Alec Martinez Signs Two Year Extension (Official)

So, my phone blows up with text messages that Alec Martinez has signed a 2 year deal. I have heard numbers of $2M to $2.2M. Either way, it’s about one million per year.

Nothing from the official Insider or the peeps but, hell, thought you should know.

Martinez’s last contract was also for 2 years. This is only a slight pay raise from the $737,500 per year of the last one…then again, as we have lamented, Alec did have an off-year.

Two down, Kyle Clifford and Trevor Lewis to go.

Does this make it less likely that both will be signed? No. But Penner is most definitely gone, even more definitely than the previous notions of definitiveness.


Update: Changed the unofficial to official in the title since I just read that TSN is reporting it.

Additional thoughts: What the fuck are we going to do with all of these defensemen that have been signed? Wait until camp, see which one of them doesn’t suck and start trading the ones that do? Ooh, ooh, I know, trade Ellerby now because, despite Surly’s love for him, he doesn’t have much game.

Also, if Mitchell comes back, Jesus, that is 10 defensemen, right?

And there is Bud Holloway and Jordan Nolan.

So…who is getting traded?

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  1. Cool. Is he gonna play left wing?

  2. My guess is Penner is gone (going to miss the “Pancakes” chants at Staples…), and maybe Nolan too. Hopefully they sign Lewis soon!

    Any thoughts on Cliffy and Stewart?

  3. Sign and trade for sure. Both are puck movers with two year contracts at one million per. That’s attractive to everybody. Easy moves for Dean. What kind of return can we get for either? Second round pick is probably a stretch but a third rounder sounds legit

  4. “Also, if Mitchell comes back, Jesus, that is 10 defensemen, right?”

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying! Bobby, fellow Kings fans, generally we only play 6 defenseman in a game! This means we are paying (and it counts against the cap!) almost as many defenseman, 4, to sit in the press box every night!

    So what’s a better use of cap space, having four extra defenseman in the press box every night, which if one of those defenseman is Robyn Regehr or someone like that, could be wasting over 5 or 6 million in cap space, or just carrying seven defenseman at the NHL level, just using injury replacements from the AHL that don’t waste any cap space, and using all that saved cap space on a top forward who will actually PLAY every night?

    And remember, these are just the defensemen! In addition to having four extra defenseman on the roster right now wasting cap sitting in the press box, we’re also on pace right now to have many extra forwards as well! So that amount of cap space wasted on healthy scratches could go even higher than 5 or 6 million! It’s just crazy!

    And that’s why I keep correcting people who say we have no cap space. Yes, when you project the roster to have 10 defenseman and 16 forwards, we have no cap space. But not only does it make no sense to carry that many players at the NHL level, it’s also not allowed! The roster maximum is 23 players. And even that is not a good use of cap space! We have plenty of capable injury replacements at the AHL level, especially at forward, like Linden Vey and Tanner Pearson and Maxim Kitsyn, and they don’t count against our NHL cap at all when they’re in the AHL! So it makes no sense to waste cap space on injury replacement players on one way contracts at the NHL level when we already have very capable ones in the AHL who don’t count against the cap, and who have been waiting for their shot for a long time!

    On the defensive end of things, if you’re not comfortable with Forbort or any of the young D prospects in Manchester (although remember we don’t even know of all of them, and Alec Martinez made the team out of nowhere a few years ago so do you really think there’s no one in Manchester who couldn’t come up and fill the gap as a #6 defenseman at least as good Ellerby, which isn’t a very high bar at all?), then fine, carry ONE two extra defenseman at the NHL level, although even that is a waste of cap space because again, why waste 800k of cap space on Keaton Ellbery sitting in the press box when surely there is someone in Manchester who can come in and play 10 minutes a night just as well as he does? Ellerby sucks, so what are you really gaining here? At least Forbort has loads more natural talent than Ellbery and I’m sure the experience playing a few games in the NHL to replace an injured defense would do nothing but help him.

    And again, this is just for the regular season! Why are you wasting cap space on healthy scratch depth players during the regular season when we should make the playoffs no matter who our injury replacements are? Then, for the playoffs, if you want someone better than Forbort, you sign them at the deadline, when the cap no longer counts, or you trade a 5th rounder to get your Ellbery then. But don’t waste cap space all year and prevent yourself from adding a top forward as the cost!

    So at most carry 7 defenseman at the NHL level, and if you ever need more than that in the regular season just call up someone from Manchester (it’s just to play 10 minutes, remember), and at most carry 12 forwards at the NHL level, since we have tons of options in the AHL to call-up in case of injury.

    This is the most effective use of cap space without sacrificing much in the terms of potential injury replacement during the regular season. And then post trade-deadline, the cap doesn’t count anymore so you can load up much more in terms of healthy scratches for the playoffs, but this way you saved your cap space and allowed yourself to add a top forward during the regular season.

    So what Dean is doing, signing 10 different defenseman, and adding way too many depth forwards as well, all at the expense of filling the roster spot we NEED which is a 2nd line forward, is just crazy. I just hope he has some sort of master plan because right now all he’s doing is wasting TONS of cap space on extra depth players who aren’t good and who we don’t need because you can only play 20 players in a game, and it’s costing us the ability to sign the player we actually need.

  5. Also Bobby, Surly, what’s the deal with Colin Fraser?

    He sucks. He’s wasting cap space. Linden Vey is already a much better player than he is. There are also better 4th line centers available on the market for cheap, like Matt Hendricks.

    When is Dean going to trade him? There is no excuse for him to be on our opening night roster. We actually have the potential to have a really good, big, dominant-on-the-cycle 4th line, like St Louis did in the playoffs, with guys like Dwight King, Jordan Nolan, potentially Maxim Kitsyn or Tanner Pearson, on the wings. The 4th line could be a huge strength of ours…

    …as long as Colin Fraser is gone. He’s just so damn slow, he hurts the whole line.

    So why is he still on the team? I don’t get it. Is it just Dean has become so obsessed with culture, continuity, the locker room, never changing anything, just because no matter how bad a player is on the ice, Dean now believes keeping their voice in the locker room is more important than anything else?

    Because every interview he does now, all he talks about, obsessively, is locker room, culture, continuity, saying how if you break things up now, you lose that culture and you become like everyone else, and you get mediocrity. It’s like he’s boxed himself in with this obsessive locker-room based philosophy to the point where he can’t even trade his worst 4th liner now after an awful season because then his voice wouldn’t be in the locker room anymore, and it would break the “continuity.”

    It’s like now all he’s willing to do is add players, but never let anyone go because of the locker room, the continuity. No wonder we have cap problems, he won’t let anyone go! (Unless they ask for a trade like Bernier). When you keep adding players but refuse to ever subtract any, you’re eventually going to run into the cap ceiling and also the roster maximum limit, and both of those things are happening now.

    So is that it? It sounds crazy so I hope it’s not that Dean won’t let a bad, talentless 4th line player go simply because of “continuity.” That would be crazy. Although, let’s remember, Dean kept Kevin Westgarth around forever too, and it seemed like he was reluctant to trade him as well.

    Bobby, Surly, do you think it’s possible Dean has developed into the type of GM that just gets way too close to his players and bonds with them and has trouble letting anyone go because he gets way too emotionally involved with them? The type of GM who becomes more obsessed with the personalities of his players than their actual talent and value of players on the ice, and the talent level of the team?

    Because I’m really starting to fear that’s the case.

    • I think you’re forgetting that these players are people too man, if your boss was firing people left and right at your job would you feel any job security? Maybe creating that feeling of community is helping their work ethic. If they think deans gonna slang em for some picks why would they try so hard? If they love the city and culture they might be more emotionally invested in the franchise and work a little harder. Not saying that alone is gonna win em the division or anything just that boosting player morale is a huge part of development. That might b the difference between zykov being a L2 or a top line manch prospect

      • Zac, no that’s the thing. I’m not FORGETTING that they are people. I’m saying that I know they are people, but that in the case of the Colin Fraser’s of the league, the fact he’s a person should not prevent you as a GM from doing what’s best for your hockey team.

        Did I say trade half the team? No. The way you’re talking, no GM would ever be able to trade anyone, even a 4th liner, because then the rest of the team might feel uncomfortable.

        “If they think deans gonna slang em for some picks why would they try so hard?”

        Zac, this is professional sports. Why try so hard? Their next contract. Not to lose their job. Not to lose their spot high in the lineup where it’s more fun to play and where they get more points which lets them get more money in their next contract. Plus, you know, duh, winning!

        And your argument that security will make everyone work harder is I guess you could say a duplicitous argument because most coaches argue INSECURITY is what makes everyone work harder. When there is competition for their job and they might LOSE it (i.e. their job is INSECURE), it forces everyone to work and compete harder. It’s when you’re secure and you know you’ll never be traded that you get too comfortable and feel like you don’t have to work for it anymore.

        Which might explain why once again it was reported Mike Richards didn’t come to camp this season in shape and ready to play, which is why he had such a slow start to the season and, even in the playoffs when he was producing thanks to his cleverness with the puck, still looked weak and slow physically and was getting trampled over by Thornton, Backes, Toews, and others at 5 on 5 in the playoffs.

        I’m not saying players aren’t people, or they shouldn’t be treated as people. Of course they should be treated as people. What I’m saying is your job as GM is to make the TEAM better, and that if you become too attached to the players on your team so that you start putting the needs of every individual player above the needs of the team, you are hurting the team, handicapping its ability to get better, and you are not fulfilling your job as GM.

        For example, the objective fan, with no relationship to any of these players, sees that we’re having cap problems. The objective fan sees Colin Fraser making 900k on the cap, and sees that he doesn’t really help us at all on the ice, and sees that trading him off the team is one of the easiest, and first steps, that should be taken to help with the cap situation, plus regardless of the cap, he’s just not a very good 4th line center and we could use someone better there anyway.

        So when you’re objective, you understand that the best move FOR THE TEAM is to trade Colin Fraser, and if you were GM, you’d do that right away. It’s a very simple move from the perspective of the team with zero risk. The guy has no upside, there’s nothing to be concerned about when getting rid of him. It’s as obvious and easy a decision as any NHL GM would ever have to make from the perspective of the team.

        But here’s where I suspect Dean Lombardi is getting steered off course. Maybe he goes to dinner with the Fraser family all the time. Maybe he celebrated with the Fraser family after winning the Cup. Maybe he met Fraser’s parents, his wife, maybe even his grandparents if they’re still alive. Maybe they have really sweet little kids (I don’t know if that’s actually the case with Fraser but it could apply to any player so read this from that perspective). Maybe Dean was there when Fraser’s wife broke down in tears, and didn’t want Fraser to see, but couldn’t help confide in Dean, telling him how hard it’s been for their family to have to move their kids every couple years, switching schools, and she begged Dean not to put their family through that again. Maybe Dean has really grown to like Fraser. Maybe Fraser has just a fantastic sense of humor. Maybe his kids just bring so much joy to Dean’s heart every time he visits for dinner. Maybe Dean saw what Fraser had to go through rehabbing his injury, how difficult it was, how hard he worked, how he persevered and kept a smile on his face every day. Maybe Fraser gave Dean some really great advice that helped save Dean’s marriage.

        These are just examples, some of them probably very exaggerated. But they show you how something so simple, when looked at from the perspective of what’s best for the team, meaning trading a 4th line player with limited skill and an inflated cap hit when your team is up against the cap and needs to get rid of someone, can all of a sudden become very complicated when you let your emotions get involved, and you start thinking about what’s best for every individual player.

        Guess what, that 7th round draft pick from five or ten years ago that we picked, that young man was a dream to play in the NHL who wasn’t good enough and now works at the mall instead, what was best for him, what was his DREAM, would have been to play in the NHL, whether he was good enough or not. Dean could have just put him on the 4th line and let him play every year. That would have been best for this prospect. It would have fulfilled his dream, even. But that’s not how you run a successful NHL hockey team. You can’t worry about what’s best for every individual player and prospect. You can only worry about what’s best for the team because in most cases what is best for the team is actually NOT best for all but 10 to 20 of your players. And that’s why when you start to worry about both, or much worse start to worry about the individual players more than the team, you get in huge trouble because the two contradict each other.

        That’s why you have to do what’s best for the team, not what’s best for your 4th line forward and his family. Will the owner, and all the investors who risked their own money, be happy if the team finishes last in the league, but at least you kept Colin Fraser and Kevin Westgarth and all the other borderline NHL players happy and situated in LA so their kids didn’t have to change schools and start over? Will all the hundreds of thousands of fans who spent their own hard-earned money on tickets be happy if the team finishes last, but at least the GM did right by his players? What about just if the team makes game seven of the conference finals, but they would have won the Stanley Cup if not for wasting cap space on a 4th liner they didn’t need, but the GM kept him around to do right by him? Even then, if the fans had some way of knowing they would have won the Cup if not for that happening, they wouldn’t be happy, even with making the conference finals. What about the other players like Kopitar and Doughty who really deserve to be on the team and are worth what they’re paid and the roster spots they have? Would they be happy if the team finished last but at least Dean Lombardi did right by Colin Fraser?

        No. Absolutely no, 100% no. As a GM, you treat the players with respect, you call them man-to-man to tell them if you’re trading them, and you point them in the direction of the team resources department (or whatever it’s called) and try to get them the very best help that is out there in relocating their family to the new city, and you also put in as good a work as is honest to his new team to try to get him started on the right foot. And you thank that player for doing his best with your team, and maybe if you two were friends, you keep contact with them and try to help them as much as you can as a friend OUTSIDE of hockey.

        But beyond that, you do what’s best for the team. Even if ruins Colin Fraser’s life, you trade him. Even if Colin Fraser has told you his wife is going to leave him if you trade him, you fucking trade him, if that’s what’s best for the team on the ice. Even if it ruins his kids’ lives, you trade him if it’s best for the team.

        Because your job, as general manager, is to do what’s best for your team. It’s Colin Fraser’s job to take care of his life and his family, not yours as GM. That’s the trade off of being an NHL hockey player, you get to live your dream and play in the NHL, and you also get to make way more money than 99% of the population, but the trade off is you don’t always get to decide where you live, and you can be uprooted at any moment.

        That’s the trade off. That’s the deal. And if you’re a good husband and father and you have a loving family that you care about, hopefully everything works out with your family and your children despite being uprooted. Again, that’s the trade off, the kids get uprooted from time to time, but they also get to live a privileged life in terms of the family’s finances. That’s the trade off.

        And I’ve just become very worried with the way Lombardi constantly talks about culture and continuity, and the reports out there of how he seems so close to his players, combined with his actions telling everyone that he seems very reluctant to ever move anyone, that Dean has lost sight of his number one job: improving the team at all costs, winning at all costs. I really do fear he’s gotten too emotionally involved with his players. I mean if he can’t fucking trade Colin Fraser, who has absolutely no value to the team on the ice, how is he ever going to trade someone like Jarret Stoll or Robyn Regehr if that ever becomes necessary, players who are also probably overpaid and somewhat expendable given the current cap crunch, assuming you can use that cap space to bring in someone better, but who are also NHL quality regular hockey players?

        It’s just very concerning to me to still see Colin Fraser and his 900k cap hit on the team given how bad he was last year, and given our cap crunch, because it’s so damn obvious he needs to go, and when your GM starts showing himself incapable of making the obviously-beneficial moves to help the team, it’s a bad sign because then how is he ever going to be able to make the non-obvious beneficial moves?

    • Vey and his tremendous NHL experience is already a better player than Colin Fraser? Dude,

      • Bobby, not you man. Not you. Don’t you go down the ridiculous road…

        Yes, Bobby, Nathan Mackinnon and his zero NHL experience is also a better player than Colin Fraser.

        Yes, Bobby, Seth Jones and his zero NHL experience is also already a better NHL player than Colin Fraser.

        What’s next, “but Jones is a defenseman and Fraser is a forward!”? Comeonnnn peopllle!

        Didn’t Linden Vey lead the AHL in scoring or something? And I’ve seen him skate. I can guarantee you, if Fraser played in the AHL, he wouldn’t have led the AHL in scoring like Vey. Vey is faster, a better skater, has better hands, a better passer, a better shooter, better at everything besides hitting and size.

        You’re damn right he is already a better player in the NHL and it disappoints me to see you of all people stoop to defending the worst player on the team with no skill simply based on experience.

  6. I like AMart and am glad he got signed. I think a part of his ‘off year’ is tied to getting hit in the face with a slapshot in Europe. Post Concussion Syndrome is brutal and can take up to a year to shake off the effects. Clifford and Lewis will get in the neighborhood of 1.25 and Nolan an Penner are gone . 10 is far too many, and signed D are easier to move. I’m not an Ellerby fan so not only signing him but adding Schultz right after was a bit confusing. Unless a couple of those guys are going to Manchester and one gets traded.
    Holloway would be signed already if he wasn’t asking for too much money. He hasn’t played 1 NHL game , he should get a contract that pays him as such. Sign for 1 year at minimum and work your ass off, show how good you are, then renegotiate. If money is more important to him than establishing himself as a solid NHL player ,then the Kings don’t need him.

  7. Bud Holloway (according to this) will be playing in Skellefteå. next year. According to this, contract is signed.

      • Not likely. For one thing if BH wanted to be King, if playing for a legit SC contender was important to him, he would have signed, he chose $$$ instead. And how does playing another year in an inferior league change anything? It just makes him a year older without any NHL experience.
        Also, this is another article from late this afternoon with BH news at the end, and his agent states that he’s Kings property until tonight and they have been trying to deal his rights to other NHL teams.
        Either way, him ever being in kings jersey is bleak.

        • Good riddance to the little cry baby. I would have been pissed off to see him get a roster spot over someone who actually stuck it out and worked hard to get it, instead of leaving like a little bitch. As far as I’m concerned BH can fuck off and I hope I never see him in a Kings jersey.

        • Don’t think it’s that simple Deirdre. I think Bud Holloway wanted to play on the Kings, for any money. I think he was only willing to sign a one-way contract, however, to guarantee that he’d get to play for the Kings, not the Monarchs, and since we have such a cap crunch and too many one-way forwards already, Dean needed to have the option of sending him to the AHL to save cap space, and Holloway couldn’t risk that, would rather just stay in Europe instead and not have to go back and forth between LA and Manchester.

          It’s very disappointing though because this could be our 2LW! Does anyone know how good this guy is? We almost brought him up as a scoring forward years ago! Now he’s been tearing it up abroad… what if he’s a really good NHL player? What if we just let a total bargain near-cap-minimum 2LW go?

          As long as Kitsyn or less likely Zykov are better than Holloway at this moment, it’s no big deal, and they would have taken the 2LW spot over Holloway anyway, but if Holloway really is the best one right now, this could have a really big negative effect on our season losing this guy, and none of us will probably ever know it.

          • According to his agent, it was because of money.


            “Bud Holloway will play in Skellefteå next season. His window to sign a one-way contract ended at 6 o’clock this morning.
            – Bud had a one-way contract with the Kings on the table but it wasn’t good enough, said his agent Peter Wallén.”

            Hope he enjoys his lederhosen and yodel Karioke nights…the Kings gave you the opportunity to play for a legit Cup contender and it wasn’t good enough.

  8. A bit off topic but Hextall has joined Philly, once again. That’s a huge loss for us. Hopefully we have someone of quality to transition into his spot seamlessly.

  9. My question is can ellerby be sent manchester or would he have to clear waivers? I also hope nolan gets signed. He is a decent skater for a scrapper.

  10. Also we got 9 dmen. 8 if mitchell can’t play. That means they trade one or send someone to the ahl…

  11. Hextall is now gone…so that sucks! Good luck to him as the Flyers GM next year after Holmgren finally gets fired. Weird timing though, right?

  12. This is going to be an interesting training camp…

    Welcome back Marty n_n

  13. Bobby, Surly…..Love the new format/style of the blog.
    Mrconcisemice…be more consice
    Mik3ysfv. …drink less when you comment.


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