First round…nyet!

Second round…we moved up and drafted a Russian. Valentin Zykov. Would you believe me if I told you I saw it coming? No? That’s because I didn’t. I did however see the Kings going after the best LW they found. I am a little surprised we didn’t move up and into the 1st round. This was a damn deep draft and some good players were chosen from 10 to 30.

For everything you want to know about Zykov, Jon Rosen has done the heavy lifting with videos and quotes.

By the kid’s answers to questions, he seems no-nonsense. That is actually pretty common among Russians, especially when learning the language, but his answers do show an elevated maturity. The short and to the point comment about playing defense probably put a smile (at least a smirk) on Dean Lombardi’s face.

On other notes, do the Vancouver Canucks have the slightest damn idea what they’re doing? Seriously, Fuck Ov. You drag Rubber-Toe Luongo through the soap opera and then trade his replacement? I am starting to wonder if Mike Gillis enjoyed whips and little red balls. The man is a masochist.

…and a hearty Fuck Ov to the Nashville Predators. Was Nashville Predators’ GM, David Poile, going bat shit country music crazy watching one franchise after another pass on Seth Jones? Or did he think he was getting punked? Whatever the reason, I wish the NHL would excommunicate both Florida teams from the league. Both franchises need defense like Gillis needs an enema and they draft forwards. Now, after losing Ryan Suter and only hanging on to Shea Weber because of their cap space and Fuck Ov to Philly, the Preds get a franchise defenseman. Consider me annoyed.

“Hey Scribe, talk about the other draft picks…”

Hey, I know as much about them as you do, which is to say I know what I have read. They look like a bunch of projects to me. Some have promise. Others are a long shot.

The two players I wanted, Samuel Morin and Zach Fucale, were snatched up.

Did you watch the draft? Have any opinions to share?