Penner A Duck, Daniel Who and What the Fuck?

The Dustin Penner signing with the Anaheim Ducks is official. That’s it, I have nothing else to add other than I told you so…weeks ago. Call me Nostradamus. Go ahead, do it, I’ll wait…

So, Daniel Carcillo. Are you fucking kidding me? If he is Brad Richardson’s replacement on the pine, then the ladies got fucked on this one because Carcillo is one ugly son of a bitch. If we are really that desperate at left wing that we would play Carcillo, may the Hockey Gods help us. I thought it was interesting that whether Chicago gets a 14th round pick or 13th round pick for him (barely an exaggeration) depends on how many games he plays. I am rooting for a 16th round pick as a result.

$775,000.00? It’s one of the few times, you look at a number like that for a professional athlete and the first thing that comes to your mind is “overpaid.”

He is 28?

Wow, I thought he was 34.

Hey, the last time we traded for a former Blackhawk that didn’t play a playoff game, after the Blackhawks won a Cup, we won a Cup so…there is that, right Colin Fraser Karma?

I don’t know man, I didn’t realize we had an asshole shortage on the team.

I just don’t get this trade for a team where EVERY FUCKING NICKLE COUNTS! Isn’t that what Dean Lombardi JUST TOLD US?


Don’t know. I will stop.

Fuck Rob Blake.

But if he becomes an assistant GM to replace Ron Hextall, fine. I don’t care. Winning the Stanley Cup eliminated the old grudges. Except for Marty McSorley. Fuck him too.

Surly and I chatted this evening about Kyle Clifford. Surly is a HUGE Clifford fan. The Big Red Dog may have been Surly’s favorite player at one time. But Jacob said something interesting to me…he said Cliffy hasn’t earned a bigger contract. He really hasn’t proven himself as being “more than a 4th liner.” You know what? I agree with him. I don’t want to see Cliffy go but if his lack of signing is due to his desire for money north of $1.5 million, then he may be gone. I hope not. His concussion history is scary but the kid still has mad potential.

Update: I am sick to my stomach at the thought of Kyle Clifford being traded. This cannot happen. He must realize his potential as Adam Graves with our Kings.

…then again, we just signed Daniel FUCKING Carcillo so does every nickle count? Huh? DOES IT? REALLY!? I am yelling again…Trevor Lewis better not be going anywhere.

and before you can say FUCK CARCILLO…

LA Kings shopping Kyle Clifford


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  1. Could care fuck all about Penner leaving. Hope he has a 30 goal season for Anaheim really I do.
    Maybe that will say something about why he was crappy under Murray and crappy under Sutter.

    Carcillo another head scratcher, like Jeff Schultz or Randy Jones, or Alexei Ponikarovsky another great signing!

    Rob Blake yeah ok, however who own the Chiefs? Owns Owns!

  2. Told you guys about Cliffy. The dude is all but gone. Damn!

    Penner…he’s a Duck at heart and that’s why I never really liked the guy. You wanna know how that is? Watch him score 20+ goals in the regular season this season. He did shit for the Kings during the regular season but ride pine, take up minutes and put two fucking pucks in the net. Of course he did better in the playoffs but fuck that guy.

    I hope Greene drills his ass.

    Carcillo…I’m down for that guy. He’s scrappy, he’s chippy and in your face. Gonna hate to see Cliffy go though.

    • Fuck that. I literally nearly got sick to my stomach after I wrote this article at the thought of Cliffy being gone. I may cry…and then beat the shit out of the first Ducks or Sharks fan I see solely as a means of coping

      • My daughter will personally rip Dean’ head off if he trades Clifford!

        She was pissed when Parros went, she was pissed when Simmonds went, and she was even more pissed when Westgarth went!

        FUCK! We got her a Simmonds game used and autographed stick! FUCK my son bought her the Reebok training shoes Westgarth wore while with the Kings with his name and number on the back (they auction off the weirdest things) for her birthday! Fuck I got her a Stanley Cup Finals worn Kyle Clifford helmet which I had Kyle sign for her! ( I know he didn’t play in the finals, but he skated during warm-ups in it) Meigray Certificate and everything.

        I have many of his Upper Deck Printing plates from his rookie cards, some autographed, along with a bunch of his Upper Deck The Cup auto/emblem rookie cards. I had worked out a deal with Kyle for a few of the printing plates for a game used and autographed stick!


        I don’t think Kyle is asking for double the money. I think he is probably asking for closer to 1.75 million per, but Lombardi tried to low ball him at 975K.

        Dean better not trade KFC, you ain’t seen nothing like my daughter who makes Mesha Tate looks like a wuss for tapping out to Rousey. You think Rousey and her arm bar fucked up Tate, my kid will slap on an Arm Triangle and then move it to an arm bar and there won’t be any Big John to save your ass and Herb Dean won’t be there to stop your arm from being ripped away from its normal position!

        • I got a game used stick.


        • I think your daughter and many other Kings fans will actually like Carcillo alot. He’s one of the better fighters in the league based on his size, he actually has really good hands for the money. Checkout highlights of his fights and goals….. One of the best things about him is his ability to stick up for his teammates, which I think the Kings could really use after our last playoff run. As far as the penalties minutes go, he’s probably one of the best players in the league for getting under the opposing teams skin. When he does go to the box, he usually takes a skill player from the other team, often with an instigator penalty. Call me old fashioned, I like a player that can play a role like that well. He is a Sutter “old time hockey” kind of player. Maybe he’ll be the next Brian Bickell. Have faith Kings fans!!! We all knew Penner was gone. For 2 million I wish we could have saved him. I like Clifford too. I fear he is a career 3rd or 4th liner at best. I mean…….. He can’t steal Dwight Kings job. So time to move on. GKG \X/

          • Good point with the instigator remark..did not think of it like that..he does stick up for his teammates..but he will have a target on his back with the refs.
            When he was with Chicago was Daryl still this signing his influence?
            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • Should have let KIng go instead of PEnner and Clifford. The guy has no heart and avoids the physical contact at every opportunity.

          • Heart is not an issue. He has an off season. Previously, he was on fire. Can we give the kid another season before we write him off? Geesh

        • You are a GOOD Papa…
          I will be furious as well…just adore Cliffy as a player..and a person!
          GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Didn’t like Carbomb as a Flyer and don’t see that changing as a King. Adds nothing to a lineup. And as soon as I read the rumor, the first thing that came to mind was Clifford and his contract. From what Dennis (tfp) is tweeting, the Kings and Clifford are far apart and he hinted that Clifford is seeking twice his current contract. That’s too much money. And either the Kings are really shopping him or using the trade rumor to convince him to sign cheaper. Or they’ll package another player or two for an upgrade at wing.
    They have too many D…and Mitchell’s tweet today (en route to LA to work out) indicates a much brighter picture than we’ve had of him in sometime. They can’t keep all of the D…
    I get that maybe Dean was pissed off when Richards and Stoll were the victim of dirty hits and maybe he wants a player like Carcillo to add that “I can’t stand that guy’ for te Kings.
    I just don’t get it…of all the options…Carbomb…

    • I’m no Flyers fan but this is how I remember Carcillo. He’s seek and destroy. It’s interesting he’s #13.

      Carbomb sounds about right to me. Guys in the NHL don’t be giving nicknames like that to Cindy Crosby.

      • Pre-knee surgery, he was okay. Post knee surgery, he has been poop.

        • Exactly. BIG distinction some fans aren’t making, but it means everything. What a player was four years ago makes no difference unless he’s still that player now. Carcillo isn’t, and neither is his buddy Mike Richards for that matter, although obviously Richards is still way better than Carcillo ever was.

          • The guy played 23 games last season. He had 2 goals and 1 assist. Not to mention we’re not paying him over $3mill a season for two lousy goals. Fuckin A I can put in 2 goals in a season.

            I talked to a friend of mine who’s a Ducks fan and asked about Penner. He shrugged it off as no big deal.

            We didn’t pick him up to be that 20+ goal scorer. We’re not expecting him to be that guy unlike that dumbass Pancakes who scores 2-4 goals for us per season when he’s normally a 20/season guy.

  4. Little bit of a rank eh Bobby..
    But you are my voice as well..pretty frustrated today. .
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. I don’t want to trade Clifford. However I’m not as sure he will achieve his potential now as I was a year ago. I’m sure the Kings still like and believe in him, but simply aren’t in a position to give him a potential based salary. If he refuses to sign for a moderate raise for a year or two, then he’s got to go sadly.

    The only way to make that OK, is to take Clifford, Martinez/Muzzin/Elerby/Deslaurier/etc and maybe a pick and ship him off for a team that needs to fill out their roster, bolster toughness and defense and has some goals to spare. I don’t want to see Clifford traded for another 4th liner. We have Andreoff ready and I believe, able to fill those shoes. We need to package Clifford (if he must go), and get a 15+ goal scoring left wing in return. Trading Cliff becomes OK if trading him means we can upgrade Dwight King.

    • Would they be able to package Cliffy with Martinez or Muzzin now that they’ve signed? Would they package him with Nolan instead?
      P.S. Thoughts on the headline, “Rob Blake will be named Asst GM in LA later this week”?

    • Surly what are you on about? Who exactly would give up a winger that’s 15+ goals for the above mentioned? Unless it’s a POS type player who won’t go to the net and won’t go in the corners, in which case DL wouldn’t take the guy. So unless he pulls off a miracle I think it’s a bit of a non-starter.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. It has to be a package. Clifford has to be used like SJ used Matt Carle to get Dan Boyle, or Devin Setoguchi to get Brent Burns. You need to package him with Amart, or a prospect, and maybe even a 1st round pick, and add a young top six forward. If you’re going to start trading real assets with potential, like Kyle Clifford, you may as well go all the way and put up enough to get a real asset back that helps you win.

      Basically, teams that are in a position to win the Cup, like the Kings, should never trade a good roster player for picks, or for another player one for one that isn’t as good. These teams should only ever trade helpful roster players for someone better. They should always trade multiple assets to get a better one to help them win, never trade one good asset for multiple lesser ones.

    • IMO Andreoff not ready..
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Kyle is not asking for double you morons. He just wants to skate! He is not holding out for anything. His heart is with the Kings!!!! He would probably skate for free if he could. Too bad you all don’t know him as a person! He is genuine!! Please don’ believe the rumors, they are just that rumors. He wants to stay in LA. That I know for sure!!!!

    • Hello stranger…Scribe, Bobby Scribe. You are?

    • I too believe if it was solely up to Clifford this would be done already.

      Oh, ya, SCREW, rob blake. You have to be kidding me! Is it April 1st? Come on, someone tell me this is a sick joke

    • Hey Kyle,

      How are you doing. I am sorry that people think you are being greedy and that you only want guarenteed ice time, that you would easily earn if you just played to your potential. But, clearly I don’t know you as a person as well as you know yourself. Thank you for correcting us; we souldn’t just believe rumors we should believe you becuase you clealry know what is going on! I am sure though that Dean did offer to let you skate for free. Anyway, I’ve got to go since Dean & Darryl are on another message board with all of their inside information.

    • If you want to know what is going on with Kyle, his neighbor Tim Hart posts on The Insider as “Harty”.

      @Loyal: I agree he is not asking for double and really loves Los Angeles. He is just trying to get the most he can get in this new contract.

      I don’t believe the rumors, but I also believe most players on any roster except a select few could be shopped. If Gretzky could be traded, then nobody is safe.

      @kingfaninportland: I don’t get a stiffy for Cliffy either, but I am not expecting him to score 30 goals a season and be Rick Tocchet.
      Clifford is relentless on the fore check, is defensively responsible and goes to the corners to win puck battles.

      KFC has hands and although you have not seen him light it up, this is only because he is being asked to do the dirty work, and occasionally chip in a goal or hand out an assist.

      Clifford was one of the best players for the Kings this past season, and if you didn’t see this, then I am not sure what more you want for a guy who goes out, works his ass off, and does the little things that go unappreciated by most fans because they like to see pretty goals.

      Clifford is a grinder, he is also not a heavyweight, but he was never one to back down to a fight even if he was the smaller of the two combatants.

      I like Lewis also, and Lewis isn’t exactly someone who should have been a 1st round pick, but he has proven he is a great 3rd line wing and on the fore check and back check he has been mustard.

      Clifford and Lewis have some chemistry together and it was great to see them combine for some pretty nice goals and assists this past season and the season prior.

      Clifford is much better than a Carcillo, and given a year from now, Andy Andreoff should be coming up and he is very similar to Clifford but with probably better offensive upside.

      2008-09 Oshawa Generals OHL 66 11 14 25 37 -13 — — — — —
      2009-10 Oshawa Generals OHL 67 15 33 48 70 -18 — — — — —
      2010-11 Oshawa Generals OHL 66 33 42 75 109 34 10 3 8 11 16
      2011-12 Manchester Monarchs AHL 5 1 0 1 4 0 4 2 0 2 2
      2011-12 Oshawa Generals OHL 57 22 36 58 88 1 6 1 3 4 4
      2012-13 Manchester Monarchs AHL 69 13 13 26 111 1 4 0 3 3 0

      GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. Never got a hardon for Clifford. Doesnt do anything particularly well. Upside? Not really. Potential? Possibly. But he doesn’t have the hands to be a 20 goal scorer nor the quickness to beat people to the pucks on a regular basis. He is physical, but that’s about it. Big deal. Will he produce on another team? Maybe. Not on the Kings though.

    I’m all for trading players if the return is greater. If it is, I say do it.

    Lewis, to me, is a much better player than Clifford. That is who we need to lock up.

  8. Good riddance. Other than his humor, I’ll miss nothing. His antics with the press were the only means by which fans pardoned his farting around during the reg season, but the guy’s a POS and I hope he continues to uphold his status with the Schmucks. As for Carcillo, I don’t much mind him (asshole or not), and think he’ll bring Back some Westgarthian style enforcement which we’ve lacked the last two seasons – necessary if Cliffy does part…

  9. Well I know someone who was sad about Penner….get ready…my mom. She is eighty years old and a big fan of the Kings. She got to meet Dustin at a couple of Kings events over the last few years. In fact last year she told him she would adopt him if he needed a place to come for a nice home cooked meal. He agreed and made her day. She would always be upset if her “boy” was not playing. She also went to a few games and hiked to the top of section 315 proudly wearing her Penner shirt (which when you become 80 will realize that stair climbing is not so easy). So this post is for her….since she does not have a computer and would not know a blog was (sorry S&S).

    She is not into the technicality of the game just the people part of the game. You know moms support you when you are up or down!

    So that is the end of my post for mom.

  10. Penner had to go..he sucked during the reg season and played well in the playoffs (especially the Cup year)…good guy, but headcases like that are too tough to gauge…as for Carcillo, we definitely didn’t get him for his scoring..I see stupid penalties on the horizon – hope I’m wrong…and I agree that Cliffy wants to stay and that overall, he has been a solid player for us…hope they get a deal done that is “fair” to both sides….as for Blake?…no comment..

    • Maybe Blake can teach D. King how to use his rear end to flatten an opponent along the boards. The guy needs to step up his game or stand aside to let someone else play.

  11. Pens was up and down with his play for whatever of 1000 reasons you can think throughout the year. Yet, the man is a good guy and has heart. As Neener says, his mum loves him. He’s that kind of guy and that’s why I like him and believe a great many of his fans do. We like the guy. Then you get the Rob Blake conversations and how horrible he is. As a player? As a person? Because he was traded around and signed for $$ ? Almost the same argument. I’m okay with Blake in the front office as long as he does the job for the team. Like a hockey mom for the neighbor’s kid, I wish Dustin all the best. I’m done on this.
    Now the Carcillo deal? I just don’t know how he will fit in overall. So RIchards and Carter like him? That makes a deal? We get a guy that had 1-2 decent seasons then hurt, hurt and back but not getting ice time. Not necessarily my first choice. I’m really hoping Dean is trying to put a package together with some of these recent trades for that magical LW. Maybe coaches are telling Dean that we’ve got another one or two that may surprise us come training camp (and have the added bonus of being, ummm, low cap hits. Could Deano have an evil plan in mind? Can we HOPE that’s what he has in mind?

  12. Had to sign off last night..was getting too aggravated and upset.
    That is the appropriate word.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  13. I have these on my facebook page. I have a bunch more to post, but I have 100 pictures up from Development Camp from last week.

  14. Love Cliffy but totally agree he does not deserve a huge raise. What they paid him last year seems fair to me. BUT, I think he gets packaged (perhaps with Martinez and a pick/prospect for a good left winger.
    I understand all the negative things said about Carcillo, but I like this trade. He was great in Philly with Carter and Richards and was their line mate. We have good results with ex Philly people in recent years. IF he makes the team and IF he can not take stupid penalties, he is the kind of guy other people despise but he’s awesome on your team. He is a legit bad ass (Cliffy was game but other than the one punch KO in Stl, he was pretty much a poser as an real enforcer) and will keep other teams assholes on notice. Let’s give the guy a chance. Whatever happens, he will have to tow the Sutter line. So, I expect him to be as solid as he can possibly be.

    • Where I come from, anyone who drops the gloves at any time with anybody, regardless of weight, is not a “poser.” He’s an animal no matter the outcome. I do, however, understand what you’re getting at…He was misused as a heavyweight. But let us not insult him with the word “poser.”

  15. 1st: Dean doesn’t put the players out there, the coach does.

    2nd: Kyle Clifford was projected to be a 3rd Line wing and he had proven in training camp he was ready to play in the NHL. Not many players go this route, but Lombardi felt as did Terry Murray, Nelson Emmerson Clifford was ready to play in his projected position.

    3rd: How many concussions do you think Clifford had prior to joining the LA KIngs? I’d venture to say more than 5 at least. I wouldn’t be blaming Dean Lombardi for the fighting Clifford was involved with, I would blame the idiot who was the coach Terry Murray. I also would blame Terry Murray for not handling these younger players correctly. Wayne Simmonds started out great, then started to decline and became a North/South player. Funny, as soon as he was freed, he all of a sudden became the player the Kings had drafted him to be. Who would the blame fall on then? Terry Murray killed players careers.

    Alex Frolov goes from leading the team in scoring for most of his career, to being a healthy scratch, and then let go by the Kings so Dean could sign Alexi Ponikofuckup as his replacement?

    4th: Justin Schultz was drafted but never signed with Anaheim, kind of like how he got Jake Muzzin who was drafted by Pittsburgh but never signed.

    5th: The Kings didn’t need Justin Schultz they had plenty of offensive defenseman already, didn’t need another one when they had Voynov, Doughty, Martinez

    6th: When you have experience as a GM, then maybe I might listen to you, but until then you make a lot of stupid assumptions, especially when you talk about things you have no first hand knowledge or experience.

    I’m nor sure which is more annoying your posts or Pierre Magwire! I bet you like Pierre since he still thinks he’s a NHL GM or just plays one on TV!

    • Looks like I didn’t close the tag and most of the post is bolded.

      Well, maybe the bold will help your focus and understand my post better or something. #SilverLiningsPlaybook


      • You really need to edit..just waaaaay too long..
        GO KINGS GO!!!

      • Until you learn to stop writing 4000 word comments that make a comment thread unreadable for everyone else, I am going to delete your comments that exceed a reasonable number of words. You state in 8 paragraphs what can be said in 1.

        We all want you to participate but your style is akin to a person that keeps talking over everyone else in a group conversation. Know what happens in such situations? Everyone walks away and you are left talking to yourself.

        Be yourself, just in less words

  16. I miss Penner as a person….the goal he scored against the yotes .. I regret not going to his pancake event.. :[

  17. As a Flyers fan, I am going to assure you that you WILL HATE Carcillo. He will take the dumbest penalties at the dumbest times, he dives, yell at officials, berates players, etc, etc. The guy is trash and I cannot believe our dumbass GM traded Upshal and a 2nd to bring that scrub in. I absolutely hates #13 in the O&B.

    Enjoy Kings fans, he’s one of the biggest P.O.S. in the game.

    And to the guy that said he is a good fighter? BWHAHAHAHA!! Yeah maybe when he drops the mitts against Marian Gavorik.

    However, and sadly this is probably what you’ll get out of him:


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