Penner Will Be Gone, RFA Hell, LOL at Maple Leafs

Typing this fast on my phone so the hell with grammar and spelling. If you catch any, please keep it as a souvenir.

What is this obsession with Dustin Penner? Is it because he’s fun? Funny? “Good in the room?” Kyle Clifford is hilarious. I hear Trevor Lewis likes pancakes. He even rolls it like a New York Pizza before pouring syrup down one side…okay, that’s me who does that but I am more affordable than Penner and I don’t cost the team its RFAs.

Dustin Penner had been great in the playoffs and Trent Hunter during the regular season. The romance is over. Been there, fucked that, moving on unless you are ready to lose one of our top 6 and potentially more.

Do you know how much cap space we have right now before signing 5 RFAs? No? About 5 million. That’s it.

“Then why the H, E, double hockey sticks did we sign Ellerby?”

I have no idea especially after signing that Jeff Schultz defenseman I keep wanting to call Justin.

I read Matt Barry’s article. I can’t link to it from my phone so go to his website and read it. Bigmouthbarry if I recall correctly. Matt, post a link in the comment section please.

Matt laments that Lombardi didn’t sign any of the free agents that went elsewhere.

Know what I think?

Thank the Hockey Gods.

I love our team. It ain’t broken. What is broken is me sounding like a record about how if we had Kopitar and Brown show up and a healthy Richards and Stoll during the playoffs, we would be celebrating a repeat. And a healthy Mitchell…come on.

Rob Scuderi left. Family reasons. 12 million guaranteed when you are more than a season well past your prime and on the tail end of your career buys the family lots of cool things. I love Rob. Good luck with that Pittsburgh goaltending.

Are we susceptible to offer sheets on Lewis and Clifford? Isn’t every team, near the cap? I think so. A team with lots of space offers Lewis 5 years, 3 million, Lombardi matches? It’s a weird dynamic this offseason. Look at the New York Rangers and their RFAs.

Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis signed David Clarkson to a 7 year, over 35 million dollar contract. The guy has had one good season? He is 29. This is after trading Matt Frattin, who basically plays the same game and is younger, to us. And Frattin comes with a cap hit of less than a 5th of Clarkson?

Didn’t Nonis used to be the GM of the Canucks? Is he Gillis’ other half? They don’t make stupid of this magnitude too often in the hockey world but it sure is entertaining to watch the Leafs embarrass themselves year in and year out.

Got any input on what we do with our RFAs now that we know Scuds is gone?

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  1.’s not the day to write a title
    Penner Gone..making me crazy..
    I’m just saying…
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. “Matt laments that Lombardi didn’t sign any of the free agents that went elsewhere. ”

    He’s been doing this since Chara signed with Boston. He does this every year, like Lombardi is incapable of signing A BIG EAST COAST FREE AGENT (with the exception of Scuds, but we overpaid of course), no matter what the circumstances are, then, post another rant later in the season about how smart Lombardi is by not signing any of them . Rinse and repeat. :)

  3. Damien Brunner…

    • What is a right wing Surly and I thought played left?

      What did I win? We were playing jeopardy right?

      Post Script: fucking wiki says he’s LW

      • Detroits site lists him as center. I thought he played LW. Oh well

      • Guys we’re getting ridiculous here. A wing is a wing is a wing. If you can add a 30 goal scorer for cheap, it doesnt matter which forward position he plays. Just put him where you have room. See Jeff Carter, who primarily played center before we acquired him.

        Really disappointed today. Also the blog ignores the fact that we can trade Regehr or Stoll for cap space. That’s over 8 million instead of 5 million.

        Also 5 RFAs to sign? Who says we are going to re-sign everyone? If we can upgrade in free agency, we dont need to resign all our 4th liners.

        And Lewis is no 3 million dollar player. And no we’re not an offer sheet target. Those happen once a year and only when its worth it for a team. No one is going to put themselves in the GMs doghouse or make enemies with other GMs by breaking the unspoken code for Trevor Lewis. if it was going to happen it would have been for Voynov.

    • Brunner would be real nice.

  4. There’s no way we resign all 5 RFAs that we have left. If we do, then we will be at 24 roster players, 1 more than we can hold, and at 9 defensmen. It makes no sense, so if we resign everyone except Muzzin and Martinez (or any variation of a trade with a defenseman and sign them instead), then we will have plenty of room to resign Penner. At this point I can’t see us carrying 8 or 9 defensmen for no reason especially when we are shallow at LW. Penner is the right choice here even though he may not be worth the money we will be paying him.

    • I can see a reason for carrying 9 dmen and not having a LW. The reason is that DL is so in love with building from the goal out, and ….. hey….. the forward thing will sort itself out. I mean, we won the cup.
      No Dean, actually that is not the way it works. It doesn’t sort itself out. You Make it work out.

  5. Guys, I’m repeating what DEAN has said to STH over and over and over (I have the audio to prove it) – “We want the Kings to be a destination for UFA’s” – Okay, its not like he hasn’t TRIED (Chara, Gaborik, Kovalchuk, etc) but he’s like your best friend at a bar – he CAN’T CLOSE! – The Kings need SCORING. Is it Matt Frattin? Unlikely. Would you have said syonara to Penner in a second and sign Iginla for one season until Toffoli proves himself?

    • The Kings need guys to return to their previous form (Brown, Kopitar) and for the d to solidify. This obsession with signing free agents on July 5 is rather juvenile, Barry, and getting a bit old.

    • Like Iginala’s wrinkly ball sac is the answer? Hels no. Kopitar’s limp wristed cup performance this year is the answer. You have a healthy Brown and Kopi that is performing as a $7Mil #1 center and the Kings are playing for the Cup. Don’t get a knee jerky and fuck up the ship. Let the old and tired go elsewhere and resign the needful. Let the young develop and keep stocking the cupboard. Fuck ol’ Mother Hubbard and let Scuds settle down in the stench of Steeltown. Look at all these $5M contracts, not look at our guys @ $5M. I’ll take and keep ours any day. Today is/was stupid day in the NHL. I’m glad DL was quiet.

    • Matt, Im with you 100%. Seems most Kings fans will find a way to rationalize whatever Dean does now that we’ve won a Cup. Every move he makes is the right one.

      If we’d signed Iginla, everyone would be talking about how he fits the Kings perfectly, how Sutter will squeeze a few more great seasons out of him, and what a perfect fit he would be.

      We don’t sign Iginla, everyone talks about his age, “I didn’t want him anyway!”

      It’s a joke. Whether our current roster is good enough to win a Cup when healthy or not, and that’s an unknown, based on last year, it looks highly unlikely they will be healthy for an entire Cup run again, plus just because the roster may be good enough to win now doesn’t justify not trying to improve!

      I’m sick of this cocky attitude with Kings fans are winning ONE Cup where it’s like “we’re good enough the way we are. Don’t have to do anything.”

      No matter how good you are, you should always look to improve, because other teams are DEFINITELY improving. So standing pat doesn’t sit well with me.

      • i didn’t read the mayor’s thing yet, but i agree with you anyway….

        • whoops, I agree with the bits about improving and changing…. not about doing something with the UFA’s. it’s clear that that wasn’t possible given where the team is wrt the salary cap.

          • AHHHH

            It IS possible. If the Kings carry 20 roster players instead of 23, which other teams have done in the past to save cap room, they can afford to add another top 6 forward in the 3-4 million range. Trading Colin Fraser who we don’t need at all anyway will also help.

            If the Kings carry 20 roster players and/or trade Robyn Regehr/Jarret Stoll and/or trade Colin Fraser, they can add whoever they want.

            They definitely can create room to improve the team. The notion they can’t is a fallacy.

      • Dude: What the fuck is your agenda?

        Seriously, you write/post manifestos constantly, some almost the size of the bible, but most of what you post is psycho babble, or in your case speaking in tongues.

        Most of the time I can’t even read your MENSA attempts at trying to sound like you know what you are talking about. You seem to be trying to validate or get validation on your views/opinions on the Kings organization as a whole.

        You are probably someone who enjoys the sound of your own voice so much you just can’t shut the fuck up.

        How many other groups/boards do you subscribe to?

        You remind me of a scene in Slap Shot when Ned Braden you know Braden is chatting up some woman while his wife Lily is sitting down in the park, about to down a pint of booze telling Reg “He’s just gonna shock her with his views on life.”

        I can imagine you are pretty happy with yourself now that you have an audience to try to share err um sell your superior knowledge and wisdom about hockey and the Kings.

        “Matt, Im with you 100%. Seems most Kings fans will find a way to rationalize whatever Dean does now that we’ve won a Cup. Every move he makes is the right one.”

        Wait a second, you borrowed a thought from someone else? You include “we’ve won a cup”? Really you won a cup? Did you have your day with the cup like all of the players and management on that 2012 Stanley Cup group? Did you get your name engraved on the cup you won?

        This fan of the Kings doesn’t agree with every move Lombardi makes. I’ve often scratched my head at some of the draft picks he’s selected, or some of his trades. I’ve even voiced my opinion very clearly about Lombardi not being able to attract bigger name UFA’s on several occasions.

        I have expressed how Lombardi is usually pretty good at negotiating new contracts or extensions, but he has also overpaid some players because they were holding out.

        “I’m sick of this cocky attitude with Kings fans are winning ONE Cup where it’s like “we’re good enough the way we are. Don’t have to do anything.”

        If you are so sick of the “cocky attitude” some Kings fans have because the Kings have won, one cup, then go away! If it bothers you so much, nobody is forcing you to troll this group.

        If I were a betting man, I would say you have an addictive personality, and you can’t just go away. I’d also bet you are narcissistic, a legend in your own mind. I speak for myself when I say you don’t bring anything to this group other than forcing me to have to scroll for 5 minutes just to get past your posts about whatever it is you need 20,000 words to express.

        You have never played organized hockey have you. You are one of those arm chair hockey franchise guys who play make believe, like those Civil War buffs who dress up in period clothes, and spend weekends fighting battles, sleeping in tents, taking orders from make believe officers and eating chow.

        “No matter how good you are, you should always look to improve, because other teams are DEFINITELY improving. So standing pat doesn’t sit well with me.”

        If Pat is a healthy scratch, then maybe you allow him to sit,in the press box, but if Pat is injured then Pat should be at home or getting treatment until he can stand again.

        I think that about wraps things up from day 1 of free agency, but there are things called a “trade” which many teams engage in, so even though day 1 of free agency is done, it doesn’t mean Lombardi is done with improving their roster.

        Oh, before I forget, if you want to know what current Kings players are RFA/UFA you can go to You can even see what a prospects salary is if they are playing in the AHL or NHL. They even list all of the current UFA/RFA who are still not signed. Oh they have these little symbols like a lock which tell you if a player has a no trade/movement clause, if its a full NMC or a limited NMC.

        Hell, capgeek even shows you how much CAP space a team has remaining or if they are currently over the CAP. It shows you how many roster players are currently signed so you can see if that team might need to trade a player(s) or might require a buyout.

        You know what, Lombardi hasn’t had to use a compliance buyout, nor has he given an average player stupid money on a multi-year contract. I guess that doesn’t mean much to you because the Kings only signed Schultz to a 1 year 700K contract.

        • WELL SAID, I had a long response of agreement but got bored in my proof read so here are highlights:

          Dean has earned trust, not blind allegiance, trust. FUCKING GIVE IT TO HIM!

          Have fun talking about what could have been, or still can happen. But stop acting like you know what will happen or would have. Conviction is one thing delusion is just sad.

          NONE of us know what is going on behind closed doors, and to act like we do is pathetic. What is even more pathetic is to think you know more than a player on his own health. Mrconcisemice seriously, you think that you know more about Kopitar’s health than he does, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST you are arrogant and delusional.

          Kings were 10 in GPG last year, not 30th, not 20th, not 15th, 10th. And LA will have Toffoli for a full season, while losing the 2 goals of Penner. I haven’t had a math class for a decade but my computer calculator says offense isn’t as big a need as some seem to think.

          Overspending in free agency isn’t the only way to improve, Toffoli is an improvement. Pearson could be an improvement. Perpetual winner build from within and use trades to get the other pieces, while finding bargains in free agency. The most successful sports franchise over the last 22 years has used this model. Why does it work, because that is the way to build a team and a business! Solid infrastructure, acquire other assets cheaply and exploit the market. Building a team is very much about economics.

          That being said, Iginla $1.8M why didn’t the Kings sign him? Because, he could count up to $6M next season due to bonuses, a year when Brown and Greene get new contracts.

          Finally, teams that win the offseason don’t even get a fucking banner, so chill out. LA has a team that is good enough for the playoffs, and from there could win another 16. Who knows what is still in store, Morrow at a bargain to chase the Cup? A trade at the deadline? Nothing? No matter what, Dean has earned the trust that he knows better than us, and even if you don’t think so; at lease concede he has more info and those extra facts maybe why things are happening the way they do. Unless you really are so fucked in the head that facts don’t matter.

          Sorry, I swear I meant for this to be short.


          • Also, Mrconcisemice you are a fellow Kings fan, and for that I love you. You and all other Kings fans, I just wish you would realize that you aren’t auditioning for Dean’s job and even if you were you would be terrible!

          • Wait…you mean to tell me a owner has never said, I like that guy’s blog let’s make him our new GM?

          • Hey TK. I too was pissed off about the acquisition of Schultz. I mean, for me, Schultz And RR just slows the back end down.
            As modcop says, he hasn’t agreed w certain things Lombardi has done nor do I (obviously). That said, Dean’s philosophy and the one that I personally prefer differ slightly. Not hugely, slightly. But I work in the arts and hopefully do it well. If I were in a GM position I’d not have a clue as to how to manage a thing and be on the phone calling my friends. It’s not an easy position, and I agree that Dean has certainly earned our trust.

            That hasn’t changed my opinion on the defense acquisitions as of late. But even beyond the Cup, I complained for years… for years… that we never had a GM that had a distinct philosophy. We finally have one and for that I’m hugely grateful.

            And for all those that said we should’ve gotten a high 1st for Bernier blah blah blah, I actually think Dean did really well with that situation.

          GO KINGS GO!!!

          • Yep for Mrconcisemice and for everyone else.
            Then again, he probably runs both sites, so he being the forward thinker he is knew I was going to say this a few weeks ago.

            As for the signing of Schultz, I see that as being a decent pickup. He has plenty of experience, and his size 6ft 6in 230 lbs is also something that the Kings can use.

            I think DL is probably working on getting some firepower via the trade route. I hope some team throws a contract offer to Penner so he’s finally gone, and won’t be an option for the Kings to consider.

            Maybe its just me, but aside from him scoring a few goals in the playoffs, he’s been horrible! I just don’t get how a guy who was averaging 20+ goals per season and averaging 20+ assists per season all of a sudden starts to circle the drain.

            Regardless the Kings already have Dwight King who went missing last season, and since its a contract year for him this coming season, maybe Dwight finds that magic touch again, but better to have the bad Dwight King taking up a roster spot than having bad Dwight King and even worse Dustin Penner also contributing nothing but doughnuts/bagels/nada/nil/zilch in the box score for a majority of the regular season.

            Still plenty of time for DL to help address what he feels needs to be improved on.

          • Problem with Schultz is he doesn’t use his size. That’s been a big knock on him. Good with the stick, not good with the body.

          • Modcoop,

            If you’re such a capgeek expert, why do you go on there and see how much cap room we will have with a 20 man roster, which teams have used in the past two save cap space, and with Colin Fraser traded since we don’t need him, and get back to me. Hint: we will have a little room there to add a top forward. EXACTLY LIKE I’VE BEEN SAYING. I’ve been right all along and yet out of your spiteful ignorance you are making fun of me simply for trying to spread the truth to everyone in the face of ignorance like yours.

            “We don’t have the cap room to add anyone! Wahh!! Wahh!!”

            Really? How the fuck do you think Dean was able to offer Rob Scuderi contracts in the 3 million range to come back then?

            Bro, you just got edumacated.

          • *to

      • It isn’t hard to rationalize what Dean has done since we won the cup. All we have had since then is our 3rd most successful post season ever. EVER! Was I disappointed after we got knocked out? Yeah, didn’t watch a minute of the finals for the first time in 30 years. But, take it all in context. 5 years ago, making the WCF would have blown all of our minds!

  6. I think you are being a bit harsh declaring that Scuderi is washed up, but I guess in some respects you may be correct. Putting aside his future, you have to respect what he did here. A very respectable guy.

    Actually, correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like the greatest difference what the Kings were offering, versus other teams, had more to do with the duration of the contract that the yearly remuneration. Dean was probably being smart here, and likely made the correct decision.

    For the moment I feel sad, but probably will get over it…

  7. It’s called Math and a salary cap. Scuderi only stays if he wants to take a discount and maybe shorter term. Same with Penner. It’s not like DL can hold a gun to Scuds head and force him to sign a one year contract for $2M.
    Would you prefer to not resign Voynov? Those are really your choices.
    Don’t get me wrong. I like Scuds. I think he’s a really good defenseman and a big part the Kings culture. He’s brought that steady, relaxed, no nonsense attitude to the Kings. But if Scuds is worth $3.375M in 2017 I will eat my 2012 SC Champs Kings hat.

    • Yes that was probably Dean’s concern that Scuderi will be 38 at the end of that contract. Let’s if the Pens don’t trade him in 2-3 years…

      • He resigned when 34, not 35, so if he retires before the contract is up no cap penalty. Always a way to “sirsemvent the rules.” To paraphrase Gob Bluth.

  8. Bobby, first of all thanks for this: “If you catch any, please keep it as a souvenir. ”
    I needed a smile this morning so that helped a lot. I’ve skimmed this as I have to go out, but while I have zero problem with A) not signing Scuderi nor B) not getting other UFA’s as I know they don’t have the space, I Do Have a big problem with this craziness thats going on relative to the defense.
    Quisp said that after Scuds moved on we’re rapidly going back to the pre-Scuderi days.
    Agreed on my end.
    You and I disagree on this speed-quickness issue. Yeah, quickness is great (emphasis on Is), but no one is gonna convince me that any of Ellerby, Schultz or Regehr are quick. Probably because none of them are.

    Perhaps we could do a second run with Randy Jones too and then there would be a perfect four d-men in the ‘if Ethan Moreau past his prime was a dman’ tradition.
    Is that how I write when I’m pissed off? Yikes. Oh hell, I’ll post it anyway.

  9. I can see you all bitching in the posts above, so I thought I’d start my own bitch thread.

    First, I don’t trust DL enough not to talk shit every FA period every year. His FA track record sucks ass, this year included. There is nothing wrong with pointing that out either. The object as a GM is to make your team as best as you possibly can without going over A) the cap and/or B) the owner’s budget. In this regard, DL has performed poorly. Make any excuse you want, it is the truth.

    Second, DL is good when it comes to trades, at least recently. I can’t knock him for that.

    Third, DL is hit and miss at the draft. Second rounders? Pretty good. First rounders? Hit and miss.

    But to strike out nearly every FA period just continues a trend. It isn’t about this FA year, just a continuation of all the past years. It is not necessarily a good sign. Now, obviously a lot of these guys went for more than what the Kings could afford, but even when we could afford players, he struck out. Even when we have had good teams these last few years, he struck out.

    Do I know or will I ever know the scope of difficulty or the intricacies of how to be a GM and run a team is? No. But just because I am not a GM doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion about them. As with almost everyone, you are judged by your actions. Tambellini in Edmonton is a shitty GM. Edmonton fans will tell you that. Why? He has carte blanch with the credit card, yet can not bring anyone of value in to help his team. It is not that hard to draft #1 every year. But what else has he done? Little to nothing.

    Point is (if I even have one), most of us here are degenerate Kings fans, so we should have a pretty good idea of how Lombardi rolls. I don’t think he is a bad GM by any means. In fact, he is pretty good. But he does have his flaws as I have pointed out, and fuck you if we can’t mention them. This is a cutthroat business, and some of you pussies act like we should just take it up the ass no matter what it is. No, as a blog, this is a place to voice your opinion on the team, not to buttfuck a guy and tell him what not to say. If you don’t agree, fine, but don’t tell someone they should shut the fuck up and leave. The ONLY person on this site that should be said to is JT Dutch because that guy is a douche.

    I lost my train of thought… Uh, DL, blah blah blah, the end.

    • What did you want him to do differently in free agency? If you are going to say he “struck out,” please inform us what he should have done instead.

    • You guys are brutal the last couple of days..
      is it the heat or do you all need to get laid.
      No GM is perfect. .but Deano has been ok in my book.
      Can’t wait for development Camp next week!
      The Russians are coming..yay
      El Happy Place.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

    • The problem is making LA an attractive place for FA. Playing in the WC hurts us.

    • KingsfaninPortland,

      I think this post was a very beautiful, poetic, almost Shakespearian way of sticking up for me a little bit, although it’s me we’re talking about so I’m probably off base somehow, but thank you anyway. I appreciate it.

      Hate to say it, but some of the Kings fans on this blog are fucking idiots:

      “We have like 25 players signed for next year or who I’m counting as signed when I calculate our cap space because I expect Dean to sign all our RFAs, but we need a top forward and we don’t have any cap space! Wahh!! Wahh!! There’s nothing we can do!! Wahh!! The cap can’t be reasoned or negotiated with!! Some caps just want to see our roster burn!! Wahh!!

      Then don’t fucking carry 25 players. FUCK. How stupid are you people? We don’t need five healthy scratches every night to go along with five more capable fill-in players in Manchester. When having dead weight you don’t need on your roster like Colin Fraser starts preventing you from adding a top player you DO need, what do you do? Stupid Kings fans say: “Keep Colin Fraser! We needs its leadership! Precioussss leadership!! We neeeds him!!!!” Rational Kings fans say: you always trade what is expendable for what is necessary. That’s an even easier trade to decide on than knowing never to trade James Neal for Alex Goligoski… oops Joe Nieuwendyk, my bad… And maybe now that we have Jeff Schultz and 50 other stay at home defenseman, we can get rid of Keaton Ellerby too, no? Or is having his ass in the press box more important than a top six winger on the ice too?

      We don’t like the Robyn Regehr contract! He’s too old and he’s overpaid and he’s not very good! We don’t like that he makes 3 million a year against the cap! Wahhhh!!! On a totally completely unrelated note, I really wish we had, I don’t know, like about 3 million in cap space so we could add that winger we really need! Wahhh!! But it’s too about we don’t!! The cap is a cruel, unrelenting mistress, and once you get close to its ceiling, nothing can be done!!! WAHH!!!! Too bad about that shitty Regehr contract thought…

      Then fucking trade that Regehr contract you idiots! What’s more important, an old, slow Robyn Regehr, or a top 6 left wing? FUCK!!!!

      We have so many great centers! I love our centers! They’re so good! You won’t hear any more WAHHHing from me! At least not about our centers! They’re so good! We’ve got Kopi. YAY! We’ve got Cartipoops. YAY! We’ve got RitchieRich. YAY! We’ve got ToldYouStoll. YAY! And then we’ve got Trevie, who showed he could take over ToldYouStolli’s spot in the playoffs and win us a round. YAY! And we’ve got one of our best prospects, Linden Vey, coming up. YAY! We’ve got so many centers it’s amazing! YAY! Stoll is a little overpaid though at 3.25 million, and we don’t have a lot of cap space. Sure wish we had, I don’t know, maybe 3.25 million in cap space, plus what we already have, to add a top winger because that’s what we really need more than anything else, especially more than a third liner! But oh well…


      I honestly don’t know what’s going on here. Do Surly and Scribe have some sort of secret, hypnotizing sign on their home page that turns everyone stupid and I only some people are immune? This is BASIC STUFF HERE. Our salary payroll is NOT SET IN STONE. As long as you can find contracts to move out, YOU ALWAYS HAVE CAP SPACE. ALWAYS. There is no such thing as “no cap space” unless your roster is ENTIRELY made up of either immovable contracts or franchise players who you would never want to move. But as long as you have players on your roster who are moveable and worth moving, you always have cap space. And the Kings actually have way more than people think based on this formula because they also have total dead weight like Colin Fraser still counting against the cap who should be moved, as well as too many defenseman, and too many forwards if we sign all our RFAs as well. So subtract as many of those as possible to get down to 20 roster players instead of 23 at the NHL level, since you don’t actually need more than 20, and we’re in much better shape to add a player like Damien Brunner than most people think.

      I’m going to go back to being nice and respectful like I have been this whole time, but it was becoming clear that one post like this was necessary to wake some people up to how thick and uninventive they were being and how small-time and inside the box their thinking was becoming. Has no one here really ever heard of trading someone to create cap room to sign somebody? Instead everyone here is just like “we don’t have cap space too bad it’s really sad :(:(:(.” It’s fucking ridiculous. Then make some fucking cap space.

      But hey, maybe that absence of creative thinking and can-do thinking has been drilled into some of you by Dean Lombardi. He’s done a good job winning us a Cup, but historically he’s not been the most creative or ballsy of GMs. So maybe you’ve all gotten so used to that, you’ve forgotten how to even think of doing it any other way and doing whatever it takes to make your team better, even if you have to, SHOCKER, trade AND sign someone. But whether Dean has brainwashed some of you or not, wake the fuck up already. I’ve explained like fifty times now how it can be done differently, and how Dean can create cap space if he wants to. More and more it’s seeming he doesn’t want to. But that doesn’t mean he “can’t.” Stop saying he “can’t” add anyone like it’s physically impossible. He CAN, he just doesn’t want to or doesn’t think it’s worth it to use any of the options i listed above. But he definitely could, if he wanted to, so stop saying there’s nothing to debate about his inactivity because he “can’t” and “there’s no cap room.” There’s cap room if he’s willing to do what’s necessary to create it, which he doesn’t seem willing to, and that’s what we should be talking about, that CHOICE of his, instead of pretending like he has no choice.

  10. “Kings sign Schultz. Rage ensues. No one knows why”

  11. Man, there are some reactionary motha-fuckas in this group. Everyone seems to forget that this coming season will have a full training camp and Sutter and Lombardi will have proper time in the kitchen to make the winning stew. Further, there are going to be a lot of players left sitting with their dicks in their hands (Dustin Penner being one of them) who are trapped in the dilemma of being too expensive and not quite valuable enough to justify their money under the reduced cap. Teams will need to ignore these guys and give young kids who are less than seven figures a chance out of necessity. I think a lot of moves will be done during camp to mold into shape the team we take to 2013-14. There are guys that will be on that team that aren’t on the radar yet, I think. That having been said, it is definitely hard to watch other teams get better and pick up valuable pieces. But, it is also clear that teams over payed for a lot of pieces (see Jarome Iginla at $6 million)and gratefully, we don’t need to do that because of Lombardi’s astute management (since the Dan Cloutier/Alyn MacCauley deals). We will probably never see Schultz on the Kings past perhaps and intra-squad scrimmage. He seems to be desperation insurance. We could use a player with a mean streak, though. He was a #1 pick so maybe Sutter can connect with him.

    • Really? We did good in free agency because we’re going to have a full training camp? We’re going to win because we’ll have a full training camp?

      I look forward to all 30 teams winning the Cup next year. Should be historic.

  12. I hope we don’t extend Dustin Brown.

    That is all.

  13. Oh, how the fuck does Dion Phaneuf get to marry a hot broad in Elisha Cuthbert?

    If he is as good in bed as he is on the ice, she’ll be throwing waffles at him during the divorce proceedings in short time.

    • You’re funny! I like your spirit! And yeah, as many here know – I think, there are things that Lombardi does that drive me up a wall. You’re totally accurate about the first round picks: Teybert can’t even
      make the defense starved Oilers, Hickey…..mid you want a team that plays ‘heavy’ why in Fod’s name do you draft a small defenseman. He’d better hope that Forbort comes thru. That’s mistakes that Lamoriello’s and staff would absolutely not make.

      And when peeps bang on abou how he drafted Voynov, he bloody well have better come up with a gem with all the picks he’s had. And for those who say, what about Doughty, seems that wasn’t all that difficult to suss out with the 2nd pick. So yeah I agree that this should be a space where we can voice our opinions.
      Never forget that Dean was one Jeff Carter trade away from missing the playoffs and probably losing his job. Even Leiweke verified that.

      • All true. And the fucker still has not drafted a top 6 forward unless Toffoli becomes that.

        • Bobby, what the fuck are you talking about? STOP CRITICIZING DEAN.

          Don’t you fucking assholes, always with the torch out for Lombardi, get it?


          Sorry, don’t mind me here. Just trying to fit in.

  14. And sorry about the tupo’s. I rarely comment here w my iPad….

  15. TYPO’s damnit.

  16. My humble (horrible?) opinion is thst his reg. season dead weight is worth what he does in the playoffs. The dude just wears people down with his size. He creates space for his line mates, and he has a playoff type game. Obviously his regular season sucks, but when it comes to the playoffs, again, for what he brings his dead weight is practically worth it, if not entirely worth it.
    May I also add I am four bloody marys deep at the moment. You see, if you drink Bloody Marys tonight, they go down smoother in the morning. My wife/ex-wife is powdering her nose at the moment (no, drugs are for nerds). So this will be my only post. Goodnight, Scribe….Surly.

  17. Posted this higher up but I doubt anyone checks there so I will post it down at the bottom here as well.

    • Looks like it didn’t post after all.

      PLEASE!!!!! Dean, PLEASE!!!!!

      DAMIEN BRUNNER IS THE STEAL OF THIS YEAR’S UFA CROP! At the 3 milllion per year salary for only 3 or 4 years that he is reportedly asking for, Brunner is a darn steal! This guy stepped into the Red Wings lineup as a rookie and made a team that was supposed to decline after losing Nick Lidstrom BETTER not worse! He was so underrrated and so key to finally giving them the forward depth they haven’t had since Marian Hossa that he was literally able to make up for Nick Lidstrom’s absence, and as a forward, with the help of other factors of course, including Jakub Kindl’s emergence. But Brunnner was as big as any factor in that! He truly was a huge huge piece for them!

      He came in and played the second line scorer role in his sleep. Hes not just adequate in that role, he’s one of the better ones with FIRST LINE POTENTIAL I kid you not! And for only 3 million a year, maybe even less if as it appears other GMs aren’t giving him what he wants yet either, otherwise he probably would have signed? IT IS THE DEAL OF THE WHOLE FREE AGENCY PERIOD! WHOEVER GETS THIS GUY WILL A STEAL!!!

  18. Speaking of steals, or getting someone to replace Scuderi, this guy’s impact is nowhere comparable to Brunner because Brunner is young and healthy and played awesome last year despite being a rookie and coming from Europe, so the fact he did what he was able to do without even knowing the rigors of the NHL game was just amazing, and that’s why it’s so ridiculous people get caught up on some inconsistency he had… just look how much trouble Jake Muzzin had. Being a rookie hard in the NHL. Coming over from europe is especially hard. So to do what Brunner did was remarkable.

    So this next idea is not the same as Brunner at all, but if he would sign for Jeff Schultz money, or 1 million per year, just if we’re worried about the TALENT level of our defense in places like Regehr and Schultz, Ryan Whitney could really add that talent quotient. Played poorly last year, but the Oilers will do that to you sometimes, and also suffered a lot of injuries. But he’s got the size of Robyn Regehr and he skates better than Willie Mitchell, extremely solid hands, and when he was at his best and healthy, he was one of the best #2 defenseman at 5 on 5 in the NHL. I just think if Dean and Sutter could get him back to form, with our culture, we could have a total steal for a low salary, and having Ryan Whitney at his peak pair with either Doughty or Voynov just makes me drool.

    Just for a moment, imagine if he was healthy, and consider these defense pairings.

    Whitney – Doughty
    Mitchell – Voynov

    That would just complete things PERFECTLY. With Doughty, you get to add a 6’4 dman, great size, who is an elite skater as well, and makes perfect breakout passes? Instead of Doughty having a defense-only guy to work with, where Doughty has to make up for say Regehr’s offensive weaknesses by always being the guy who skate the puck out and pass it out and always being the only guy who can hit the net with the shot, in this instance now there would be another dman on that pair who could help the Kings transition game and make good passes and add offense from the back, and without sacrificing any defense because Whitney also has that size.

    You might be thinking, but he wasn’t good last year, unmotivated, whatever the case, banged up. It’s true. But isn’t this the whole point of becoming a top team? Dean talked so long about building up this team through the draft, which he did, and creating a culture of winning, a culture where players would want to come here, a culture where we could finally afford to add enigmatic or inconsistent talents if we wanted to because we’d have the culture and the prestige to handle them and get what we want out of them, like Detroit has been able to do for so long.

    But now Dean isn’t doing any of those things. It’s like we worked so hard to create this winning culture that would create for us all these unique benefits that few franchises have the luxury of, but now that we’ve done it, Dean is too shy to actually take advantage and utilize any of these advantages.

    – He wanted to become a destination, somewhere top players would want to come. Now he finally did that, but he refuses to chase any top free agents. It’s like in the process of creating this winning culture with our own guys, Dean has become so attached to them that he won’t even sacrifice any of the depth guys to make room for a new star from outside. It’s great we’ve built such a great culture here, but you still have to improve the team.

    – He wanted to create a strong leadership core so that if there were ever talented players available to us with maybe a little checkered history to their names, we’d still be able to add that player where other franchises would be scared to and get the production out of that player while not being hurt by his personality shortcomings because of our strong leadership core. And yet Dean still refuses to sign anyone with high offensive ceiling but any reputation at all for risk or european style game. Damien Brunner would seem the perfect fit for our team right now given the low amount of cap space and how he’s available for a bargain, plus he brings that missing element of a more european skill game while still having real goal scorer qualities and a nose for the net, and really Brunner doesn’t even have major red flags to his reputation that I know of besides some inconsistency last year, but that’s normal for a rookie.

    But even Brunner, Lombardi won’t sign him. He just refuses to take advantage of this culture we spent so long building, and it’s very frustrating.

    Look at the Red Wings. They haven’t been great in years besides sort of this year (thanks in large part to Brunner, hint hint hint Dean!), but they get Alfredsson to leave Ottawa to go there and Weiss to sign there because of that culture.

    And Boston loses Nathan Horton, which would really hurt a lot of other teams, but because they have a winning culture, they can go and replace him right away and Iginla goes to them (also thanks in part to Dean not doing enough to get him. Think we could have gotten him if Dean was willing to really do it).

    So it’s wonderful we have a great team as is, and I understand part of keeping the Cup team together means we don’t have a ton of cap room, but that was two years ago, and it’s just very frustrating to wait so long for Dean to build this culture where we could 1. hopefully attract big name free agents and not even have to take risks on guys and rely on underrated gems, but if not that then at least 2. we could afford to go after high ceiling guys with maybe some baggage or some off seasons or some doubt to their game, or just guys without long track records.

    So I don’t even know if it’s possible now with Jeff Schultz signed, after we already signed Ellerby (why is he signing all these duplicates anyway? It’s a huge waste of cap space. Jeff Schultz was a cool signing at 700k, except it’s really 1.4 million because we’re also paying Ellbery that much, and only one will play. That’s the difference between a good signing and a bad one, 700k vs 1.4 million for Schultz). But with them signed, it’s probably not worth it unless you trade Ellbery, which I would especially if we could do this, but I think you can never go wrong upgrading the talent of your team as long as it’s at a low bargain price in instances like this, and that’s why I wouldn’t mind giving Ryan Whitney a try. We see very unspectacular guys like Andrew Ference and Rob Scuderi getting 3plus million per year on the free agent market, and talk of all these other guys, when no one is mentioning the player who is actually the most talented defenseman on the market, and that’s Ryan Whitney. So if we could get him for 1 year, 1 million, or close to that, and get rid of Ellerby, I think his skating and skill would really compliment our defense core well. We could use him much better than Edmonton did, not have to rely on him anywhere near as much like Edmonton tried to make him their #1 dman even when he was injured. Give him an easier job, on a much better D core and a much better team with much more support for him, and I think you will start to see his talent shine through and become a real asset in the depth of our defense core.

    But number one priority has to be getting Damien Brunner. i read a rumor of trading for David Perron, that’s just so stupid. Brunner is better than him already in my opinion, and as a rookie. He wasn’t completely ready for the grind of the NHL last season, and he was still fantastic. Next year,in better shape, ready for the physical grind, he will be a star. For 3 million a year? Costs no assets? A fantastic move.

    Trading for David Perron, the worse, more expensive player, with less upside, who will cost a big asset from our team or prospect pool that will come to bite us later? Just makes zero sense with Brunner out there.

  19. TK here is a response to your comment from earlier up much higher in the discussion

    You wrote:

    “Also, Mrconcisemice you are a fellow Kings fan, and for that I love you. You and all other Kings fans, I just wish you would realize that you aren’t auditioning for Dean’s job and even if you were you would be terrible!”

    I bolded the part I’m responding to. Also, I apologize for the length of the comment in advance. Trust me, didn’t want to have to spend another 40 minutes writing another long comment, but it was important to really touch on why I’m bringing up so many ideas to improve the team, why most GMs aren’t anywhere near as intelligent as you think they are (with some shocking examples, did you know Toronto’s old GM possibly gave 4 million a year to the wrong player by accident?), and why even though Dean is one of the smartest GMs, I’m seeing a certain flaw emerge in his decision making process recently. So please bear with me and read the whole comment if you can because it’s taken me about 45 minutes to write this now that I’m adding this paragraph at the top to address what the comment is in response to and why it needed to be so long. It’s important for all Kings fans to hear the information I’ve written in this comment about the majority of GMs around the league and the motivation between many of Dean’s decisions lately , and I think if everyone else could add this info to the knowledge bases they already have on the Kings it will enrich our discussions going forward and everyone might understand where me and my ideas are coming from in the future. Here’s the rest of the comment that I wrote before this top part.

    TK, I understand why you would say that (about me not being the GM so I shouldn’t post my ideas about how to improve the team, and if I was GM I’d be terrible at all), because over the computer it’s hard to distinguish one fan from another, and in general I feel the same way towards most fans, and say the same to most fans, and it’s quite possible I’ve even said something like that to the one fan in ten who actually didn’t deserve it.

    But here’s the thing, why it’s at least true with 9 of 10 fans. It’s not that NHL GMs are geniuses, it’s that most NHL fans are just as non-genius as NHL GMs.

    So let’s really get that straight and put it clearly. The reason most NHL fans would be worse GMs than most NHL GMs is because most NHL fans are of unspectacular intelligence, same as most NHL GMs. It’s not that NHL GMs are brilliant.

    And that’s the thing everyone is missing when they make comments like “you’re not the GM, I’m so glad you’re not running the team, I bet you’re just some stupid fan, our most amazing GM always knows best!”

    TK, how often have you called NHL GMs stupid? I bet you, or if not you most NHL fans, have already called 5 or 10 of them stupid THIS WEEK. When they trade Scott Gomez for Ryan Mcdonaugh, we call them stupid. When they absorb all of Shawn Horcoff’s salary and even trade a pick and a young player to get him, we call them stupid. And hey that’s Jim Nill, the student of Ken Holland, supposedly the best in the business.

    When they sign Sergei Gonchar for 2 years, 10 million, we call them stupid (although there are much worse contracts than that. People are underestimating Gonchar, who is still a talented offensive defenseman and one of the rare good powerplay quarterbacks in the NHL, even if he’s gotten pretty soft in his old age, and it’s only for two years).

    We call them stupid when they have to buyout their last contract mistakes and then go and make very similar new deals with free agents the next day.

    NHL fans are constantly pointing out the stupidity of NHL general managers. Yet now I have some creative ideas to improve our team, but because I have too many of them, and write too long posts because I care too much, that just automatically means I don’t know what I’m talking about, and as stupid as most NHL GMs are, by saying I couldn’t do as good as them, you’re saying by extension that I’m extremely stupid?

    Again, I appreciate the respectful manner in which you made your posts, and you were very straight with me. I’m not trying to pick out that you said I was stupid or anything because I’m sure that’s not even what you meant directly. I’m just saying by extension of you saying I don’t know better than NHL GMs, once you really think about it for a second and realize how stupid NHL GMs are, the implication of what you said is that I’m stupid.

    So all I’m saying here is that we all need to realize these people aren’t gods, and most of them aren’t even smart. These are, for the most part, ex-hockey players who got too old to play hockey, but didn’t want to sit around and play golf doing nothing for the rest of their lives, so they thought what all of us think, “hey it would be pretty fun to build a hockey team and get millions to do it.” The only difference between us and them is they have established names in the NHL from playing the game, which is generally required to put yourself in the conversation to be an NHL GM, plus they have the connections to get to that job.

    So people really need to understand how this works. These are not geniuses. Mark Messier almost got the job to coach the New York Rangers this year, even though he’s never coached before. Why? Because he’s Mark Messier. He’s a leader.

    But, if you know what I know, you’re thinking, there’s so much more to being a coach than just leadership. It may not be quite as intellectually and creatively involved a job as being a GM, but there are a lot of the same factors in play. You need to know how to best utilize every player. There are more and more stats available now in terms of matchups and zone starts and which players deserve ice time and which don’t that you have to either have a natural eye for or understand the stats, or better yet both. Then there’s the whole tactical side of the game which is even more complex and requires even more intelligence and creativity.

    What exactly qualified Mark Messier for all of these things besides playing hockey before, and years ago at that before any of these stats were even around? Nothing. Just leadership. But that’s what NHL teams hire on! Messier didn’t get the job, but TK you have to understand, this is what most NHL coaches are, this is what most NHL GMs are. Former players with the connections necessary to get the job.

    Now, you were talking about Lombardi specifically, not all GMs, and I don’t think Lombardi was a former NHL player, and I also think he’s smarter than most NHL GMs. So am I smarter than Lombardi? Would I make a better NHL GM? You don’t know me so you’re obviously going to think no. And I’ve never been an NHL GM so really it would be presumptuous of me to say yes. You can never know until you’ve tried.

    What I will say is that I’m a thoughtful, creative person, with a very deft understanding of asset management, buying low on high ceiling players, filling the needs of a given roster without sacrificing the strengths and in fact continuing to build on the strengths, and so on. And you know what, although speaking in general I believe I can say with some confidence that I am a person of above average intelligence, what I’m talking about here in terms of hockey GM skills is pretty basic stuff. But that’s the thing, and that’s why I know I would be a better GM than most NHL GMs, because most of them don’t even know the basics.

    I’m not one of those hockey fans super into advanced stats or anything, because they’re definitely imperfect, but they certainly can give you a good idea of certain things. And the fans that are obsessed with these stats, you see them going crazy all the time ripping on a GM, talking about some player with fantastic possession numbers for the season, but whose shooting percentage dropped by 10% in the year just from crazy bad luck, and so the goals and the points production went way down, and now no one is signing him because they’re worried he’s on the decline because his production went down, even though his possession stats were fantastic.

    So that’s just common sense right? Everyone has written this player off as done when really it was just bad luck, as the stats clearly show in an obvious situation like this, and because everyone has written him off, he’s available for peanuts.

    Buy low, no risk, high reward with his good possession numbers and the potential for good points production too if his shooting percentage rebounds the next season, as shooting percentages tend to do.

    Signing a player in a situation like that does not make me a genius. There are hundreds of hockey fans are twitter every year screaming for their GM to make whatever the signing is that year that is exactly like this. All those fans know it, not just me. I’m not special.

    But their GM doesn’t know it. That’s my point. And nine times out of ten, no one signs this player for months after free agency, and eventually someone picks him up two months later for peanuts, after all other 29 GMs passed up on him, and even the 30th passed up on him originally too, and usually its a situation where two months later someone has gotten injured, and the GM sees him out there so cheap, and signs him just to fill the whole, not even knowing the full extent of what he’s getting.

    On NHL tonight on NHL network, or maybe it was the draft or free agent frenzy shows, TSN was talking about how the Jeff Finger signing in Toronto happened, where he got 4 million a year I think, just completely out of nowhere, and no one understood it. Well, a few years later now, those TSN commentators literally said the words, “there’s some speculation Toronto’s GM thought Jeff Finger was (so and so) who had had a good year that year.”

    Yes, it sounds as if there’s a good chance Toronto’s GM handed out, what, 16 million dollars? 20? and significant cap room to the wrong player, because he didn’t know all the players names.

    You have to remember, these GMs are rich, and they’re stars in their own rights, celebrities, often ex-hockey players. Some of them aren’t like us fans, obsessing about the team constantly, always thinking about moves to make. Some GMs don’t even call every GM to propose every move possible that would benefit their team just as due diligence. Some just watch their own team play from the press box, and otherwise they have their scouts and assistants do all the work scouting other teams, and they often wait for other GMs to propose trades for their players and they accept one if they like it, instead of going out and having to do the work of trying to create deals on their own terms.

    People are wondering why Damien Brunner hasn’t been singed yet, well I bet you a lot of GMs don’t even have a good idea who Damien Brunner is! Sure they know the name, but did these millionaires spend 7 hours every day watching NHL Center Ice, constantly scouting every other team? Sure they should have been, but many nights they were in their own press box, watching their own team. And again, they defer to their scouts. Why do you think you always hear at the trade deadline how a team has five scouts live at some game to scout a player?

    Why the hell would you need to scout a player the day before the trade deadline, in person? You should know the ins and outs of every player in the NHL long before the deadline if you’re a GM. Scouts are great, but as the GM you’re the one who will have to decide on any trades ultimately, and therefore you need to have your own read on every player, and the best read. You have to have a natural eye for talent, for production, for potential, and in addition to all the other shortcomings I’ve already listed, many ex-hockey player GMs don’t have that. Many of these ex-hockey player GMs rely too much on their own experience, giving extra weight only to the qualities that made them personally a successful player in the NHL 20 years ago, an era that has little to do with today, or overvaluing the qualities they had trouble playing against in other players. If one of them had an especially hard time breaking into the NHL, and it was only through the help of some veteran player who was really good to them and a really good leader, then this particular GM could end up placing way too high a premium on veteran players and leadership due to his experience, which may not be the norm for most players. Plus you can also find the right coaches to help with those off-ice intangible things, and they don’t cost cap space.

    So you see my point I hope, on so many levels. I believe I personally am smarter than most NHL GMs, and i believe I’m not the only one commenting on this blog who is. Everyone who already agreed with me that we should sign Damien Brunner already has an edge on that subject over most NHL GMs because Brunner is being wayyyy under-targeted by NHL GMs.

    As for our own GM, Dean Lombardi, like I said he’s smarter than most other GMs. I definitely believe that. I’m not going to say I’m smarter than him, or that I would have built the team better than he did over the last decade, because he’s done a hell of a job.

    But speaking of right now, just this offseason going forward, I’ll tell you one area where Dean has an issue, and where I have an advantage over him from where I’m sitting: he’s too close to the situation, and he’s too close to the players, and he’s so emotionally invested with these guys who he “won a Cup with” in a sense that sometimes when you’re so emotionally invested, your emotions cloud your judgement and lead to you making the incorrect decisions for the situation.

    And I’ll prove it to you.

    With Willie Mitchell out injured, Lombardi wanted to replace him before we made our run at a repeat. As we all know from the rumor mills, Lombardi was dead set on Robyn Regehr from the beginning. The first rumors of Regehr were to LA, and that’s where he ended up a month later, for two 2nd round picks.

    Why? Dean Lombardi is close with Daryl Sutter, and Daryl Sutter was close with Regehr, having coached him in his best days with the Flames. Sutter, being too close to Regehr, remembered him for the stout leader who dominated on the ice, the picturesque Canadian defenseman, instead of seeing him for the older, lesser, slower defenseman he is today in reality, and Lombardi, being too close to Sutter and letting himself get pumped up for the name “Robyn Regehr” that Sutter had such great things to say about, allowed himself to get tunnel vision on Regehr, only looking to trade for him, the guy they knew, the “determined” “leader,” instead of actually looking around to find the best player in 2013, not 2006, for the best price.

    The end result is the Kings overpaid for Regehr, trading two 2nd round picks to Buffalo to acquire him. And yes I know Doug Murray also cost two 2nd round picks… that was also an overpayment by Pittsburgh, one even worse than ours.

    Then what happens? Most teams wait until the season is over before re-signing pending free agents. Not Lombardi. Regehr struggled at times against the St Louis Blues, and got hemmed in many times against the San Jose Sharks, although he and Doughty did well limiting the actual goals scored against them even if Regehr’s deteriorating footspeed and inability to make good passes out of the zone got the Kings hemmed into the zone.

    In short, Regehr was playing OK, and it was worth letting the rest of the postseason play out and seeing how much Regehr wanted to re-sign, and judging the market in the offseason.

    Instead, Lombardi, still too close to the situation, still enamored with the name Robyn Regehr, of course with Daryl Sutter also probably still in his ear talking about what a great leader he is on the Bench, Lombardi jumps the gun and signs Regehr to a two year, six million dollar deal.

    Then Regehr doesn’t play great against Chicago, because his foot speed just can’t keep up with the Hawks, and we lose, of course not just thanks to him but we lose, and the contract keeps looking worse and worse.

    And then a few weeks before UFA day, Willie Mitchell gets good news on his knee, and starts skating again. Would Lombardi had re-signed Regehr if he’d known Mitchell’s health would improve to the point he’d look probable to play next season? We’ll never know because instead of waiting to find out that type of information about Mitchell, good or bad, as well as judge the market and the whole picture closer to UFA day, Lombardi was too close to the situation and got excited from beating the Sharks or whatever the case may be, and he rushed the Regehr signing during the middle of the playoffs, giving a 33 year old defenseman on the decline, whose best days were before the lockout and before the rule changes because he’s never been a skating type of defenseman, a two year contract with a significant 3 million cap hit.

    And then to make matters worse, the #1 defenseman on the market in my opinion, Andrew Ference, who fills a similar role to Regehr except he skates miles better, is much faster, makes a better pass, and is just playing at higher, healthier, more in-his-prime level, signs with the Oilers for about 3 million dollars a year. He’s actually a year older than Regehr but he’s played at a much higher level the last few years and everyone considers him in his prime now, unlike Regehr.

    Then Scuderi, another defenseman considered much better and closer to his prime than Regehr, also signs in that 3 million cap hit range.

    Meanwhile, Regehr comparable Doug Murray still sits out there unsigned, and superior puck possession defenseman Ron Hainsey sits out there signed, and probably the most talented defenseman on the market when healthy Ryan Whitney sits out there unsigned, and we signed Jeff Schultz, who could end up playing just as well as Robyn Regehr actually if he recaptures the form of a few years ago before his role got decreased in Washington, for only 700k for 1 year.

    And through all of this, it becomes clear that Robyn Regehr was not going to get 3 million per year on the open market. I even heard commentators say during the playoffs that before the Kings traded for him, everyone else around the league thought Regehr was done, and they sounded very surprised by the 3 million per year extension. Which makes perfect sense because even then they could sense it was an overpayment, motivated by Sutter and Lombardi being too close to the situation and overvaluing a player just because they knew him and he used to be a big name defenseman. And that’s what being too close to the situation, and being too emotionally involved, will do to a GM. It skews their decision making ability and their ability to do what’s necessary to objectively improve the team.

    But the Regehr situation is not even the best example of what being too emotionally involved will do to a GM. Because he’s on the books now no matter what, barring a trade.

    He’s been on the books since when we signed him in the playoffs. This left us little cap room to sign the free agent scorer we need in free agency. Someone like Brunner is still a possibility without moving anyone, as long as we make the smart choice to only carry 20 roster players instead of the maximum 23 and just use AHL call ups to fill in injures, but adding a 5 million dollar wing on free agent day wouldn’t have been possible without dumping some salary.

    Who were/are the best options to dump? Of course Regehr, ironically, and center Jarret Stoll making 3.25 million against the cap.

    Everyone will remember, Jarret Stoll suffered a concussion when Raffi Torres hit him in the WCSF against the Sharks, and then of course he came back against the Blackhawks in the WCF.

    Well, it was reported a couple weeks ago maybe that Dean Lombardi was spotted hugging Jarret Stoll after one of the playoff games, maybe in the hall outside the dressing room if I remember.

    A couple days ago, Jarret Stoll suffered a seizure at home, and was taken to the hospital. And, it was reported, Dean Lombardi had presumably dropped everything (unless he had nothing scheduled) to go visit Stoll in the hospital, even though it’s the offseason.

    Now, giving Stoll a hug after he suffered a concussion, visiting him in the hospital in the offseason even with a medical problem that is hopefully not serious or death threatening, these are very nice, classy things for Dean Lombardi to do. The RIGHT thing to do. Hopefully it will endear him to all his players and make them want to play even harder for him, and hopefully his reputation for caring about his players will go around the league and make more good players want to sign in LA (although that would require Dean having interest in free agents), but more important than any of those things, because I’m sure those reasons aren’t even why Dean did them, is that these things were the right thing to do. Good for Dean. i would have done the same.

    So the actions by Dean, hugging Stoll at his lowest moment when he can’t play because he has a concussion, visiting Stoll at the hospital, are commendable. Where the issue comes in is, and I already know the answer, can Dean still think objectively about the roster, and Stoll’s place on it, when he’s so close to his players? In other words, after having a player crying on your shoulder, whether literally or figuratively, do you still have it in you to trade him if it makes your team better?

    What about when he’s in the hospital, like he is now? All the free agents are almost gone by now. But let me take you back to the first day of UFA. What if Nathan Horton had told Dean Lombardi he was willing to sign with LA for five years, 25 million, on the first day of free agency, for example? We all know that’s a better player and a better value than Jarret Stoll is, but for Lombardi to make that deal, he needs to make sure there is a taker for Stoll. So say there is, even with his injury, someone is willing to take him for a 5th round pick. This picks the LA Kings a better hockey team. But after getting so close to Jarret Stoll, does Dean still have the best interests of the LA Kings in his mind, or does he have the best interests of Jarret Stoll in his head, and is he talking himself in reasons to keep Stoll instead of doing what he should be doing, which is finding ways to get Nathan Horton? (Or Jarome Iginla, or whoever was willing to come to LA).

    And I already know the answer. Not only would Dean Lombardi be unwilling to trade Stoll now that he’s had a seizure, but I believe there was no chance of Lombardi trading Stoll ever since he hugged him after the concussion, because I believe that was indicative of the fact the two have a close relationship.

    And that’s the problem. With this year’s UFA crop, and all the centers available, they made Jarret Stoll’s contract a bad value deal compared to what was out there. Forget wings like Horton or Iginla for the moment, although they would have helped the most, but let’s just talk centers here for a moment. Lecavalier signed for a 4.5 million a year (although bad term, Dean would have had to try to talk that down), Daniel Briere signed for 4 million a year and only two years, Bozak signed for 4.2 million a year, Weiss signed for 4.9 million a year, Roy signed for 4 million 1 year, Grabovskiis still available… All these centers, especially the first four, are better players than Jarret Stoll, and despite getting paid between 1 million and 1.675 million more than Stoll, all these centers, at least the first four, were better value at their cap hits than Jarret Stoll.

    Could you imagine all the extra scoring pop the Kings would get from having Lecavalier as their third line center? And his huge, Anze Kopitar like size, would give a matchup nightmare to other teams and fit the Kings identity perfectly.

    Or Daniel Briere would bring the opposite, bring that change of pace the Kings need. Or Tyler Bozak is very much a Stoll style player just with more speed, better skating, and more offensive skill in general, and still with a bit of untapped potential as well. Gets better every year.

    Steven Weiss is the forgotten man after his injury last season, but he’s potentially the best of them all at the moment, very skilled, a huge upgrade over Jarret Stoll.

    All these centers would have been free to add in free agency, and all these centers would have fit comfortably under the cap in Stoll’s spot so long as Lombardi traded Stoll, hell even gave him away or waived him, and all these centers would have improved the Kings drastically and turned them into a juggernaut, with a third line center better than many team’s top line center, with the type of forward depth never seen in LA before. Adding a marquee top line center to play in a position most teams simply have defensive players would have been the bold, creative move to really turn the Kings into LA’s top team and biggest sports story. And with the way all these top UFA centers were getting paid, very reasonably (besides Filppula, and Lecavalier’s term), in the 4 – 5 million range rather than 7 million like other years, really would have made swapping Stoll’s 3.25 million cap hit for one of them an absolute no brainer.

    But Dean, being too close to the situation, didn’t do it. He’s too attached to Jarret Stoll. He’s too attached to his locker room chemistry, because only when you get really close do you start to obsess over the minute details like that and second guess every potential good move available to you based on that abstract concept, when in reality any of these top centers (or wingers for that matter) would have just been one player, and wouldn’t have ruined the locker room, and in fact probably would have excited the whole team once all the other guys saw what an upgrade in talent they brought to the team.

    And that’s where Dean Lombardi’s biggest fault is right now. He’s too close to the team, to the players, to the locker room, so close that he can’t see the forest through the trees. Now that Mitchell looks to be coming back and we’ve signed Jeff Schultz, it would probably be in the team’s best interests to trade Robyn Regehr (and Keaton Ellerby) and use that cap space to sign one of the few top forwards that remain and replace Regehr with someone cheaper, maybe someone with high upside like Ryan Whitney depending on what he’s asking for (or whoever), but Dean won’t try Regehr because he and especially Sutter are so close to him, and Dean feels a loyalty, like it wouldn’t be totally fair to Robyn to trade him only a month after signing him.

    But Dean is GM of the LA Kings, not GM of Robyn Regehr. He’s supposed to be loyal first to the franchise, and what makes the franchise better, period, not worrying about what’s fair to Regehr instead of what’s best for the Kings.

    And if Dean is going to keep Regehr, the other move, perhaps the smarter one, would have been swapping out Stoll’s 3.25 million contract and low offensive production for much more offense that would only cost about 1 million more, whether that be one of the centers I mentioned, or adding a top winger.

    But Dean didn’t do that either because he’s too close to the players, so close to many of them that his whole job has simply become trying to keep them all together and maintain a good locker room with zero chances, never losing anyone key, but not looking to improve the team either, especially not if it requires moving out an established player he’s close to like Jarret Stoll, even when it would make the team better. And that’s a big problem.

    So am I smarter than Dean? i won’t say I am. But what I can do is see the forest, because I have perspective, and I definitely would have the courage to move Stoll or Regehr if it meant adding a top forward. And if that had to be Stoll, even if Stoll told me he wanted to stay in LA, I would still do it, because the franchise is bigger than Stoll, and making the team better matters more than making Stoll happy right now. I’d feel confident that with his 3.25 million per year salary, he’d end up finding his way happily in another city once he got over the trade, and I’d do my best to work with him on the trade and find him a spot to land he’d be comfortable with, since the major point of this trade wouldn’t be getting some huge return from any particular team, but just clearing the cap space in order to land one of those top scoring forwards. And that’s what I’d do, to make the team better. The way Dean is operating its like he may as well have just given even all his depth players no trade clauses, because he has no interest in parting with the players he’s so close to anyway. He’s just too close and too attached it seems. I mean Im glad that’s the case with the best players because it basically adds an extra layer of protection to make sure Dean hopefully never listens to the dumb fans that want Justin Williams or Anze Kopitar traded, but when it comes to Stoll or Regehr, that extreme loyalty by Dean because a hindrance in improving the team.

    So you get the idea overall. Many GMs just aren’t very smart. Dean is smart, but even he gets himself into positions where he can’t see the forest through the trees, where he’s way too close and emotionally involved with the players to think straight and make the right moves to make the team objectively better, and where he starts to ignore all the facts and the stats and the talent out there and becomes completely obsessed with intangibles like locker room chemistry when that can only take you so far if you’re not also upgrading the talent of your roster when opportunities present themselves.

    • Jesus fucking Christ you ramble. I suspect the only thing worse then reading what you write would be actually having to listen to you say it.

    • Ha ha. Your comments are way too long bro. Keep them to a couple of paragraphs please and the occasional long one when it really merits it. Very few if any will spend the time to read them when they are this long and that is why we write – so others will read. Much of what you write in 1000 words can be efficiently summarized in 200-300

    • Banned for writing like a high school freshman. Make it happen S&S!

    • Can somebody send me the cliff notes.
      I had to scroll for fucking ever to get past that!
      And I run a 22″ in vertically!

    • Haha! I guess you had some important things to share. I’m almost curious enough to read it..

    • Mrconcisemice, I am begining to think your name is meant to be ironic and you may in fact not actually be a mischief of mice. However, I digress.
      Firstly, the chip on your shoulder regarding your intelligence could heat Staples Center. You are correct, it does not take a Harvard grad (like Chiarelli) to be a GM, in fact some only have their law degree from Tulane (like our beloved Deano); but most have paid their dues and learned the ins and outs via experience, regardless of their copious amount of connections (like Stan Bowman, special assistant to the General Manager for four seasons. For the next two years, he would serve as the Director of Hockey Operations. Afterwards, Bowman was promoted to Assistant General Manager, Hockey Operations). There is a huge difference between coaching and being a GM!
      The number one thing you fail to conceptualize about being a General Manager is the MANAGER portion. A manager is responsible for: directing, organizing, and controlling. They oversee, if they spent 7 hours a day watching games and didn’t trust their scouts they would be terrible MANAGERS. They hire many specialists to do these things and trust them to do so
      To say “You can never know until you’ve tried.” Is specious reasoning, and a bullshit defense to think you would be a better GM than most NHL GMs. That is the same as me saying: “You can never know until you’ve tried, I could be a brain surgeon.” If nothing else, believe this, I personally know WAY TOO MANY people that would make much better NHL GMs than me that I have to think the 30 people who actually got the jobs, are more qualified than I.
      The whole Regher/Stoll thing can be summed up thusly: Regehr was the only available quality LH defenseman who knew the Kings system and therefore could step in without a learning curve half-way through a lockout-shortened season. The trade of two 2nd round picks is what the market dictated as appropriate compensation, and his resigning to a 2-year $3M per contract was market value to assure that the Kings would have a vetern LH defense man next year who had experience in their system. Ference got 4 years, as did Scuderi, thus is the market.
      Dean’s first concern is doing his job to the best of his ability, and if you think that hugging a player after he missed playoff games due to injury, and visiting him in the hospital show character flaws and are somehow able to be twisted into a bad thing, then you are more pessimistic and misanthropic than I am, which is extremely depressing!
      I apologize to all for the length of my comment, however I felt my Remembrance Rock was the least that was warranted by Mrconcisemice’s In Search of Lost Time.

      • TK,

        Appreciate the response, but analyzing the definition of the word “manager” and then using it as proof GMs are good at their jobs (because they’re called GMs! Which must mean they manage!) does not make anything I said less true. Yes, you’re right, logic would dictate they control and pay attention to everything and make sure everything in the organization is roses. But that’s logic. It’s not always in line with reality.

        If that were all true, how do you explain the Maple Leafs paying 4 million a year to Jeff Finger BY ACCIDENT because they thought he was someone else?

        So your point about how if they didn’t do x, y, and z they would be “terrible managers” is correct. What you don’t realize is that they often DON’T do x, y, and z, and that is why they really are, as you stated, terrible at their jobs.

        Does Bob Gainey trading Ryan Mcdonaugh for Scott Gomez sound like someone who had every angle covered, knew every advanced stats score of every player in the NHL, and combined it with knowing each of his scout’s visual observations on every player, as well as his capologist’s take, and made an informed decision? Every fan on the planet knew that Scott Gomez contract was a disaster. Untradeable. When NYR fans tried to make trade proposals online dealing him away to get out from under the weight of that contract, people laughed at them. “He’s untradeable. No one will take that contract, not for anything. NOTHING is worse crippling your entire franchise with a giant 7 million dollar waste of cap space.”

        And then Bob Gainey not only trades for him, he gives up Ryan Mcdonaugh, Chris Higgins… he makes a trade as if he was actually trading FOR someone, not taking on a bad contract.

        How the fuck do you explain that? It is inexplicable. I’m telling you, EVERY FAN knew that contract was untradeable. How did Gainey not know that? How did an NHL GM have a worse sense of a player’s value and just the obvious reality of the situation than average NHL fans, if every NHL GM is such a great manager?

        So no offense, but I stand by what I said. I am giving you examples and facts that give you a glimpse behind the curtain at what the reality is like with NHL GMs, and how the facts show they’re not as intelligent or good at their jobs as you might think.

        You’re giving me the definition of the word management, and saying it must mean they’re really good managers because their job position is called “General Manager,” and combining this definition of a word with your personal opinion on the value of experience. I’m sorry, again, it seems like you’re the only one who wrote my post that took awhile to write and a lot of thought, and I do appreciate the response, but this does not constitute a valid argument. If you can tell me how an expert manager could trade Ryan Mcdonaugh for Scott Gomez, or sign the wrong player by accident because the GM didn’t know the players’ names correctly, then I might start to believe your argument. Until then, it does not jive with the facts at all.

        • I think you misunderstood the purpose of me defining manager. Which is understandable, since you wrote an entire novel. However, I was referring to your mentioning of GMs being ill informed because they do not watch NHL Center Ice for 7 hours a day; and implying that deferring to their scouts is a bad thing. In regards to the Leafs supposedly confusing Finger with Kurt Sauer and the Habs trading McDonagh; you are correct in saying these were bad moves, stupid even. However, you continuously utilize confirmation bias, counterfactual thinking, and specious reasoning to “make” your point. I never said: “every NHL GM is such a great manager?” In fact I never even implied every GM is good at their job! I was responding to your rant of how you know more than every GM, lumping EVERY GM together! Using the transitive property to claim that because the Habs were dumb enough to bring on an “untradeable contract” and give up actual assets; you know better than all of them.

          I wrote a response to all of your major points and instead of acknowledging the validity of my arguments you put words in my mouth and pick and choose your facts. Yes you used two examples; yes they showed two GMs made major mistakes. However, if you recall like I said earlier about DL; they deserve our respect not our undying blind faith. Showing a couple fuck-ups doesn’t prove that all GMs are morons (like I said Harvard and Tulane are decent schools); also for there to be “good trades” and “winners” there have to be “bad trades” and “losers.”

          You ignore all the facts that don’t jive with your misconceptions and select the handful that do (confirmation bias). You pretend to know how things would have turned out if something in the past had changed (counter factual thinking). And you over generalize and lump all GMs together, as well as claim that Stoll & Regher can be moved (which I have also previously shown is untrue) and that we need a top 6 winger for scoring (which I have also addressed is not only not true [we were 10th in scoring last year] but already being addressed with Toffoli). (specious reasoning)

          How about if you want to have an actual intelligent discussion and exchange of ideas you write some concise bullets and I am confident that others and I will be more than happy to address them. Instead of hurling every thought that comes into your head onto the comments board like a monkey throwing its feces on the wall. Then if you choose to continue your Michael Moore third-grade specious “logic” wrought with logical fallacies and basic errors at least it will all be in one handy place. I will even provide you my email address so you can write as long a list as you would like. However, my hypothesis is that you do not want an intelligent exchange of ideas, you do not want to debate the nuances, you instead want to write your diatribes and convince yourself how much smarter and better you are than not only everyone here but every GM. You want to perpetuate a misconception you have that if you had only been a former NHL player yourself you could be the greatest GM ever, that you would have drafted Datsyuk & Zetterberg, that you would have convinced Hossa & Kovulchuk to sign in LA and done so without compromising the long-term flexibility of the team. You would have your name on the Stanley Cup 14 times making you better than Scotty Bowman, but alas like all great geniuses you are misunderstood in your own time. In conclusion, if your goal is to have an informed and insightful discussion then I am excited to welcome it. However, if you are only here to utilize erroneous logic in an effort to stroke your ego and publish diatribes of your superiority; then I am done feeding the fire.

    • Classic manic monologue. You should really get back on the meds.

  20. Soome of you fuckers are crazy! Dean signing regehr, ellerby, and schultz for what 5 million total? That pretty much fucked us in terms of adding anyone cause of the salary cap. He should of let regehr walk. Ellerby too. As for the forwards. Put in some young guys. I like the mixture of veterans and youth. How do we know how toffoli, pearson gonna be if they don’t play.

    • If he let Regehr walk we still would have lost Scuderi and been left with Greene as the only real veteran, depending on what happens with Mitchell.

    • They will play. No need to rush them. They learn on bottom six and earn ice time

    • Deano has added too many d-man, I think he is lining up a trade for a LW. We are deep in D. There really is no solid other reason.

      If he is stacking super deep on D, and not replacing someone to score. Well then, we may be losing our chance to recover the cup.

    • Ya, the unknown regarding Mitchell’s health is screwing everything up. I don’t know anything about Schultz to pass judgement, but I don’t mind DL preparing for worst case scenario. We have plenty of time to figure this out. Things will work out just fine!

  21. Hey fellas is something up with the site? The last two posts don’t show up on safari in iOS. I just get the headline and comments

    • We noticed it the other day but don’t know what’s going on yet.

    • I disabled the special mobile version of our site today so you should be able to see the posts on any mobile device now although the style will be a bit different. Until I figure out what is going on, we will keep it this way. Take a look and leave a comment if you are still having trouble viewing it. I am doing all of this from my phone so it’s a bit hit and miss

  22. Did anyone get a chance to witness our future today?

    • Yea I was wondering the same thing… btw, did anyone else see our prospect ranking on hockey’s future? 27 seems waaaay to low IMO.

    • I’ve been planning to go tomorrow, but not sure if I can make it now.

      It’s always fun to go, but it’s a pain in the ass of a drive for me and while fun, after about an hour it becomes tedious.

      • I took my daughter to see the USS Iowa today and we were planning on attending camp but my mom decided she wanted to join us. We had a fantastic day minus a hockey rink. :( Maybe next year.

  23. Scott Van Slyke looks like he could be Penner’s cousin lol

  24. So glad Kovy didn’t sign here.

    • That’s some weird shit that went down there. He’s only 30 with a major contract.

      • He’ll go home to the KHL and make more money after not paying taxes. Still, completely shocked and like Bugarin said: So glad Kovy didn’t sign here!

        • Ditto..wasted a whole summer on that guy..
          S& Post please. .this one tooooooo long..takes my entire break to get to bottom… ;)
          GO KINGS GO!!!

        • His mom said that they take 50% in taxes. That’s fucking crazy!

          Last time I played pickup there was an ex Duck who plays in the Khl and I asked him about it and the main thing wad taxes.

          • Just read that as well..that is a HUGE deduction.
            I thought the Race Track was bad with their immediate 25% take out for non citizens..yikes!
            GO KINGS GO!!!

  25. Russia has a flat income tax (something America should seriously consider, as well as doing away with the antiquated Electoral College and go with a popular vote for President [you know like an actual democracy, instead of a constitutional republic]. The rate for a non-resident is 30%, and a resident is 13%; Ilya would qualify as a resident in Russia, whereas he qualifies as a non-resident alien in the US. According to the IRS, non-resident aliens are subject to the same tax rates as US citizens, unless said income is not effectively connected with a trade or business in the United States; obviously that does not apply here. Therefore if we extrapolate current federal and New Jersey state income taxes for the life of his contract we can estimate how much he must make in the KHL to have his retirement make fiscal sense. Also, I will make the assumption of retiring before the 2020-2021 when he would have been playing at age 37 making only $1M. Therefore, I am assuming Ilya would have played 7 more seasons, making $67M over that time before an elementary cost benefit analysis would conclude his contract would drive him into retirement.

    Kovalchuk’s $67M over 7 years in the United States (extrapolating current tax rates with no increase or decrease) after State and Federal taxes would have netted him $36,018,825.25. Thus after applying Russia’s generous 13% flat tax, Kovalchuk would have to gross $41,400,948.57 before taxes. I do not think it is completely unreasonable to assume he would sign for roughly that amount over a four-year contract. However, even if you want to play Devil’s advocate (no pun intended), he need not make even $6M gross per season over the same 7-year span to start to make a profit by moving bake to his home country.

    Therefore, I fully expect Kovalchuk to make more money retiring and playing in the KHL within the next 4 years, than he ever would have in the next 7 playing in the NHL. It is erroneous, irresponsible, and just plain lazy journalism to claim Kovalchuk is “leaving $77M” on the table back stateside; instead he is going home and making more money than he ever would have seen playing out his ridiculous contract in what could easily amount to less than half the time. Essentially, I am saying Devil’s fans should blame Putin’s “tax haven,” more than they blame Ilya.

  26. When the fuck are you guys gonna write another piece? I keep having to read comments instead of articles. By the way what the fuck is up with all the dopey comments?


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