So, my phone blows up with text messages that Alec Martinez has signed a 2 year deal. I have heard numbers of $2M to $2.2M. Either way, it’s about one million per year.

Nothing from the official Insider or the peeps but, hell, thought you should know.

Martinez’s last contract was also for 2 years. This is only a slight pay raise from the $737,500 per year of the last one…then again, as we have lamented, Alec did have an off-year.

Two down, Kyle Clifford and Trevor Lewis to go.

Does this make it less likely that both will be signed? No. But Penner is most definitely gone, even more definitely than the previous notions of definitiveness.


Update: Changed the unofficial to official in the title since I just read that TSN is reporting it.

Additional thoughts: What the fuck are we going to do with all of these defensemen that have been signed? Wait until camp, see which one of them doesn’t suck and start trading the ones that do? Ooh, ooh, I know, trade Ellerby now because, despite Surly’s love for him, he doesn’t have much game.

Also, if Mitchell comes back, Jesus, that is 10 defensemen, right?

And there is Bud Holloway and Jordan Nolan.

So…who is getting traded?