Typing this fast on my phone so the hell with grammar and spelling. If you catch any, please keep it as a souvenir.

What is this obsession with Dustin Penner? Is it because he’s fun? Funny? “Good in the room?” Kyle Clifford is hilarious. I hear Trevor Lewis likes pancakes. He even rolls it like a New York Pizza before pouring syrup down one side…okay, that’s me who does that but I am more affordable than Penner and I don’t cost the team its RFAs.

Dustin Penner had been great in the playoffs and Trent Hunter during the regular season. The romance is over. Been there, fucked that, moving on unless you are ready to lose one of our top 6 and potentially more.

Do you know how much cap space we have right now before signing 5 RFAs? No? About 5 million. That’s it.

“Then why the H, E, double hockey sticks did we sign Ellerby?”

I have no idea especially after signing that Jeff Schultz defenseman I keep wanting to call Justin.

I read Matt Barry’s article. I can’t link to it from my phone so go to his website and read it. Bigmouthbarry if I recall correctly. Matt, post a link in the comment section please.

Matt laments that Lombardi didn’t sign any of the free agents that went elsewhere.

Know what I think?

Thank the Hockey Gods.

I love our team. It ain’t broken. What is broken is me sounding like a record about how if we had Kopitar and Brown show up and a healthy Richards and Stoll during the playoffs, we would be celebrating a repeat. And a healthy Mitchell…come on.

Rob Scuderi left. Family reasons. 12 million guaranteed when you are more than a season well past your prime and on the tail end of your career buys the family lots of cool things. I love Rob. Good luck with that Pittsburgh goaltending.

Are we susceptible to offer sheets on Lewis and Clifford? Isn’t every team, near the cap? I think so. A team with lots of space offers Lewis 5 years, 3 million, Lombardi matches? It’s a weird dynamic this offseason. Look at the New York Rangers and their RFAs.

Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis signed David Clarkson to a 7 year, over 35 million dollar contract. The guy has had one good season? He is 29. This is after trading Matt Frattin, who basically plays the same game and is younger, to us. And Frattin comes with a cap hit of less than a 5th of Clarkson?

Didn’t Nonis used to be the GM of the Canucks? Is he Gillis’ other half? They don’t make stupid of this magnitude too often in the hockey world but it sure is entertaining to watch the Leafs embarrass themselves year in and year out.

Got any input on what we do with our RFAs now that we know Scuds is gone?