Dustin Penner to Become an Anaheim Duck Again?

Rumors circulating that Dustin Penner has decided to return to Anaheim…not as a resident but for the shit hole of the hockey team they have there.

Rumors are gaining traction.

I don’t have time to look now but, if true, I called this bad boy weeks ago…not that I am proud of that. It was just the most predictable thing that could happen. He likely wants to stay in California and Anaheim is close to LA.

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  1. Shit..I like the guy..but think we have used up our $$$
    Still need to sign Cliffy, and he is more important to me then Pens..

  2. It wasn’t just about the CAP, if DL wanted him on the team, he’d find the cash, as he was planning to for Scuds. DL gave him that chance last year, signing him for 1 year and Pens vowing to perform up to expectations- he didn’.t.
    And Sutter doesn’t appear to like him much, he’s in that Chateau BowWow far too much. He likes this area so the Ducks are a good fit for him.

  3. Richardson to Vancouver, Penner back to Anaheim…looks like I’m going to have to develop some real hate or players I once enjoyed.

  4. Kings acquire Carcillo? Whaaaaat?

    • Awful, don’t get this at all, except if the Clifford to Montreal rumors are true. Then he sort of replaces the muscle I guess. I didn’t like Carbomb as a Flyer , and couldn’t understand what Lavvy saw in him by letting him play with Richards. Adds zero to any lineup. Terrible pick up.

      • What the fuck????

        I’m with you Deirdre, hate this, especially because it seems to suggest they’re moving Clifford?

        Clifford is SOOOO much better than Dan Carillo! And bigger! And faster! And better on the cycle! And better!

        At, you know, everything.

        Clifford may not be a scoring forward, at least not yet, but he has the physical tools to cycle with top players, and to keep up with the likes of Kopitar, as he showed in the playoffs, without skipping a beat.

        Dan Carillo doesn’t. And he’s declined the last few years even worse than Mike Richards because of injuries.

        So unless we’re actually getting a top return for Clifford from Montreal, like Pacioretty or Plekanec (but that cap hit is too high), or at least Gallagher, or Desharnais, or Rene Bourque, or Lars Eller, or something, I’m going to be pissed.

        Maybe it’s Brandon Prust… I don’t know, he had a great year last year, but he’s been injury prone too, and he’s way more expensive than Clifford for playing the same role, and then what was the point of Carcillo if you’re going to add the better version of him in Prust?

        I guess the only bright spot to this is Carcillo didn’t cost much assets, he doesn’t cost too much more than he’s worth against the cap, and maybe it means the Kings are packaging Clifford, and someone like Martinez, for a real scoring forward. We’ll see.

        • To be clear, I’m not saying I believe Clifford is worse Pacioretty in a trade, he’s definitely not right now (although who knows with potential, especially character power forwards like that). I’m just saying unless you’re actually getting a good player back, you hold onto Clifford because he’s underrated, young, a unique type of player with potential, and cheap, and if the plan is to swap out Clifford for Carcillo, that’s a bad plan. Basically if you’re going to make that swap, you better be getting paid a lot for it in some other way, meaning a big upgrade in a different roster spot to make up for that downgrade in that swap.

        • You are a piece of work!

          Why not copy and paste the entire Montreal roster and use their names also as rumored players supposedly going between LA and Eklund.

          Pacioretty for Clifford? Put the bong down dude!
          Eller for Clifford? Stop eating Peyote!
          Gallagher for Clifford? Stop dropping ACID!
          Plekanec for Clifford? You must have OD’d on Poutine!
          David Desharnais for Clifford? WTF he’s a SMURF!
          Rene Bourque for Clifford? Holy Shit!
          Prust for Clifford? Why?

          What about Blake Geoffrion oh wait he just retired, maybe they can dig up his grandfather Boom Boom, and his great grandfather Howie and trade Clifford for them also.

          Carcillo did play with Carter and Richards in Philly. When Mike Richards, Stoll, got hit in the head who went after these players? Nobody did! Carcillo is that guy who can be a goon. Clifford can drop the gloves but it was clear he was told to keep away from the fighting when necessary.

          I don’t think getting Carcillo says anything more than its one more insurance policy for an enforcer. Carcillo kept his antics down when he was in Chicago. You have to remember Stevens did coach Carcillo in Philly, so its not like Dean went into this transaction blind.

    • Deano must be attempting to build a package to trade off. Anything else makes little sense.

  5. Now the big question, after acquiring Carrillo and penner going back to the quacks, who leaves/gets traded Lewis, Nolan, or Clifford? Lewis is by far the most valuable because he can play wing and center, great penalty killer and has some scoring ability for a third liner. I think Clifford is gone, but then again Lombardi could surprise us all.

  6. I don’t like the Carcillo signing at all, I hope this doesn’t mean where going to become the cheap kings of old

  7. I am getting kind of nauseous with all this..
    Carcillo..another concussion guy to have to worry about..plus refs target him for penalties..plus he is no spring chicken..shoot..
    and if we lose Cliffy I will be LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. the kings are 2.1 million away from the salary cap limit. I dont know how you can classify that as the cheap kings of old.

    I wish Hockey was like basketball and you could retain your current players and pay a luxury tax but not go after free agents when your at or over the limit. The NHL has a hard cap meaning we can be over the cap until i believe Mid to late August then when camp starts we must get under the “hard cap”

    I like this move if Carcilo is going to replace Brad Richardson as the guy that plays 20-40 games depending on injury but i do not like this move if it means clifford is leaving. We have a terrible need on left wing and watching a guy like cliffy go for what prospects? Thats all we can afford unless we deal a defenseman as well. Heard rumors that we could be trying to gain cap space to go after morrow but that doesnt make sense either as he is just a rental for a year at this stage of his career.

    The cap is supposed to go up in the neighborhood of 8-10 mil next year, it is unfortunate that key players like scuderi cliffy voynov and lewis all had to be re-upped this year. plus think about this you cant just call up a kid from manchester because the younger they are the more money they are owed. pearson and vey would be in the 900,00 range while kinger is at what 700,00, same story with nolan so even if you want to fill a spot with a kid you cant really afford to without trading one of our 9 dman on 1 way contracts next season makes me disgusted that the 800k we gave shultz could be the difference of keeping clifford or having to trade him.

    • Thanks for that. .Agree.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Carcillo is a goon, he won’t replace Richardson. I agree with the Shultz decision. I just hope dean isn’t going to trade Richards or some other quality player for second round picks and 3rd line scrubs in the near future, that’s what I meant by being cheap

      • Thank you for clarifying. I dont like schultz because we have 9 defenseman on one way contracts so what are the kings gonna do dress schultz or a-mart or muzz on 4th line wing like with harrold

        doughty, slava, regehr, greene and looks like mitchell all getting regular ice time
        So were paying 3 of the next four 3 million dollars to sit the bench
        Ellerby, Muzz, A-mart and Schultz. only one can play and we have 3 defensive defenseman already.
        With greene mitchell schultz and Regehr even doughty and slava couldnt save us on rushes thats the slowest d in the league.

        I dont think Richards is going anywhere carter has no trade clause. I feel Lewis and Clifford have earned their keep for the time being what has Schultz done since 2010 other than play half a season

  9. montreal has openly stated they are trying to do everything in their power to get a big bodied nhl winger/ power forward I think Lombardi is smart enough to shop nolan or king over clifford


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