The Dustin Penner signing with the Anaheim Ducks is official. That’s it, I have nothing else to add other than I told you so…weeks ago. Call me Nostradamus. Go ahead, do it, I’ll wait…

So, Daniel Carcillo. Are you fucking kidding me? If he is Brad Richardson’s replacement on the pine, then the ladies got fucked on this one because Carcillo is one ugly son of a bitch. If we are really that desperate at left wing that we would play Carcillo, may the Hockey Gods help us. I thought it was interesting that whether Chicago gets a 14th round pick or 13th round pick for him (barely an exaggeration) depends on how many games he plays. I am rooting for a 16th round pick as a result.

$775,000.00? It’s one of the few times, you look at a number like that for a professional athlete and the first thing that comes to your mind is “overpaid.”

He is 28?

Wow, I thought he was 34.

Hey, the last time we traded for a former Blackhawk that didn’t play a playoff game, after the Blackhawks won a Cup, we won a Cup so…there is that, right Colin Fraser Karma?

I don’t know man, I didn’t realize we had an asshole shortage on the team.

I just don’t get this trade for a team where EVERY FUCKING NICKLE COUNTS! Isn’t that what Dean Lombardi JUST TOLD US?


Don’t know. I will stop.

Fuck Rob Blake.

But if he becomes an assistant GM to replace Ron Hextall, fine. I don’t care. Winning the Stanley Cup eliminated the old grudges. Except for Marty McSorley. Fuck him too.

Surly and I chatted this evening about Kyle Clifford. Surly is a HUGE Clifford fan. The Big Red Dog may have been Surly’s favorite player at one time. But Jacob said something interesting to me…he said Cliffy hasn’t earned a bigger contract. He really hasn’t proven himself as being “more than a 4th liner.” You know what? I agree with him. I don’t want to see Cliffy go but if his lack of signing is due to his desire for money north of $1.5 million, then he may be gone. I hope not. His concussion history is scary but the kid still has mad potential.

Update: I am sick to my stomach at the thought of Kyle Clifford being traded. This cannot happen. He must realize his potential as Adam Graves with our Kings.

…then again, we just signed Daniel FUCKING Carcillo so does every nickle count? Huh? DOES IT? REALLY!? I am yelling again…Trevor Lewis better not be going anywhere.

and before you can say FUCK CARCILLO…

LA Kings shopping Kyle Clifford