mentioned too. Normally I’d almost agree with that, but he brings so much else to the table that he gets a pass on that one.

            One last comment on speed. I don’t remember where I read it, but one of the pundits on line during the finals commented that Boston doesn’t have loads of speed, but that they had more than the Kings. That’s what I saw as well. Signing RR for two more years at his age doesn’t help the speed (nor the quickness) quotient of the team at all.

          • Drew I agree with you as well. People need to stop with the attitude that “we don’t need to improve cuz we’re the motherfucking Kings, and we won a Cup!”

            That was okay last year because we actually won the Cup the year before, and you let them take another shot with the same team. Not anymore. There’s a reason teams don’t repeat often, even the exact same team, even the exact same team plus Marian Hossa like with the Wings in 2009.

            Other teams are always improving. Plus you just beat yourself winning the Cup the year before, everyone has more miles on them, and maybe they’re not good enough again without improvements. And you saw that last year where everyone got injured. Maybe coincidence, maybe not, but how do you know guys won’t get injured against this year? Do you really just want to go in again with the same team and hope for better health, assuming this team is even still the best team in the league when healthy, which is no guarantee?

            No, you need to always be proactive, always re-assessing your standing in the league as a team, always re-assessing your roster. You guys talk about the same team as two seasons ago being good enough to win the Cup again, but guess what, it’s not the same team even if it has all the same players! For example, Rob Scuderi just isn’t the same player anymore as he was back then. So bringing him back just for the sake of keeping the team together makes no sense. He’s not the same guy so even bringing him back won’t make it the same team!

            That is why you need to evolve and move on sometimes from certain guys and go find the next great signing, instead of hanging onto the last one way past when you should.

            Don’t re-sign Scuderi. Trade Regehr or Stoll. Sign a top forward in free agency, like Jarome Iginla who I think really wants to come here if he can find 5M for him, or just any top forward, even Viktor Stalberg or someone with that just pure size and speed and rocket wrist shot would fit fantastic with a Kopitar. And replace Regehr if he’s the guy you move with Mitchell, Forbort, Muzzin, or Martinez, or replace Stoll with Bud Holloway, Linden Vey, Tanner Pearson (is he a C?), Mike Richards (moving Carter to 2C), or move Lewis to 3C like won us a playoff round in the playoffs.

      • Speed is often mistaken for quickness. Move the puck quickly and get to the scoring areas with a purpose and the team looks faster. We looked slower because we did neither of these things in the playoffs. Our big guns were missing.

        • Yeah Bobby, I Totally agree…. But…. what I saw is that one reason the puck wasn’t being moved quickly enough is because other teams were imposing their speed on the d and creating an environment where the d couldn’t move the puck quickly.
          Now thats absolutely not a problem if you happen to be Drew Doughty, and to a large extent the same with Slava. But other guys (Muzzin, even Scuds as I recall sometimes as well as Regehr) had issues with outlets.

        • We also looked slower because we were. I promise everyone, Im really good at noticing these things, I predict injuries of players before they’re announced because that’s what I pay attention to is speed and strength and whether they’re at their usual levels, and I don’t care what he says, something was wrong with Anze Kopitar all playoffs. He did not have the burst, the acceleration, the speed like he normally does.

          Dustin Brown, same thing, although it might have been more his strength actually than his speed. But the strength and how well you can protect the puck and shield it impacts your speed because if you can keep the puck like normal you don’t have to stop and start and go after it and keep getting it back, like Scribe just described.

          Justin Williams also was injured, I guarantee it, although he should be commended for how he stepped up at times in the playoffs despite that.

          Dwight King may not have been injured, but he wasn’t as fast as the Cup year. Some players just let themselves go a bit or get worn down and they lose their burst. He lost his last year, but I hope we bring him back and work with him to get it back because he’s an important, unique 2nd/3rd line tweener power forward with above average skating and defensive instincts for a power forward, a very strange type of player who doesn’t look anything more than a 4th liner at first but the more you watch him, the more you realize he has underrated skating and skill and understanding of the game. A perfect guy for our system when he’s going and a great bottom six forward who does it all in that role.

          Willie Mitchell was one of our best transition starters in the Cup year, getting the puck back on defense and getting it up the ice, also an underrated skater, and he was out injured. Trading him for Robyn Regehr definitely made us slower.

          Not playing Alec Martinez, whatever his weaknesses, made us way slower. He really flies around, and even with his weaknesses, his speed really changed the makeup of the St Louis series.

          So it’s not just that we played worse this postseason, but our guys were literally slowed down by injury, or missing completely.

          I still think bringing the same team back and just hoping for better health is the wrong move. Who says we will be healthier next postseason? What we need is better depth, and another top end player to help carry the team if the depth gets injured, to make a Cup run next year. Standing pat with the exact same roster, except one that gets more beat up every year, and older, with some players like Rob Scuderi declining, is not the answer.

          -Trade Regehr or Stoll replacing one of them with Mitchell, Forbort, Muzzin, Martinez, or another AHL ready prospect like Muzzin last year, or for Stoll use Carter at center, Bud Holloway, Linden Vey who is ready for a shot, or Trevor Lewis moving over like he did to beat San Jose in round 2.

          – Don’t re-sign Scuderi because you would be wasting huge cap space on a memory, on the name and what he was two years ago, not what he is now. I mean he didn’t decline like totally to crap, I still think he has some decent years, but he’s not the guy for us to be a top 4 defensive dman anymore. He was overmatched against good teams in the playoffs.

          – Sign a top forward with the created cap space, maybe Jarome Iginla who I think wants to come here if we can free up $5 million, or I mentioned Patrick Elias before, maybe Danny Briere on a short contract who would be cheaper, or hell, if you move Stoll to make the cap space, what about Vincent Lecavalier? What we need is a wing, but that would still be a huge upgrade to our team. Would you rather have Stoll or Lecavalier in the same role? Lecavalier would be the sexiest 3rd line center of all time. He would dominate lesser competition at even strength, and then you can bring him onto your powerplay to help it, sort of like the Sharks did to great effect with Joe Pavelski on the 3rd line before Torres got suspended. Seriously that would add such a dimension to our team. You could really make that 3rd line into something awesome, with tons of offense. Imagine Frattin – Lecavalier – Toffoli, for example. Or whenever you wanted to shake things up and put Dustin Brown on the 3rd line, like vs SJ in the playoffs, you would basically have a 1st line as your 3rd line. Brown – Lecavalier – Toffoli/Frattin OMG THAT’S SEXY.

          So that could work, but we need a wing most of all, so Iginla, Elias, Clarkson maybe if he’ll take 4.5 – 5 million, Horton, Briere, these are all worth more to the team to have than either Regehr, Stoll, or Scuderi. So that’s the clear play here.

    • We have plenty of team speed. But speed is like boobs. More is good. I was up late writing and decided to check in here. I was not drinking. I think. I may have been.

      • Scribe, it’s a day later, and I decided that you were, in fact, drinking.

      • Speed is good. Good players on good.

        Haven’t you seen the commercials with all those annoying kids? MORE IS BETTER. ALWAYS.

        That’s why I hate this attitude that’s just like “let’s just bring everyone back and keep them together because it’s easy, and we have a nice locker room.”

        Come on. We all know Stoll is not more valuable than Iginla, Horton, Clarkson, even Lecavalier. We know the same is true for Regehr. So why would you keep those contracts instead of adding one of the top free agents? Just because of locker room chemistry? I don’t think any of these top free agents are locker room cancers. That’s how hockey works, you’re sad your teammate leaves, but then you’re happy to have a great new teammate, and you play on. May as well build the best team you can while you’re at it.

  7. Stoked to see zykov on the kings. Kid plays a physical game with a nice scoring touch. This aint no frolov were talking about here. This kids gonna put the smack down on america.

  8. First things first: KUDOS to Vancouver for fucking Edmonton like they did. McTavish thought Schnieder was theirs, and they addressed that position finally, wrong!
    Nashville must be over the moon being able to get Seth Jones. Now they have someone who can help on the back end while also adding a puck carrying defender who has offense upside.It might take a year or two to get Seth up to speed, none the less Nashville is going to have a great back end, but they need to also address scoring.
    Now for Zykov: 6 ft 210 lbs awesome! Scouting reports and video indicate this could be the next Frolov and Kulemin combined.along with great puck possession skill Zykov the CHL rookie of the year playing in the QMJHL.
    He looks like he is a power forward, not some pansy to is too afraid to go into the corners to battle for pucks, in addition to not shying away from standing in front of the net which the Kings really need.
    They said the one area of his game he needs to work on is his speed. I don’t know who “they” are but this is not true he’s better than average.
    Kykov also loves to take the puck to the net, and if he doesn’t score he has jam. He possesses a quick release similar to Carter, and put up some great numbers. I know that is not the NHL.AHL/ECHL however Zykov can score and also setup scoring chances. He’s not shy and likes to be physical.
    He speaks pretty good English and wants to improve his overall game. He has a great work ethic.
    Most importantly his name! I loved Yutaka Fuck U Fuji’ name but Zykov just became my new favorite name.
    What should we call him? “The Big Zyk?” “Zykoff and Die?” “Zyk Jagger?” “Don’t be a Zyk!”

  9. I see the kid’s wearing #13. Looks like adios to Cliffy.

  10. Just watching some videos of the kid I’m excited. He reminds me of a guy that’s been playing in the league for a while over on the side of the country who’s also Russian.

  11. I wasn’t expecting Dean to do a lot to be honest and I’m fine with that. The Russian kid seems like a hidden gem. Slavic pride! ;p

    What surprised me the most was seeing the Cats take Barky at #2. I’m considering getting center ice or whatever to watch some out of market games

    Dallas new sweater is dope
    Part of me feels bummed that the coyotes might end up playing somewhere else next season

  12. Hey Surly or Bobby is it possible to make the comments for mobile friendly? When they get long they get distorted on the screen …

    • I have tried and am trying. It’s a bitch to fix via CSS and this custom code shit doesn’t come naturally…they didn’t teach it in law school. Not even sure it can be done without reworking the site and moving it to another platform

  13. I thought that with a bit more planning, the Kings probably should have been able to move up to the first round. And, if they did move up, they would move up for Fucale. But, I get that there are probably a thousand considerations from the CBA or just insider political bullshit DL has to maneuver around that kept us from moving up. All things considered, I love the Russian kid who looks and speaks “fyucking gryeat”. It was nice to see him so excited to be on such a “fyucking gryeat tyim” and Slava Voynov is a “fyucking gryeat dyeefyensman” I was also hoping for a trade with Isles for El Nino. The best thing about the draft was watching Lou Lomoriello’s genius, the Nucks and Oilers crashing and burning. They don’t look to be building Cup contending teams, at least in the near future. Preds really had an early Christmas. I live in Oregon I watched Seth Jones a lot (and the WHL in general has quite a few players that appear NHL ready to me, Jones being the best of that bunch) and he is the real deal. Stamkos/Druoin will also be exciting to see develop. It was a very entertaining day. Danny Briere has always been a King killer. He would be a cool addition just to have on our side, but I think if we take a shot with an aging free agent it will be Jarome Iginla (Sutter connection, gritty style of play, edge). Lots riding on Scuds signing. If we don’t sign him, some interesting things could happen.

  14. @Mike Burke (and in general)

    I saw some clips of Seth Jones just working out w Team USA. Just skating is all, and you could see that guy is the real deal. He’s magical on his skates and in complete control. I can not believe that particularly the Av’s and then Tampa Bay who already has offense passed on that guy. I hope for their sake that the guys that got end up being superstars because, as we see w Doughty, you’ve gotta have a Doughty, a Keith, or a Chara back there to win a cup.

  15. RE: comments of MrConcisemice

    Yeah, I totally agree. You went further with it than I did. DL says he contacted all these franchises that repeated to see how they did it. It’s fine to bring back the same team for one year, but thats not what happened with these other franchises – at least not the only thing.
    Also, Dean is in a bit of a pickle. If he Knew that WM was coming back, then I might tend to agree that you can let Scuds go and use the money elsewhere. But if we have neither Scuds nor Mitchell, then that’s a definite problem.

    I also notice that Chicago let a lot of guys go after the 2010 cup (imposed largely by salary cap) but have no problem making trades when their stock is high. Bolland – screw Bolland.
    In summation I’ll say what I said before. You don’t want to change your essential personality, but you have to be open to tweeking it and evolving….. because if you stay the same it’s gonna catch up with you eventually. Hey, the Habs are like this fast skating slick passing team (which they have more or less always been). Doesn’t help em much now does it? Certainly not in the playoffs anyway. Because the league has changed. You have to play bigger and heavier.
    Presumably they’ll address that when they keep getting bounced out of the playoffs.
    Evolution. It exists in all of our lives…. and when we don’t then the signs are there to tell us to change.

    • Wow, sorry, really sloppy writing as I’ve got work to do. Re: Chicago, the feeling I have is that they do the opposite, which is, after winning, they establish priorities and then move on. I’ll bet they wouldn’t hesitate to let Penner go for example. And thats it. Like Mr. Concise said, the team that won the cup a year or two ago isn’t the same team today. Players may have been at the top of their game then and some have fallen off, some get better. Some older. Who knows.
      But things have to change!

      • You could not be more wrong about Chicago. All of their 2010 offseason moves were cap motivated. Other than when forced to part with a player for cap reasons (Ladd & Buff), all of their trades are when players have depressed value, Bolland is coming off his worst season in the NHL. They also made sure not to let their “Penner” walk by giving Bickell a $16M/4 contract. I completely agree with the concept of not bring back guys just because they were there when you won it. However, you tell me who is a better option than Scuds? For an affordable contract you aren’t going to replace Penner. Clowe, Morrow aren’t coming cheap. We are a puck possesion team, and do not need to change that. I agree if we can get guys who fit and play better than current players then SEE YA! But, let’s not forget our identity for a sexy name or two.

        • TK, either you didn’t read what I said, or I was so tired and pressed for time that it was not coherent. The point I tried to make in parenthesis was exactly that the 2010 moves Were cap related, whereas the 2013 ones were not as much cap related.
          Also, I didn’t follow Bolland’s season other than his for me rather inappropriate hit on Richards.
          As for the comparison of Bickell and Penner, I can’t say I agree with that. Bickell scored numerous big goals for Chi in the playoffs. Penner scored two? Or was it three? That’s fine, but the season he had was again poor.

          And rereading your comments above I think you got what I was saying when you said you agree with the concept of not bringing back guys just because they were there when you won. I think that’s something we’re in agreement on.

  16. WTF?!?!

    Anyone else hear about Stoll???

    Is this report of seizures legit?

  17. I don’t know if anyone say this, but Stoll was rushed to the Hospital this morning because of a seizure. Take care of yourself, Stoll. Get well, my friend.

  18. Darn it! ***I don’t know if anyone read this, but….***

  19. Hang in there Stolly! I guess if Michael Douglas contracted cancer from eating Katherine Zeta Jones’ sugar doughnut (glazed…yum) it’s not unreasonable to seize up from lapping Paulina Gretzky’s sweet, dripping, honeypot. Either way, it seems worth the price. Heal up brotha. You da man.

  20. Man, it’s nice to know we don’t have the need to fight or overpay for the best available free agents these days. We are in a good place, my friends!

  21. NHL station says we signed Ellerby to a one year contract. Has anyone else heard anything? This is kind of confusing me.


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