Now I Am Pissed Off

Just realized what Rob Blake as assistant GM means.

I will be exposed to his words, opinions, his face, his stupid nose, he will talk about our players, prospects, status and direction, he will do it in a suit and he will be paid, financed in part by my hard earned dollars because I am a season ticket holder.

Why this asshole? How is he qualified to do anything other than remain the object of our scorn?

This may be a prelude to his number being retired.

This sucks.

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  1. You’re on a roll Bobby… maybe a podcast is up next? lol

  2. but he scouts 9 year olds really well bobby.
    all that outstanding work with the junior kings is way better on a resume then anything Futa or Feriera or emerson have done.

    wasnt he the highest paid defenseman in nhl history for a short time?
    didnt he bail on our 6 mil and go to the sharks for 5….
    didnt he tell us how to spell his name…
    buck rob flake

  3. I am so fucking livid I can’t even begin to think about sleep – I just pulled up every single article archive from the LA Times showing what a selfish asshole he’s been over the years. I ask the question again: Why are The Kings So Loyal To Rob Blake When Rob Blake Has Never Been Loyal To The Kings?

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Fuck Rob Blake. This is a terrible thing.

  5. They can’t in good conscious retire his number. If a player would get booed while ‘celebrating’ their number being retired then he probably shouldn’t have his number retired.

  6. Shock, disappointment, rage … Repeat

  7. My favorite Rob Blake memory was during the Kings / Avs playoffs. He took the puck for the Avs behind the net to kill the clock and a flurry of “boo’s” was coming down on him. As he stood there, he wasnt touching the puck so the ref blew the play dead and Staples erupted. Anyways……Fuck Blake.

  8. Wow, I can’t believe this actually happened. This is like Edward Snowden being appointed head of the NSA.
    Fuck Rob Blake. He’s a turn coat little bitch. Maddening for sure. Fuck. My favorite Rob Blake story was him leaving to suck in San Jose. What a fag. Kings front office downgraded unless there’s a West Hollywood outreach program planned.

    • West Hollywood ouyreach program . . . Unfortunately it isnt funny it shows your lack of originality and wit

  9. I wish I had an educated explanation why I dislike this move. The guy just brings bad juju…bad energy! I’m very interested in how Dean came to this conclusion. I rarely, if ever, complain about DL, because it’s a job I know nothing about, but this move really baffles me. He has to know this will be very polarizing among season ticket holder and fans, alike. I know DL doesn’t make decisions based of public approval, but with Blake’s limited experience (if any) and the certainty of public outcry, it begs the question, why?

  10. What a bunch of whining and bitching. So what? As if contract disputes and pettiness are the sole domain of Rob Blake. I can’t think of a more wasted reaction than to bring up the past and stomp feet. We are a Cup champion team. He’s lucky to be associated with US. And even if Rob Blake was the single worst player in our history (which he isn’t), doesn’t it say a lot about this organization that we would take him back and have faith in him to do a very important job. I credit DL and think its time we start acting like a Cup winning organization and not a bunch of bitchy wannabe’s, which is of course the sole domain of the team further south on the 5.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Oh no a professional athlete wanted more money…

      The Kings were a terrible franchise just about to start a rebuild and he wanted another shot at a Cup, naturally, and we crucify the man because of the “way” he handled the situation. Who gives a fuck! Rob Blake has done way more good than bad to the Kings Organization!

      I’m happy he’s back with Kings Nation!

  11. Brown extended for 8 at $5.87 per. We have him at that price till 37. I know term is essential to signing/keeping your players… Not sure how I feel about the deal.

    • I think it’s a great deal for the Kings and every GM in the league would probably sign this contract, in a heartbeat.

      If you are looking at this as Brown will be paid $5.87M when he is 37, then look at it this way. The cap will go up over the next 9 years. There is inflation. Brown is the embodiment of the LA Kings. He is our version of Steve Yzerman. He is a leader and a role model to the young players coming through the system. Summer workouts, working in the community, etc.
      At the age of 37, Brown will be slower. He won’t hit as hard and he may not score as much, but he will surely be worth every penny based purely on his experience and leadership. If for some reason injuries catch up to Brown by then, there is LTIR or a buy-out and the league has already shown in the salary cap era that they are willing to allow for ‘free’ compliance buy-out, with no cap hit if the cap goes down. Is have very little fear that the Kings will ever feel ‘stuck’ with this contract.

      Brown, the first Kings player to hoist the Cup, should retire a Kings.

  12. So that puts the kings right at the cap right? So nolan, clifford, lewis are gone?

    • No, Brown’s extension doesn’t start till next year, so we still have the same amount of cap space available for this year.

  13. I just watched DL’s interview on the Blake hire. I’d say he is very comfortable with this hire, which he obviously knows will rub some fans the wrong way. Being GM often requires making moves that are unpopular. With Blake’s decision history, he certainly has that down pat. With Blake’s work with NHL Player Safety and interactions with the League and the Board of Governors, I’d say he’s as qualified as any other Assistant GM that is being promoted into that role. I’d say it’s a good fit.


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